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emrb Says, in 1-29-2012 at 04:28:24 from    

Hey, the lag went away after a while. Fights like this make me hate on Joe Rogan. He gets fixated on something (or someone) and can’t get off of it.

Eeeny Meeny Einemo. Einemo Einemo Einemo Einemo Einemo. Joe can’t shut up about Einemo, who is losing every round every round every round. Joe, get off the weed long enough to clear your brain so you can actually call the fight the fight the fight.

That said, kind of a boring fight and I wonder whether Einemo will give birth to a boy, or a girl nine months from tonight?

straightAhead Says, in 1-29-2012 at 06:35:49 from    

Einemo is such a disappointment

Manfred Says, in 1-29-2012 at 06:49:50 from    

Cut Jon Olav already. The guy has a gastank that lasts 30 sec.

Justsayin Says, in 1-29-2012 at 07:49:07 from    

Russow vs. Roy Nelson next! Battle of the Tubby 205′s!

Roderic Says, in 1-29-2012 at 08:05:58 from    

Very nice by Russo. I’d like to see him work on his boxing and lose the weight. But, he did pull off a good victory and you gotta give him props for that.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 1-29-2012 at 08:25:12 from    

Lol @ The crowd cheering for Russow.♠

BigPapa Says, in 1-29-2012 at 09:34:54 from    

J.O.E. should have come to the UFC when Zuffa bought Pride…. Why the heck did he take so much time off???

I like Mike Russow. I know he is a full-time cop, but he really should do P90X or something!!!!!!! Stop eating like a cop!

biz Says, in 1-29-2012 at 12:56:24 from    

I think you guys are a little too hard against Einemo. The guy has been matched rather tough since he entered the UFC, but he performed both times. He definitly needs improvement but the holes in his games aren’t of that sort that he wouldn’t be able to cover them up, stamina, timing etc, (he mostly got the technique but need to implement it better and improve stamina) if he chooses to do so. He needs to work on game planning aswell. I see that he got the tools, but needs to take the fighting more seriously. I’d like to see him one more time against a mid-lower eschelon fighter, to see if he manage and decide from that wether he should be cut, just since i’m convinced that he is allready better than several in the devision.

sledhead Says, in 1-29-2012 at 13:03:36 from    

no s*** the crowd was cheering for Russow, he works in Chicago, and lives 50 minutes away.

PitfighterZ Says, in 1-29-2012 at 16:41:46 from    

@BigPapa: It’s kind of a miracle that the guy is even fighting. He was injured and took him 5 years to recover. I think the UFC was a bit too early in bringing him in, but the guy used to be a beast of a fighter. I hope they throw him a bone in the next fight and see if he can still fight top competition or if his injury took way too much of him.

BLACKrue21 Says, in 1-29-2012 at 20:55:34 from    

mike russow vs roy nelson,,,i can’t see a knockout happening there,,, 2 of the strongest, fattest, fighters fighting for the last cheese burger. hand em both the homer simpson award. cuz they ain’t missin dinner that night..it would be the anti fight of the UFC, just 2 regular lookin guys who can’t win against eachother, a mirror match.if not for 3 rounds they could fight over that burger forever noone would get it


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