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Biutze Says, in 1-12-2013 at 16:53:56 from    

my ears are bleeding.. I like this dude less now..

Adam87 Says, in 1-12-2013 at 17:23:39 from    

Bruno: I’ve been a fan of this site for years now. You have put up some sort of safety net so I can’t view your site because I have adblock? Having adblock will not effect if I select an ad from your site, which I will never do. Please remove this feature as I enjoy the freedom of not being bombarded with the every day bullshit that is our media industry. Thanks!

Bruno: I only turn it on on very busy nights or I can’t pay the server costs. You are the kind of person that makes me feel like shutting the site down for good. I make so much more money from my other sites I will not lose money on this one. Don’t let the door hit you ass on the way out. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

SVASF Says, in 1-12-2013 at 17:35:08 from    

What is wrong with the music

Powertele Says, in 1-12-2013 at 19:04:05 from    

Damn Bruno. Cue the old school song music, “Tell it like it is.”

Powertele Says, in 1-12-2013 at 19:23:34 from    

Don’t go Bruno. My adds pop up regularly. I am here pretty much everyday and my wife knows you by your name. Also, I have been here for quite a few years, I think from the beginning. A few are haters, but the masses love you.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 1-12-2013 at 20:07:42 from    

Decent rap music, much better fighter. 170 is a much better fit for the Greatâ™ 

Gaudy Says, in 1-12-2013 at 21:45:36 from    

I disable my popup blocker just to come to this site. Bruno is f****** awesome.

Yoplait Says, in 1-12-2013 at 22:46:51 from    

I get an ad about every few tenth visit from my Android phone. I have used this site for years and I am one of the many who appreciate the work that goes into it so thank you Bruno. Trolls and whiners just need to go away for good.

Bruno: Thanks, I wish I could do away with all the ads but I just can’t afford to keep a site with this much traffic going for free without some type of income.

Not Anonymous Says, in 1-12-2013 at 23:16:10 from    

Never had an issue with ads on the site. The world works like this : If you are getting something for free, there will be ads involved. The only time you have the right to complain about advertisements is if you are paying for a service and still are exposed to ads.Even if you pay for it, you somehow still have to deal with ads, which is plain wrong (newspaper, magazines, cable). Ad the hell out of me Bruno, it don’t break my stride. Still get free fights without dealing with bullshit. Thank you much.

facefrack Says, in 1-13-2013 at 03:09:03 from    

I was only able to follow a bit of what was said in this thread, but I still wanted to say thank you Bruno!!! Can’t believe I’ve watched essentially every fight in the last few years for free. I would be otherwise unable to afford this n feel incredibly grateful…

rightsaysfred Says, in 1-13-2013 at 22:10:34 from    

Agreed, Bruno is the man, and that captious little bitch needs to shut the F up.


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