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Drel Says, in 3-28-2008 at 10:38:42 from    

WOW, i f*cking like Leonard Garcia, he showed alot of heart against Roger Huerta, and he should be able to excel in the WEC. (2 bad most pro fighers dont make enough money to hire a decent lawyer)

stone Says, in 3-28-2008 at 10:43:48 from    

what a shame. he was getting better on MMA.

I_ARE_BABOON Says, in 3-28-2008 at 11:03:07 from    


Smashedyoface Says, in 3-28-2008 at 12:01:42 from    

What an idiot! You spend countless amount of hours at gyms to become a good enough fighter to be known around the world. Then you throw it all away for trying to make a quick dollar. There’s no excuses for this. He was having a good run in the featherweight class, and had a lot of potential.

chancey Says, in 3-28-2008 at 12:43:20 from    

Nicely done my friend, don’t know who you are but not a bad record (11-3) with losses to Brent Medley, Roger Huerta, and Cole Miller. Snort a line for me bro.

Black Gerbil1 Says, in 3-28-2008 at 13:00:45 from    

everyones on riods these days

American Rebel Says, in 3-28-2008 at 13:17:56 from    

damn yet another

ajttu Says, in 3-28-2008 at 13:27:23 from    

I knew something like this would happen sooner or later

R.KEEGAN Says, in 3-28-2008 at 14:16:59 from    

Man what a dumb pile of sh!t.Im so sick of reading about guy’s like this.He could not just train,fight and be a good person,he has to be a mut deal in drugs.
If he did deal or hang and help guys who deal in drugs which im sure he did do somthing wrong for the cops to arrest him,i sure hope he gets locked up for a long time for this.What a dirty f-in scum bag,F this guy.
What is wrong with guys like this?They are not men,they are a waste of space and a waste of are tax dollers that will go to buliding jails & feeding them while they are in jail somthing lazy drug dealers dont do sence they dont pay taxes.

R.KEEGAN Says, in 3-28-2008 at 14:32:12 from    

Even if they find him not guilty on the drug trafficking they should lock his ass up just for that stupid look on his face in the mug shot.I can tell just by looking at him that he is a F-IN MUT.
This sport has no room for guy’s like this.
This is the last thing mma needs.

Lennin Says, in 3-28-2008 at 14:58:06 from    

Why only Latinos and African American fighters get arrested? Please do not tell me that white fighter do not mess with drugs. I feel for the minority in the USA.

mma soldier Says, in 3-28-2008 at 15:34:47 from    

awwwww…. man now where am I going to get my fix…… I mean watching the WEC with Garcia not there. oh well all I could tell you is fighters don’t get paid as much as you think. The WEC doesn’t pay as much as larger companies do. Sometimes fighters get less money than teachers. Those are just the facts we shouldn’t judge anyone for making money on the side. They just have to blame themselves. Sometimes people just do dumb s***, like have you ever stolen something like candy or lets say a wwe action figure you knew you could get at a later time. I have and it’s okay its dumb I know I hope he just learns from this expierence and gets on the right track. because knowledge is power!!!!!

Rivers Says, in 3-28-2008 at 15:35:19 from    

s*** man…Garcia’s done, even if not convicted, who’s going to give him a contract…

BruceAZ Says, in 3-28-2008 at 17:12:46 from    

great, good job garcia

RSparrow506 Says, in 3-28-2008 at 18:54:48 from    

No wonder why he could take so much punishment from Huerta and keep going,.. he was yakked out!

It all makes sense now,..

Damn, he was a tough kid, that sucks.

Felix Vu Says, in 3-28-2008 at 20:38:29 from    

whoa, 40 years for the minor offenders and life in prison for the major offenders. is it that high because it’s texas?

WAR Says, in 3-28-2008 at 21:04:43 from    

Alot of fighters go through hard times and they never have to sell drugs, i train once a day and work almost two times a day and i never even thought about starting selling drugs, i have no respect for some one who can’t push through that tuff times.

ajttu Says, in 3-29-2008 at 02:57:30 from    

He had always been dealing ever since way back in the day and made too much money to give it up. most people in lubbock knew what he was doing

Ash Says, in 3-29-2008 at 04:17:58 from    

Just what MMA needs, another f*^# up. And all cause of drugs….

R.KEEGAN Says, in 3-29-2008 at 05:36:09 from    

The only thing that sucks about this is that we the tax payers had to pay for the four year investigation leading up to the arrest of this dumb ass MUTT.To bad he did not get caught sooner then he did.I have zero respect for guy’s like this nor do i feel bad about him tossing his MMA carer away.
I hope they never let him fight as a pro ever again.He is a punk plan and simple nothing more.

brian kenny Says, in 3-29-2008 at 07:37:35 from    

do you guys know who that is????? that’s chuck liddell’s boy, who was even living with chuck.. remember that show where it showed chuck’s training, that was his live in house bitch/ trainee… he was also on tapout..

whitey Says, in 3-29-2008 at 11:39:03 from    

Keegan, Garcia is a great fighter. He is not the piece of sh!t f-n scumbag, as you called… you are. Next time you order up a glass of wine I hope someone tackles you and carts you off the prison so you can get r**** for 10 years you piece of sh!t. Alcohol is a drug, and is addictive as all hell at that. And it kills people all the freaking time and has ruined millions of lives… but that sh!t is legal to sell and to use. If you don’t want cocaine, then don’t buy any dumbass! This nation’s drug laws are hypocritical and the only reason they are still around is because of dumbasses like yourself.

You’re the “waste of space”, not garcia. This human being is going to spend the rest of his life in jail, potentially, because you are a f****** hypocrite and so are the people who write this nation’s drug laws. I think it is stupid to do coke, but so are a lot of legal things. This man’s life is ruined while Jack Daniels sits on piles of money (half of which he donates to politicians to keep him in business).

kamakazi963 Says, in 3-29-2008 at 13:18:30 from    

Whitey your a alittle slow. There are more crimes and killings related to hard drugs then there is with booze. They’re are probably more deaths to alcohol. But we definatly wouldn’t have as many coke heads trying to steal your stuff or shooting up your block. There are alot of MMA fighters who also sell drugs on the side because they have a tuff guy image. Most of them are already alittle screwy in the head. But when you get this high in MMA to do this is stupid and he deserves what ever he gets. Look at Anderson Silva the worked at McDonalds while he trained so seriously no excuse. Drinking is ok as long as your not a drunk.

WAR Says, in 3-29-2008 at 18:14:55 from    

Thats not the kid that lives with chuck that is some other fighter but i can’t find him anywhere, any ways i hope Garcia does not drop the soap.

TEX Says, in 3-30-2008 at 00:47:11 from    

I know for a fact this guy is guilty, inside knowledge years ago. I thought by now he would have gave this up. Good job for the DEA. Dealers in this area are bad and deserve what they get. See you in forty years punk.

Jay K. Says, in 3-30-2008 at 01:21:35 from    


The kid is a talent, I hope he’s cleared of the charges, unless it’s some serious stuff.

Good lookin’ out kid!

Jay K.

KOB Says, in 3-30-2008 at 08:26:08 from    

The guy who stayed at Chuck’s house was Antonio Banuelos.

whitey Says, in 3-30-2008 at 13:31:13 from    

kamakazi963, read up on your history. The most lawless time in this country (when the criminal gangs were more powerful then the cops) was during prohibition when booze was illegal. The reason is because the price of booze sky-rocketed and all the criminals got rich off of selling it. Drugs don’t cause crime… making drugs illegal causes crime. The reason is that the the drug prices sky rocket, and then people have to turn to crime (stealing, violence, etc.) in order to get the drugs.

mike Says, in 3-30-2008 at 16:13:28 from    

too bad leonard garcia got into some trouble for tryin to suppulment his low fighting income to have a better life i hope he is not out of mma for long he is def a promising up and commer stay strong bro

mike Says, in 3-30-2008 at 16:27:04 from    

whitey you seem to be the only one to leave a post that i have seen on this site that makes any sense. what is with you guys? you have your head u your a**?????????? i for one am NOT a RACIST who suports drug laws. although i have never used a recreational drug in my life {including coffee} i will NEVER support any law whos basic foundation and reason for creation was to jail any one who was not white

KOB Says, in 3-30-2008 at 22:22:10 from    

Hey Mike, that is a pretty stupid statement. I believe that drugs should be legalized, but they aren’t. Can’t Garcia find any other job besides selling drugs? He wanted to take an illegal shortcut to make some money, now he will pay the price. Don’t bring race into it.

whitey Says, in 3-31-2008 at 09:53:51 from    

I don’t think drug laws were made to jail other races, but that is the effect they have. The prohibition of alcohol in the 30′s made the price of booze skyrocket and resulted in a lot of crime, especially among the poor. People couldn’t afford their alcohol and would steal and what not to get their alcohol money. It also resulted in criminal gangs getting rich because the selling booze at the inflated price gave them tons of easy money. So also our modern drug prohibition has resulted in *extremely* high drug prices, has enriched criminal gangs who otherwise would not be very rich at all, and has resulted in a lot of crime amongst the poor for drug money. The drug laws don’t target those races as much as they target the poor… it just happens that many of the poor are ethnic minorities.

cocaine Says, in 4-1-2008 at 03:40:31 from    

This kid is mine now see. That’s the way it is see. He couldn’t hire some guys at home depo and buy some equipment to start a roofing company on the side or something. Who said don’t judge him for making money on the side, lol, just a lil cocaine sales because he doesn’t get paid enough. Wow what if he was a hitman on the side?

Jim Morrison Says, in 4-1-2008 at 03:44:18 from    

What’s the big deal man?

mike Says, in 4-1-2008 at 19:47:01 from    

yea what is the big deal?????????????? what he should have done was deal alchol and send people out driving from his bar after he just took their money and gave them a more dangerous drug then coke!!! let them go out and drive home instead of us condeming garcia why arent we havin this conversation about bar owners poisening our society, wrecking familys and killing more than half a million people a year!!!!!! i think something like 15k people died from second alchol use last year.

sito Says, in 4-7-2008 at 13:39:49 from    

is it too bad that some athletes don’t make enough money to hire a good lawyer? or is it the fact that he went for the easy and dishonest way to make some money?

whitey Says, in 4-7-2008 at 16:32:55 from    

sito, he went for the easy, illegal way to make money… but not the “dishonest” way. This nations drug laws are freaking stupid as hell, and people who break them are not “dishonest”. The people who write the drug laws are the dishonest ones.
There is nothing dishonest about selling drugs. The liquor store and the beer mart sell drugs all the time (alcohol is a drug). That drug (especially in the hard liquor form) kills people all the time from liver disease, car accidents, and even overdose. Cocaine is no different.
I don’t do coke or drink liquor b/c both are very addictive and dangerous. However, I do smoke pot now and again, and it is ridiculous that I could go to jail for doing it. Pot is impossible to overdose on (not one recorded death by overdose… even in lab animals!), and is a lot less addictive then alcohol. Yet it is illegal. I can drink myself to death never breaking a law, but if I bake some weed into my brownies because it is a safer drug… they’ll send me off to prison to get r****.
Don’t think all people who break the laws are dishonest. Sometimes, it is the laws that are dishonest.


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