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wow Says, in 3-7-2012 at 08:03:11 from    

Sick fight card

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-7-2012 at 10:36:40 from    

Wow what a great card.But for some reason I don’t really want to see Cro Cop get KOed again.And that time it will be a kickboxing match…I like him but if all those guys could KO him in the UFC,I don’t think he will last long in his kickboxing fight.I hope he wins by KO though.

Albaniankoartist Says, in 3-7-2012 at 15:46:55 from    

I think cro cop will be a beast this outing, he won’t have to worry about being taken down, grappled etc. he is going out using his bread n butter so to speak, I expect a lot of high left kicks, maybe his last fight ever so want him to go out on a rockin high. Am not saying sefo has no chance, the man is also a beast but just can’t see his paw raised.

sandro.s Says, in 3-7-2012 at 15:56:23 from    

he gained 7 kg muscle and looked great so far in his training….

PitfighterZ Says, in 3-7-2012 at 19:58:58 from    

Ghita v. Laschenko will be a sick fight! Great card indeed.

bob Says, in 3-8-2012 at 03:05:44 from    

Cro Cop will be KO’d … noticed in his UFC fights that he was timid to strike, slow to react, and usually got hit before hitting back … Bye bye Cro Cop …

Time to say bye to: Cro Cop, Rampage, Wanderlei, Tito, Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, et al. We’ve turned the corner.

CRO_GUY Says, in 3-8-2012 at 08:03:21 from    

Event is called Final Fight because CC fights last on the card!! Mirko repeated that in at lesat 5 of his interviews. So, it’s not his last one!
Who gives a F*** if he gets KO’d?? The guy lives the sport and can still hit hard, trust me!!!
We will be sad, but I will still stay one of his biggest fans and will root for him to pick his ass from the ground, shake it off and do it all over again…
And bob, you are a dumb F*** cause only idiots say bye to something they love doing – even if they are not doing it well. Only morons, anal discharge idiots and henpecked persons who are affraid of their own wifes leave stuff they love doing and those should not be allowed to leave comment anywhere!! They should be shot on their family expense cause they do nothing but waste air!

Dave Says, in 3-9-2012 at 06:29:16 from    

Damn! what a sick card! all stand ups k1 rule :D
this will be the most exciting fights ever!
I loved K1, I don’t know if all of you know K1 but they have the most entertaining fights in the world!

bob Says, in 3-9-2012 at 20:31:31 from    

Cro_Guy, are you sure your comment wasn’t for the Dakota “Danny” Danning link? <> Any way, it sounds like you and “Danny” have similar life experiences ….


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