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bennybo Says, in 1-13-2012 at 22:02:27 from    

when she went for that armbar at the end all i was thinkin was Ass Ass Ass lol

DaBigFish Says, in 1-13-2012 at 22:05:23 from    

lol… Ronda is a great athlete, and fighter.. and gorgeous – I love the look on Mike’s face @ around 5:00 when she mounts him and he brushes her ass despite being choked.

boogerface Says, in 1-13-2012 at 22:09:38 from    

lets see rhonda and nick rolling. it would be cool to see highlevel mens bjj vs high level womens judo/bjj.

sirhitsalot Says, in 1-13-2012 at 23:25:18 from    

where are they at?
looks familiar

ramrod Says, in 1-13-2012 at 23:32:41 from    

she is hot no wonder why she is getting a shot at that title

howd i do? lol!!!
lucky guy he tapped her booty i wouldnt mind getting in the ring lol… wonder if nick is tapping rousey

NMPLD1987 Says, in 1-14-2012 at 02:57:37 from    

This dude totally lets her mount him hahaha, smart man!

joeyjojo Says, in 1-14-2012 at 03:36:57 from    

rolling with a gracie jiu jitsu blackbelt…people pay big money to do what he did for sh*ts and giggles

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-14-2012 at 03:58:32 from    

pause at 5:02 yeah!!! lol

vaughnrich86 Says, in 1-14-2012 at 06:57:17 from    

great video bruno. lol thats how i feel in jiu jitsu class i always get tapped

zmayo Says, in 1-14-2012 at 10:25:45 from    

I like 5:01 better lol

sandro Says, in 1-14-2012 at 12:48:52 from    

what a ass!!! wow!!!

The Llama Says, in 1-14-2012 at 13:21:02 from    

At 5:03 I’m pretty sure he was trying to put his thumb in her ass or atleast hoping she would settle down on it….

209 baby, all day Says, in 1-14-2012 at 15:01:21 from    

Wow Karen Bryant was tolerable in this video, probably because she kept her damn mouth shut, hands down the worst interviewer…..comes across faker than the injuries in soccer.

yk Says, in 1-14-2012 at 16:28:44 from    

fun! good video!

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 1-14-2012 at 21:14:46 from    

Nick is so efficient, no waste energy pure technique….

Izzdogg Says, in 1-14-2012 at 23:48:38 from    

What’s up nobody’s ever seen a cute chick before f*ckin grow up.
Bunch of f*ckin pervs

paddedummy Says, in 1-15-2012 at 02:16:37 from    

Oh ya baby, @ 5:11 she looks real cute, with those manly veins popping out of her neck like the incredible Hulk and her legs all spread eagle with a look on her face like she is either getting fisted or giving birth LOL

darby Says, in 1-18-2012 at 07:49:19 from    

hey bruno wheres the Ronda Rousey Roll gif lol

asdf Says, in 1-21-2012 at 12:27:47 from    

stop overrating her attractiveness…


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