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KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-3-2013 at 19:06:29 from    

f****** Dana White. “Well if I have to pay lower tier fighters more money,I’ll just pay the top guys less.” That’s not what people want. Just raise the lower tier guys. Just take one of the many millions you personally make every year and you could easily pay the lower guys 20k each. He’s just stirring crap so that higher paid fighters don’t support the lower paid. I’m not saying pay everybody the same but pay them what they deserve. In the NHL(a major sport league but not that popular) the lowest you can pay a guy is 500k. And that guy maybe plays a couple of minutes 20 games a year. MMA is ALOT harder then playing hockey. And MMA is ALOT more popular then the NHL so how come they can pay their lowest guys 500k and still make money when the UFC can pay their lowest guys under 20k??

Thanewage Says, in 7-3-2013 at 20:38:57 from    

Ya it is disgraceful, White and the Fertitas are rapig the hardest worked athletes in sports, PERiOD! How does a criminal such as Floyd Mayweather make 30mill for one fight, and the highest UFC pay out was under 1 Million. Sponsors don’t count, endorcments don’t count either. UFC is massively profitable, and can easily afford to increase fighter pay! Some of those UFC fighters are literally paying to be in the UFC, only because the payouts are so low. It’s not cheap to train, so for those who think any of these athletes are over paid, and just whining, get informed!

mmafan Says, in 7-3-2013 at 21:56:23 from    

Seriously UFC Fighters need a League like the NBA, NFL, NHL & MLB.

Fighters will than get paid fairly similar to a 50-50 Revenue split and with Pension & Health Care Protection.

It’s upto the Fighters to get together and Force the UFC.

Yup F*** Dana Douchebag.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 7-3-2013 at 21:56:30 from    

Man I used to not be a fan of Robin Black. But lately he has been delivering very good mma knowledge to folks. I think he is finding his niche he has been doing a great job.

the pope Says, in 7-3-2013 at 22:06:02 from    

i can appreciate the guys like st. pierre who have made it to the top by having 2 jobs and training . or shane carwin for working full time and fighting . its a great story .but makin it to the ufc is supposed to be “IT”. youve made it to the big time. and just my opinion but i think youll see a rise in the level of competition and more exciting fights if fighters are able to focus on training full time. theyll pay more now but itll pay off in the end

Jimbo Says, in 7-3-2013 at 23:03:48 from    

This show is just a propaganda arm for the UFC / Dana White.

These guys are hanging on DW’s scrotum and licking their fill.

pangea12 Says, in 7-4-2013 at 00:23:23 from    

The Fertitta’s are popular anti-union and probably have a book on what to do when the smell of a worker union hits. UFC will never bend, which I think will be its popular undoing…maybe in a couple years the fighters will realize that it’s bullshit working for the UFC, and another viable, old-fighter run organization that won’t sellout to the UFC, will be an option. ‘Let’s see if your empire will stand the test of time’….or maybe the owners will get arrested for money laundering or something else super selfish.

It ain’t broke don’t fix it Says, in 7-4-2013 at 01:32:14 from    

If you listen to his interview he wasn’t serious about getting rid of all the bonuses, just some of the hush hush ones for putting on a good fight. The problem is that there are a lot of Matt Riddles out there who will just squeak by or stall out a fight to cash in that money, and to avoid these acts and ensure actual competition, you can not pay the lower tier fighters more money until they prove themselves. Sure training can be physically hard sometimes, but it’s nowhere near the soul crushing day to day work most other people have to do for slave wages that they can’t even pay living expenses on. Fighters have it made. Now if the UFC were paid by the endorsers of fighters like every other sport, then yes they could pay the fighters a hell of a lot more, but that would actually take a lot more money away from half the fighters having to cut endorsement money.

Ozinator Says, in 7-4-2013 at 01:34:31 from    


I disagree with you often but I think you’re onto it here. The rest of what I say , I don’t insinuate you agree with…

Not Vinnie Jones is a slave who has been deprived of the education to understand what Robin Black is saying. Delusion may limit his potential but ironically helps to keep him sane. “Wooot! another beer! I’m free”!

jasonfn22 Says, in 7-4-2013 at 03:32:41 from    

the bottom line is you have a better chance at picking garbage up than being an MMA fighter unless your in that top 5 %. It is not glamorous like Dana makes it out to be and you will not make enough money to retire on quit lying baldy, zuffa will but the guys who do the work will not. Do martial arts for the health,dicipline,etc but don’t do it for a living you will not be able to get out of bed at 45 without a cpl of shots and that is best case scenario

All these people with these ACL injuries who think they are 100% lol what a lie they will not be able to walk before its over and they make it sound like a miracle but they only pay for these surgeries to squeeze a lil more blood from them until they can’t make money off them anymore then its bye bye and then all those shots they give them to ease the pain won’t be free nor will their disability pay be enough not to mention tax payers have to pay that so then I am fuc_ked.

jasonfn22 Says, in 7-4-2013 at 03:35:10 from    

Their is no god and their is no luck and their is no miracles and the quicker some ppl can come to terms with this the better. Example- your losing your house and I am losing mine and you decide to take a knee and pray and I get my ass up and go to work. Who keeps their house ? me

wcoastassassin Says, in 7-4-2013 at 03:41:01 from    

Lower tier boxer have been making $600-$800 for years, and no one is complaining about them. The UFC is brand fricken new, lets be happy they are paying fighters what they are. @KungFuLowKick the NHL has like 200 dam games a year with over 30 teams so thats over 600 events plus payoffs.

wow Says, in 7-4-2013 at 05:37:31 from    

“The NHL, a major sports league but not that popular.”

Not popular where?

OhBoy Says, in 7-4-2013 at 05:39:38 from    

Yeah Robin… tax the rich to pay the poor, “I don’t think they’re gonna want that”. How insightful is Robin, right?

Yeah Dana.. pay the best fighters less because that’s the only way possible to pay the bottom tier fighters more! nevermind the billions you probably make annually in revenue whether it be advertising, television corp deals, ppv, etc..

OhBoy Says, in 7-4-2013 at 05:43:38 from    

Lol Weidman is not going to win.

Joker Says, in 7-4-2013 at 06:30:33 from    

Kungfu I will pretend I didn’t see your comment about NHL and mma comparison, it’s like apple and banana not even apple and orange. But Dana is a thug in a suit claiming to take away bonuses to raise lower tier guy pay that is a worst possible out come ever. Imagine how these guy would performe if the bonuses were gone, they would just go in there and fight not to lose instead of high flying,energy draining,low kicking ,spinning elbow,matrix,ect…and they would just pull aGSP.But there is no easy fix for the payment in the fight game lower tier will always gets pay nothing. That’s why u train and try to be a top tier guy instead. Also it’s not possible to set up a fighting league. Thank you and have a nice 4th of July. ( American only)lol

greengiant Says, in 7-4-2013 at 06:52:38 from    

Dana white and the fertitas make so much money a year and they act like if they pay the lower fighters more then they have to pay the uppers less. I call total BS. You greedy f**ks. Dana is just saying that to make people focus on something else besides fighters getting paid **it.

High stakes Says, in 7-4-2013 at 13:01:24 from    


you all clearly don’t understand the fundamentals of business( seeing that you are all 10 yr old kids) but when dana invested his money in the ufc it was THIRTY MILLION dollars in debt !! THIRTY MILLION and after all HIS hard work and HIS money they are all rich yes! so YES they make millions and NO they don’t have to pay them anymore then they did when they were THIRTY MILLION dollars in debt!!and dana will continue to make millions until he is worth billions and ITS HIM WHO MADE HIMSELF INTO THAT ….. and that is how a business works:)

High stakes Says, in 7-4-2013 at 13:03:09 from    

and if sh@t fighter like john cholish lol has a problem they can go to tna with rampage

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-4-2013 at 18:15:26 from    

You don’t know anything about hockey. Absolutely anything. They have 82 games a year not 200. Don’t talk about thing you absolutely don’t know.

I did both sports. I played elite hockey until the age of 14, my father played one league under the NHL. And I can tell you MMA is ALOT harder then hockey. In hockey you play 1 minutes shifts and rest 4 minutes. And you don’t get attacked by a guy who trains to fight.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 7-4-2013 at 18:18:01 from    

Hockey is only popular is North America and some parts of Europe. There’s nobody outside these 2 places where people watch the NHL. Almost a third of the hokcey towns in the USA can’t fill an arena with an NHL team so not it’s not that popular compared to the NFL,NBA or MLB.


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