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grapplingj Says, in 10-25-2011 at 10:23:39 from    

Silva wanting to call out Bisping is a coward’s move. There is only one fight that Silva needs right now and that is against Sonnen. With the exception of the triangle choke, Sonnen dominated that fight.

Tendojitsu Says, in 10-25-2011 at 10:48:40 from    

Silva avoiding him? Did Chael forget who won the fight?

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 10-25-2011 at 10:50:16 from    

Sonnen is entertaining and annoying at the same time. When he fights Anderson, I think Anderson is really going to hurt him.

Psycho Says, in 10-25-2011 at 11:09:20 from    

love this guy

chopper Says, in 10-25-2011 at 11:22:04 from    


JRubin Says, in 10-25-2011 at 11:28:07 from    

i have to agree with Florian, Chael is ranked #2 he’s next in line, it’s the most marketable fight in the division, and the most meaningful in AS’s amazing career, even if AS beats Bisping there will always be that Chael question mark hanging above his head, tht we want answered, it was a hailmary submission, Chael did seem to be the more dominant fighter on the feet and on the ground for the majority of there last bout, not only that but chael seems greatly improved since then. this fight needs to go down.

tylaman4 Says, in 10-25-2011 at 11:32:39 from    

its obvious even to the “dummy” fan who doesnt hug nutz for silva , asking for bisping over sonnen is ummmm what you would call ducking ..

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 10-25-2011 at 11:48:40 from    

It does seem to me like The Silva camp is ducking Chael. You’ve got to face facts and listen to what these guys say. Cahel is the only fighter left for him in that div. Ed Soares said that both him and Anderson believe MICHAEL BISPING to be a good opportunity. Michael effing Bisping?!? Opportunity?!? For what?! I’ve also heard them say that Anderson only has a bout 4 fights left in him. This worries me because I can see them going the way of a Mayweather. Easy fights to protect your record and your legacy. I hope I’m wrong about all of this.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-25-2011 at 12:06:02 from    

Is Anderson going to Halloween as a duck or a chicken? priceless.

But really it is blatant ducking and Soares really said Bisbing was his best challenge lmfao.

T’Challa Says, in 10-25-2011 at 12:45:09 from    

And with good reason. Sonnen doesn’t get to dictate Anderson’s future. He had his chance & he blew it. Is he a top contender? Undeniably yes, but beating Briann Stann (who was up and coming but not a top contender) isn’t enough to get a rematch.

I say let him fight Vitor or the winner of Bisping-Miller, since he was supposed to fight Bising as a coach of TUF before he got busted for testosterone.

If he wins that then fine, bring on the rematch, but not a moment before.

casyboy Says, in 10-25-2011 at 13:13:46 from    

ed soares thinks he’s joe silva ,andy is going to nurse that shoulder until bisping is available..the mythic 100% doesn’t exist in the real world!

mmaok Says, in 10-25-2011 at 13:49:00 from    

All you idiot Silva nuthuggers- Chael is #1 contender on EVERY list. You are afraid that Sonnen will do what he says he will do- he will beat silva and be the new mw champ. Go Chael.

CrookZ Says, in 10-25-2011 at 13:54:15 from    

thank u 2 T’Challa for posting the best comment on this video!
every time there is an anderson silva post there is always a bunch of ppl talking about chael this and that. i don’t care if he is number 2 nobody wants to fight u because ur boooooring all u do is dry hump ppl on the ground. so it’s fitting that a guy wraps his legs around u for the W. i’m not going to lie i would like to see this fight as well and i think the brit would be a waste of ppv but chael ……get off silvas d**k ur a sore loser y don’t u move up in weight and challenge the HW that would be interesting.

Op_of_faith Says, in 10-25-2011 at 14:13:53 from    

Um. Yeah, and Chael…YOU LOST. He actually doesn’t OWE you a rematch. His legacy is intact while this is your ONLY chance not to be an also-ran.

How’s failure feel, liar?

wookiepie Says, in 10-25-2011 at 14:15:19 from    

you people all are pulling for chael because there are no white champs in UFC.

london_Jones Says, in 10-25-2011 at 14:21:41 from    

CrookZ Says well said!

Moe Says, in 10-25-2011 at 14:38:22 from    

Silva wants nothing to do with Sonnen..lets face it, say what you want Silva got beat up easy for 4.5 rounds looked so out classed. Silva pulls of a hail marry triangle gets the win.Silva knows if they met again its just going to be more of the same, him getting beat…

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-25-2011 at 15:03:07 from    

Wookie yeah GSP is so black.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-25-2011 at 15:03:27 from    

and for that manner Edgar is black as s*** 2

Goomba Says, in 10-25-2011 at 15:04:54 from    

I don’t know how people can like a cheater, liar, and dishonest person. Next time they fight, Silva won’t have an injured rib. Next time they fight, Silva will TKO Sonnen in the second round.

Sonnen had his chance at victory. He was in his most dominant position for almost 5 rounds and still couldn’t finish Silva. Put A. Silva in his most dominant position for half a round and Silva would get the job done every time. On top of that, Chael lies and cheats, and still can’t secure victory.

Chael needs to fight either the winner of Bisping-Mayhem, or Henderson, and then he deserves the rematch.

If A. Silva was ducking anyone, then the MW division wouldn’t have been cleared out.

jmtile Says, in 10-25-2011 at 15:29:37 from    

I forgot what color is Frankie Edger?

Big Foot Says, in 10-25-2011 at 15:48:02 from    

Chael has to fight his way back to a title shot…

(1) vs the Midget from JackAss on here a few days ago,

(2) than Jose Aldo at 145,

(3) than GSP or Diaz at 170

(4) than Fedor at 250+

(5) than Jon Bones Jones at 205

(6) than Brock Lesnar at 265

(7) than Overeem at 264.99

(8) than JDS at HW 245

(9) than Cain Velásquez at HW 255

(10) than both the Nogs at once

Only than can he have earned a title shot with Silva.

But Silva will be retired by than his only got 4 more fights on his UFC Contract before Retirement :).

juniordoslightsout Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:03:02 from    

@tchalla STFU you are a little girl protecting anderson rediculous. I’m not even a chael fan as a person but dude put on a fight and I want to see it again. Sonnen is the most pompis prick ever and I still want to see the best fight the best. or vitor but for real the number 4 fighter in the world is mark munoz… really mark munoz. Unless they bring hector lumbard in to the ufc I want to see silva fight chael or vitor

asdfjkl; Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:11:28 from    

Anderson “Tito Ortiz” Silva’s plan is to retire on a win just before he is forced to fight Sonnen.

papasmurf Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:14:21 from    

no white champs what about gsp and edgar….

asdfjkl; Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:15:14 from    

wookiepie Says, in 10-25-2011 at 14:15:19 from

“you people all are pulling for chael because there are no white champs in UFC.”

“You people???” You know I hadn’t thought of that until you mentioned it you racist thug.

starcityink Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:18:34 from    

Chaels on roids, Chaels a cheater, Chael lost, Chael stole money from innocent people, Chael talks way to much crap,Chael was less than honest with the athletic board, Chael doesn’t seem to like Brazilian’s, Chaels a shitty politician, Silva’s rib’s were bruised, honey badger does’t give a s***! Honey badger doesn’t think Silva got his ass kicked, he knows because he WATCHED the frickin fight! Listen to you people” Chael doesn’t deserve it, Brian Stann is a nobody, Vitor should be next because he lasted like two seconds with the champ and got exposed by some s*** Segal came up with.” Shut the hell up already! You know and we know you know that your champ is going to have to retire quick or fight Sonnen and none of you want that. OH!, he’ll kick Chael’s ass when he’s 100%, he was toying with him because he likes to get his ass handed to him for 4 1/2 rounds. He was just getting warmed up. Chael is one thing and one thing only right now, not afraid.

asdfjkl; Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:21:26 from    

Only a moron who is in blind denial would disagree that Sonnen should be Silva’s next fight.

asdfjkl; Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:25:09 from    

Bisbing would have 0.000000001% chance of beating Silva, let alone most of the other top 10 MW contenders.

asdfjkl; Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:29:09 from    

“Tito” Silva fans – don’t forget that it takes a career to build a legacy.

And….it only takes one ducked fight from a legitimate contender to ruin a legacy.

tobes Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:45:13 from    

wookiepie, what are you smoking? edgar and GSP aren’t white? why does race matter anyway? im a fan of A. Silva, but after Sonnen tested positive for roids he lost about 80% of his credibility. He’s disrespectful and I hope he gets the beating he deserves

DilleyWilley Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:58:18 from    

If Silva is as badass as some of you make him out to be why would he call out Bisping? He is ducking Sonnen that’s why.

idgaf Says, in 10-25-2011 at 16:58:57 from    

Chael shouldn’t be allowed to fight in the UFC ever.

Op_of_Faith Says, in 10-25-2011 at 17:35:26 from    

Will someone explain to me, in a coherent and intelligible WHY Silva owes Sonnen a rematch? He didn’t lose…Chael did. If he doesn’t want to give Sonnen a chance to make that money, then WHY should he? Because you want to see it? Not a good enough reason. Chael. LOST.

Once again, CHAEL LOST. Take your thumb out of your ass and pay attention to the rules. There was no draw. CHAEL LOST. Go back to the end of the line with him.

Leone Azevedo Says, in 10-25-2011 at 18:08:18 from    

Sonnen did nothing to deserve a title shot… he were out for a year… then he came back to win brian stan.. just it?




SEAN_VANCE Says, in 10-25-2011 at 18:27:06 from    

Thats what happens when you LOSE ur title shot by LOSING to the champion…guess what, u LOST ur chance idiot…now ur at the mercy of working ur way back up….sucks for u! But u aint special!

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 10-25-2011 at 18:39:08 from    

THese morons on here think title shots are like a pinata, u just keep taking wacks at it until it breaks loose. ..just look at Kenny Florian to see how many fights he had to take before getting another title shot…. get off Chaels penis already homos

AFan323 Says, in 10-25-2011 at 19:25:12 from    

I’m no Psychology Major…Oh wait yes I am, to me honestly coming from how Silva responds to public bashings and how his manager is talking about Chael Sonnen, I do honestly believe they don’t want to fight him.

It’s not about earning the title shot. Which honestly though people hate to admit it, there are only a few fighters who stand a chance against Silva and it isn’t Miller or Bisping. Sonnen came back and fought Brian Stann and dominated him and won. Now Brian Stann has been very active since Sonnens been gone, and with that win Sonnen pretty much took all of Stann’s work and put it into his pocket.

Look, Chael is a very dangerous fighter to Silva. He pressures, can take a shot, and has great wrestling, and from my viewpoint in the Stann fight, is now less willing to be content in the guard.

That spells a very bad thing for Silva. And after their fight, a fight that damn near broke Silva, I’m quite sure he doesn’t want to fight Sonnen again.

Do I think he’s scared? Hell no! But I do think he might be a little intimidated. His body language reeks of it. Look how he reacted to Belfort and Maia, that was a confident Silva. He doesn’t act the same with Sonnen.

AFan323 Says, in 10-25-2011 at 19:27:51 from    

@ Leone Azevedo

Where is the report on Silva’s ribs? Do you have any physical facts to report on that?

And I don’t know if you know this or not, but Silva got a title shot after his first fight in the UFC.

k91st Says, in 10-25-2011 at 19:30:59 from    

Op_of_Faith agreed
finally the questions are asked but no answers yet lol

ml Says, in 10-25-2011 at 20:43:38 from    

actually, it is up to the ufc!!!! it doesn’t matter if silva is ducking sonnen or not. i don’t know anything about the situation, but if joe silva says it’s anderson silva vs chael sonnen, guess what folks, that’s who is going to fight!!

wcoastassassin Says, in 10-25-2011 at 23:12:57 from    

If Bisbitch wasn’t from England he would be backyard wrestling videos on youtube

T’Challa Says, in 10-25-2011 at 23:27:50 from    

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-25-2011 at 15:03:07 from

“Wookie yeah GSP is so black.”

GSP is what racists would call a “wigger”, so I say he’s a honorary Black guy..

Arod Says, in 10-25-2011 at 23:38:31 from    

Don’t like Chael to much because of some stuff he says but real respect real and anderson doesn’t want to fight him I think Chael should have to fight once more before he gets the shot cause of the whole PEDS thing lets not forget but no else should get a shot before him they should make Anderson wait for Chael

dank Says, in 10-26-2011 at 01:59:08 from    

why write a paragraph comment but then abbreviate the fighters name like “AS”? is it that hard to spell the guys name?ANDERSON SILVA! oh i get it,..its to sound cool..but honestly it sounds really gay.

Roderic Says, in 10-26-2011 at 02:11:08 from    

@CrookZ… If all you think that Chael does is “dry hump” his opponents, then you know jack about fighting. Ever seen a boring Sonnen fight? I haven’t. Ever seen a boring Silva fight? I dunno,… ask Maia.

Chael always goes directly at the fight and never leaves it up to question. That’s what the fans want to see.

YourMammasTigolebitties Says, in 10-26-2011 at 05:19:09 from    

Heres the scoop, anderson is an established champ, who earned his fame and notariety, chael is a 2 bit scumbag who uses anderson silva to make him famous, before silva nobody knew or cared about greasy face sonnen and chael isnt stupid he understands keeping on bashing silva and calling him out puts an otherwise boring dry humping wrestler in the lime light albeit for a short while…all you sonnen nuthuggers have to admit anderson made chael, silvas camp knows the only way sonnen is going to make good money is anderson, so instead of letting chael get a big payday they turn down his offers, its not about being afraid or ducking because he is scared, he knows hes basically paying chaels bill and doesnt want to do that because he hates him, if they did fight chael would suffer 1st or second rd ko, its as simple as that, wait and see cus from a marketing stand point this fight must happen regardless

wookiepie Says, in 10-26-2011 at 07:45:41 from    

by tradition, “white” refers to people descended from England, and parts of Ireland and Scotland. French Canadian like GSP and Italian like Edgar dont qualify. both are ethnicities. i dont care about race, but i know where this silva hate comes from.

sammy Says, in 10-26-2011 at 08:55:31 from    

hey nobody is hating on Silva, but he took a beating for 4 and a half rounds last time he fought Chael and he pulled a miracle sub with like a minute to go.

Yeah Anderson won but the manner you win is also important. Its simple, he took a beating in the first fight for 4.5 rounds and was way behind on all the score cards. Thats a good enough premise for a rematch to me and most neutral fans like myself want to see a rematch.

Give the fans what they wanna see or you will always be labeled as a chicken who didn’t take the fight of his life. just like Lennox Lewis

Avengedlevis7x Says, in 10-26-2011 at 14:37:29 from    

That was funny! lol Look, Silva is good but I think Chael has got his card!

MMA Richmond Says, in 10-26-2011 at 23:54:32 from    

lol at Bisbing. Seriously? Why not a Forrest Griffin rematch?

YourMammasTigolebitties Says, in 10-27-2011 at 00:55:50 from    

to say he “took a beating” is just uneducated mma fans, spewing off at he gums, how does one small knot underneath your constitute a “beating” chaels face looked like hamburger meat, and the ” beating” you refere to was a 4.5 round dry hump with 2-3 shots landed, wow what a beating….lol turds

hooch1967 Says, in 10-30-2011 at 15:43:32 from    

How can you hate Sonnen? he’s the only fighter to beat the living s*** out of Silva . . . ever! Just didn’t go home with the the belt.
Silva didn’t go home, he went to the hospital.
This rematch has to happen!!!


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