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glassjoe Says, in 11-11-2011 at 08:57:44 from    

Sad to say but: Who cares?

Sico Says, in 11-11-2011 at 09:50:28 from    

Totally irrelevant fight in my opinion, but I’d watch Fedor fight anyone, anytime; even a snowman. Even if he lost every fight from now on, I’d still watch him fight. Win or lose, I’ll always be fan of his style.

Now, on that note. Fedor you better not lose this ‘easy’ fight!!!

mmaok Says, in 11-11-2011 at 10:17:28 from    

Fade-or. Just retire alreay. You have been irrelevant for years. When are all his fanboys who said he was the goat? He was the gfoat. Greatest fraud of all time!

vachy Says, in 11-11-2011 at 11:21:43 from    

ufff….easy for fedor :))

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 11-11-2011 at 13:17:24 from    

OMG!!!!What a fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McClinchey Says, in 11-11-2011 at 13:32:10 from    

why cant fedor still be the greatest of all time? its like you weekend mma fans see 3 of his fights he was regarded as the best not only by media but by the other fighters for like 10 years. was MJ told to just retire basketball doesnt want you any more, was did gretzky loose fans because he wasnt scoring 180 pts every year anymore? and i wonder im muhammed ali was ridiculed for loosing to bums at the end of his career? the answers no respect your elders kids.

wcoastassassin Says, in 11-11-2011 at 13:48:33 from    

Good to see Fedor getting a payday. He’s a great ambassador for the sport and a respectable stand up guy. Was he the greatest fighter on earth at one time? People will always argue who was the best. People will say Magic was better than Michael, Marciano was better than Ali. Let’s just enjoy him and agree he was and is a great fighter. Just makes me mad M-1 Global will cash in.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 11-11-2011 at 16:53:01 from    

what im trying to figure out is who is actually going to pay 30$ for this card?

luis el monstruo Says, in 11-11-2011 at 17:02:09 from    

It´s incredible how soon he became a fading shadow of the amazing fighter he really was. Faster than Mirko, Chuck, Wandy or Couture, which are fighters that people STILL care about. Something different happened with Fedor and his legacy. People jumped out of his wagon to soon and forever! In his case, his downfall wasn´t about age as it was about adaptation, evolution with the sport and reinventing himself. He became stuck in his anachronic ortodox style and didn´t intent to become better and adapt to the newer styles and techniques.

As much as I love Fedor, I have to admit that I really don´t care about his future anymore. Will always be a fan of what he was and did for and in this beautiful sport. He wants to go out with a victory. Please, fight with intelligence and win, then call it quits.

julian moran Says, in 11-11-2011 at 19:15:24 from    

No one is arguing as to whether Fedor is the number 1 fighter in the world right now. But how can anyone now argue that he was not the best in the world a few years back?
If Fedor was not the #1 HW in the world then who was?
Tim Sylvia?

These were after all the other names being mentioned then. Did Fedor not finish both Arlovsky and Sylvia?
Did Nogueira not dominate Couture?

So how was Fedor just a fraud or overrated when he proved to have been the best?

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 11-11-2011 at 22:20:34 from    

Fedor needs this win badly just to get back on top. Monson is pretty strong, but I just hope he’s not being paid to take a dive.

ness2k Says, in 11-12-2011 at 03:23:24 from    

I think Fedor is a good fighter, but not a great fighter anymore.

mmalove Says, in 11-14-2011 at 13:06:36 from    

Monson by ground and pound…lol


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