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PitfighterZ Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:51:07 from    

Gomi hasn’t evolved at all and Diaz is getting better every fight, especially when he has the size advantage.
It was a very easy beatdown.

pasumecha Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:53:21 from    


MADD Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:54:26 from    


junior Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:55:03 from    

wow that was amazing
great job nate

Lastdragon Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:56:45 from    


Kill em All Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:57:15 from    

WOW!!! Nate looked awesome in this fight

Mulch Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:57:55 from    

Nate was great. And now he has improved. Wow.

Derkderder Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:58:38 from    

dude omg wow wtf omega super saiyan 3 diaz the power of weed! even tho i dont think this diaz tokes

The dancing bear Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:59:42 from    

yet another over hyped Asian disappoints on a main card

zonytony Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:59:46 from    

awesome performance. He whooped that ass

chrisd Says, in 9-24-2011 at 23:59:55 from    


dynamicsolid Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:00:27 from    

nathan diaz has never looked better.

Yembo Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:00:43 from    

total domination.. Hello Japan

Pope Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:02:32 from    

gomi looked awful as usual and diaz showed some improved power. I have never seen gomi hurt like that on the feet. but diaz looks look he could take out some top ten guys right now.

bcuz Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:02:36 from    

diaz is a beast

JoeDog Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:04:56 from    


oaklandblackouts Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:08:18 from    

man gomi had nothin for nate

ustabeluke Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:14:19 from    

Great win!

mmafan Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:21:50 from    

beautiful clinic displayed by Nate Diaz …beautiful mma artistry on display…too bad Gomi had no answers…way to go Stockton man!

Dude Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:22:06 from    

Dat jab.

jaydog Says, in 9-25-2011 at 00:24:24 from    

hope nate learns from the mistakes of his dumbass brother. He has the talent and confidence to be great. The s*** Diaz attitude has always been their achilles heel though. Hope atleast Nate grows up cuz I dont think Nick ever will.

evilevile Says, in 9-25-2011 at 01:07:10 from    

u should hav seen rory mcdonald beat up nate diaz, live in toronto. man that was killer, he picked him up nd slammed him like 4 times reverse suplex, nd diaz was landing on his head sik sik stuff, rory rules condit is a killer nd jones gotta fite silva someday nd i cant wait, let us fans start demanding it, instead of watching them win against other dudes over nd over sometimes with no challenge

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 9-25-2011 at 02:17:03 from    

WOW Nate looked great!……………………………………………..against someone who cant wrestle!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-25-2011 at 02:29:07 from    

Greta boxing as always from Nate.We always knew he was a monster BJJ fighter but that was a slick boxing display.

instanthops Says, in 9-25-2011 at 02:39:55 from    

Damn dude Nate Diaz just went into beast mode. He looked like he was throwing a lot stronger punches in this fight.

mmafan400 Says, in 9-25-2011 at 02:48:45 from    

evilevile, the day when what we want to see designates who fights who, is the day the ufc fails and turns into strikeforce.

Nate looked pretty bad ass here, though he needs to gain some muscle mass, I don’t think he can take the wrestlers yet

Barange Says, in 9-25-2011 at 02:51:23 from    

Great f****** fight. Diaz was just destroying him on the standup. So accurate and so many punches

RandyIsStillChamp Says, in 9-25-2011 at 03:44:34 from    


Lyons_226 Says, in 9-25-2011 at 03:56:48 from    

Gomi just didnt look up for that fight at all. Take nothing away from Diaz, every punch seem to find a home. Personally Gomi looked like he was fed to Diaz for that ‘feel good win’ to get him back on track. He looked scared from the outset. I like watching Diaz’s fights. I just hope he can raise his game to compete with the big boys.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 9-25-2011 at 03:59:04 from    

Gomi looked like pure s***, he isn’t the fighter he used to be although he still has glimpses of former glory like when he KTFO Tyson G.

ETK Says, in 9-25-2011 at 06:12:22 from    

What the hell?
This was weird.
Gomi did not look bad because Diaz was good.
Diaz looked good because Gomi was bad.
Gomi did not put up enough opposition to assess Diaz.
Diaz dominated without dominating
Gomi fought without fighting.

Meltface Says, in 9-25-2011 at 06:23:05 from    

Diaz Brothers KILL EVERYTHING stoned or not they KILL EVERYTHING

cigronne Says, in 9-25-2011 at 06:41:10 from    

Spectacular win by Nate Diaz, pure new-school MMA style, never liked the guy but hats off to him this time, props

John Boss Says, in 9-25-2011 at 07:40:57 from    

agree evilevile…
it seems they run out of good fighters.

murell Says, in 9-25-2011 at 09:29:34 from    

evilevile I agree,there needs to be a Jones anderson silva fight,but I dont think silva would take that fight, cause he knows he would lose.

DownDaHillSHordy Says, in 9-25-2011 at 10:13:58 from    

Nate did look good this fight but, I can’t lie am I the only one that noticed Gomi doesn’t know how to block punches? He’s such an offence fighter I can gaurnetee he doesn’t work his basic defennse in the gym or training and it showed here. As good as nate looked he basicly got pushed over and was taken down. His JJ is crazy but he still needs work. I personly like both the Diaz brothers but I agree a lot on what @evilevile said.

tsagoii Says, in 9-25-2011 at 10:29:09 from    

Chewed!! Nice work!! Don’t like the Diaz attitude, but I do like their striking style.

Muck like his brother, almost a mirror copy. Actually in this fight, he’s boxing looked A1.

Top notch combos, effective and straight on target.

Gomi looked outclassed.

Op_of_faith Says, in 9-25-2011 at 10:52:46 from    

Biggest shock of the night…Nate’s new found maturity. The respect he showed Gomi…even trying to help him up after the win…I think McDonald knocked a screw loose…! LOL! Seriously though, props.

JJ Says, in 9-25-2011 at 17:07:11 from    

This is how you fight. One of the best fights of the evening and fantastic performance from Nate. I also liked the way he behavew after the fight – full professional. Big fan of him

theunderfighter Says, in 9-25-2011 at 18:34:55 from    

He made Gomi his bitch… Gomi really just made Nate look great.

Dr steel Says, in 9-25-2011 at 18:36:53 from    

Dammm Gomi looked awfull against Nate…

Is it kust me or do you guys wanna see NATE vs NICK at some sort of catch weight???

American MMa Says, in 9-25-2011 at 22:18:23 from    

Nate Diaz looks sharper and more technical than ever!! Amazing fighter like his brother.

elRusso Says, in 9-25-2011 at 22:19:03 from    

looked great against someone who can’t wrestle? wrestling isn’t necessary to look great in a fight. In fact, the majority of wrestlers in MMA are boring as s***. Thank god for great strikers and imaginative jitsu guys.

charles Bronson Says, in 9-25-2011 at 22:41:04 from    

@ETK If that makes sense i think i agree… gomi did nothing and looked sooo bad it made nate look real good, i bet nate looks good when punching a punching bag too cus thats what this fight was like….. i like nate but this wasnt any indication of him getting better, although he looked like he put on a lil more muscle mass

STREETFIGHTER50 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 01:21:48 from    

Awesome! Nate looked real good! Better him staying in the 155lb. class vs. 170 pounders like Rory & all the other powerful wrestlers there. Definitely has the size/reach advantage as a lightweight. I wish Nick & Nate would do more wrestling & kickboxing since we all know they’re superior in the boxing & BJJ department. Not to mention their granite chins & 5 round gas tanks! They would totally dominate IMO!

Grottodevil Says, in 9-26-2011 at 01:41:55 from    

Great fight Nate

mkeets Says, in 9-26-2011 at 02:39:10 from    

TOTALLY disagree with the bones silva fight. bones at this point is all hype the guy didn’t fight a real challenger yet; let him clean out his division, fight a variety of fighters before he gets a “super fight”. do you guys remember how machida silva was the “dream fight” it was less than a year ago fans were drooling over that matchup and what now? machida is old news.

hooch1967 Says, in 9-26-2011 at 05:17:18 from    

I hate to say it but Diaz looks awesome. He IS getting better with every fight. Him and Penn gotta get it on.

gomi is not as good anymore Says, in 9-27-2011 at 02:17:33 from    

gomi aint the same no more…. thats real talk.

Moostachio Says, in 9-27-2011 at 18:45:15 from    

I’m so glad there’s people here that have been following MMA all the way back since WEC or even IFL started that are now “experts” to leave us with words of wisdom to post here.

RP81 Says, in 10-17-2011 at 00:08:39 from    

Uh…Mkeets…. Jones just finished two pride legends and just defended his belt without controversey (hasn’t been done for a while). That isn’t hype.

But yeah, he should beat machida etc first. People need to stop jumping the gun, despite how good Jones is.


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