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sterling Says, in 3-2-2009 at 02:41:29 from    


DynamiteK Says, in 3-2-2009 at 02:42:39 from    

What was up with Garcia’s footwork? He was jittery and off balance like his upper body and lower body were trying to shake different directions.

danada Says, in 3-2-2009 at 02:44:00 from    

Never seen garcia fight before. Not very impressive. He has heart though. When Brown lost to Genki Sudo in the UFC I basically wrote him off. I know Sudo has a lot of talent, but he showboats so much that losing to him is really embarrassing.

Matt IKKARION Says, in 3-2-2009 at 02:53:21 from    

Mike Brown is for real, and a class act at that.

hldn1977 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 02:55:36 from    

Damn! I thought this would be a good battle, didn’t expect it to be as one sided as it was. Good fight for Brown.

cod Says, in 3-2-2009 at 03:09:12 from    

wow mike brown might have to gain 10 ponds and get his ass to the ufc he has been destroying lately and looks huge for 145????

hond2dciv Says, in 3-2-2009 at 03:32:23 from    

WOW! What an exciting fight. The crowd was going APESHIT.

mymuythai Says, in 3-2-2009 at 03:36:24 from    

Leonard throws those hooks from his short pockets and slips his head forward while doing so. I was pretty sure he could get caught for making that mistake, but I wasn’t sure if anybody in the featherweight division had the power to do so. Mike Brown answered that question.
Next: Faber V Brown and then Garcia V Aldo (title shot fight)

chillbrah Says, in 3-2-2009 at 03:39:33 from    

terrible fight. garcia just ate a beating
faber will dominate brown next time

mike brown Says, in 3-2-2009 at 03:52:39 from    

yeaaah boooiiii who lika that huh?

punchmereallyhard Says, in 3-2-2009 at 04:03:34 from    

WOW! What a domination!

Flashgordon Says, in 3-2-2009 at 04:07:47 from    

Thanks Bruno, your a god damned legend down here in New Zealand. Your our window into MMA. What an over hand right! These temple shots are sure hard to handle!

Bruno: Thanks. I just want everyone to be able to get there MMA fix. I just wish I had the time to do more.

T.Q.F.C FIGHTER Says, in 3-2-2009 at 04:23:59 from    

That was great!!!
I did not care for L.garcia after he was busted for that coke non sence but he seems like a ok dude,that said im glad Mike rocked the s*** out of him.I thought it was over as soon as he hit him but L.Garcia did a good job staying in there…for a bit.

Thanks for posting the fights man.

BizzySoob Says, in 3-2-2009 at 04:36:44 from    

Holy crap!!! He’s friggin animal!!!

Corey Says, in 3-2-2009 at 05:04:49 from    

Oh yeah, that was a bangin fight. Wish they were all as explosive and aggressive as this. It’s a shame some lay and pray, or forget the importance of a treadmill. Learn to finish you lazy bastards.

Cir Says, in 3-2-2009 at 05:12:15 from    

Akron first.

Leonard Garcia looked huge but came out stiff, jittery and open. Mike Brown’s old timey boxing wins again. Posture looked great during the gnp, he is relentless.
I wanna see Faber get past Aldo before he gets a rematch. And if Aldo wins that, Brown vs Aldo would be more fun anyway.

JD Says, in 3-2-2009 at 05:13:16 from    


eyeless Says, in 3-2-2009 at 05:17:20 from    

Pizzao Mike Brown with total domination on the feet and on the ground. Dominant performance. Bring on Faber|Brown II

Niv Says, in 3-2-2009 at 05:26:43 from    

Man I’m pissed off this wasn’t broadcast in Canada tonight.

This was simply an amazing beatdown. Brown is definitely the real deal, I hope this puts the doubters to rest.

I think Brown mops the floor with Faber in their rematch, no doubt about it.

He looks way too strong for a featherweight and I think the result will be the same.

I’m looking forward to seeing Brown fight again, he’s very exciting fighter all action.

LazyEyedSloth Says, in 3-2-2009 at 05:45:23 from    

WOW! didn’t see that one coming, Garcia Looks huge for 145,

blackirish Says, in 3-2-2009 at 06:09:18 from    

Brown is a monster. Complete domination

gwizzy Says, in 3-2-2009 at 06:20:42 from    

DAMN!!! that was a heavy right!

riz Says, in 3-2-2009 at 06:22:22 from    

Mike is awesome! A real class act. He is gonna be hard to stop.

alfredunhill Says, in 3-2-2009 at 06:50:52 from    

Wow- Mike Brown made Garcia look like a rookie in front of his Garcia’s home-town crowd….thanks Bruno for the fast post.

Smacket Says, in 3-2-2009 at 07:28:42 from    

Brown deserves the credit. Mike has good focus and is a classy guy.He gives other credit and doesnt focus on himself. Garcia is a good fighter and has big heart, but he doesnt box well,sure he has big power and big swings, but you can swing wildly and leave yourself open for a better boxer. Brown was the stronger better boxer in this match. Garcia is tough as nails and will evolve even more. He’ll be back
Brown VS Faber II !!!!!!!!!!!

MMAMafia Says, in 3-2-2009 at 08:42:35 from    

Holy Domination!

jack Says, in 3-2-2009 at 08:51:39 from    

mike brown is for real

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 08:52:03 from    

Garcia looked a lot bigger than Brown, but he got rocked. Is that a Swastika on Mike Brown’s chest?

lightsout9999 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 09:36:06 from    

good shot

yoububg Says, in 3-2-2009 at 09:56:22 from    

Ouch! nice beat down, looks like butt crack chin is up next.

dabrewz11 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 12:33:46 from    

I think Brown will beat Faber again. He is a Sean Sherk with better striking.

mrbk211 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 12:40:44 from    

daaaaam…..i was going for garcia…mike brown aint no joke man..hahahaha cant wait for faber vs brown 2..hahahaha

crazeyhorse Says, in 3-2-2009 at 13:17:30 from    

Faber vs Brown 2 shouldn’t happen until Faber is done playing around on tv and trains some more. Otherwise he’s gonna go in there and make a mistake again and Brown will capitalize on it.

Tails420 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 15:54:20 from    

Great show of skill by Mr. Brown

fularry007 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 16:00:10 from    

yoububg ” butt crack chin” thats f—in hilarious.Brown has a great shot at wiping the mat with “butt crack chins” … chin!? again.

Bulldogger Says, in 3-2-2009 at 16:56:10 from    

Brown vs Faber II will end the same as the first fight. Faber, like anyone else, has a chance, but 8 out of 10 times Brown will come out on top. Garcia is tough as nails, Roger Huerta couldn’t take him out, their fight went to a decision, Brown totally dominated Garcia, and WILL dominate Faber.

Great White Says, in 3-2-2009 at 17:12:00 from    


grilled Says, in 3-2-2009 at 18:34:58 from    

Brown’s legit.

Garcia looks like the crazy tiny tribal warrior in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

haha Says, in 3-2-2009 at 19:36:54 from    

he tapped

PitFighterZ Says, in 3-2-2009 at 20:39:28 from    

Brown vs Faber 2: Faber eats floor in the first round.

In the pooper. Says, in 3-2-2009 at 22:51:58 from    

Good fight, now its Brown vs. Torres in a catchweight bout… Eh? Anyone?

hector Jones Says, in 3-2-2009 at 23:17:35 from    

i hope urijah faber apes mike next time they fight

mfshfighter0786 Says, in 3-2-2009 at 23:44:16 from    

chillbrah ur smoking crack! faber is gonna have to calm down for 2 seconds and have some kind of a game plan if he wants a chance against brown. He’s just too experienced and patient to let that show boat bullshit get to him! If you watch both this fight and the faber fight he just let the other guy make a mistake and capitalized.

yomaMMA Says, in 3-2-2009 at 23:56:41 from    

Hey Man! I got give it up for Bruno.I’ve got two sites bookmarked MMATKO and NFL.com. And in that order. You freakin’ rock brother!

mcc207 Says, in 3-3-2009 at 00:40:06 from    

yeah son holding it down for Maine

Vulcano Says, in 3-3-2009 at 12:20:20 from    

Thank goodness Mike Brown dominated. Leonard was really iritating in his interviews just talking about his power. He said Jens cuts 23 pounds in one day to make weight which is way off. Garcia was bigger than even Brown. He had to learn the hard way cus it takes more than free swinging to be a champ. GO BROWN!!

mrbk211 Says, in 3-3-2009 at 12:26:29 from    

fabers ready this time..he gotta be…so i doubt its gonna end like the first fight with them 2 hahaha..brown is very strong and a good boxer….its kinda hard to say if its gonna be like their first fight..?! but i know fabers ready this time….CANT GIVE UP ON THE BEST FEATHERWEIGHT IN THE WORLD..HAve a little faith man hahahaha…if brown beats faber again then he needs to gain weight and go to ufc..then we will see WHATS UP hahahahahaa!!! gsp vs brown haha!!!!

josh1106 Says, in 3-3-2009 at 12:38:22 from    

Ok. First of all bulldogger. Faber will own brown 8 out of 10 not the other way around. And everyone and there mommas now that brown got a lucky punch on faber. Obviously faber has bad ass strength to knock himself out like he did in the first fight it is also pretty sad that no one even likes that sherminator lookalike that’s why faber is still the f***** golden boy and gettin all the promos and stuff he is still making more and if faber didn’t KO himslef it would of been stopped due to that homos hurt ribs :( let’s cry about it some more. Hahahah down with brown. And he may be strong but his anorexic looking ass does not look that strong.

FlintStoned Says, in 3-3-2009 at 12:55:19 from    

mike brown aint holdin out on anyone, faber gunna get smacked up again he gets in the cage with mike brown

.- Says, in 3-3-2009 at 17:48:39 from    

55 shots in like a minute..niceeeeee

ballsdeap Says, in 3-3-2009 at 21:48:44 from    

awesome fight!! Great sportsmanship too..

If it was the ufc they would have stopped it at 1:36 min into the fight

jersey Says, in 3-3-2009 at 23:51:50 from    

holly crap look out faber!!!!!!!

gsp Says, in 3-3-2009 at 23:53:10 from    

i dont want any of that!!

mrbk211 Says, in 3-4-2009 at 13:42:29 from    

mike brown vs bj penn?? hahahaha..i wanna see tyson griffin vs mike brown hahaha

juniorloz Says, in 3-4-2009 at 21:46:48 from    

This video is awesome, i had streaming difficulties, forgive me, yes, Brown rules, i hope Urijah Faber i ready for this force, not to be reckoned with….
Bruno: Some of the video sources I have to use are not the fastest but that is all I have to work with.

crossknotroot Says, in 3-5-2009 at 19:23:08 from    

garcia looks huge for 145? mb carries him self at 170 plus and cuts to 145. now thats huge. he just over powers people. faber can hit just as hard, but the way garcia got man handled on the ground just proves you cant teach size. 4 inches shorter and a pound heavier, garcia didnt stand a chance. and yes garcia aldo will be for a title shot, but only if aldo wins. we need to see pulver fight a lesser guy then face garcia again.

mikedogg Says, in 3-6-2009 at 15:38:21 from    

Mike Brown put on a great fight but I think Urijah is comin with some fire in the rematch…..I consider Brown the champ when he beats Urijah again

cytrus500 Says, in 6-2-2009 at 13:25:52 from    

Garcia showed some decent recovery and composure, but Brown was just relentless, using excellent ground technique the whole time. Constant pressure.

P.S. Anyone who says this was a s*** fight clearly knows F*** all about mma.


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