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greengiant Says, in 4-25-2013 at 08:24:52 from    

Grappling is the most dangerous.Choked out and dead way faster then beat to death.

Matt Says, in 4-25-2013 at 13:13:00 from    

Choked out and dead? Really? When we were kids, we used to choke each other out for fun. Sounds stupid now, but nobody ever died.. and half of us turned out okay :P

Chicago Says, in 4-25-2013 at 14:25:41 from    

Got to disagree with you green giant. Sanctioned Boxing alone has around 7-8 deaths a year in the U.

whitedragon Says, in 4-25-2013 at 15:22:47 from    

Guys;! don’t u feel that these f****** nobodys are just annoying?! People who don’t know s*** about Martial arts who give their 1 cent on fighters and weigh cut and training etc. Like they are some experts! These guys are so irrelevant and mediocre that if they disappeared today; nobody will ask or give a F***! Their opinions sounds like little kids who just started watching something new!

blow Says, in 4-25-2013 at 16:04:16 from    

he means a real fight,no?

NewfieJitsu Says, in 4-25-2013 at 17:31:51 from    

lol Matt…. When does choking your friends out to get a rush(choking game[stpuid game]) come close to fighting for your life? all you need to do is hold that choke for a few seconds to long and that could be the difference between life and death.

FailSonnen Says, in 4-25-2013 at 23:39:20 from    

I’m tired of this corrupt backdoors mafia strongarming in bed with the crooked politicians hypocritical double standard nonsense thats preventing MMA and viewing other combat sports live other than BOXING from coming to NY….

tkou Says, in 4-26-2013 at 00:15:15 from    

so you said half of you turned out okay, what happened to the other half? brain dead?

kaobeto Says, in 4-26-2013 at 06:26:31 from    

This show is crap!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-26-2013 at 11:12:33 from    

I like GSP but come on…Stop lying and tell the truth about you not wanting to get knocked out by Silva.GSP is ready to have a 40 pounds cut instead of fighting Silva.Everybody knows GSP has no chance with Silva,even GSP does.

Matt Says, in 4-26-2013 at 16:25:48 from    

Hey guys, who ever died in MMA or grappling from a choke? The body goes limp, you let that s*** go. It’s not rocket science LOL. You hold that choke, clearly your going to kill someone. Only MORONS need that explained to them. You say that to a black belt and they will ask you if you’re a blue belt. The comment about the “half of us turned out ok” was clearly meant as a joke. I know connotation is lost on most of you knuckle draggers that frequent MMA websites LOL

Matt Says, in 4-26-2013 at 16:29:09 from    

Copy and paste from a doctor: “The brain can go without oxygen (which is what it needs the blood for) for up to 5 minutes without incurring brain damage, and up to 9 minutes before all electrical function fails and brain death occurs”

Matt Says, in 4-26-2013 at 16:40:15 from    

I totally get that nobody wants to be choked out when their heart is racing a million miles an hour, but in reality that’s DEFINITELY not the worst way to lose in MMA. Look at Mark Hunt’s last KO. You think Struve didn’t take ANY brain damage when his jaw split? Now he’s walking around looking like Big Foot’s smaller retarded nephew. I bet he would trade that in for an RNC any day

really? Says, in 4-26-2013 at 18:31:28 from    

Matt, quoting from a Dr doesn’t make you and your act of choking people for fun right, and I just don’t see how a sensible human being would consider this as a game. Would you let anyone choke your son out for fun? Anyway, I don’t see the point reasonong with someone who may have brain damage due to being choked out for fun as a child…

Matt Says, in 4-26-2013 at 19:20:22 from    

Way to take everything out of context and then convince yourself you’re right. We’re all reeeaaal impressed. All you’re proving is how bad you are at taking jokes. You must be aweeesome at parties bro LOL You deny scientific fact then strut around all pompous like a fruitcake. Slow clap just for this clown!

really? Says, in 4-26-2013 at 21:24:54 from    

Who’s trying to convince whom now Matt? If choking someone or getting choked out is considered fun and a joke, then I’m sorry I have no sense of humor at all, and you sir, are a party animal. Big round of applause for Matt the choke artist everyone!

paddedummy Says, in 4-28-2013 at 05:35:26 from    

Buawahaha, no large sodas in Jew York either, I think it’s part of the patriot act!

Joe Dog Says, in 4-29-2013 at 14:02:19 from    

This show is garbage.


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