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vince Says, in 3-1-2010 at 13:14:00 from    

Ali said that the leg kick Inoki delivered at 2:50 follow him throughout the rest of his career. Inoki is a legend in Japan to this day. He was responable for training the best japanese MMA stars, including Lyote “the dragon” machida.

TruNYC Says, in 3-1-2010 at 13:34:21 from    

Funny, Lyoto reminds me of Ali.

Pocker Says, in 3-1-2010 at 14:04:53 from    

is this the guy that slaps lyoto in the face

RPAUP38 Says, in 3-1-2010 at 14:18:32 from    

1. Why did they make Ali wear boxing gloves? 2. Why was Inoki allowed to srtrike at Ali’s face without them? I remebered watching this fight when I was 10 yr’s old. I could’nt figure out then why Inoki kept falling down and kicking at Ali’s leg’s; “I thought it was the goofiest thing I had ever seen”.

Russ Says, in 3-1-2010 at 14:23:33 from    

Wow, I know this was 30 years ago… But what the hell. Inoki just kicked and fell over 100 times. How did he get any credit for that fight? “he fought Ali and survived”? Yeah, well thats what happens when you fight a boxer and fall down on your back 300 times.


rgood Says, in 3-1-2010 at 14:35:46 from    

ali would have been destroyed if the ref had not stopped the ground game action.

milojustlaxin Says, in 3-1-2010 at 14:59:59 from    

dude this is retarded…y would this fight happen…its like a friggin circus…ali is just making stupid faces while the other dude throws half assed flying leg kick or whatever….dumb

xlonic Says, in 3-1-2010 at 15:35:40 from    

Thanks for showing this, glad this site is back up.

Ali.H Says, in 3-1-2010 at 16:02:44 from    

I think it’s fair to say, that calling this Ali in his ‘’near prime day’’ is a gross overstatement. Ali was not, nor close to his prime during this event. Anyone familiar with Ali in the least bit would tell you the same. Ali’s prime quite simply was from 66-until his ban. He came back fresh against Oscar and a few, but was never the same, like those glory years in the sixty.

becquer Says, in 3-1-2010 at 16:45:54 from    


TheAlphaMael Says, in 3-1-2010 at 17:31:58 from    

Well this made me lose alot of respect for Inoki and Machida. That was absolutely pathetic regardless of the tactics involved. Running at the guy, dropping to the floor and kicking him in the lag thats patehtic.

Murrell Says, in 3-1-2010 at 17:36:58 from    

That was Gay!

stu11 Says, in 3-1-2010 at 18:02:10 from    

I think the ref. was Judo Gene Labell

rza808 Says, in 3-1-2010 at 18:18:46 from    

Lol Inoki dont want none of that thunder Ali has bottled in those gloves. Still it was pretty boring watching the same tactics over and over. There must have been weird ground rules cuz that elbow really put the Ali camp in a frenzy

Red X Says, in 3-1-2010 at 18:19:05 from    

There seems to be a lot of bitching without understanding why Inoki was using drop leg kicks.

That was one, of a set of last minute stipulations from Ali’s side. Inoki was only allowed to throw leg kicks if one of his knees were on the ground.

RidgeRunner Says, in 3-1-2010 at 18:35:22 from    

I cant believe how Gay that strategy was by the japanese tool. jesus h christ

blzd Says, in 3-1-2010 at 18:45:09 from    

lol @5:03

blzd Says, in 3-1-2010 at 18:47:20 from    

lol not 5:03 its 3:15

Pasumecha Says, in 3-1-2010 at 19:46:14 from    

Thanks for posting Bruno. I’ve never heard of this fight.

It was weak but some of those leg kicks were leaving a mark…

aroc Says, in 3-1-2010 at 20:19:39 from    

this was like i think ROCK 3? thunder lips vs rocky lol exhibition WHY DOES HE KEEP PULLING GAURD LOLOL><

bloodangel90 Says, in 3-1-2010 at 20:24:05 from    

The fight rules wouldn’t allow Inoki to kick unless he was on the ground.

Brendan Says, in 3-1-2010 at 20:25:15 from    

Just goes to show you boxers have no game if you don’t just stand toe to toe with them.

Thats why boxing is just a sport and not a true fighting style.

Yojimbo Says, in 3-1-2010 at 20:28:40 from    

I wish I had been there

…to boo like a madman

WarMMATKOMACHINE! Says, in 3-1-2010 at 21:19:28 from    

For anyone that cares!

The worked theory also arises from Inoki’s June 26, 1976 match in Tokyo with Muhammad Ali.[6] Inoki initially promised Ali a worked match to get him to fight in Japan, but when the deal materialized Ali’s camp feared that Inoki would turn the fight into a shoot, which many believe was Inoki’s intention. Ali visited a professional wrestling match involving Inoki and witnessed Inoki’s grappling ability. The rules of the match were announced several months in advance. Two days before the match, however, several new rules were added which severely limited the moves that each man could perform. A rule change that had a major outcome on this match was that Inoki could only throw a kick if one of his knees was on the ground.[6] In the match, Ali landed a total of six punches to Inoki, and Inoki kept to his back in a defensive position almost the full duration of the match of 15 rounds, hitting Ali with a low kick repeatedly.[7] The bout ended in a draw, 3-3. Ali left without a press conference and suffered damage to his legs as a result of Inoki’s repeated leg kicks.[8]

viking Says, in 3-1-2010 at 21:29:16 from    

To everyone complaining about Inoki’s tactics: WTF?! You realize that this isn’t a boxing forum… right? Right?

sterling Says, in 3-2-2010 at 01:28:04 from    

There is a lot of pride in here.

ruthless Says, in 3-2-2010 at 02:24:59 from    

i hope i get a chance to be slapped by inoki one day.

Thxer Says, in 3-2-2010 at 04:19:51 from    

Yea, it’s an MMA forum. And it was still ridiculous.

DynamiteK Says, in 3-2-2010 at 04:30:52 from    

As far as i know, Ali’s camp made rules where Inoki could not punch with a fist, kick while standing, or grapple or wrestle at all. So pretty much he either could flop around on the floor like he did, or stand there and get punched by Ali…

B O B Says, in 3-2-2010 at 05:14:47 from    

Grappler vs Striker in mma today would result in the exact same tactics but nobody would question them. Here, however, you have someone doing this — but negative criticism instead.
As noted above, there were rules which limited the actions of both. People need to be less ignorant and become a little more refined between the ears.

vince Says, in 3-2-2010 at 05:57:02 from    

This isn’t a serious fight. Its not like they took it serious. It was for charity and entertainment. This is the fight the Rocky was based off of. Everyone is talking about Inoki falling hahaha, come on. He was talking this fight for fun you think hes going to give the best boxer of all time a chance to hit him. Perhaps you guys should focus on the damage inflicted instead of the tactics.

vince Says, in 3-2-2010 at 06:02:53 from    

to all you people that dudes give credit to Inoki shouldnt respect shogun for his last fight then

Lee Says, in 3-2-2010 at 06:31:30 from    

Dumbasses above didn’t even read about the rules and started slamming the jap guy and sucking ali’s balls.

Steamer Bean Says, in 3-2-2010 at 12:21:38 from    

I’ve heard about this for years but never seen any actual footage. Thanks Bruno. Of course the fight itself is kinda lame, but just the idea of it is awesome. Two legends from different disciplines agreeing to face off under an agreed upon set of rules in 1976. Pretty cool.

MMAsoldier39 Says, in 3-2-2010 at 16:52:53 from    

Ummm.. first time in history a hybrid preformance. I don’t know what all of you were smoking, yes it is a mma forum, but boxing is incorporated. I still think Ali should get the respect he deserves no matter how bad he could of been submitted or anything else. His actions outside the cage is also respectful. I know very little about Antonio Inoki, but I could see he looked dangerous. To be honest this is a foreshadowing of a james toney fight except no rule changes.

Jonas Says, in 3-2-2010 at 20:29:25 from    

must stupid fight I ever seen…

Mitch Rapp Says, in 3-2-2010 at 21:51:47 from    

BOB the sport of MMA has evolved some since f****** 1976. Boxing was king back then MMA was non-existant. The ignorance is on your part at not realizing the stupidity of the match, especially considering the tactics posed by Inoki . Do you think a boxer would still wear 10oz boxing gloves to a MMA match?

side control nightmare Says, in 3-3-2010 at 03:18:29 from    

the ref would have kicked their ass in a real fight without sweating at all….

paddedummy Says, in 3-3-2010 at 03:25:06 from    

Ali got dominated even with the stupid rules about not being able to kick while standing, boxing aint s***

Kalika Says, in 3-13-2010 at 04:53:05 from    

If you look at the history of the fight ALI guys wanted and got heaps of rules.It was suppose to be style against style,but when time came after all the hype ALI guys started making demands.No locks no this no that.

So Inoki just did the only thing he could do.He wasnt even allowed to throw or grapple. Read before you criticize. There is a video of what went on with Inoki in it.


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