Mirko Cro Cop Is Reportedly Retiring From Fighting

Reports coming out of Croatia today are claiming that Mirko Cro Cop has decided to call it quits from fighting MMA. After talking like a man excited and looking forward to a refreshed fighting career it is hard for me to believe Cro Cop would hang up the gloves.

Writer Dražen Brajdić of vecernji.net released this story today.

I used Google Translate to get English version.

Cro Cop: Stops, I am no longer hungry, would suffer.

The most famous Croatian policeman goes to well deserved retirement. After his best fights in the past four years Mirko Filipovic announced end his career. However, he left the door ajar millimeter case to change his mind as did many of the fighters. Said to us after the intervention of suffocation, in the far Vancouver, defeated American Pat Barry.

– In addition to winning the Pride Grand Prix Finals, it’s my favorite fight of his career. I had the support of our Foundation to be fighting in Croatia. With most preparations so far have proved that I (too) old for this.

I have a “ham” under the eye

He admitted that after the fall of another right-stitch five kilograms heavier Barry had double vision.

– Another good stitch me fired. I felt a pain in the eye, under which I have now, “ham”.

Yet in the cage, said that he hopes that his boss UFC Dana White to give a bonus for the best grip evening. What is wanted is exactly what happened, Mirko went extra $ 85,000, which is pocket money compared to those 12 million U.S. dollars earned in his career.

Mirko, as usual, did not want to talk about their earnings, so we rely on insider information that tells us that in this fight grossed million.

– Yes, I earned a lot, say five operations (three times in his knee after a nose and feet), about 250 stitches, and countless hematoma. So, the money I earned in blood, but still prefer the earnings were earned my friends, school life, which I passed and that no money can not buy.

Just when his fans shine by holding forums they “are as good as your last one was a good fight, Mirko has estimated that the time was right to withdraw. Where you a better scenario for retirement.

He looked like his old self, the Pride Grand Prix finals, and won in an attractive manner. Turned the match, introduced new strokes (side kick), intensified the pace of the fight …

– Do not believe the new contract with the UFC. I believe that I gave this game a lot, I fought with the greatest fighters. Preparing for this fight, I like the lion and his performance up to thank her Dutch coach John Hyppolitetu but suvježbaču Igor Mihajlovic. Hyppolite and Marijan Žižanović coaching legends from whom I learned a lot.

I loved the seminars

Mirko said that this year will no longer fight, and it is possible and never more.

– For 20 years I live and I have no military motives, mental strength for all the Spartan training. I am no longer so hungry for victory. I will not stop training, but if we are asleep I’ll stay in bed and practice an hour later. I would love to share their knowledge with you in this regard but I have some contacts around the seminars in the U.S., Australia, Europe and even Brazil – said Cro Cop.
End Translation.

This is a large site that is usually trustworthy. But I have yet to get a story confirmation from another source.

There is a good chance this is just post fight ramblings like last time Cro Cop talked as if he was quitting the fight game.


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