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burddoggy Says, in 3-22-2013 at 16:15:13 from    

Anything to help the champ. They need to have the main card fight in neutral territory.

d Says, in 3-22-2013 at 16:21:02 from    

As a Canadian, that’s embarrassing. To non-Canadians, Quebec politics is notoriously corrupt. My suspicion is this was a special exemption created because GSP was having trouble making weight. The guy sitting on the far right made a great point: “Why [the f'k] didn’t you tell us yesterday?” Answer: “Doh … because we just came up with it ten minutes ago.”

Boner89 Says, in 3-22-2013 at 16:39:44 from    


Halifaxbeatdown Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:02:48 from    

That rule is not a secret, it’s Canada-wide for the most part, and it was clearly stated in their fight contract. Having a one pound allowance is not a new thing, in this case it is less then a pound.

sooooopernate Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:03:57 from    

wooooow. in the end though, .9 lbs isn’t really anything, but that’s still jacked up. I’ve like to know what the scale said.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:04:21 from    

So every fighter except GSP gets half of their purse taken if they don’t make weight and get cut from the UFC if they lose the fight…That’s pretty fair.

Fighter Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:05:55 from    

But BOTH fighters get the extra hour, regardless of when they are
told and if either didn’t make weight it wouldn’t have been for a
title. Therefore, it was to no one’s disadvantage.

Fighter Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:07:22 from    

And it’s “An Off The Record…” Not “A Off”

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:07:30 from    

I think they flunked their 6th grade math.170.4 is 170.170.5+ is 171.And no math doesn’t work differently in QC…a*******.Let GSP weigh in 1 pound overweight,it’s not like he would pull out and Anthony Johnson and get there 15 pounds overweight.And make him pay the fine.

p*********** Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:09:25 from    

what do you mean “to non canadians?”… canadians know more than anybody in the world how douchey and corrupt quebec is

Melt face 420 Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:30:26 from    

And that’s not BS he can’t make weight so they give him a extra hour quit having all his fights in Candida and if any other fighter did that they would be charge a mass amount of money and screwed over but it’s sissy GSP so they let him slide lol be ready for the fight Nick was he wasn’t get your mind right UFC

Y’all still mad Nick lost? Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:43:48 from    

What loophole is that? genius. Nick gets a reweigh-in if he can’t make weight initially, the same as it is anywhere else an MMA event is held, so where is the loophole? The only difference is all the undercard fighters(mostly Canadian) have to make weight the first time, and don’t get the extra hour to drop weight. Trouble making weight? Fact is they weighed in at the same time as everyone else on the card and Nick weighed in at 76.7kg or 169.09lbs, GSP weighed in at 77.1kg or 169.97lbs. His little brother Nate was the only one there who understood what the guy told them, but even he couldn’t explain it simply enough. Those guys just like to bitch.

heman Says, in 3-22-2013 at 17:49:38 from    

seriously doubt gsp had trouble cutting weight

Little Man In The Boat Says, in 3-22-2013 at 18:11:57 from    

I thought if it was a championship bout you had to come in 170 or under with no 1 pound over like the rest of the bouts.

Tankless Says, in 3-22-2013 at 18:38:40 from    

Still crying ? I love it that you call GSP a sissy ….so Diaz got out classed by a sissy and then cries like a girl and ONCE again is gonna retire cause nothing went his way. Diaz couldn’t do s*** on his feet or off his back and cried like your crying now but GSP is a sissy.

mike Says, in 3-22-2013 at 18:42:27 from    

they should have had the fight in california, and they should have made a special rule where takedowns weren’t allowed. oh wait, nick diaz still would have lost

kuklaklay Says, in 3-22-2013 at 19:05:19 from    

i can’t believe some of you are actually getting upset over a 0.9 allowance that is equal for both fighters. Btw, they don’t take half your purse for missing weight, i think it’s 20% and it goes to your opponent. GSP has never missed weight under any commission. And Diaz is bigger than GSP! WTF!

Also, non-title fights all get the 1 lb tolerance. Only not having to make weight on first try was to Diaz and GSPs advantage. And it is really all irrelevant because they both made it first weigh in so it had no impact on anyone whatsoever lol.

Funny how I don’t hear people talking about the attempted cheap shots during their fight instead.

stixxx Says, in 3-22-2013 at 19:34:39 from    

nate diaz had either 1 or 2 hrs extra to make weight for either the cerrone or henderson fight (cant remember which)nothing corrupt here.has anyone watched weigh-ins before.the difference here is that all other fighters had 1 chance.nick’s just trying to stir things up.a sissy would be the guy who doesn’t complain when he wins(but still acts like an idiot)and cries about rules and retires with every loss(real tough guy,i’m taking my ball and going home,oh wait it’s gsp’s ball).

stixxx Says, in 3-22-2013 at 19:40:26 from    

it was the bendo fight he got 3 attempts before making weight.mike easton also got extra time to make weight on that card and he was a prelim.relax nick you don’t need to post these things to feel better about your loss,your a great fighter just nowhere near gsp.

Melt face 420 Says, in 3-22-2013 at 19:51:19 from    

Why does everything i say go away is my voice not heard lol and the video is gone now i can’t show my buddy

harrisinme Says, in 3-22-2013 at 20:21:47 from    

Apparently people on here feel GSP had an advantage with this so called “loophole,” which both fighters were Equally granted??? GSP did his thing, laid on him, possibly impregnated him at some point during the 1st-5th round (hard to tell because his thing was hidden by Diaz’s turtle technique.) I think Cyborg/Pierre superfight is inevitable, no way he’s standing with her.

john hennis Says, in 3-22-2013 at 20:35:38 from    

GSP vs Cyborg I’m down, that frumpy B$#ch can make 170 and not jeopardize here steroid jacked ovaries, so she can still have awkward muscley little trolls eventually with puffy lips leaving them unable to speak. Who’s giving her these babies she so desperately looks forward too as she throws her career away??

stixxx Says, in 3-22-2013 at 21:33:37 from    

gsp stood for half of that fight,check fight metric stats.i feel like people are just acting like they saw this fight.

Roe Jogan Says, in 3-23-2013 at 00:34:42 from    

1. They did not get an equal treatment. Diaz was told the day of the way in. GSP clearly new the deal.
2. Diaz clearly did not get the benefit of that newly announced rule as he came in at 169.
3. GSP did get the benefit of the rule as he came in at “170″ and the new rule stated that if you were 170.9 they would announce you at 170.
4. It was well documented that the cut below 170 was hard on Nick as he felt stomach sick before and during the fight.

This is crap. These “rules” need to be very clear and very understood. If it was in the fight contracts then an official would not have felt the need to inform Diaz just before the weigh ins.

Yomommamoto Norifumi Says, in 3-23-2013 at 03:27:43 from    

Who are those two guys to Nick’s left who look like brothers and who were in his corner the night of the fight?

mmanizzle Says, in 3-23-2013 at 04:34:58 from    

dude, that’s such BS man… Rematch, Diaz had the jitters and ring rust.

greengiant Says, in 3-23-2013 at 05:23:05 from    

If both fighters weighed in under 170 on their first attempt then you would think this would all get dropped.Of course that would mean people would need to use their heads and not buy into the conspiracy theories.Even if it was a corrupt effort by canada it does not make gsp or his team corrupt.None of it matters if they weighed in under 170 on their first attempt.

dirtysue Says, in 3-23-2013 at 07:58:32 from    

forget about how big of an advantage it is the way it comes across is super suss…

it should be universal rules no matter the signifigance of the fight, who’s fighting or where the fight is being held, I thought that was one of the major benifits of having a (dare i say it) ‘monopoly’ (you don’t have different time periods in the nfl if you play in san fransisco compared to new orleans do you ffs)…

this kinda’ gives nick an excuse to complain and quite frankly i would too..

this kind of crap is what is ruining boxing…

Ozinator Says, in 3-23-2013 at 16:50:27 from    

Fighter, did your mother’s milk contain arsenic???

the advantage is in when the fighters would have known the off the record BS. Anyone that lean who has ever cut weight will tell you what a pound is at 170. It’s no joke trying to cut that and knowing you didn’t have to right before the fight is a mind fuch on top of the advantage the other fighter got for aiming for a different weight. No wonder they checked the gloves. they should have samples gsp’s sweat too to see what kind of grease he was using

ericsson Says, in 3-23-2013 at 19:48:22 from    

The UFC rules is the same everywhere idiots

john hennis Says, in 3-23-2013 at 23:13:16 from    

I feel like GSP was greased up in the early rounds; similar to the Penn/Kos/Fitch/Shields fight, granting him the easy takedowns, they don’t test for Monistat 7 in Quebec.

wayside Says, in 3-24-2013 at 03:49:54 from    

HMMM why is it GSP only fights in canada these days I wonder HMMM….I mean Anderson Silva doe not allways fight in Brazil , or other champs in there home towns only GSP HMMMM….I guess canada is the only one to help him out and wanna see people get there legs humped for 5 rounds….say what you want but gsp and conduit went at it ,and both these guys avoided nick like the plague lol…well next up Johnny Hendricks and gsp in montreal again of course lol

dankarelli Says, in 3-24-2013 at 11:37:32 from    

The biggest nuthuggers in MMA are Diaz fans. I’m not sure exactly why, but considering how much of a damn fool Diaz is, and some of the moronic comments from online keyboard warriors, I guess it’s a match made in Heaven.

The fight was standing for half the time. Did anyone watch the fight? Diaz lost, and would lose again. Diaz literally has every excuse for everything that happens to him. He literally is the biggest bitch in MMA and his overall attitude sickens me to the core. As do his die hard fans.

Ozinator Says, in 3-24-2013 at 15:57:21 from    

keyboard warriors indeed, skankarelli

wtf Says, in 3-24-2013 at 23:44:18 from    

anyone see how GSP’s lunging jab closed so much more distance than Diaz could? and it just crush diaz’s face. Both of their faces look like they had been in a fight, therefore GSP was clearly effective.
And about the pound difference thing, I’m sure it was in the contract, or stated somewhere. If it was a rule that was just made up, that is sort of significant and should have been told to the fighters well ahead of the weigh in.


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