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Stan King Says, in 3-8-2013 at 11:20:18 from    

Does the little guy with the stupid hair not know who Mark Hunt is? He’s talking like Mark Hunt’s not fought some of the best kickboxers in the world…

I mean, I totally agree with the skepticism on how much Mark Hunt has to offer Cain Velasquez in a theoretical title fight, but JDS doesn’t have the title.

neotokyo Says, in 3-8-2013 at 15:58:33 from    

My Friend Stan King..Unfortunately hunt hasnt really looked too impressive…he wont be able to fight the cream of the crop like cain, dos antos yet….he needs to beat guys like roy nelson, nogeira, frank mir etc to really gain some credibility in the ufc…as for k1 kickboxing ? he was good..but mma is a diffrent story..he needs at least 2 or 3 solid wins over the guys i mention to be taken seriously in the ufc. Beating struve was something he needed to raise eybrows in his career..i hope he improves and comes up to the cream of the crop, but he needs to beat some serious names inorder to be taken seriously.

f_u Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:02:21 from    

Hunt handled himself on the ground against Struve fairly well. Theres so many possible fights for hunt; Roy Nelson, Pat Barry, Shane Carwin, JDS… id like to see all of those fights.

Samoan Brasileiro Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:10:07 from    

dude those other two especially the guy in the middle you are EFFING retarded if he gets taking down… JDS doesnt want to go down… and in the last fight he was taking down reversed and got back up Held Struve down… BRoke his JAW… He kept fighting against guys who only can beat him by submission and he has improved 300% numbnuts lmao DANA doesnt want to put him against JDS because it will be a slugfest and tight now he is pralee worried that The SUPER SAMOAN will knock JDS ass out eu te amo cigano Mas Procuea este luta pq seria otimo pra nos FANS mas ruim pra vc se perdisse… CHI-HOOOO Malo lava fa’amalosi

Samoan Brasileiro Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:15:04 from    

The smarter thing for the UFC would be is to put him against PAT Barry that will give him the deserved chance to actually fight JDS and be worthy… But he is ready … Shane Carwin No and Fat Country no too… BEcause there Wrestlers put him against the boxers and LET JDS define what Hunt wants to do with his Career if he losses or losses UGLY What his fight for JDS would mean id He KO’s Mark Hunt is he is the Hardest HItter in UFC

TsaGoii Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:56:30 from    

Roy Nelson VS Mark Hunt, now I would love to see that. That, TMO could be a serious contender for fight of the year as well.

Both would definitely slug it out, but Big Country could try to trick Hunt and catch him in a submission.

Let’s not forget that Roy Nelson got descent ground game for his size.

VS Reem, one thing for sure, if Big Foot managed to knock him out and boy was I happy.

Trust my word, hunt can turn’s the light out on Reem…For more than just a few seconds.

The man can punch.

bob hopeless Says, in 3-8-2013 at 19:51:52 from    

that “little guy” is robin black!

Coutura Says, in 3-8-2013 at 22:39:12 from    

Overeems body is getting soft he needs the medicine he lost k’o power and muscle mass and his testosterone will keep droping soon he will go down to 205 lb

neotokyo Says, in 3-9-2013 at 15:22:38 from    

why not just frank mir?!!! That makes the most sense first!


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