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black gerbil1 Says, in 1-14-2008 at 21:47:07 from    

I saw that kick before he even done it, i would of ducked, swpet him, then got him in a rear naked chocke.

great vid!!!

Jonathan Says, in 1-14-2008 at 22:00:23 from    

One damn lucky kick. that’s all!

I know MMA Says, in 1-14-2008 at 22:08:11 from    

That high kick is a page out of my book, as most of you know. Gonzo is one tough hairy lady. Mirko had his day, but now it’s Severn’s turn to shine.

RIP my Hightower shout-outs. Even as a joke 100% of the time, I saw an old fight of his at approx 227lbs and it is amazing how Dana ever gave this guy a chance. He doesn’t bang, he is a punk. It’s not even funny how bad this guy is.


Luis Says, in 1-14-2008 at 22:38:18 from    

probably the biggest upset in MMA history.

jack Says, in 1-14-2008 at 22:50:51 from    

I remember when i was watching this live on spike, I was like randy couture all i could say was OH MY GOD! I don’t think a single person expected that

Seppuku Says, in 1-14-2008 at 22:53:45 from    

I remember this match so vividly. It damn near made me cry seeing my favorite MMA fighter (besides Genki Sudo) get knocked out like that. I don’t know what it is, but Mirko needs to get his !@#$% together, because the UFC fighters have NOTHING on Pride fighters. Mirko is so much better than this. If he LIVED to a decision with Fedor, then he should be throwing these UFC chumps around. In due time, I guess….

MMA Soldier Says, in 1-15-2008 at 00:02:28 from    

Wahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I saw this that night and said the same thing. I had to shove my girlfriends tampon in my mouth to stop the vomit. Not to take anything away from Gabriel. Okay maybe I should take away from Gabriel , but I thought for sure cro cop could knock down this mere mortal. Cro cop is a giant killer took out Bob Sapp, and even the giant from on top the bean stalk. Gabriel still almost went the distance with couture so hes good, but not great! (if anyone mentions war machine I’m freaking out)

Matt Says, in 1-15-2008 at 00:17:13 from    

Mirko will have the title within his next 5 or 6 fights.

i_are_Baboon Says, in 1-15-2008 at 00:46:33 from    

knockout and a submission, awesome. :D

Nick Says, in 1-15-2008 at 01:58:50 from    

Good for Mirko.Meybe next time he fight he gonna show respect.Instead of him yellin at fighters.

ace Says, in 1-15-2008 at 02:06:54 from    

crocop couldn’t even beat kongo, and he is a striker as well. bob sapp is a joke. the heavy weight division is pretty boring without fedor. he is the only one to beat, anyone else is irrelevant!

dudewithface Says, in 1-15-2008 at 02:57:02 from    

imagine if cro cop won and fought randy i bet u randy would still stay just to fight these legends

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-15-2008 at 04:30:22 from    

Gonzaga is a good fighter… I din’t like this outcome, I was surprised but not shocked. I was surprised Cro-cop was beaten so easy…. too easy.

I was shocked when Couture beat Gonzaga… this kid has everything on couture..skills and all… the only thing he doesn’t have is the dirty techniques, like the dirty headbutt Couture used. But ones he learns to fight DIRTY he will make it far in the UFC.

I just want to know what was taking so long for him to fight again…I mean having to watch Eddie Sanchez is not entertaining, or Brandon Vera… Tim Sylva… all these lesser talented F*** nuts…

Now he will fight Wardum… why couldn’t he get an easier fight… like an American…

I mean he would totally destroy, Vera, Sanchez..and most of all Sylva…but I guess since he isn’t fighting under the start-spangled banner, he gets to fight a real challenger…

mrznovce Says, in 1-15-2008 at 07:57:52 from    

I like Mirko !!

John Says, in 1-15-2008 at 18:25:00 from    

totally unexpected. thats all. and so lucky. did you see that? mirko thought the kick was gonna be to the upper arm part so he put both his hands out to block it but he also flinched while doing it and thats what made gonzaga the successful win over him. If cro cop had at least just moved back or ducked and swept him or just left his arms up, he wouldnt have been totally k.o.’d by him. this is defineately the biggest upset of mma history. but i dont understand why everyone was thinking crop cop was gonna obviously win the first place. i hate when people do that….dont underestimage anyone guys, they can always get better.

Big Ben Says, in 1-15-2008 at 19:14:11 from    

Hey Dirty 7-30 I’m really glad that you are still expressing your opinion on the UFC when no one else cares or agrees with you maybe you should close your mouth and let smart people talk amongst ourselves…thanks ha ya but Cro Cop got his ass kicked, I was expecting him to start his UFC career with a win but apparently he didn’t want to too much…he got knocked out with his own move wtf haha oh well

Mike Says, in 1-15-2008 at 23:32:02 from    

I remember right before this fight my friends and I were kidding around and I said “And then Gonzaga knocks out Cro Cop with a head kick, hahahah!”. Then we all laughed.
I didn’t really think it would happen though.

WAR Says, in 1-15-2008 at 23:59:30 from    

how could you call that head kick lucky, Gonzaga was making a statement and that was that his a top heavy weight fighter, just to bad that dana white won’t let anyone bet randy’s old wrinkle 655

MMANIAC Says, in 1-16-2008 at 01:26:36 from    

i agree with Big Ben. alot of people here talk alot of crap about the UFC and its fighters even when theyre like 15 miles off topic. honestly, no one gives a crap about what you think about what organization. we are here to discuss the topic. right now, we are discussing Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop. as in the fight. and only the fight. not who they fought or where they fought or where they are fighting. seriously people.

ace Says, in 1-16-2008 at 07:24:01 from    

crocop has a very weak chin for a top fighter, he was knocked out by randleman, macdonald, and they weren’t even hard punches.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-16-2008 at 14:53:25 from    

weak chin?…

He walked in to a punch from Randleman… that means he took the full force.

Macdonald… was just a better striker and beat him…

Gonzaga kicked him on the head… clean kick…

so that all means he has a weak chin?….

If Crocop has a weak chin… then I’d say GSP has a weaker one, since the punch Serra landed didn’t look powerful.

UFC still swallows, much like BIG BEN and MMANIAC..they snow ball.

Rich Says, in 1-16-2008 at 18:46:16 from    

i’m happy i wasn’t the only one who got sick to my stomach.
for days…days… that replayed in my mind… i just kept thinking… gabriel gonzaga didn’t deserve it… i’m kinda at peace with the whole thing now… because… gonzaga’s already stepped in there and taken his assbeating [from couture] like a man… but… watch gonzaga’s fight with kevin jordan… the most boring fight you’ve ever seen… so boring that rich franklin commented on it after his title defense against nate quarry that night.
ever since that fight i’ve thought horribly of gonzaga… no matter how well he fights.. i will always hate him for that fight.

Rich Says, in 1-16-2008 at 18:49:50 from    

and cro cop’s loss to randleman came by hammerfists on the ground. he didn’t walk into a punch. well, technically he did. but. that’s not what knocked him out.
and the kick from gonzaga.
pure luck.

Luis Says, in 1-16-2008 at 20:27:47 from    

I Are Baboon… LOL funny.

yeah that’s a first. i think the twisted ankle looked even worse than the actual kick to the head. boy CC must cringe when he sees that video. it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

i was pretty upset when CC got nailed like that. a loss by any other way would have been acceptable but that kick was heartbreaking. he not only plopped down like a slab of meat on a butcher’s cutting slab, but he was unconscious for several minutes.

i was watching it live and i jumped off my couch and screamed like a bitch. LOL. i was in total shock.

ace Says, in 1-17-2008 at 05:13:45 from    

i agree gsp’s chin is one of his weakness, just like crocops. at least gsp can go to the ground if he is in trouble but crocop can’t, he is one dimensional. big nog has the toughest chin, look at all the hits he could take and still come back!

Trent Says, in 1-17-2008 at 12:27:59 from    

I have to say that Tim Sylva is one of my least favorite fighters in the UFC. Fight after fight his lack of “fighter’s spirit” astounds me. I have seen him knock fighters down and instead of taking advantage of the opportunity he lets them stand back up and recover. He has no unique style and is one of the most boring fighters to watch.

His last fight with Vera was pathetic. Sorry Tim, but people aren’t paying 500 dollars to go see you push a guy against a fence for 15 minutes. Did he win? Yes. But I doubt anybody would really call that a fight.

Watching Randy Couture punish him for 25 minutes was one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. Until Tim earns my respect and shows that he wants to be a fighter I will always be cheering against him.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-18-2008 at 03:00:30 from    

lol… you screamed like a bitch…lol

I couldn’t believe it… it was like a tonne of bricks replaced my brain… like you said, a loss would be acceptable… but not like that…

He will be back…this time he will us the elbow-on-knee block in stead of guessing…

I really want to see who they put him up against…. I bet you he is pissed… nothing pisses people more that embarrassment, and he definitely got that!

I say put him up against Sylva… that’s who he should have been up against any ways… Gonzaga was a bit too skill for a first UFC fight… plus it would have been more attractive to viewers, and it would have pleased all of us Sylva haters to see him get his ass kicked back to M.T.S

chris from iowa Says, in 1-18-2008 at 17:30:12 from    

ganzaga killed cro cop that was nasty

peter huynh Says, in 1-19-2008 at 15:53:46 from    

The majority posting here is much to in favour of crocop. When Ganzaga had him on the ground he was dominating, it was landing hits and crocop just took them. If the ref. didn’t stand them out it was likely that Ganzaga would have pushed Crocop up the fence, where crocop has no prior experience being a Pride fight, and kept landing hits. I believe the only reason why the ref. stood them up (unfairly towarsd crocops advantage) is because the crowd, and Dana, wanted to see Crocop land a headed to tko Ganzaga. The fight was pretty clear for Crocops advantage.

Ganzaga fought well and he deserved to him. Nobody here knows him personally and has no idea how hard he probably trained. I’m sure if anyone was put in a cage with a feirce competitor you’d all train your balls off too.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-19-2008 at 19:50:14 from    

Hey I for one never said Gonzaga didn’t deserve to win, I know he is very talented, I’m not sure how others feel. But what some people including myslef are saying is that the way Cro-cop lost was very unexpected…

you are right.. Dana probably did want Cro-cop to knock Gonzaga out, that would have set a Couture vs Cro-cop, and that’s why the ref stood them up, which was premature. You do have some points on the aspect. But no one is discrediting Gonzaga, he won the bout.

Matt Says, in 1-20-2008 at 03:40:53 from    


go watch the CC vs Kongo again. Kongo looked like a child until mirkos rib got broken and kneed him in the balls 3 times.
Also Mirko could barely breathe through his nose even before the fight. He had surgery though so all should be well.

KIKO Says, in 1-21-2008 at 09:07:04 from    

Hey does anyone know if Cro Cop injured his knee when he fell after the kick?It looked like he dislocated it.I ruptured the forward ligament of my right knee almost the same way.

jhackett44 Says, in 1-21-2008 at 19:10:05 from    

OH man it’s hilarious to hear people say that Pride is soooo much better. Why then, are they so unsuccessful in the transition to the UFC. Aside from Rampage, who is the f****** man by the way, everyone else has disappointed. Also saying that Gonzaga was a tough fight for Mirko’s first fight in the UFC, Ha ha. Mirko’s was a God in Pride, he could’ve supposedly gone up against the heavyweight champ. Mirko has had 2 very disappointing first fights for the UFC. If he loses his 3rd, stick a fork in him. He’s f*****.

zwnsnyde Says, in 1-21-2008 at 19:25:14 from    

sometimes when people get knocked out cold they lose all muscle tone, so joints can turn to rubber like that and the permanent damage isn’t as bad. sometimes

javier Says, in 4-18-2008 at 17:26:43 from    

cmon mirko dont have any ground game. hes just a k1 fighter. hes not and mma fighter. anda even stand he didnt do anything.

No question Says, in 2-9-2009 at 16:55:56 from    

The idiot who said Couture used a “dirty headbutt”….yea, I guess Couture scooping Gonzaga off the ground and slamming him right on his head, while Couture’s head happened to land on Gonzaga’s nose is dirty? Dude, you’re a jealous hater because Gonzaga got his ass kicked by a fighter who everyone thought Gonzaga would walk through….Couture whooped his ass, deal with it!!


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