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Tear Says, in 6-24-2013 at 14:52:07 from    

Good rematch. I think Crocop got it again.

judomaster Says, in 6-24-2013 at 15:20:38 from    

i just say Legends!!

petepetro Says, in 6-24-2013 at 15:28:21 from    

vintage chuck

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 6-24-2013 at 15:32:47 from    

Awesome, not sure if I see a LHK KO again though.

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 6-24-2013 at 15:36:24 from    

Much respect to Mirko, but ill be rooting heavy for my boy Aleks. This is an intriguing fight because, Mirko did beat him yes. But it was very very early in Aleks career, being only his 4th fight while Mirko already had 16 fights and against many MMA legends at that. Only a fool would think Mirko is that same guy who knocked out Aleks. I also must concede Aleks has been getting tagged a lot since he has left Pride which doesn’t bode well for fighting Mirko. I expect Aleks to be the stronger tougher guy and Mirko have a slight punching power advantage. If the UFC Mirko comes to fight I see him getting tagged up pretty nice considering he was only throwing maybe 5 striking techniques per round and Aleks will push the pace.

I just hope this is an MMA match and not kickboxing and I hope Aleks get’s his revenge.

jdogg Says, in 6-24-2013 at 15:39:53 from    

After he beats Aleks again, he needs to rematch Fedor. Then they could both retire like kings.

Joe Dog Says, in 6-24-2013 at 17:06:45 from    


Rico Suave Says, in 6-24-2013 at 17:52:18 from    

Who cares! with that said Mirko will destroy A.Emelianenko!! Cro Cop by police brutality!!!

INANEBIGNATE Says, in 6-24-2013 at 18:07:13 from    


I will be rooting for AE to but honestly I think crocop will win again. Never have looked great the past several years but AE seriously looks like he is in it for the paycheck the past few years. And like you said he fights very flat footed now and gets tagged a lot more than he used too. earlier in his career he was good at maintaining distance and moving in and out in order to land then avoid shots. Now he just stands flat footed usually with his hands a little low and gets hit ALOT. but maybe this rematch will motivate him and we will see them both at their best (or the best they can be at this stage of their careers)

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 6-25-2013 at 13:01:25 from    

Inanebignate, ohh trust me I agree with everything you said. If I were a bookie I would definitely have Cro Cop as the favorite considering the win over Aleks and recent form. And Aleks slow plodding movement as of late doesn’t help in my confidence along with Mirko’s recent successes in K1. But for me it is a Russian thing me being Russian there is no chance in hell I would root for a Croatian guy over a Russian guy it would take some sort of miracle lol. I respect Cro Cop but of Course I will root for the Russian fighter. I believe the only Russian fighter I have ever rooted against was Vladimer Matushenko vs Tito but I was a Tito fan than, not so much Vladdy. That fight ended up being one of the worst main events in history so everybody lost anyways though.

Ivan Says, in 11-8-2013 at 00:07:45 from    

Mirko is a legend already. Wish him good luck.


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