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dragomanrd Says, in 11-8-2013 at 21:06:52 from    

really good interview, cro cop seems like a down to earth guy

mma made easy Says, in 11-8-2013 at 21:10:22 from    

It does seem weird, but, maybe its more like a major league baseball player attending his friend’s little league game? I haven’t heard of legend.

Still, Mirko’s right. You don’t promote other brands by showing up and taking photos. They can see the show, sure, but they shouldn’t be doing press…

wild mamba Says, in 11-8-2013 at 22:31:08 from    

why would anyone say that! why would you say I would “fire” someone?? what a hater…dude, relax the F*** out…those guys came to enjoy themselves the ufc does not own them … someone who works for Bank of america can attend a party or an event thrown by Chase bank…waaaay to stick beside your fellow fighters you dumb idiot

burkhalter Says, in 11-9-2013 at 00:28:49 from    

your example is a little off wild mamba… if some no name employee from bank of america goes to a chase bank event no one would care because no one would know who he is or care. but if the president of bank of america went and was hanging out at a chase bank party, then it would be a whole different situation. these werent camera men for the ufc, it was some of their top fighters

Gynrat169 Says, in 11-9-2013 at 01:55:16 from    

They actually do own them if they are under contract! Let those same guys go to a belletor event and take pictures and see what Dana Whites reaction!!! From a bussiness point of view Crocop is right! I think Mir and Overeem are preparing to find another place of employment and just advertise them right now for the future boss!

sdffasdf Says, in 11-9-2013 at 03:32:52 from    

Title is very misleading, sorta sad to see that just to get more views on this page. Been coming here forever several years.

he doesn’t say they should be FIRED. He is just explaining why he thinks Dana would be very mad, and how he finds it odd and maybe unprofessional that the fighters were taking pictures and a press conference in front of the brand board.

He had no problems with with them attending the live event. He states that.

All he mentions is its something that he probably would have never done, and thinks dana might get pissed about it.

Where does he ever hold a strong opinion saying that he himself thinks fighters should be fired for coming?

I am disappoint.

hassan Says, in 11-9-2013 at 03:54:05 from    
Twana Says, in 11-9-2013 at 06:10:59 from    

3 axis of evil dana white, herd dean, and joe rogan.

KBF Says, in 11-9-2013 at 09:31:21 from    

Cro Cop makes some good points but hes no businessman. Dana may be on his way to buy this organization. Or he may already have bought it.

KBF Says, in 11-9-2013 at 09:33:33 from    

Cro Cop was he biggest hype the UFC has ever seen.
Instead of Koing everyone, everyone koed him.

FailSonnen Says, in 11-9-2013 at 10:36:54 from    

I highly doubt there’s any love for Dana White regardless of who you are; its all business. Even his mom lol

Noel Says, in 11-9-2013 at 13:25:16 from    

From a pragmatic point of view, the UFC does need a minor league, so to speak. Dana has said the UFC roster is over-loaded. Without Strikeforce and WEC both of which had fighters on par with UFC talent, there is only Bellator and M1 for cut fighters to go to. Cut fighters need to have a place to go to where they can get the kind of work that gives them a chance to get back into the UFC. Just like it’s been suggested maybe the UFC and Invicta can work together to develop female talent, maybe Dana is looking for a similar organization or two on the men’s side. The model for the UFC going into the future may not be to swallow up competitors but to work with smaller organizations.

DaMilkman Says, in 11-10-2013 at 12:23:56 from    

2 me it just sounds like Cro Cop wasn’t the star of the show anymore so he was slightly pissed that these guys were there taking all of his shine. Whether he’s right or not i don’t know but Dana didn’t seem2have a problem with it & the fact Mirko decided 2 do a video while sitting in his little hotel room speaks volumes2me. I just love the fact he can crack a joke & actually does know how 2laugh..this vid is gold off that fact alone 2me…


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