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AxeMurdug Says, in 4-29-2013 at 13:57:29 from    

cool video, Joe and Mike are still my favs when it comes to commentary,

AOPrinciple Says, in 4-29-2013 at 14:06:17 from    

Was Rogan… drunk? lol. He just seemed… off.

B-Real Says, in 4-29-2013 at 14:09:03 from    

Much respect to Mike for being a staple in the UFC. If they change one of these guys, it won’t be the same for me. He misses his mark sometimes, but who does make mistakes. I’m sure he’s gettin’ PAID!

Basher16 Says, in 4-29-2013 at 14:09:43 from    

Most people have no idea. They just think the commentators go in and talk about the fights as they happen. That guy catches a lot of grief for making a mistake from time to time, but you go and speak in front of millions of people and see if you don’t make an error or two. It cannot be easy commentating with someone as good as Joe Rogan as well.

Basher16 Says, in 4-29-2013 at 14:16:56 from    

Great post!

Kiko Says, in 4-29-2013 at 14:31:59 from    

any chance of uploading the McKenzie vs Garcia fight? they are prob gonna cut Leonard this time :(

Bruno: http://www.mmatko.com/cody-mckenzie-vs-leonard-garcia-fight-video-ufc-159-prelim/

tweety Says, in 4-29-2013 at 14:52:13 from    

Great post

jona Says, in 4-29-2013 at 15:06:16 from    

he does all the hard work Joe Rogan just smoke s*** and talk alot of BS during the fight.

dieselhead Says, in 4-29-2013 at 15:19:32 from    

I always thought he was just a talking head who didn’t know what was going on, but I have some respect for him after seeing this. I admit I thought the title was Bruno busting balls at first, but props to Mike he obviously cares about what he does. Also, really weird to see him in “civilian clothes” right?

boonching Says, in 4-29-2013 at 16:25:29 from    

wow, i had no idea so much work went into the commentating, makes me appreciate them ALOT more.

@ AOPrinciple – he does sound kinda weird lol! goldy looked weird to me, theyre prolly both wasted

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 4-29-2013 at 16:31:09 from    

That was a cool video. I do not think his job is easy by any means. However, communications and broadcasting is rather easy I can say this because, I graduated with a broadcasting degree. I can tell you the job is not the hardest but it is almost impossible unless you have connections and the voice for it to land a job like Goldberg’s. He makes mistakes but he is great at what he does imo. I enjoy his commentary.

Matt Says, in 4-29-2013 at 17:21:56 from    

These two are icons of the sport. They are lucky to have their chemistry, and so are we as fans. It’s funny to rip on Goldberg sometimes for a slip up here or there, but thank god he isn’t John Annick always discussing the “complexion” of the fight, or Florian saying everything is “beautiful”… although Florian comes through with incredible insights, VERY in depth analysis… so he gets an A grade as well in my book :)

dfgsdfg Says, in 4-29-2013 at 17:38:10 from    

Most people can barely get through a sentence without making a mistake let alone a 4-6 hour live broadcast in front of millions. These guys really don’t get the respect they deserve, ESPECIALLY GOLDBERG!

Gordon Says, in 4-29-2013 at 17:46:26 from    

That would be a sweet gig. The research, planning, and then execution. Not to mention sitting ringside all arounds the world at UFC fights! Most of us deal with boring mundane crap during our dialy grind but for us fight fans, this would be fun. They do a good job at it.

someone0001 Says, in 4-29-2013 at 18:05:36 from    

Yea, super hard stuff… except for all other wage per hour jobs out there. I f***** HOPE THERE’S A SMALL AMOUNT OF WORK FOR THAT AWESOME JOB. STFU AND BE HAPPY. I feel like this is to show that Goldberg works. EVERYONE ON THIS AND ALL OTHER FORUMS WOULD LOVE THE JOB. If I had to spend an hour a night doing voice overs and a couple press events a week and the awesome part of going to the PPV. I’d make a video about how happy I am and how I need to work more to give credit to my awesome job. f***** p****, try garbage man, or mop-boy at Show World. He probably works about 4 hours a day averaged out. boo hoo travel, boo hoo people make fun of me. p****!!

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 4-29-2013 at 18:10:15 from    

this guy blows, bring in Ranallo

FailSonnen Says, in 4-29-2013 at 18:19:39 from    

Sounds stressful. No wonder he got hooked on those prescription drugs lol

Joel Says, in 4-29-2013 at 18:23:25 from    

really cool. bit of an eyeopener for me

DiazBrosRfinished Says, in 4-29-2013 at 18:23:46 from    

after the prelims, mike announced “roy nelson vs jon jones” dumbass must not be workin very hard

Not anonymous Says, in 4-29-2013 at 19:03:40 from    

someone0001 :

Everyone has a difficult job to some degree, and everyone makes mistakes at their job. Like, the other day, after you changed my oil, you forgot to install the new paper floor mats. Chill out, you cretin.

vic77 Says, in 4-29-2013 at 19:07:40 from    

Wow…i didnt know he has to prepare for his job….what a “hard worker” #sarcasm This guy’s been commentating since 2002 – 11 years and still doesnt know names of submissions and fighters. Man take a jiu jitsu class and learn your trade dude.

atomos Says, in 4-29-2013 at 19:53:58 from    

mike goldberg is not an mma commentator.

more than 50% of the time (probably close to 80%) he is not commentating the fight that we are watching.
he is either talking about something in the past (like a fight that has already happened) or something in the future (like a fight that is coming up).
he also loves to state the obvious (the name of the referee after it was just announced) or the irrelevant (the name of the girls in bikini).

it is a shame because there is so much to commentate during a mma fight.

dude Says, in 4-29-2013 at 20:29:28 from    

Mike’s voice is completely different in real life than when he commentates. Very interesting.

sbmystiso Says, in 4-29-2013 at 21:36:48 from    

Why does Goldie look like he shops at PacSun?

Dress like a man, not like your teenage son.

Jo Says, in 4-29-2013 at 22:38:29 from    

Hate on him if you need to, but he knows all the moves and what not. It’s his job to set up Rogan as the expert commentator. He plays ignorant on purpose. Even if he’d been training with top guys for years he’d still pass the ball to Rogan or Florian for the explanations.

Joe Rogain Says, in 4-30-2013 at 00:48:24 from    

“And it’s all over!” will be remembered for a long time. Mike has my respect.

rockstarzee Says, in 4-30-2013 at 00:59:26 from    

the ufc wouldn’t be the same without goldie, but i still want to hear bas rutten do commentary with joe.

Facefrack Says, in 4-30-2013 at 05:44:40 from    

Glad to see all the love for Goldie up in this post. He n Joe Rogan have awesome chemistry as commentators. I honestly can’t fathom how all the haters have developed such distaste for him n his style. For someone who has learned most of what he knows about MMA from announcing, he’s done a brilliant job learning the moves n recognizing details of transitions, etc. Joe Rogan could have probably been an MMA fighter at one point, but as is, he’s probably the best MMA commentator out there, though Bas Rutten is still awesome too. To any of the s***-talking, couch-surfing keyboard jockeys: please upload a video of you commentating on the fights. Display how it should really be for the rest of us, so we can finally recognize these guys’ inferiority. Or else just STFU.

genkimachina Says, in 4-30-2013 at 12:43:48 from    

Just because he works hard doesn’t mean that he is above criticism. No one ever said Goldberg doesn’t work hard, they criticize his predictable delivery style and boneheaded statements. Rogan is worse with his constanct hyperbole that steals from moments of true greatness in the sport. Unfortunately MMA is missing a voice guy similar to a Jim Lampley. Listen to Lampley and then listen to these two and you know what we are missing out on.

And to Facefrack. Do I have to be a professional carpenter to question work done on my house or a politician to quetions political decisions. Trolling Goldberg and making ad hominem attacks is one thing, but we are all within our rights to voice our opinions on one’s ability to do a job.

paddedummy Says, in 4-30-2013 at 19:41:11 from    

WTf, is the JewFC paying people to say nice things about them to balalnce out the comments section now?

realityocheck Says, in 5-1-2013 at 01:50:52 from    

this guy aged fast. must be on something


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