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Maximumpain Says, in 10-9-2011 at 10:04:04 from    

FUK YES!!! It ain’t pretty but it sure as hell is fun to watch!
Thanks as always Bruno.

kippi Says, in 10-9-2011 at 10:07:56 from    

wuuuhhhh that was a great fight!!! that was really entertaining…man leonard is insane :=)

Cloudst Says, in 10-9-2011 at 10:36:52 from    

What a fight!

Scottc Says, in 10-9-2011 at 11:53:27 from    

The third round was terrific! Very entertaining. Nam Pham looked like an Asian version of Nick “The Mongoloid” Diaz.

ibunn Says, in 10-9-2011 at 12:16:14 from    

Garcia at the start of round 3 “f*****” lol

Great fight!

TsaGoii Says, in 10-9-2011 at 12:39:25 from    

Beautiful fight. That is what it should be all about. WAR!!!

Props to both fighter!! Nam Pham looked like a diaz in there. Nice improvment.

I noticed that when he is tired, he put his hand in a prayer position, together in the center of his chin.

Am I the only one to have noticed that?

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-9-2011 at 13:58:20 from    

Sick fight.

JEF Says, in 10-9-2011 at 14:30:42 from    

What a fight! Man Leonard is nuts, I would like to see either of them fight Kenny and either of them fight Aldo, even if they would get picked apart because they would bring the fight to him.

lol Says, in 10-9-2011 at 14:55:48 from    

Mike Goldberg: they continue the battle. garcia and jung…great commentating

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 10-9-2011 at 16:17:58 from    

There we go, Nam phan beat Leonard Twice (yeah we all know Garcia has a W on Nam but that’s like saying Randleman didn’t really beat Bas).

ahole Says, in 10-9-2011 at 16:20:51 from    


Doyle Brunson Says, in 10-9-2011 at 16:37:26 from    

Damn even though Leonard doesnt win often something crazy happens everytime hes in the cage. Either a mind blowing robbery, knockout, submission or 15 min war. They cant cut him

Lyons_226 Says, in 10-9-2011 at 17:25:04 from    

‘Regardless of the outcome, can we see them fight again’ – love that commentary from Goldberg. Now that was a fun fight. Great for the sport to have fights like that. Not the most technical but tonnes of heart. Also good to see the fighters laughing about it at the end, although I’m sure there’s going to be some sore faces in the morning.

The Final Option Says, in 10-9-2011 at 18:35:36 from    

That was the Gatti vs. Ward of the UFC! GSP is turning into the Mayweather Jr. of MMA in terms of fighting ability.

Rico Suave Says, in 10-9-2011 at 23:08:14 from    

LOL @ Rogan! “I would like to see these guys fight once a year forever!”

damnitrudy Says, in 10-9-2011 at 23:14:56 from    

damn thats the kind of fight that made this sport great

i feel that once fighters make it to the top all they care about is technique that scores them points not fighting

Turboobsessed Says, in 10-10-2011 at 13:16:40 from    

WOW! Just WOW! This is what its all about. These guys came to really fight and had nothing to loose. I see a number three happening. Best out of 3 Wins! Haha!

RONDOG Says, in 10-10-2011 at 21:15:36 from    

Great fight! Lets see #3!

ljwei Says, in 10-16-2011 at 07:51:25 from    

hi bruno, i’ve been a long time fan of this site but i’ve had a problem with the ufc 136 videos this time round. all these videos with the frog at the bottom right don’t seem to load for me. when i press play it just says ‘o video nao se encontra dispoviel’. any help?

Bruno: They must be dead then. Will fix when i can.


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