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Egg Nog Says, in 9-9-2007 at 02:47:37 from    

Are you kidding me? Maybe I’d give Bisbing the third round, but which of the first two rounds would you steal from Hamil? This is coming from a Bisbing fan. I don’t understand this decision.

weednips Says, in 9-9-2007 at 03:16:29 from    

ill comment matt hamill kicked his ass and you cant say he didnt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was so not fairly judge!

TheHype Says, in 9-9-2007 at 04:32:11 from    

Matt hamill dominated this fight. He had Bisping backing up almost the whole fight. Not to mention his ability to take him down at will. Bisping may have thrown more punches but they were all right into the guard of hamill. Bisping never even hit hamill with a punch that rocked him. Not a single judge had the fight scored correctly, even the judge that scored it 30-27 hamill. It shuold have been 29-28 in favor of hamill. Period.

James Says, in 9-9-2007 at 06:59:37 from    

I’m no expert (thats for sure!) but I’d say the first round went to Hamill all the way…

Outraged Fan Says, in 9-9-2007 at 08:01:35 from    

Matt Hamill clearly won! I like both fighters and was torn over the fight. But Hamill came out strong and had Bisping on the run the first two rounds. Bisping tried to come back in the third round but it was too little too late and Hamill took it to the ground. Bisping was never the aggresser and Hamill kept the pace. When the judges scored it for Bisping everyone that was watching it with me was outraged. Bisping should be outraged to if he really loves this sport. People say that fights and sporting events are rigged…..they just might be right. How awful because I love MMA and the UFC. Not only is Matt Hamill the unfortunate loser in all of this but so are all the fans!

VJ Says, in 9-9-2007 at 08:30:27 from    

Matt Hamill took that, guy has too much respect for bisping… No need to tell Matt to go back to wrestling. Absolute cock.

jim Says, in 9-9-2007 at 09:12:30 from    

If you scored it the same as the judges, then you are an idiot too.

joan landis Says, in 9-9-2007 at 09:36:24 from    

matt hamill won all 3 rounds ,,, the judges cards were bias and wrong ,,, they just didn;t want bisping to lose in his home town ,, it really made me feel for the first time that the fight was decided before they even got into the ring last night ,, its a disgrace ,.

mike Says, in 9-9-2007 at 09:42:44 from    

matt won bullshit mma takes a churn to boxing

Rob Says, in 9-9-2007 at 09:56:28 from    

Hamill dominated.

ryan Says, in 9-9-2007 at 10:18:31 from    

I watched the fight last night and just watched the first half again right now. I have hamill winning the whole first half. I don’t remember seeing anyone really dominate after this. I remeber Bisping loking fresher the rrst of the fight, but this doesn’t conclude a win. I thin at best it was a draw. And I still have to give it Hamill outsdie of a draw. I would like to know how the judges are scoring these fights. I also didn’t like the scoring on the Henderson-Jackson fight. It seemed like just cause one guy looked tired and less fresh that was means for losing. I didn’t see Jackson or Bisping take it to there opponents, they weren’t hardly connecting. My opinion.

Taylor Says, in 9-9-2007 at 10:54:07 from    

I thought Matt, destroyed Bisping and Bisping just won because he was doing the o’ “This is for you Britain!” blalahaha, UFC judges stole this fight from Matt.

Jeff Says, in 9-9-2007 at 11:22:58 from    

Truley sad decision. To top it off, jerkbag had to go and taunt hamil, a deaf dude, who can’t hear him anyways, bisping just lost any credibility he ever did have. I don’t care if your a from usa, england, or a f*cking outer space, you have to give it to Hamill.

Jeff Says, in 9-9-2007 at 11:27:42 from    

ok…..i’d like your opinion here


Dr. Gonzo Says, in 9-9-2007 at 11:29:53 from    

Hamil won this fight, clearly. It’s a sad day for MMA fans to see this kind of bullshit, and I assure you as a long time fan of the sport I will not be giving Dana White my forty bucks in two weeks. F*ck that and f*ck those guys, talk about bullshit. And f*ck england.

TK Says, in 9-9-2007 at 11:35:34 from    

That decision was BS! Matt Hamill dominated the first two rounds. What a biased, BullSh*t decision……

Jerry Courntey (Charlotte N.C.) Says, in 9-9-2007 at 11:54:08 from    

This fight should have gone to Matt without a doubt. He was the winner of the first two rounds and may have given the third to Bisping for that ONE PUNCH he landed solidly. I hate to see this kind of behavior from the UFC. We, a large group of fans, were hoping that the UFC would not turn into a WWA type of sport where the outcome is predetermined. I doubt fans will continue to pay for these fights in the future when there is an unfair outcome. I can tell you a few people at our party said they were finished with watching UFC now. It is sad to see this. Shame on Dana White to allow this to happen!

ufcfan07 Says, in 9-9-2007 at 12:04:58 from    

this was a joke. the judges gave this fight to bisping. it shouldnt have even been a split decision it should have been a unanimous decision towards hamill. what round did bisping win honestly?. but i lost all respect for bisping the way he acted like the decision was fair and he dominated the whole fight

Patrick Says, in 9-9-2007 at 12:13:16 from    

I’d give the first round to Hamill albeit uneffective he clearly dominated the round. The second round I’d give to Bisping. His striking looked more effective and the one take down Hamill scored that round just looked like both fighters falling down in exhaustion. The third round looked rediculous to me and I don’t remember seeing Bisping do anything in that round (one solid knee?). It looked clear to me that Hamill won that round. Neither fighter looked very effective. Bisping’s stand up looked pretty good throughout the fight, but it didn’t look like it paid off. Hamill looks like he improved 100%, but he still doesn’t finish his opponent off after he takes him down (Bispings ground defense looked descent) and clearly needs to work on his stamina (he looked terribly gased in the second round).

Those haymakers that Hamill was throwing the whole match at least proved to me that Bisping could take a punch (I’m actually surprised neither fighter was knocked out in that match). Before this fight I thought Bisping looked very promising and he was quickly becoming a fighter I wanted to watch, however, the first big fight he gets I could see him losing. I can see the Hamill hype now, this is the first time in any of the fights that I’ve seen him in that he looked like a raw talent(I honestly think that is the coaching though and without it he would never make it).

Well I’d give the fight to Hamill, I could see how he lost it. Bisping’s stand up looked a lot more effective. I want to chalk up Hamill’s loss to how ineffective everything he did was (though he did look like dominant fighter to me). I think they should schedule Ortiz v. Bisping. Round 1 >> Ortiz knocks out Bisping.

kris Says, in 9-9-2007 at 12:18:20 from    

I have watched the video several times now and I am still cofused. Even if you are generous to Bisbing, Hamill still dominated the first 2 rounds in points. In my opinion, Hamill was never meant to win and it was setup. Some may say “whatever” to my claim but the video speaks for it’s self. I mean honestly how would the Ufc/dana white benefit from a hamill win? I will admit that i was cheering for bisbing during the tv show, but i have never seen such disrespect (outside of shamrock/ortiz). “Go back to wrestling” bisbing says after the fight? The only advice i have for Bisping is 185 pounds or fight hamill again – This fight will taint his career otherwise in my opinion. Overall – shame on you Dana!

TR Says, in 9-9-2007 at 12:44:48 from    

I am a huge UFC fan I have purchased every PPV for the past 3 years and I can honestly say I have never seem a decision that was as biased as this one ever. Hamill won the first round hands down, second one could have gone either way IMO and the third one again IMO goes to Hamill again mainly because he took Bisping down every time he wanted to.
Bisping is a complete jerk. how can you sit there after you got you got your ass whooped for 15 minutes, get GIVEN a win by some bull crap judges that two of them should be fired… and say that Hamill should go back to wrestling??? I have lost the little respect I had for this mediocre MMA fighter, this showed no class whatsoever. He is lucky Matt couldn’t hear him say that or he might have gotten his ass owned for 15 more minutes.
This fight’s decision was a disgrace to all people involved with the UFC, all the fans, and even London… where Bisping fans were booing him after the fight and cheering for the actual winner.

Amber Says, in 9-9-2007 at 12:45:46 from    

Of course Matt was celebrating before the decision because he obviously won!!!!!!!!! He looked amazing out there and even at the end, he was a good sport about it. I used to watch UFC because of the fair decisions, unlike other sports. Dana White better do something about this! Hamill won all 3 rounds, no hands down. He came out and Bisping didn’t know what hit him. Let’s see who wins in a rematch in the United States.

UFC Erik Says, in 9-9-2007 at 13:09:28 from    

Initially, I was absolutely furious at the decision because I felt Hamill killed Bisping and felt he could taken him down and pounded him into submission at will. However if you count only points from hits, it does seem to be a close decision in favor of Bisping. The thing is Hamill hits mush harder and is hardly fazed by the brit’s sissy little punches and thus dominates the octogon. Unfortunately the judges only look at the number of punches landed, not their power or the damage they do. I say Hamill will get a rematch and destroy Bisping as long as he remembers not to let Bisping hit him just because the punches don’t hurt him, as they nonetheless affect the decision.

Joey Says, in 9-9-2007 at 13:11:19 from    

The Hammer was fu*ckin robbed. He was all over this p**** tough wannabe Bisping! bisping kept backing out of the circle in the mat the whole time. Matt was too aggressive. Take a look at the video.

LEWBOY Says, in 9-9-2007 at 13:17:54 from    

I thought it was a draw. With that being said Hamill didn’t do anything with the takedowns and other than the big punch in round one he didn’t do alot other than jab and allow Bisping to dance around him and score points. Hamill needs to sort out his cardio, as he faded towards the end. You can never leave a fight in the judges hands. Bisping is too small for 205 and looked nervous.

RESPONSE TO JEFF: There is a second delay on the sound to video, listen to the takedowns.

Jack Says, in 9-9-2007 at 13:37:13 from    

Matt hammil dominated all three rounds, there was never a time where i thought “Oh hey, bisbing’s coming back.” No, Matt Hammil pounded his face into the ground the entire fight. If you go to Bisbing’s wikipedia you can see quotes like “the UFC’s biggest commodity” and “responsible for bringing in 14,000 fans.” My guess is the judges were paid off by the UFC to prevent their cash cow from losing. And yea, if you watch the video Bisbing does start celebrating before the winner is declared, i call shenanagins.

Sean Says, in 9-9-2007 at 13:40:02 from    

I almost skipped the judges decision to get a coke because there wasn’t any point in watching it. Hammill threw him around like a rag doll and got the better of most of the standup. Judging by the boatload of posts about this, I’m not the only one who thinks that was a terrible judges call. There is clearly some other agenda.

Mic Castellano Says, in 9-9-2007 at 13:50:13 from    

Matt Hamill won the fight. All 3 rounds. Bisping is a disgrace. How can he tell Matt to go back to wrestling when the guy just kicked his ass. Dana White should overturn the decision. If this stuff continues Dana should be investigated. Looks to me and many others that this stuff is fixed. I wonder how much money Cro Cop got to throw that fight? Kongo outstrikes the striker. The guy wasn’t even going to fight because he had such a bad back. UFC is turning into the WWE.

thejman Says, in 9-9-2007 at 13:55:22 from    

Well as a big UFC fan all i gotta say is screw Micheal Bisping and f*ck england FOR accepting that sh*t for a win when u know that English prick lost. Thats f*cking bullshit, before the match i was a big bisping fan, i did not really think Hamil had alot to offer besides good takedowns or submission. But when i got into that fight, boy was i wrong. His punches were solid and dead on, 2 seconds in the round i was rooting for Matt. Because in the MMA i like to see the best fighter win, and in this case that did not happen
WTF Dana White…

UFC Erik Says, in 9-9-2007 at 14:17:58 from    

Hamill certainly is the better fighter at 205. If they fight again I’m sure he’ll win easily. Did Cro-Cop through the fight or is he just uncomfortable in an octagon? I don’t know.

Genesis Says, in 9-9-2007 at 14:27:05 from    


ULTIMATEFAN Says, in 9-9-2007 at 14:35:19 from    

Too be honest what did everyone expect? Bisping is FROM ENGLAND and the fights in England! Which other UFC fighter is there from England worth even mentioning? Noone! This is why this fight was FIXED 100%. The judges were probably told be the UFC to pick Michael Bisping because he is the only way to promote the sport to English fans; he’s the home crowd hero. Im not into conspiracy theories but this is 100% true, no doubt in my mind. I was never a fan of boxing because it was always fixed. The judges seemed to be retarded or something, but now this is becoming more apparent in MMA. The people running the UFC need to take care of this s*** asap, because there risking losing credibility with the fans.

Richay NV Says, in 9-9-2007 at 14:46:41 from    

Matt Hamill certainly looked a lot stronger during their exhanges and Matt took him to the canvas several times but he just couldn’t finish the job off, Bisping was able to get up every time! The judges have to score on the number of punches landed and Bisping landed more, so technically they had to award the win to Bisping, because Matt couldn’t finish it any other way – Controversial, but technically the right decision.

Mark Says, in 9-9-2007 at 15:07:16 from    

this goes way back before the bisping hamill fight.

Look back at the ortiz/shamrock feud. You will see/hear Shamrock, immediately after the win announcement of their last fight, go up to Tito, Tito was still pissed at Shamrock, but Shamrock said and this is not a quote, but damn close “hey you know we made alot of money, its just business.” WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

Its almost like Shamrock made up the fued for a buck. But I honestly think Tito was not a part of that because he has more class than ken shamrock and dana white, they knew it and didnt have him in on it, so maybe it looked more real. Ken Shamrock is a better actor.

Its just business to play this act of hating each other and acting as if there is a rivalry? No its leading us the fans on for your pocketbook. I lost all respect for the UFC and Shamrock at that point.

Shamrock brought all of his WWE marketing tricks back to the UFC when he came back after having been with the WWE for a few years. Its as clear as day.

WWE is obviously fake and predetermined. UFC is not suppose to be, and maybe its not. But I think since Shamrock brought, or Dana adopted, this WWE marketing crap to the UFC, its going down hill. The fans are catching on finally.

YES SHAME ON YOU DANA WHITE, PRESIDENT OF THE UFC. You have ruined my appreciation for the UFC. It looks too much like WWE with the rivalry made up conflicts. Most of the fighters want to respect each other and do. But it seems to me that UFC wants them to hate each other and talk smack so it makes more money and hype. Im sure also there is alot of influence from the announcers who dramatize everything to the fans. The announcers always make it sound like the fighters hate each other when they really dont (sure sometimes they really do), its a made up conflict that the fighters almost have to go along with. Maybe the producers of the preshows are doing that too. Either way, I think the UFC is going down a drain because of their bad marketing and made up conflicts.

Just let the fighters fight and hate each other for real if they do. Dont make anything up, it weakens the UFC integrity.

As for this fight, Hamill has more integrity than Bisping. I see the same thing happening here with regards to marketing.

Hamill should have been announced the winner. You will notice how surprised Bisping was when he was announced the winner. Bisping even thought he lost the fight, so when they announce his name why would he react that way? He thought otherwise. I did like them both at first, but seeing how Bisping reacted before and after, I lost respect for him and the UFC. I still have alot of respect for Matt Hamill and I look forward to watching him fight in the future.

Bias Says, in 9-9-2007 at 15:53:58 from    

you all seem to think this was biased or fixed??! (if you think its fixed you shud disappear from this sport and never watch again because your a moron) and those who say it is bias, erm….. how many of you are american?

Gia Says, in 9-9-2007 at 15:55:29 from    

I’m a huge Bisping fan but this was sooo close and I really think Hamill got this one. He trully dominated the entire fight. Though, I don’t know the exact scoring methods. Bisping did land a lot of combo’s, and and I saw that he did turn at least one of Hamill’s take down attempts into a take down, which counts as points. This was one of the closest fights I’ve seen. Hamill has really worked on his game!!

David Says, in 9-9-2007 at 16:33:23 from    

Hamill should have won by unanimous decision. In response to the people saying: “well bisbing landed more strikes” that would be enough to win in boxing but UFC is supposed to be judged based on effective striking, grappling, aggression, and octagon control. While they do count strikes landed it is not the only factor. Boxing judges have no place scoring MMA bouts.

C Says, in 9-9-2007 at 16:59:48 from    

look … heres the deal.
Yes, Hamill appeared to be in control
Yes, Bisping was back pedalling and counter punching
HOWEVER, Chuck Lidell became the GREATEST 205 pounder in the world doing this … are you gonnna tell me Chuck is/was not GREAT?
i watched the fight, and thought Hamill got robbed.
then i watched it again, and you know what … Hamill really didn’t do anything … he appeared 15 pounds haeavier than Bisping. When he took Bisping down, he didn’t do ANYTHING. In the second round, when he took Bisping down, Bisping was the aggresor on the ground and got back to his feet.
In the 3rd round Hamill couldn’t take him down.
“Effective 1-striking, 2-grappling, 3-aggression, 4-octagon control.”
POINT BLANK .. 1-Bisping was the EFFECTIVE striker, 2-Hamill grappling was NOT effective, 3-and though neither were really “aggressive” .. i personally would give that edge to Bisping for “pushing” the fight, 4-octagon control went to neither man.
I wathced the first time though as a fan, the second time through to judge, and i can not argue with the decision. the only arguement i would have with is the judge who scored all 3 rounds for Hamill … the did NOT happen.

Viking Says, in 9-9-2007 at 17:09:03 from    

I just watched the fight. I’d heard about all the contro. but didn’t give it much credance, figuring that some fans were just mad about their fav fighter losing. After watching the fight, though, I have to say that it was UTTER CRAP!!! Hamill dominated every round except for 3 (which he STILL won!), and CLEARLY WON that fight! And to think that I was once a Bisping fan… where is the honour?! He should have owned up that he lost and raised Matt’s hand himself.

Big_Al Says, in 9-9-2007 at 17:18:59 from    

i favoured bisping going into that fight but know way should the decision have gone his way. hamill was pushing the fight and bullying bisping for the 1st 2 rounds. bisping didn’t even do anything in the 3rd to put the decision his way.

Janell Nunn Says, in 9-9-2007 at 17:51:03 from    

Hamill all the way. Both of us here saw it that way. We were dumb-founded by the decision. We choose to ignore the judges decision, and go with what we saw. Hamill won.

DaninTulsa Says, in 9-9-2007 at 18:47:16 from    

I’ve looked at the Hamill / Bisping fight again and am highly disappointed at the results. Listening to the Joe Rogan and whoever was calling the fight with Joe led me to believe that Hamill was ahead throughout the fight. Hamill was the agressor throughout nearly 95% of the fight. When the final judgement was announced I would have thought that the announcers would have expressed disbelief, not a word. I commend Matt for his response (which was barely audible). If Hamill gets a re-match with Bisping, I hope he tears his head off and *hits down his throat. I wish Dana White would have told me who the winner would be before the fight. Obviously he knew.

Thomas Vu Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:03:39 from    

Matt Hamill was robbed plain and simple.

bow_tie Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:07:01 from    

Matt had the 1st hands down. The 2nd was a toss up. The 3rd was Mike with points. I would not want the job of a ufc judge I watched the fight 6 times now 2 times in slow motion to count the hits, kicks, knees, and takedowns. of each fighter. With points it was Bispings fight but I was with every one on the fight. That Hamill had the most skill before I saw the fight in slow motion it was Hamills fight. Bisping did not know he won before the final decision because he went to the side and told his wife he didn’t know!!! With pnts 1st Hamill, 2nd Bisping, 3rd Bisping. and Hamill still was the better fighter. People sould look at the fight and do the math before they talk. I THINK ALL FIGHTS SHOULD GO TILL IT IS A KNOCK OUT SKIP THE JUDGE!!!

UFC SUCKS! Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:11:15 from    

This is F*CKING Bullshit! Hamill won that fight and was ROBBED!

Dana White is a f+cking joke for letting this happen

Stuart Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:12:43 from    

Hamill was robbed. I got Hamill winning the first two rounds and the third was a draw. I can’t believe this, because I have been watching UFC for a long time and I think this was a joke. One ref had Bisping winning the first round, WHAT!

Billy Parker Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:21:11 from    

Hmmm Big Big fan of bisping but watching that i would of said hamill shoud of took it. Maybe Hamill got deducted points from the wild punching that didnt connect? The video isnt clear enough. Ile comment properly when i see the fight on tv.

JCald Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:22:55 from    

hamill dominated the entire fight but it really didnt matter because there was no way bisping was going to lose the descision

Frank Dorksy Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:27:55 from    

Assuming this is worthy of debate (which it isn’t), according to UFC rules, rounds are judged on a 10-point must system based on: (1) effective striking or grappling; (2) aggression; and, (3) octagon control. Hamill clearly was the agressor in all three fights (as Bisping ran the entire fight), and probably showed greater octagon control because of it. Hamill was never taken down and took down Bisping many times. The only way you give Bisping any points here was that he did stand up pretty quickly after being taken down almost every time as Hamill, for whatever reason, coulnd’t hold him down. As such, Hamill gets the nod on effective grappling for all three rounds. That leaves effective striking as the only way you give Bisping the points to beat Hamill. The UFC doesn’t count how many times the white part of a glove hits and gives points for each hit whether or not it does damage. Instead, the UFC judging is based on “effective striking.” All one has to do is look at Bisping’s face to know who was the more effective striker. However, I could accept the theory that Bisping was the more effective striker in the third and final round only. That means at best, an argument could be made to give Bisping the third round but certainly would be open to argument otherwise because of agression, octagon control, and grappling favoring Hamill.

But as I stated above, the question isn’t whether Hamill or Bisping won. Hamill clearly won. The question is whether or not the decision was fixed. I’ll leave it to the fans to decide for themselves, but I certainly think Dana White needs to address this publicly. If he doesn’t, I’m not sure I’ll shell out PPV money as easily in the future.

If I wanted to see this kind of decision, I’d watch boxing. That decision smells bad.

Phil Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:38:04 from    

“Jeff 9September2007

ok…..i’d like your opinion here


^I thought so too at first but noticed after the audio isn’t in sync here with the video, pay close attention to the interview you’ll see it there too.

Hamill got robbed plain and simple so that the hometown hero could win. And Bias you’re clearly from England, your name’s a rather accurate description of yourself.

Bottom line is never leave it to the judges, because you might not get the win even if you earned it. Hamill needs to work on subs.

Shane Says, in 9-9-2007 at 19:39:06 from    

What a joke. Bisping is a piece of garbage who has no respect for anyone. Dana White can fing blow me. Cro Cop had no time to prepare for cage fighting. They say theres no tune up fights for pride guys. What about Sho Gun fighting Forrest Griffin? hahahah are you f ing kidding me. Thats not a tune up?

mike Says, in 9-9-2007 at 20:10:45 from    

Hamill won, that’s a fact. Shame on UFC!!!

ryan Says, in 9-9-2007 at 20:13:23 from    

“Striking, Grappling, Aggression, and Octagon Control”. How the hell did Bisping win any of those in the first two rounds? In the third round Striking was about even, but the other 3 definetely went to Matt. Matt stalked Bisping around the octagon, was usually the one to engage first, and held him down from the 3:00 mark to 2:04 and then again from 1:47 to 0:30. That’s just about 1/2 the round. Bisping did well on bottom, but not as well as Hamill did on top. Unless every other second of the round was dominated by Bisping, Hamill should have won the round. All this is academic anyway since the first two rounds were dominated by Hamill. Maybe this wasn’t home field advantage, but I don’t know how anyone can think this was the right decision. I know Dana White reads the blogs, so I hope he listens to his base and sets up a rematch soon. Until then I’m not paying for another UFC or watching their show.

MDIZZLE Says, in 9-9-2007 at 20:13:46 from    

I have been a loyal UFC fan since 2002 and I have never seen such an unjust and dissapointing decision. I enjoy watching both fighters and I just wanted to see a great matchup between the two but I have lost all respect for Michael Bisping for the way he handled the decision. Hamill imposed his will on Bisping all three rounds and clearly won the decision.
Dana needs to do something about the outcome of this one.

GracieFan Says, in 9-9-2007 at 20:30:00 from    

What a load of dog crap. I like Bisping, and I like Hamill, but for God’s sake, man.

The third round was kinda tough to call, but I would probably give it to Bisping. The first round was easily Hamill, and the second round was Hamill, with no real question.

Was this fight rigged?I doubt it. But did the judges show a bias, possibly because of the venue? Most definitely.

I will say, props to you Brits who are Bisping fans but credit Hamill for the win. True sportsmanship.

Oh, and let’s not get some stupid yanks/British argument. Both countries have some awesome people, and both have some big douchebag/wankers. Just like any other country.

john Says, in 9-9-2007 at 20:42:51 from    

matt hamill was robbed bisbing was being thrown around like a rag doll his punches didnt faze matt i scored it three rounds to matt shame on dana white, shame on the ufc f*ck bisbingand f*ck england too

matt Says, in 9-9-2007 at 20:53:43 from    

i lost respect for the ufc after this decision.
i also noticed how bisping celebrated before he was even declared the winner. this simply has to be a fixed fight, no way bisping won. disgusting.

Andy Says, in 9-9-2007 at 21:23:38 from    

Thats like calling a r*** victim the winner, No offense to the admin, and I have to say that before the fight I totally diddnt really care who won, but anyone with two eyeballs saw who won that fight, hands down. You have to be a maniac to think Bisping won that fight, thats completely absurd, while I got to thank you for putting up this video and encouraging discussion, its a little too obvious who won. Horrible idea by the UFC to try to keep their British fanbase by tipping off the judges. I just hope that more UFC fans voice their disgust and dont tolerate any more of that junk. Makes me think, should I bother buying UFC 76 of PPV or just watch a free video of it the next day on the internet? Shame, shame shame.

joe Says, in 9-9-2007 at 21:31:22 from    

someone must’ve bought out the judges. This stinks just like the figure skating judge that was bought out back in the olympics a few years back, i would be surprised if its the same dude. One judge marked it right, all three rounds to Hamill, seems like he was the only one with 20/20 vision. Bisping did little to no damage to Hamill, the counter punches didn’t phase him at all. Anyone can land p**** punches, doesn’t mean that they should count. Its not about how many punches land in my opinion, its about how they take it. Hamill took them well and bisping didn’t.

ms Says, in 9-9-2007 at 21:47:03 from    

watch the video again you will notice that mike bisbing put his hands up and started to run before they even said who won . like he knew that he did this seems like it was fixed.matt hamill ngot robed

fedornuthugger Says, in 9-9-2007 at 21:49:04 from    

MATT HAMMIL clearly won……….Mr Dana u should be ashamed of ureself for bring teh ufc down to boxing’s level….i hope u dont bring it down to that level…..i was totaly disgusted by what happened…..if Rashad and Tito can get a rematch so can MATT HAMILL……Zuffa u guys are becoming like the old Pride FC and will be riggin matches……PRIDE FC WILL NEVER DIE!!!!

johnny drama Says, in 9-9-2007 at 21:52:22 from    

how can you give bisping any round when hamill had complete cage control agreesed the fight had bisping in big trouble twice and had all the take downs how is it possible

ooh and i love how bisping s*** talks a man that cant hear him

Paul Says, in 9-9-2007 at 22:02:00 from    

What a disappointment, on many levels!

First- The UFC as an organization-some of the posting above on building the English fan base really hit it right on the head. I’m not sure if the UFC rigs fights (sure seams that way now) if not then maybe the judges should have a better understanding of the sport. I could go on but the main point is that the UFC has failed here.

Second-Bisping’s sportsmanship-I’m sure Bisping cannot feel good about that win. Usually after a win you build some confidence…well if Bisping builds any from that win He’s gonna have a huge rude awakening. One of the greatest aspects of the UFC is that there was some honor, respect and integrity in their athletes and it is a huge turnoff when you see athletes with an attitude like Michael Bisping.

Well I still love the UFC, but like I wrote at the start, big disappointment.

tom PASQUALE Says, in 9-9-2007 at 23:05:30 from    


tom PASQUALE Says, in 9-9-2007 at 23:09:15 from    


ryan Says, in 9-9-2007 at 23:15:42 from    

Ok, so this is my second post, but I just rewatched the fight (concentrating on the 2nd round) a few times just to keep an open mind about what the few of you who beleive the decision was right said. I’ll give you round three, not that I agree with you but because I can see how someone would. I don’t think anyone would dispute Hamill winning the first round. So really this is all about round 2. I’ve watched it several times. I really was looking for a way to justify Bisping winning. I just didn’t see it. Bisping’s punches were almost all blocked. Nothing he did was as good as Hamill’s overhand elbow or the dirty boxing he set up from the takedown. There is just no way that there was anything that Bisping did that was more effective than what Hamill did. On top of that Hamill pushed the pace all round, so Aggression and Octagon Control have to go to Hamill. There is just no way that a person could objectively watch this fight and conclude Bisping won.

BooM Says, in 9-9-2007 at 23:49:17 from    

It was so incredibly obvious that Matt won. I couldn’t help but stare in disgust as the judges handed the fight to Bisping. What a joke! I agree with all of the previous statements here that Dana White should do something about this. At least have a rematch with these two. This was the biggest blunder I’ve ever seen on the UFC and I think Mr. White will realize it. When the match began I didn’t care who was going to win or lose… I just wanted to see a good clean fight. Well it was a good fight alright… but the outcome was just plain sickening. Michael Bisping is a pathetic wanker for acting like he actually deserved that decision. If he were a real man he would’ve said right then and there that Matt Hamill won the match. I’ve lost all respect for him. His record is 14-1 in my mind. Hamill is the one who is undefeated.

BullDog Says, in 9-9-2007 at 23:55:59 from    

Hamill took bisping to the ground 5-6 times during the fight. Hamill was never on his back or taken down by Bisping. Bisping never hurt Matt or tried a submission. He clearly had a chance for a kamora, but didn’t know it was there for the taking.

Bisping was scared and loss the fight.

My kids watched it with me this afternoon and they even said,”the guy in the blue shorts (Hamill) won that fight Dad”.

Get Real UFC!

I have bought PPV for the last 2 years and have had parties and BBQ’s. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this one.

Dana, step up and do something for your fighters. This clearly is BS.

Frank Wesley Says, in 9-10-2007 at 00:18:28 from    

I have been a huge fan of the UFC since the early days. I’m talking way back when there was no wieght class to speak of and you may have had to fight multiple times in a short time to take the crown. I’m in the U.S military and once lived in London for over 10 years. UFC 75 seemed like a good chance to see a live event and catch up with some old friends (or “mates” as they say in the UK).

I have to say I was startled and upset at the Bisping result. As an American, I felt compelled to root for Matt, but I like Bisping and was certain Bisping would knock him out. Yet as the fight played out in front of me, I found it impossible to give any round to Bisping. Yes, the second round might have been close, but Matt still did all the stalking and took Bisping down whenever he wanted. Even so, in a close round where one guys spends all his time being the agressor and taking the other down, how does he lose the round? This is the UFC, not boxing. You are not supposed to win on the amount of punched thrown alone. Especially when those punches keep hitting your opponents gaurd while you’re being forced back.

Needless to say, when the fight ended I was stunned that Bisping had won. One thing about the Brits, they may be passionate sportsman when it comes to thier atheletes, but they will certainly cry foul when something smells funny. I was surrounded by british fans who booed Matt relentlessly, but when the fight ended, every one of them turned to me and asked how the heck Bisping had won. Everywhere I went in the arena the responses were the same. NOT ONE PERSON FELT BISPING HAD WON.

I was further startled to find that all of the “professional” websites I visited seemed to feel Bisping had “edged it”. There are those who will argue that since I’m not a professional I couldn’t see it correctly. Well, I’ve participated in combative sports (wrestling, judo, boxing) and the martial arts all my life and what I saw couldn’t possibly have been seen any other way. I wish I hadn’t gone to the see the event live now. Then it would have been possible for me to believe “the camera just didn’t catch everything, that’s how bisping won”. Now I just feel that MMA, at least in the UFC, is going the same way as boxing.

The better man on the night doesn’t always win, especially if the other man is more popular.

allen Says, in 9-10-2007 at 00:37:42 from    

it a sad day for the ufc when matt should have won all3 rounds dana must want the overseas rating really bad to let that happen sadsadsadsad

ViceVs Says, in 9-10-2007 at 01:01:42 from    

Absolute bullshit. Hamill first 2 Rounds clearly…and I guess maybe…the 3rd to Bisping.I have been watching UFC fights since the Gracie days, and this really put a bad taste in my mouth. Politics and the almighty $$$ at its finest.Not only did this tarnish Hamill’s perfect record unjustly, but then Bisping who I liked previously to this fight, runs his mediocre cock-sucker, trash talking a deaf kid(who clearly beat his ass!).He is a piece of sh*t in my eyes eternally now.-Watch this video with the sound off so you see it with your eyes and don’t hear the ewws! and ahhs! from the biased crowd when Bisping mostly hits nothing but arms, as his punches are mostly blocked through most of the fight.

Something needs to be done about the scoring system,judges, or where venues are held If this is any evidence of things to come.

ViceVs Says, in 9-10-2007 at 01:17:57 from    

Actually after watching it again with the sound off, closely observing what actually was landing, I can’t give Bisping 1 single round!! Hamill all 3 rounds, period.

MDK Says, in 9-10-2007 at 01:25:34 from    


The only way to stop this crap is to vote with your money. I invited over 5 MMA fans to watch the fights at my house and every single one of us jumped out of our seats in amazement when they gave Bisping the win. We were all sick to our stomachs over decision.

I’ve purchased the last 10-12 UFC PPV’s, but there is not chance in hell I will pay for the upcoming event unless Dana White comes out and apologizes to the fans and to Matt Hamill.

I can’t wait until Bisping faces a top 5-6 ranked light heavywait so we can watch his face get pummelled into a bloody mess after his post fight comments. However, I won’t be paying to watch it, will have to watch the replay if it costs money.

big ray Says, in 9-10-2007 at 01:54:58 from    

complete bullshit.if you think bisping won than you must be a corrupt brit too.anybody with eyes can tell you that fight was hamills.they should let me in cage with bisping.ill whoop that ass worse than hamill did.bunch of bullshit.

MDK Says, in 9-10-2007 at 01:55:15 from    

After reading a few of the posts that were in favor or Bisping, I had to go back and watch the replay one more time to make sure.

It only served to infuriate me further. The more I watch the more pissed off I get and I don’t even care about either of these fighters. I think the one judge that scored it 30-27 was right because Bisping never landed a single solid punch, a single kick or had a single take down in the entire fight.

How could Bisping have one any round when he had zero offense the entire fight. Unless you consider punches into the arms of Hamill a point it just does not make sense. It seemed like Bisping spend half the 3rd round on his back.

This is completely disgusting…

I will not only boycott the next UFC PPV, but I’m boycotting any UFC sponsor of this event until Dana White’s apology. I’m sure he will have a rematch on some future PPV and make us try and pay….

but please, don’t give these a******* another single dime until they recognize what happened puclicly.

angry trucker Says, in 9-10-2007 at 02:06:56 from    

Dana White is a f****** crook….i also lost respect for the comentators especially Joe Rogan, (who i liked and always tought was a straight shooter)
I have been a big UFC fan since day one and there are certain patterns and habits, i observe when it comes to the commentators….
When the fight is seconds from being over and one fighter clearly leads the scorecard, usually Rogan or Goldberg would say something like:
“The only way for so and so to win that fight, would be by knockout”…or “So and so might be only seconds away from losing this fight”….or “I would hate to be the judge to score this one”
They got very strangely quiet towards the end, which makes me belive they already knew what would happen and didn’t want to lose any more credibility, but in my opinion their silence speaks for itself…..
The UFC has lost lots of it’s credibility over this incident and i’m hoping this one will come to bite them in the ass…
The two things on TV, i hate the most is “WWE” type of fake bullshit and softcore p*rn….i hope that the UFC cleans-up their act, get rid of that f*cking Clown Dana White and fire Joe Rogan along with the other loser….furthermore the judges and Dana White should be facing criminal charges….

attila Says, in 9-10-2007 at 02:25:28 from    

matt won the match, the only reason they gave it to the other guy was because he was from england, home town of that weak ass fighter. Matt was the winner without a doubt

Ryan Says, in 9-10-2007 at 02:31:25 from    

Matt Hamill dominated. It was cuz they were in london or wherever that Bisping won. It was BS and people need to write the ufc to get that decision overturned. Michael Bisping made an ass outa himself at the end when he said he was the best when he clearly lost. I wrote UFC.com a few times but I dunno if it’ll be enough. This is the first fight with an inaccurate decision that was extremely obvious 4 me. There has been others, but they were close or people were juss wining cuz their guy lost. But dude Hamill won this, hands down. Bisping should watch this and he will know that according to his standards, he didn’t win the ultimate fighter.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 02:51:36 from    

Reading through these posts, I see 2 things.

People bashing England, and acting like they know it all, yet saying Dana White needs to do this, and needs to do that, when he isn’t even the president of the UFC in the UK, it is a man called Marshall Zelaznik.

I agree that fight was an iffy decision, but if you are going to act like you know it all, at least don’t make yourself look a complete fool by not even knowing who the president is.

Brian Says, in 9-10-2007 at 03:13:48 from    

I’m not a fan of both fighters but I just watched the fight again for a 2nd time and I have to say that Matt Hamill won the 1st & 2nd round for sure! The 3rd round was a toss up. Bisping didn’t do sh*t to hamill besides throw weak jabs and run like a bitch ass pus*Y! I was telling my g/f before the decsion was made that if Bisping won the decsion, there is something fishy going on w/ the UFC. Why would so many MMA fans get so upset over this decsion? It’s just common sense to see that this fight was absolute fixed! The UFC or the judges wanted Bisping to win because he was fighting in his hometown and maybe those judges had money involved on this fight.

thomas Says, in 9-10-2007 at 03:15:28 from    

I wanted Bisping to win, I am an fan of his, But clearly he did not win the fight. If there is no rematch or if Dana doesn’t say anything, then the UFC will lose a lot of its credibility.

Reggie Says, in 9-10-2007 at 03:47:16 from    

No question Matt won the fight and if I had any respect for Michael it’s now gone. For all his smack talking he sure got beat at his own game. Michael has no class and my vote definitely goes to Matt. If Michael REALLY believes he won that fight then he shouldn’t have a problem facing Matt again. Right???

Christian Says, in 9-10-2007 at 04:07:04 from    

I agree with the judges totally. Look at who had control in the fight and then look at how it turned. ROUND 1- Hamill. Why? That right hand. All those games on the ground didn’t do sh*t to bisping tho, and for the last half of the Fight Bisping just toys with Hamill who just seems too scared to f*ck with him anymore. That’s just how I see it, but imo it isn’t the most controversial fight I’ve seen and far from the best.

Mark Says, in 9-10-2007 at 04:56:48 from    

I bet $2,500.00 on Hamill at the Venetian. I feel f****** robbed. But that is nothing to how Hamill feels. I am done with the UFC. (first and only bet)

Lawrence Roberts Says, in 9-10-2007 at 05:07:40 from    

the judge is full of SH *T i watch whole 3 round i was jump support matthamill that i knew he wilkl win but result gave to micheal bisping make me F*** whyyyy? it not make any sense. two of judge choose micheal bisping win two round. other one judge choose matt hamill win whole 3 round so 2 judge is damn fear to get their head skull hole after ufc fight over walk out. someone will shotgun their head thru that my guess that s why judge gave 2 micheal bisping. i reawlly want rematch and free live on spike matthamill vs micheal bisping at USA HOMEEE that way judge can be safe LOL…. matt hamill will kick micheal bisping s asssss for sure and finish him before 3 round. i feel matt hamill not lose at alllll! it full of sh*t that decision

Tyler Says, in 9-10-2007 at 05:43:31 from    

OMG… have seen the fight over and over… How the hell did Bisping win. That is such bollocks. The UFC call these crap decisions to increase the popularity of the sport over in the UK. But how can they be so biased, Bisping CLEARLY had his arse whooped (arrogant sh%t head!)

PAUL Says, in 9-10-2007 at 05:49:04 from    

I was there, most of british fans after the fight were in disbelief that Bizpine won and cheered Mat on accordingly. Majority of fans did not agree walking home on the train with decision and for me left a very sour taste on the UFC and the night out. If this is a fix big shame to UFC and Dana to think the British fans are that shallow you have got us very wrong. UFC should make a statement on this fight to ensure UFC credibility

Jando Says, in 9-10-2007 at 06:05:11 from    

Matt Hamill should of got the decision without a doubt. There were four of us watching the fight and we all thought the same thing. I am also a fan or maybe was of Bisping but after the way he spoke after the fight i’m having second thoughts…

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 07:21:01 from    

I also want to add, that on close examination of the video up there, I gave it to Bisping.

The 1st round, I give to Hamill, but personally I would give it a 9-8 round to Hamill because he had Bisping dazed and did nothing for over a minute, which usually would have lost him the round, but he did enough after that to clinch it, but only by 1 point, and I took a point away for notfinishing his dazed opponent.

The second round was an easy 10-8 round for Bisping, once again, Hamill, although advancing the majority of the time, was doing absolutely nothing with his shots, he wasn’t even hitting Bispings guard, and the few takedowns he had, he did nothing with, Bisping was hitting Hamills guard, he was dodging, weaving, and he completely controlled the pace of the fight, even though he was backing off, he still had the upper hand for a 2 point margin.

The final round was close, so I have scored it 10-10 making the winner by 29-27 Michael Bisping, but when if Bisping lost the final round, it would still be 29-28 because it was that close.

I hope that ties up any loose ends you lot might have

Bisping won the fight fair and square

Sean Says, in 9-10-2007 at 08:05:27 from    

This is going to go down as the most poorly judged and officiated event in UFC history. They will try to call it controversial. Look at this thread. This isn’t controversy. We’re not arguing here. This is 100 guys screaming “bullshit” in unison. The fight was 30-27. I would even argue that round 1 was a 10-8. I don’t have a problem with MMA. I now have a serious problem with UFC and they aren’t getting another dime from me directly or through commercials. The only way I would even consider watching UFC again is if Dana White overturns the Crocop fight and calls it no contest and quickly sets up a Hammell/Bisping rematch with non partial judges. The chances of that hover right around zero, so I think it’s safe to say I’m done with UFC.

Blakester Says, in 9-10-2007 at 08:24:29 from    

What a joke. I am neither American or English .. I am Canadian and this whole discussion has nothing to do with nationality. It was very clear (even to the laymen) that Mat Hamill won that fight and dominated this jerkoff Bisping. Bisping showed no class by his comments after teh fight and Hamill showed nothing but class! Way to go Mat , with some more training you just may be good enough one day to be a top contender. As far as Bisping goes, I doubt he will ever be cheered again , even by his own people. Shows you how , as a fighter, demonstrating a little humbleness can go a long way.. take GSP for example… now there is a fighter with class, respects all and never makes excuses .. and not to mention Couture and the likes of him… This judging was a joke! FU England!

Spencer Says, in 9-10-2007 at 08:32:33 from    

After watching and rewatching the fight, focusing on the second round I don’t see how you guys think Bisping lost. Sure Bisping never connects with anything that phases Hamill, okay so Bisping never took Hamill down, okay so Bisping never had Hamill in danger of a sub, but did you see Bisping’s cardio? It was insane. I mean how could he not have been completely gassed by all his running. It was like watching a back-pedaling marathon. Bisping ran away from Hamill with at least 70% effectiveness. Lucky for Hamill that octagon is there because if they fought in a field there’s no way Hamill would have caught him. Seriously, if this fight was in one of those long halls with lots of doors on either side I feel like Bisping might have been able to avoid Hamill altogether. Bisping is a fleeing genius. And that end of round one butt slide, get-him-the-hell-away-from-me, boogie by Bisping was ferocious. I’m surprised Bisping didn’t tear up the octagon floor. Now take away the commentary and add in Benny Hill theme music and you’ve got yourself a show.

Hondaklo Says, in 9-10-2007 at 09:10:14 from    

I am a huge Bisping, UFC and TUF fan and was never really impressed with Hamill’s stand up, but I thought for this fight he totally dominated. Bisping managed to bring it back a little bit in the third round, but not enough to win the round. I hated the idea of Bisping losing, but he clearly did, and this has really dented my appreciation for the UFC. If they fix fights, it totally takes away from the whole sport and its athletes, and will very quickly lose its appeal to me.

Shame on you Mr White.

oliver Says, in 9-10-2007 at 10:10:16 from    

Okay….I watched that fight enough times to make my own conclusion. i have to say hamill won 2/3 rounds hands down.

Now to the guy who said dana white should be fired. You are an idiot!!!! he owns the UFC [even in the U.K] no one can fire him. Get your facts straight before you express yourself.

Jason Says, in 9-10-2007 at 10:24:48 from    

Nothing short of overturning this decision will satisfy me. I am neither a Bisping or Hamill fan merely a UFC fan. I started watching UFC because I got tired of seeing fake male soup operas (WWE or whatever it is now). This has me seriously questioning the integrity of the UFC. I have seen decisions that I didn’t completely agree with before but I could always admit that it could have went either way. This one was in no way close enough to go either way.

Give Matt Hamill the respect he EARNED in that fight, not to mention the respect the fans deserve.

On another note could you believe the remarks Bisping made after the fight. How could he be proud of that fight? It showed what a bad sport/person he is.

I am on board with the boycott not only will I not buy an PPV event hosted by the UFC , I will not support any sponsors of the UFC as well. We as fans have power by boycotting and we might as well hit them where it hurts the wallet.

glenn Says, in 9-10-2007 at 10:25:17 from    

The Judges must have been paid off and UFC must be a corrupt organization.

The UFC has no more credibility.
How stupid do they think people are?
They even lie on their Web site saying “All three judges gave the first round to Hamill” and then said “27-30 for Bisping”!
If Hamill won the first round, then it would be 28-29 not 27-30. They lie on There’re own web site and still expect you to believe them.
I am so disappointed in the UFC I don’t even want to watch anymore. I’d better off watching Wrestling.
Hamill won 30-27. He dominated every round and if they expect me to believe Bisping won, than they are a bunch of idiots and if they try to convince people that Bisping won, then they are liars.

glamourbabe Says, in 9-10-2007 at 10:26:05 from    

Face it … There is no Honesty left in Professional Sports
Today and The Bisping – Hamill Fight is a Perfect Example.

Not only Did The Judges and The UFC Rob Matt Hamill But also
the Fans. Just Think of how much money was Lost on that Fight.
and it was clearly obvious that Hamill Won and if you disagree
you must of been watching another Fight.

It was Not even Close. Hamill Destroyed Bisping.

The Corruption and Fight Fixing Problem is 10 Times a Bigger
Public Relations Problem for The UFC Than Steroids will ever
Be. I Dont Know about You Guys But No More Support For The UFC will ever Come out of My Mouth. What a Disgrace.

tom PASQUALE Says, in 9-10-2007 at 10:32:38 from    


jroc911 Says, in 9-10-2007 at 10:33:35 from    

I think the judges were afraid that they would not make it out of that arena if they called it fairly. I thought for sure that Bisping would destroy Hamill. However, how can you run from a guy for fifteen minutes, make everyone in the arena hold their breath when you are taken down because they know you are about to tap out, and still win a fight? I am a relatively new fan. Correction, I was a relatively new fan. This one hurts.

MARCOTTE Says, in 9-10-2007 at 10:56:35 from    

What a joke of a decision, we all know the judges wanted to score for the brit, but come on, he was a joke in that fight, Matt dominated him with great punches, and took him down, Bisping did nothing but protect himself. I’m started to question decisions, thats why with knockouts theres no controversy. I want them to rematch. Bisping would decline because he knows he has no chance.

WHAT? Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:22:16 from    

Last time I checked, this was a FIGHT. Not some show where we see if the mouse gets away from the cat. This deserves a rematch with Dana White in attendance.

kto_soria Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:30:53 from    

Yo creo que gano Matt Hammil , y lo bueno de todo esto es que Hammil gano nuevos seguidores ya que demostro tener todo para ser campeon, hoy no le toco ganar, no por que no se lo merecia si no por que no dejaron que gane.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:32:57 from    

It is the same people giving it to Hamill that would have been wondering why Dana White didn’t make a speech.

People who don’t have a clue what they are talking about, British, American, or even Jamazican, if you know what you are talking about, you would score it in Bispings favour.

I know your problem, I myself thought “somethings wrong here” when I first saw it, but I watched it again, and Bisping definitely won fair and square

Roy1985x Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:35:13 from    

Absolute outrage! I have watched UFC for a fair time know thanks to bravo! However this was the first event that i have actually attended in person. Being a Brit i was rooting for Bisping pre-fight, however i will never support this arrogant, classless jackass ever again.

Straight from the off Hamill hunted Bisping down and i didn’t see that changing across the 3 rounds, Hamill was and could of taken bisping down and will. Bisping looked nervous and didn’t want to engage, i mean the p**** would punch n run, punch n run. In my mind that don’t merit victory. Even once the fight was over bisping knew he lost (he spat his gum sheild out in disgust and stood with his hands on his hips looking totally digected.

Hamill did destroy Bisping, who lost all my respect with his post match comments! what a punk!! Hope he gets knocked out in his next fight so he can’t open his big mounth ever again. As for the fix disscussion i do believe the fight was fixed and i noticed during the Jackson-Henderson fight that Bisping came out cageside to embrace Dana White and sit cageside (no other victor from the card did this??). I can only imagine that he was thanking him for bailing him out that fight.

I hope Hamill gets the re-match he deserves and proves to the world that he was the rightful winner of ultimate fighter 3. As for Bisping fu#k off already, u mug!!

chris fors Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:37:42 from    

Well, looks like a I need a new t.v. because the old one is out on the roadside with a beer bottle stuck in it. Thanks UFC, for the “free” screw job you gave Hammill and UFC fans that have made your wallet fat. Do us a favor and keep boxing’s corruption out of the MMA world. Anyone that thought that Bisping won even 2 of those 3 rounds is crazy. Hammill was a class act and Bisping was a dick. And I was a Bisping fan.

Popularity Contest Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:56:26 from    

Right after watching the Bisping vs Hamill fight I was positive that Hamill won. But with the fight being in England, Bisping being a local favorite and UFC’s desire to grow in England, I was concerned that the UFC might take a chance and judge this as a popularity contest instead of judging on agression, control, take downs, etc. I’ve been watching UFC for many years now and have pretty much always sided with the judges decisions but in this case I wonder… To UFC – please stay on track with your past judging performances. Suggest a rematch of Bisping vs Hamill to the viewers on Spike to let this one play out.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:56:33 from    

on another note for blakester, it is kinda rich talking about Bisping having no class, and going on about fighters that do, and then ending your post with “FU England”

Quit preaching and show a little class yourself you tool

Or maybe you forget who actually controls Canada.

Brad Says, in 9-10-2007 at 11:58:34 from    

Mat Hamill all the way. Dominated the entire fight.
The UFC just lost another viewer…

dan Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:00:51 from    

The decision was horrible. Hamill dominated the first two rounds and at round 3 was pretty even. Bring Hamill back; Bisping looked awful.

dan Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:07:03 from    

So, where did Bisping score any points?
He did show exceptional cardio by running away from Hamill the entire fight. (see SPENCER) He did get taken down numerous times and block punches with his head and body.

I agree with BLAKESTER (above). “Bisping showed no class by his comments after the fight and Hamill showed nothing but class!” Bisping should have lost the fight, then continued to talk trash after winning a bogus decision.

Slain Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:09:06 from    

Bisping threw punches, but they all hit Matts hands. I swear Bisping reacted before his name was called. I cannot wait ’til that guy has to fight in the U.S. again.

Hal Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:14:29 from    

I stopped watching boxing years ago for this very reason. I refuse to waste my time or money on any sport where the fix is in.

Matt … you’re a class act.

Bisping … you not only lost, you’re a pathetic smack talking classless loser.

Dana … time to go get a clown wig and start pimping UFC 75.

As for me … Good bye UFC!

Kenny6 Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:14:33 from    

What a joke… shame on the UFC. And talk about poor sportsmanship on Bisbings behalf… I was completely disgusted. Matt Hamill on the other hand….what a gentleman and great show of class. This sport needs more guys like him.

riedel82 Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:20:07 from    

ufc must be fixed,hammil won all three rounds,dana white must of paid those judges cause he cant have his european star lose,complete bs,bisping knew he lost,but he took it and ran,if this was in america hammil would have goton it,bisping should give him a rematch in the states and he should put up his ult. fighter throphy,but he wont cause hes a as the brits would say A TWITTTTT!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON U DANA IF U GIVE BISPING HIS BOUNUS

kurtis j Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:26:43 from    

i love MMA but after watching that fight in witch i did not care who wone i was outraged with the fact that matt hamlin did not win .
Were the juges watching a nuther fight. P.S i do not wont this sport to turn into boxing were if you leve it up to the juges the only way you can beat the champ or favert fighter is to knock him out

if i see this happen again i will quit watching a sport that i love Just as i did with boxing

Audible Fury Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:31:51 from    

That was really rude and crude of Bisping, I thought he was fun to watch as a fighter but his comments after that fight, a fight that was handed to him were garbage, my 10 year old son asked me why Matt Hamil lost after watch him punch and throw Bisping around for 3 rounds, now if that don’t tell how crooked the fight was I don’t know what will.

Shame on you Bisping/UFC

dan Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:33:57 from    

This fight was so blatantly rigged. His hometown fans had a lot of $$ riding on him. I guarantee those two judges were bought.

psych Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:36:12 from    

Hamill won the first round but the 2nd was close and could of gone either way, and the 3rd was clearly Bisping’s. He did a great job with Hamill in his guard and Hamill looked an average wrestler at keeping him on his back. I think that swung the decision for Bisping, because other than that one punch in round 1, Hamill he did nothing but clinch and try to keep Bisping on his back, which he could not do.

AL01 Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:45:51 from    

you are lost in insanity!!!!!!
first of all you cannot score a round with 9 points,
it has to be 10 points the opponent will get 9 or less if you assign a round.

Not only did Hamill dominate the fight.
He ridiculed Bispsing(running away like a sissy)
All of Bispings punches and combinations were in effective except 2 in the whole fight.
Hamill tossed,slammed,pinned and elbowed Bisbing several times.
Bisping was not only a sissy in the fight but was a puff after the fight to say he outboxed Hamill when he was being rocked with Hamill’s jabs (if you watched the fight so many times, you can maybe watch it one more time and see how Bisping was responding to those jabs.
Before the fight I favored Bisping and would have honestly bet money on him.
Hamill looked awsome, he has some raw power, it was like the cat and the mouse, obviously we all know who the mouse was.

mrb00m Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:54:52 from    

Im a brit and a bisping fan but that was a fix , hamill kicked his ass…another “home win” .This is why i stopped caring about boxing…got to be a rematch…and as an ex bisping fan il be cheering hamill all the way….and as for bispings behavior….lets just say as a fellow Englishman bisping you are a tw@t

Johnny Says, in 9-10-2007 at 12:54:57 from    

Matt Hamill was Robbed Again.
He clearly won the fight at UFC 75.
He was the best 205 fighter on The Ultimate Fighter 3.
It’s Not Right!

Jocce Says, in 9-10-2007 at 13:02:05 from    

I’ve trained mma since -90, followed this sport since UFC 1 and i have NEVER seen such unfair decision in my life!
Bisping lost that match, fair and square!
I have seen Bisping in alot of fights and he’s a good fighter, but Hamill was to good for him!
Bisping had nothing on Hamill and the judges had to be either baught or they gave Bisping the match just because it was in England, London and thats f*cked up!

I think Dana and Co. need to apologize to Matt Hamill and give him the match or atleast a rematch asap!!

angry trucker Says, in 9-10-2007 at 13:10:15 from    

[QUOTE]People bashing England, and acting like they know it all, yet saying Dana White needs to do this, and needs to do that, when he isn’t even the president of the UFC in the UK, it is a man called Marshall Zelaznik.[/QUOTE]

Dana White is the most known figure behind the UFC…most people in north America have no clue who the other guy is and perception is reality.
UFC has big following in North America and Dana White should be issuing a statement of some sorts….
If i were Dana White and i was innocent in this matter, i would be calling a press conference and try to distance myself from the other clown as much as possible….the fact that Dana is silent on this issue tells me, that he was in on it….the judges who robbed Hammil should go back to figure-skating, where this sort of s*** is tolerated…

SERIOUS Says, in 9-10-2007 at 13:25:03 from    



Michael Says, in 9-10-2007 at 13:45:48 from    

well well…..i dont watch ufc very often til i heard about matt hamill….he was soo awesome and he won the entire rounds but..what do u think, dana white? u F***ing BS!!! i thanks that i didnt bet or pay the ppv at all…but would like a rematch and fight at our usa….michael bining is full of s*** and i believe that he already knew that he gonna win anyways…f**king bullshit!!!!

i give matt hamill the biggest winner of all!!!

car Says, in 9-10-2007 at 13:59:32 from    

Matt Hamill won hands down

Jen Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:02:14 from    

Come on folks… there is no way Bisping even came close. Even if the third round was his (and it was super close at that), the first two rounds definately go to Hamill. Even the fans at the fight knew that, you could definately notice the change in the fans demeanor once the winner was announced… I don’t dislike Bisping or particularly cheer for Hamill (as I didn’t watch the show) but come on people. Fair is fair. Are we going to have to start comparing UFC to the WWE???

Fred T. Angelilli Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:07:26 from    

Bisbing needs to fight in a location where the judges fall under the authority of an sanctioned governing body. He stole the fight from Hamil and still acts arrogant.

UFC has to prevent such outrages from happening again or MMA will soon fall into the same category as wrestling.

Fred, North Carolina

Midnight Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:11:01 from    

Bisping wasnt in his home town, He was in London, not Manchester

Rivers Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:24:14 from    

Yes, Hamill won in my book.

Wait until he refine his standing technique, learn to leg kick and to punish on the ground…even without that he clearly was the winner…Bisping was running the whole fight WTF!

Michael Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:35:33 from    

Im sorry but if you don’t think Hammil wins the first two rounds OUTRIGHT your clinicaly insane.

I BARELY gave Bisping the 3rd round… Bisping in the 3rd round did land punches and a few nice kicks off-setting Matt’s takedowns…

Still the first two rounds combined 5 takedowns… and if u guys read my other post about scoring 10-8 rounds.. I give merit to not only damage delt after takedown, but advancing positions… Matt consistently went into guard, half guard, side control and got Bisping’s back and contrary to what u guys think he DID THROW PUNCHES GNP was a bit weak but still.

I do not buy the arguement that oh… Matt took Bisping down but didn’t do damage arguement… well Koscheck took down Diego at the end of the first and didn’t do damage….. yet he got the round. Based on what…….says JOE ROGAN…… GREAT STRATEGY WITH THE TAKEDOWN AT THE END OF THE ROUND……

So how can u justify winning a fight when you have been taken down 7 times, have not imposed your will in the clinch AT ALL and really no SUB tries?

There is NO arguement for Bisping winning this fight… later on I am going to do a detailed breakdown of each round.

But I always like to keep it simple…… Just look to Rogan and that other announcer……

Hammil dominating round 1… Quote: WHAT A ROUND BY HAMMIL.
Hammil dominating round 2… Quote: HE WAS JUST AS DOMINANT AS ROUND 1

If u must give rnd 3 to Bisping.. makes no difference.

chris Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:39:25 from    

Matt Hamill is the man. he won the first two rounds easily and the third a split….the judges are on crack….

Joe Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:51:12 from    

First time a decision ever SHOCKED me. I felt bisping won the third round, but he so did not win the fight. The first round was damn near a 10-8 round for hamill and the 2nd round was a 10-9 for hamill. What a disgrace.

BLITZER666 Says, in 9-10-2007 at 14:55:55 from    


Wellington Says, in 9-10-2007 at 15:05:21 from    

I’ve noticed that our American brethren south of the border do get a tad bitchy when their guy does not win. Being Canadian, let me offer up an unbiased point of view.

I’ve always been a Bisping fan. When I first saw the fight, I was really surprised that he won the decision (…just like everyone else) but after watching the fight a second and third time I can see how the judges came to their decision. While Hamills shots did more damage, he did not throw nearly enough of them. Bisping landed WAY more punches, albeit much weaker jabs. Nevertheless, he did land more punches. No question whatsoever here. When Hamil took Bisping down, Bisping seemed to be the busier man. He was throwing from the bottom, had more scrambles, and went for a few submissions. He stuffed a couple of takedowns. I can totally see how had more points although it would have been very close.

All that being said; should Bisping have won? I wish I could say yes. Hamil definitely inflicted more damage, although at the end of the fights his eyes were a bit swollen and he also had a few cuts too. Undoubtedly Hamil absorbed the damage much better then Bisping did. Personally, I would have to give that fight to Hamil, but with the scoring system they have now I can totally understand why he lost. I UNDERSTAND, but do not agree.

I’m also sad to say that Bisping did show a huge lack of class with his post fight speech. I don’t see how he can deny that it was VERY close; even he looked bewildered with the decision for a moment or two. In my eyes, Bisping lost, and I lost some respect for the guy too. One other thing that does bother me is that American fans whine WAY TOO MUCH when one of their guys do not win. Right now there are a plenty of Americans saying how disrespectful Bisping is, yet most of these people are the same fans that chant “USA! USA!” and boo anyone who is not American. Heh. Also very disrespectful IMO. Everyone just needs to grow up and get some class, and the UFC needs a better scorings system.

Peter Says, in 9-10-2007 at 15:20:43 from    

another vote for matt.
he dominated him.
took him down at will.
allowed him to get when he wanted to.
he looked like he was just toying with bisping.
and this is from a bisping fan.

zcrone Says, in 9-10-2007 at 15:22:11 from    


lee Says, in 9-10-2007 at 16:57:47 from    

how the chuffin el did bisping win Hammil, Hammil was all over him like a rash it had got to be a fix.

RonnieSan Says, in 9-10-2007 at 16:59:52 from    

I was upset that Hamill lost the decision. He was obviously the more aggressive opponent and had Bisping on the run the entire fight. You could even see how nervous Bisping was the entire fight… not nearly as calm and collected as he is in other fights. Bisping knew Matt would dominate him from his experience on TUF. The only problem with Matt is that he needs to learn some submissions because he could have certainly ended the fight in the first round. He shouldn’t leave it to the judges. Especially since all the other brits seemed to lose that night. I was a Bisping fan before this fight… but not anymore. I would like to see Houston Alexander beat Bisping’s face in.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 17:09:53 from    

Wow, people are still trying to say it was a bad decision.

The people who know the first thing about the UFC scoring system know that Hamill lost a lot of points by not finishing a dazed opponent.

and zcrone… keep dreaming fool, you don’t know the first thing about the UFC and turn caps lock off

The sheer fact you talk about Dana instead of Marshall shows me you know jack sh*t about anything

Bisping won, it has been established, the official judges have ruled.

People are hitting out at him for his comments… but the fact is, Hamill has been saying over and over since the Ultimate fighter that Bisping didn’t really win.

Hamill has been showing no class for years, he showed none on the show by talking smack none stop and then having to quit after his first fight, and he hasn’t stopped since.

He is a mediocre fighter, and Bisping was putting on a terrible show and still beat him.

WHen your opponent is dazed, you must finish him, don’t let him get his breath… that is why he lost.

Anyone who knows anything knows why he lost, it is just amusing to me to see people acting like they know it all, yet giving it to Hamill

Just because you watch the UFC a few times doesn’t mean you know how it works

JR Says, in 9-10-2007 at 17:10:29 from    

Hamill won the fight, and I am very depressed by the out come. I liked both fighters and wouldnt mind Bisping winning, but I expected an amount of fairness to be involved.

airjasper Says, in 9-10-2007 at 17:11:36 from    

To the few of you out there who actually thought Bisping won, lol…But the thing i’ve noticed about the 2 or 3 random people who think this, they all say “at first I thought Hamill won easily, hands down. But after watching it a couple dozen times I can see why Bisping won.” First of all, you do realize these judges only watched it the first time as well. They don’t have some superhuman power where they can replay the match 18 times in their head and come to a decision. When over 99% of the population thinks Hamill won *after watching it live the first time*, and he loses, well then something is a little fishy.

For me, first time i watched it I gave all 3 to Hamill but could maybe kinda understand if they gave the 3rd to Bisping. After watching it 2 or 3 times now, there is no way bisping won any round. I don’t care how little damage Hamill was doing on the ground in the 3rd, the fact is for over half that round Bisping was on his back doing nothing at all while Hamill was at least attempting to cause some damage. On the feet Bisping did nothing special either. In conclusion, I feel horrible for Matt and after hearing bispings comments I can’t wait to see his face get smashed in.

blackburn treble Says, in 9-10-2007 at 17:14:23 from    

i have to admit the first round hamill had bisping but i personnally think bisping won the other two – close for sure, but i think he had it

matt Says, in 9-10-2007 at 17:19:27 from    

I was a loyal Bisping fan. I have resided in Liverpool for the past 15 years of my life. I have no bias or favoritism towards Matt Hamill in the least. After saying that…Matt Hamill one that fight. Furthermore I am ashamed of Bisping for his appalling behavior after the fight. Hamill was humble even in the face of such an obvious wide of the mark decision. I will no longer show the respect nor loyalty for Michael that I have in the past. BISPING IF YOU READ THIS….dishonorable, shameful, an vile! I hope to see you soon, to enlighten you personally!

Ron Carter Says, in 9-10-2007 at 17:34:22 from    

I think Matt beat bisbing standing up to show he had more in him than just superior wrestling, Matt could have dominated
totally if he wanted to stick with his wrestling.

Brizahd Says, in 9-10-2007 at 17:48:10 from    

I think Matt won it, but I wasn’t impressed with either of them. Both of them seemed sloppy to me. Anyway I liked them both, and just wanted to see an exciting fight. Sucks the clip cuts out right before Bisping starts acting like a jerk.

Danny Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:03:30 from    

What a load of s***. Matt Hamill clearly dominated the entire fight from the opening bell. Dana White should be ashamed of this fight. Are the fights rigged it sure does seem that way. The Cro Cop vs Kongo fight was probably rigged also. Did Cro Cop throw the fight because he would probably destroy Kongo. Looks like the UFC is turning into the WWE how disappointing for the fans. Dana White better overturn that decision if he wants to keep his fan base….

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:21:17 from    


come on man, the first time we watch the fight it is for recreation, the second time we are watching to score it to see who won like the judges did the first time.

That is why we agree with their decision.

If I was scoring the match t first time I watched it, I would have agreed the first time I saw it.


In the first round, Hamill spent an entire minute doing nothing while Biping was dazed and confused, he lost a lot of points in that minute

In the second round, he hit nothing but air as Bisping danced around him… which in turn meant he lost more points than he won

The 3rd round was the only even round, and people are giving it to Bisping… it’s 29-28 Bisping… anyone who disagrees now is making a fool of themselves I scored is 29-27 Bisping personally.

As for the clip cutting out before he became a jerk, like I said before, Hamill has been a jerk since he walked into the Ultimate fighter house, he has no class whatsoever, he thinks that because he is deaf that he can say and do whatever he likes.

Bisping just got fed up to him talking trash all the time, that is why he accepted the fight, he didn’t even want to fight him in the first place because he saw it as a step back, he only took it so he could shut him up.

Unfortunately I think Bisping was surprised by Hamills standup, but the fact is that Hamill didn’t utilise his position in the 1st round, and barely scraped the round in the second half of the round… he was hitting nothing but air in the 2nd to lose the round by 2 points, and the 3rd round was even.

Anyone who denies that needs to find a new sport to watch, one that you can understand.

mike Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:22:22 from    

ufc. They should be ashamed of there selves for this. Matt smoked Bisbing. I can not wait for the rematch.

Adam Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:30:35 from    

Lostinsanity you are a f#cking KOOK!! Go play Golf or something leave fighting for the BIG BOYS. Finishing a dazed opponent has nothing to do with the scoring. Octagon control and aggression does and MH had both. If you don’t know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut..If you have some more BS to talk about blog me back so I can arrange to shut you up.

storm24 Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:32:57 from    

After watching the fight about 5 times, I would like point out a few things that people are argueing about or stating as obvious decisions! When watching the fight live, and listening to comments on my cell phone from 2 of my friends who attended the event, my original opinion was that matt hamill was the unanimous winner, but after watching the fight again and again, I have changed my opinion, not to bispings side, but to how the fight was scored! Hamill won the first round period and I say bisping was most effective and winner in the 3rd round! But the second round is tough! Hamill shooted some awesome takedowns but never took them near submissions or ground and pound, and bispings stand up fight and ability to take strikes as a lighter competitor and escape hamills hold was impressive! So my opinion, 3 judges scored the decision, and it was not unanimous which proved that this fight and judges were not biased or paid off, but acted upon what they saw and the fact that the judges scores where not unanimous but very different, show that the choice of 3 compared to 1 has stirred up everyones opinions! In my opinion there was 1 point in this bout to decide the winner and 1 point is a tough one to call over 3 rounds, so maybe dana white could come out of this decision unblemished by revising and improving the judging procedure if it has been questioned, and taking this sport onwards and upwards! No sport will be without controversy, but I feel all the other bouts had the correct winners, and even though this match has stirred up so much opinion, let it live and a rematch would no doubt help, to keep your faith in this sport!

JJ Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:39:26 from    


i think u don’t know about the scoring. i have fought mma for 7 years and u don’t lose points for not finishing someone.You are clearly a Bisping fan and not man enough to admit he lost. I am not a fan of either but Hamill won that fight.

JeD IRL Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:41:35 from    

Absolute joke of a decison. you can sense both commentators doing their upmost to complement bisping in the third round although he was purely dominated by Hamill. A biased, if not, financial decison.

Alex Says, in 9-10-2007 at 18:58:40 from    

Just because one of the judges didn’t score in Bispings favour doesn’t mean there was no bribery – with reference to storm 24

Fred Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:03:05 from    

Of course Bisping had no say in the biased judging that stole the decision from his opponent and unfairly handed it to him, but the next time he is the beneficiary of an act of grand larceny, he might at least have the good grace to shut his mouth afterwards.
The difference between Bisping’s post-fight antics and the dignified behavior of his valiant opponent can be summed up in a single word: class. I know Bisping has no concept of what that word means, so perhaps he could have someone look it up for him.

Brian Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:04:45 from    

I agree with everyone here. Matt was clearly the winner and that stupid p****-ass Brit was clearly dominated. He looked like a chicken with his head cut off constantly backing up and getting taken down. Add more snap to Hamill’s punches and Bisping is toast… I agree with the conspiracy theory here of Dana paying off the judges… But I have more to add. If Bisping got knocked out, well there’s nothing he could’ve done there. But with the nature of this fight and the obvious unfair decision, Dana will go on to say later, “Oh ya I’m a gay ass m*********** but I agree with the fight fans that the judges were smoking dope when they made the decision. So in the best interest of the fans and this sport, I’ll make a rematch…” In doing this, Dana will draw even more fans to watch because the fans will be curious to see just how much Hamill can beat that gay Brit into a bloody pulp. And perhaps in the rematch, IT WILL GO TO HAMILL. Unfair but smart business if you ask me… A f***** up way to generate interest. I wish I could say that I’ll never watch the UFC again, but I’m too much of a fan… The only way you’ll turn me away from the UFC is if you have champions like Tim the Lazyman Silva running around in all the weight divisions like before Couture returned… Then and only then will I stop watching the UFC…

…P.S. Long Live GSP!!!!

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:14:55 from    

The scoring system is based on aggression, grappling, and octagon control.

Not going after a dazed opponent is not being the aggressor, pure and simple.

Why do you think that the referees stand fighters up or give them a warning when they aren’t being busy enough?

The fact is, Hamill barely landed a shot in the 2nd round, and in the 1st round, he had Bisping dazed, and did nothing about it.

I am not really a fan of Bisping to be honest, I think he is a cocky tw*t but although he was backing up the entire first and second round, he did more to impress me, and obviously the judges thought the same.

Say what you like about the decision, but the fact is, Hamill lost points by not being aggresive enough when Bisping was dazed and tired, he was swinging and missing the entire second round, and all in all, although he appeared to dominate, the scoring system is in place for a reason, and that reason is so people have to stay busy.

He could have ended it in the 1st round, but wasted over a minute letting Bisping get his breath back, usually that would have immediately lost him the round, but he managed to pull it back in the last minute or so.

It is all well and good saying “I have fought in MMA for 7 years” but I doubt you can prove it.

Trz Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:26:15 from    

I’m a fan of UFC and MMA and almost always concur with judge’s decisions when things comes down to the line. The Hamill v. Bisping fight truly baffled me. Hamill should have easily won the fight, he took down Bisping 4-5 times very successfully and dominated the first two rounds and somewhat in the third. Bisping kept backing to the rim.

I could see that Hamill wanted to prove that he didn’t to win the fight on the ground, after all it was “Hamill’s World”. I believe he did just that… proved himself.

Am very disappointed and embarrassed with the judges and sport in general. Clearly bias over hometown (London) and perhaps because of Hamill’s hearing ability. I hate to think so, but it probably was from being in London.

The judges involved should never judge again.

David Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:28:12 from    

whether or not he won, michael bispings words after the fight to joe rogan made me sick to my stomach. how can he even consider telling hamill to go back to wrestling when he was clearly outboxed for a greater half of 15 minutes and was taken down at will. Bisping definetly lost a fan tonight

as for the fight, this is one of the WORSE decisions ive ever seen ranking up there with bonnar v. jardine and griffin v. guida. its funny how fighters will often win the close decisions when they are popular and in favour with the ufc. hamill clearly won the first two rounds and although bisping might have squeaked the third round he did little damage and most of his punches were blocked by hamills arms who was in a posistion to counter. if anything this proves the flaws of the scoring system, which allows a fighter to come out the fight with a messed up face and win due to “octagon control”.

HoeyHemp Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:36:00 from    

Matt ” The Hammer” was robbed thats bullshit next time MATT just do what your supose to do kick his ass all the way dont let him up keep going pound his ass all the way till he gives up ! because there are too many audiums out there !

COUTURE DA MAN Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:54:06 from    

What a joke. As a UK UFC fan I am completely embarrassed by this ‘hometown’ decision. You just can’t make a case for Bisping winning this fight. Much more of this and the UFC will start to quickly lose the credibility it so badly craves. Who took the backhanders then Dana?

storm24 Says, in 9-10-2007 at 19:57:34 from    

Just because one of the judges didn’t score in Bispings favour doesn’t mean there was no bribery – with reference to storm 24
With reference to alex!
Bribery in this sport and judging would be very prominent to you who watch these fights(it was no jackson vs henderson compared standard) and to those who can watch these fights again and again via the internet! My opinion is it was a close one and takes a man with balls to give a result, close maybe, but the result is made! live with it, it could be a different story in 6 months with a rematch, but to suggest the sport is pre planned brings in kayfabe, which in biased england or biased america , wherever they fight, the judges decision is final! Dana white has more to lose with premade decisions than favouring home competitior

Young Dizzle Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:06:33 from    

Ridiculous. Hamill clearly won…Bisping is mediocre, he never really beat ANYBODY decent except for Sinosic. He was running the ENTIRE fight, The UFC tries to push him because he won TUF. Big deal…PLEASE, let him fight Griffin, Lambert, Jardine, anybody good….OMG Houston Alexander would SMASH him in the first round. SMASH. Rashad Evans too. I NEVER want to see those JUDGES up there again. One thing’s for sure, the public ain’t backing a Bisping fight anytime soon.

dave Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:06:38 from    

all you yanks need to accept that your not always the best at everything. bisping won the last 2 rounds. hamill got a couple of takedowns but whats the point if he just let him up again. if it had gone to round 4 bisping would have stopped him. the judges were spot on. deal with it u twats

Jake Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:07:00 from    

Hamill was the aggressor throughout and took Bisping down at will. This was the single worst decision I’ve seen since UFC 1, including Pride. The UFC has lost my trust.

Bob Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:11:31 from    

I am so relieved because I thought I was crazy when I watched the fight. I DVR’ed it and watched it late last night. After the decision I jumped off my couch screaming BS!!! I needed to call someone. Everyone I talked to had already seen the fight and agreed completely that Hamill got jobbed. Getting on these sites I see my own thoughts repeated again and again.

I never thought Hamill had a chance in the fight, making it all the more surprising that he DOMINATED it. And to make it even worse, he fought BISPING’S fight, not his own. More than once I wondered how Bisping could allow himself to get embarrased in front of his home crowd. I didn’t know how he could let himself get out-muscled and fight backing up with everyone in London watching. That butt-scoot in the first round was just hard to watch. Just by looking at the respective faces after the fight could tell you who won.

I noticed that Rogan and company were really quiet about their own opinions and never really brought up the fight after the fact. Every other fight they usually talk about where they think the individuals are on the judges scorecards. They were noticeably silent about their feelings on the judges decision.

Bisping’s comments afterward were unforgivable. He acted like he destroyed Matt, mocking him and singing his own praises. WTF? Even if you believe the judges decision was correct, he won by the smallest margin possible. Only two of three judges thought he won, and they only awarded him two of the three rounds. Think about it, if you add up the judges decisions, Matt wins 5 – 4 (3-0 1-2 1-2). If anything goes different HE LOSES, and then he can’t even give Matt a little credit? Would it have killed him to say something like “Matt has a lot of heart and gave me a good fight”? Wow, and then Matt has the grace to not complain. Its called class, take a note Bisping.

Chris Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:19:26 from    

I am such a big UFC fan… I have only been into it for a year or so but it is growing day by day.

This is the first fight i have been truely shocked at the result. How can one ref score 30-27 and the other 2 29-28 in the opposite direction?

UFC needs to right this or they just lost one of many fans. Matt Hamill was the winner hands down, it wasn’t even close except for that 3rd round.

I was psyched for the new Ultimate fighter show, I don’t know if i’ll bother with this bull$@!$ going on.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:34:03 from    

I will say it again until people realise this.


It is a man called MARSHALL ZELAZNIK

It is really amusing how you are all claiming to know it all, yet get 2 very simple things wrong.

London is not Bispings hometown, he is from Lancashire, and Dana White does not run the UK side of the UFC

If you want to act like you know it all, at least add a little bit of legitimacy to your comments by stop saying that Dana White had anything to do with it.

If anyone bribed anyone, it will have been Marshall Zelaznik.

Until you get this simple fact correct, no one will be able to take you seriously

Eric Stewart Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:40:37 from    

One of the things that I have always said about mixed martial arts is that unlike almost every other sports organization on earth, the two biggest outfits (UFC and Pride) have integrity. I am beginning to question the UFC now. In the past year I have seen several questionable decisions and the rate of such seems to be increasing. I surely hope that in another year or two I am not abandoning MMA like I did the NFL.

As far as this fight is concerned, round one is a no-brainer. It was all Hamill. The second round consisted of Bisping running around and landing nothing, unless you count two decent shots in the first thirty seconds and one in the last twenty. For the ENTIRETY OF THE REST OF THE ROUND he fled, was not the aggressor, and suffered two takedowns, scoring none for himself. If Bisping won this fight then we are now rewarding people for running and refusing to engage. He executed exactly nothing in round two, except for two half-hearted attempts at flurries, at the beginning and at the end of the round. He never escaped Hamill’s control but was, instead, let up so that he could spend some more time running away.

Bisping is nothing more than a pretty boy, token Brit and I have yet to be impressed with even ten seconds of his fighting.

One does not even need to discuss the third round, as the first two were each, EASILY, Hamill’s and a 10-8 round for Bisping in round 3 would have meant a draw.

Round 3 was, in fact, close which after the first two, is meaningless. If the UFC doesn’t engage in a major shake up over these judges, then it should be ashamed of itself.

Well, what’s it gonna be, Mr. White?


Dave Says, in 9-10-2007 at 20:52:13 from    

I have been a fan of the UFC for 10 yrs..and I have never seen a fighter get screwed like this. i would like to see a FREE rematch so hamill can kick his ASS again…..

James Says, in 9-10-2007 at 21:45:41 from    

Whats next?! I can now see Roger Huerta gets pounded on for 3 rounds and wins a unanimous decision. F*** the UFC and their built up pretty boys

DaninTulsa Says, in 9-10-2007 at 22:23:52 from    


If you think Marshall Zelaznik is in charge of the fight in the UK I would guess you’re wrong. There are many people above Zelaznik. I doubt Zelaznik was in charge of the outcomes. This info is easily available on the internet.

Ultimate Fighting Championship

Type Private
Founded 1993
Founder Art Davie, Rorion Gracie
Headquarters Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Key people Dana White, President
Marc Ratner, VP Regulatory Affairs
Joe Silva, VP Talent Relations/Matchmaker
Industry Mixed martial arts promotion
Parent Zuffa, LLC

Zuffa, LLC
Type Private
Founded 2001
Founder Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta
Headquarters Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Key people Dana White, President of the UFC
Industry Sports promotion
Subsidiaries Ultimate Fighting Championship, World Extreme Cagefighting
Owner Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana White

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
UFC Hires Marshall Zelaznik
The Ultimate Fighting Championship has announced that they have hired Marshall Zelaznik to head the newly created position of President of their UK Division.

bow_tie Says, in 9-10-2007 at 22:36:35 from    

Hamill had to fight Bispings fight because he couldnt keep him down. Hamill had a good stand up game but they both sucked ass they played patie cake and the judges took score. this fight was a joke. the first fight was a fight kick a$$ till he sees stars and then make him see black. lights out. dvr is the best way to see the fight. the video at the top sucks.

Conrad Says, in 9-10-2007 at 22:51:39 from    

What a crying shame. The last place I thought I would see LUDICROUSLY terrible judging was in the UFC. And I dont think they could have chosen a worse fight to mis-call. Is there any chance that the UFC may change the outcome? Or at least acknowledge that it was a case of brutal judging? As a real lover of MMA, I find it hard to say so, but I dont think Ill watch UFC again unless something’s done.

joe Says, in 9-10-2007 at 23:01:51 from    

lostinsanity and Dave are some whiny ass brits probably computer geeks with coke bottle glasses. Dana White is the one who hired Marshall Zelaznik and he could fire him if he wants to. Dana White calls all the shots I hate to disappoint you.He could pull the plug on the UK. Matt Hamill was way more aggressive from the opening bell Bisping ran in circles away from Matt the entire time watch the tape. TOTAL DOMINATION

booo Says, in 9-11-2007 at 00:54:42 from    

I hope somebody reads this!! Matt won this fight, no question!! He took Michael down, multiple times, had him hurt in the first, what more do you want! I would give ,if anything, Bisping the 2nd round, but thats it! Split decision for Matt. The UFC should look into this and make a public statment, the only problem is if they do this, how many guys will say they want it too, when they really dont deserve it. It could be a snowball effect out of control. However, I didnt hear anything from the UFC, especially Joe Rogan comment on the outcome, which he usually does, this makes me suspicious! If this fight were in the US it would be Matt, I think there was some bias in the UK, because Bisping is probably their poster boy!!!

Dana’s Dirty Money Says, in 9-11-2007 at 01:02:32 from    

I honestly think Dana White paid off the two judges that scored it 29-28 Bisping. One of the judges scored the fight 30-27 Hamill; he’s the one judge who wasn’t in on it. This seems far-fetched, but it also makes perfect sense. The fight was rigged so that the only way Bisping was gonna lose is if Hamill knocked his ass out. What better opportunity for the UFC to suck in some international fans than by letting their undefeated, home-town, boy win?!

I am completely disgusted by this fight and think it’s a disgrace to Dana White and the UFC, not to mention a slap in the face to all the UFC fighters and true UFC/MMA fans.
This makes me want to quit watching UFC. I will never pay $$ to watch another UFC event. Shame on you Dana White for screwing over your loyal fans in order to grow your empire. You may have gained some U.K. fans from this, but you lost just as many or more back home. Nice work…

Michael Hatamoto Says, in 9-11-2007 at 01:06:51 from    

I am (was) a Bisping fan, but believe Matt won at least two of the rounds. I hope Hamill works a better GnP game, allowing him to stop Bisping the next time they fight.

There is a reason that fighters shouldn’t leave it to the judges…

thor Says, in 9-11-2007 at 01:15:25 from    

I scored it 2 rounds to 1 Bisping. Hamill was swinging wild, Bisping landed punches…. and that “he started celebrating before the announcement” crap… the audio is slow, check out the interview. You’ll see what I mean. Good decision.

Clint Says, in 9-11-2007 at 01:37:05 from    

Hey Dana White and Bisping

I really hope you read this…..

I fell in love with UFC ever since Matt Hamill (who is my buddy in real life and of course his diehard fan) that started to be part of UFC. Now you, Dana, made me really SICK. I have lost interested in UFC right after the decision. I did not really care to watch Rampage/Henderson’s fight. Dana really needs to take Michael “The Overrated Punk” Bisping a win and his contract from TUF3 back to Matt. Its obviously you forced Matt out from TUF3 on purpose and you are a real a**hole for not letting Matt know. Trust me on this….everyone includes Dana, Bisping, judges, any UFC fighters, and all of Brits KNEW who is the real winner PERIOD! You must set up a rematch and must be in Cincinnati, Ohio or Vegas!I know Matt will improve a lot more than what you just saw the other night and Bisping may need to start finding another career. Probably cleaning up Dana’s toliet at his crib or move on to Women UFC. (I really believe Bisping will get some TKO from those tough ladies)

I have asked someone to interpret what Bisping have said after the fight on post interview video for me. Bisping kept saying you know…you know.. you know…. YES WE KNOW YOU LOST BIG TIME DUMB ASS. You dont sound you’re that smart or common senese at all. I really enjoyed watching your beated up face. YOU sure look uglier than javelina. Cant really wait for the rematch and I am gonna be at the LIVE fight for sure if its in Cincinnati or Vegas or anywhere in America.

tfight Says, in 9-11-2007 at 02:18:34 from    

Pathetic! Hamill clearly dominated the fight. Bisping ran away the entire fight and was taken down at will. UFC just lost alot of credibility!

Andrew Says, in 9-11-2007 at 02:40:49 from    

This is absolutely ridiculous and disgraceful. Bisping got it handed to him. I had it 3 rounds to none for Hamill. This all seems extremely shady to me. Bisping is the biggest star in the UK and I think without him, the UFC would have no market in the UK. So if they were to let Bisping lose this fight in the UK it would have effected their market there. Hamill dominated this fight and from the sound of it a lot of people in that arena thought this decision was as unfair as I did. This is ridiculous. I think this was all about business for the UFC and it makes them no better than boxing. Hamill was robbed. Plain and simple.

CAM Says, in 9-11-2007 at 03:24:15 from    


Drunkensailor Says, in 9-11-2007 at 06:48:40 from    

it took bisping a round and half before he was even participating in the fight. IMO this wasn’t even a fight, it was a beating.

3 rounds goto hamill

the whole room felt this way. even the bisping fan felt hamill got robbed. I don’t know if the judges were watching a different fight or what but they certainly didn’t judge this one.

Hometowner Says, in 9-11-2007 at 08:15:30 from    

Hammill kicked his ass! The UFC should be ashamed. This was clearly Matt’s fight – Bisping was either backing up or laying on his back the whole fight. Matt took the fight to him while Mike played defense. This staged decision is what you would expect out of bull*t professional wrestling.
UFC has no balls and is guilty of either stageing the win or condoning the poor decision.

Adam Hardy Says, in 9-11-2007 at 08:16:25 from    

For all those commenting on this post that think Bisping received a ‘Hometown’ decision; London (O2 Arena) is nowhere near Lancahsire (Bisping’s county of birth).

Adam Hardy Says, in 9-11-2007 at 08:18:43 from    

Who would have guessed that all the American fans would have been sounding off? Move on.
I give a monkeys.

MICK Says, in 9-11-2007 at 08:30:00 from    

Well, I watched Ultimate Fighter 3 and was a huge fan of Bisping and Hamill. Being an Aussie, I’m not bias to any camp but we doing like beating the Poms.

At first, I must admit that I thought Bisping would probably win after seeing Hamill fight in Ultimate Fighter 3. But after recalling Hamill winning a fight with only one arm I decided I could be wrong.

Well, I was definitely wrong because Hamill did win that fight without a doubt!!! He took the first round uncontested while making a pig’s dinner of Bisping’s face. The second was a bit closer but again Hamill won the round. The third was very close and I might be persuaded that Bisping won that one.

So we come to the point of what did they score the fight on?

I read in a previous post that some guy (obvisiously a Pom) reckons Bisping danced around Hamill! Hmmmm…looked more like he was runnning away from him from where I was sitting! You obviously get big points for running around the octagon with the other guy chasing you!

And how about the comestic work! Hamill should become a plastic surgeon because Bisping looked like a completely different dude by the end of the fight…or is that because Bisping had a make up artist in his corner. Hamill still looked like Hamill!!! You must receive bonus points for how twisted your face looks. Clearly, Bisping was well twisted!

Finally, the number of times Bisping was slammed on his back was again another clear winning strategy! The way I figure it, is they must give you points for spending more time on you back then a 2 bob hoar!

I’m sorry but I can not possibly see how Bisping won that fight and Hamill was clearly the victor!

Seth Says, in 9-11-2007 at 10:31:25 from    

I think a one fight boycott would be a wonderful shot across the bow to Dana White to get his act in order, support his fans by fixing the judging of the UFC.

Dana White’s only two comments on the travesty so far have been that he thought Matt Hamill won 2 to 1 but then later stated that, “These controversies that come up don’t mean a thing to me and they roll off my back with no problem because I know it’s all (expletive),” he said. “We’re the top dogs and every little thing we do is news and people create these wacky (expletive) conspiracies. The bottom line is, we’ve embraced regulation, we want the sport to be regulated everywhere, but I’m not going to stop putting fights in the U.K. just because they don’t have a commission.”

Dana White is so preoccupied with the criticism of his company that he’s failing to acknowledge the root of this particular situation: that the judging for MMA is quickly proving itself to be broken.

Please post this is as many other forums as you know. Please ban the UFC for one fight, UFC 76, until Dana White makes a

sctlnd200 Says, in 9-11-2007 at 10:32:10 from    

this fight was close and sure hamill showed how good he is but i agree with the judges bisping little by little built up the points, bisping handled all of hamill take downs and got up, no way did hamill just let him up, hamill could not keep him down more like. i dont understand why so much controversy surronds this obvious win for bisping. some people are just sore lossers bisping for champ

FORMER_UFC_FAN Says, in 9-11-2007 at 11:11:06 from    


Mark Day Says, in 9-11-2007 at 11:24:24 from    

You lot are all biased! Bisping was the better striker, and Hamills striking was sloppy at best. Also when Hamill took Bisping down, he did nothing. Its no good to just take someone down and then just let them back up again! If Hamill was dominating the fight, why didn’t he ground and pound Bisping more? I think Hamill has potential, but he didn’t put in his best effort in this fight. If Hamill had been more aggressive the points could have gone the other way. Anyhow, the referees clearly agree with me, and all you lot are officially wrong. f****** amateurs.

BAM Says, in 9-11-2007 at 11:42:40 from    

Anyone who can seriously write on this fourm that Bisping won that fight is messed up. Hammill won all 3 rounds, he was the agressor, he took down Bisping atleast 6 or 7 times, Bisping threw wild punches that never landed and Matt didn’t have a scratch on him. Everyone who watched this fight saw the same as I did Matt got screwed over. Dana White has already said that there will be a rematch. And if therte is Bisping will lose his head this time.

Spades Says, in 9-11-2007 at 12:01:47 from    

The UFC in alot of ways have really put themselves in the front of pack as far as combat sports and making MMA exciting. But every judge that scored that fight got it wrong. Even the judge that scored the fight for Hamill got it wrong, the fight was 29-28 Hamill. Any time that the difference between the judges is that large you need to look at the quality of the judges you have. To have a judge give all 3 rounds to Hamill and 2 judges give 2 rounds to the dude who got his ass kicked is beyond acceptable. Something needs to be done, b/c this is not the first time scoring rounds has been a problem in the UFC. This is a problem that Mr. White need to address and fix this problem ASAP before he loses respect and confidence of his fans in the scoring system. Now i hope that i am wrong but friends on mine are saying a part of this could be a business call by the UFC to the help get a UFC foothold in England. My freinds are saying that the UFC may have had a reason for wanting Bisping to win. By giving the home town crowd a win with thier native bisping it would help create a larger fan base. I have told my IDOIT friend that the UFC is above that type of thing. Just take a look at who they wanted to be in that Light Heavy Champion vs. Champion fight. The orignal plan was to have Chuck Liddell against Silva, two of the biggest names in MMA worldwide, but before the fight could happen they both got knocked off. I think this is proof enough that the UFC is not like boxing and does not setup thier fights. Just think of how much money that Lidell vs. Silva fight would have brought in. Getting back to the Bisping vs. Hamill fight itself. The damage is done now i not sure anything can really be done at this point besides having them fight again. You cant really ask the UFC to take away the victory from Bisping however Hamill doesnt deserve the loss on his record either b/c he won the fight in just about everyones eyes except the judges. I say they fight again in the USA and put the title of Ultimate Fighter 3 Winner up for grabs. Lol well maybe not all that but they have to fight agian.

Evolved Says, in 9-11-2007 at 12:08:29 from    

Adam Hardy,
What’s funny is that most of us thought Bisping was going to win going into the fight. Instead he got his ass handed to him.

ally jones kirkby Says, in 9-11-2007 at 13:37:20 from    

bisping won and will F*** the big C*** properly the next time they square up and hopefully shut all you yank twats up, USA puffs.

Gary Jennings Says, in 9-11-2007 at 14:06:43 from    

I’m not a fan of neither fighter but Hamill clearly destroyed bisping in the first two rounds. Bisping won round three due to lack of cardio for Matt H. I had my 73 old grandmother watch the fight who has no interest in fighting but I wanted to get an impartial voive she thought the guy from utica ny won matt hamill and she felt bad he lost and was appauled of bispings actions not giving Matt any credit.

Bisping You are a little mamas boys bitch and I hope your proud of the way you looked in front of all the younger ufc fans. You showed them how adults don’t act. As you britts would say Bisbing you are nothing but a f****** twat.. want some come get some BITCH!!!

Pal Pete! Says, in 9-11-2007 at 14:13:36 from    

there’s not a doubt matt went for the fight at all, he won the first. Mik just got the second closly for good defence measures i feel which makes for a talented fighter as matt kept on trying for the arm bar.. dont forget mik had very good defence and did land more combo’s and actuall punches.

Mik then won the last round poss at the point of 30 sec’s to go..

Just a word on the Judges, they’re 2 of the best in the business, i do actually feel , after being at the arena and watchin the fight aqain, that Mik did do enough to win.

Fair play to Matt though he gave a good fight, was impressed.

SOLO Says, in 9-11-2007 at 15:02:42 from    

Every single person I have talked to (even Bisping fans) agree….H A M I L L WON PERIOD!

Those comments by Bisping were shameful…we can all see who the real “WANKER” is… what a D!ck.

BWEST Says, in 9-11-2007 at 15:08:10 from    

Odd that 90% of the people on here agree with me on this…I was watching for the decision and I would’ve bet $10K that Hamill won that fight and was absolutely amazed they gave it to Bisping. I was a Bisping fan before this fight, but the way he talked trash after really getting dominated just showed no class and frankly no common sense if he didn’t realize that Hamill made him look weak. Before Bisping looked like a contender for a title, but after that fight he is just another Diego Sanchez – put him against a decent fighter and his weaknesses shine! UFC must fix problems like this or at least admit that it was done badly – just like the NFL/NBA/MLB does when a huge mistake is made. Dana White saying don’t leave it to the judges hands is ridiculous and we might as well say, let’s flip a coin to see who wins with these judges.

Danielle Says, in 9-11-2007 at 15:16:21 from    

Hammill totally won all 3 rounds. He was pursuing and engaging the fight as Bisping backed away. Like a bitch!!! It’s soo sad that every sport now a days is set up and corrupt. I didn’t know we were now basing the winners of UFC fights on if they are fighting in their Hometown. What a load of BS and I can tell you this much, I will never watch another UFC fight or UFC show, or purchase any of their merchandise EVER again!!!! F*ck UFC, F*ck Dana White and F*ck Bisping, he’s a b*tch

HanSolo Says, in 9-11-2007 at 15:20:07 from    

Everyone that I’ve talked to(even Bisping fans)agree… H A M I L L_WON PERIOD!

Bisping is a real class act after making those shameful comments..We all see who the real “WANKER” is, what a D!ck..

Dave R Says, in 9-11-2007 at 15:30:34 from    

I don’t know how many of the people commenting on this fight are active MMA practitioners, but I am. I’m also a huge UFC fan, although not of Michael Bisping in particular. But what I would say is that viewers should never think that Matt Hammill dominated that fight just because he kept on moving forwards again and again. You don’t gain points for just wandering into your opponent with a lazy flailing jab time after time. He showed virtually no ground skills, and his standup (although strong) was also lazy, inaccurate, and ultimately, ineffective. Bisping on the other hand showed good ground defense, escaping numerous takedowns and takedown attempts, an active guard, and his standup was crisp and accurate (although not as effective as I would have expected).

I score the fight close, REAL close, but ultimately I agree with the judges – Bisping looked the more complete fighter, and showed the ability to cause damage in more areas.

Jimbob Says, in 9-11-2007 at 16:44:00 from    

Ok so another opinion:

Hamill won the first round

Bisping won the third.

It all hinged on the second, which could have gone either way.

Neither fighter did much damage. Hamill had a few takedowns but did little with them. Bisping picked the odd jab but did not connect any major punches.

I honestly believe this fight could have gone either way, and i don’t know why everyone is so upset that it went to Bisping.

Njersey Says, in 9-11-2007 at 17:00:00 from    

Absolutley ridiculous. The closest round was the third and Hamill still secured it with his last takedown. The first two rounds were a no-brainer for Hamill. My friends from England even argreed with me they were shocked. I lost some respect for the UFC after that decision.

dave Says, in 9-11-2007 at 17:53:04 from    

Im a bisping fan,But Hammil beat the piss out of him is the UFC fixed? Im hedgeing my bets it is just like every other sport

Joe Says, in 9-11-2007 at 18:25:41 from    

Sad state of affairs for the UFC i wish this would be directly addressed… instant replay in UFC?

paul Says, in 9-11-2007 at 18:35:15 from    

Bisping is an over rated fighter anyways. If he fights anybody in the top 10 he will for sure get smashed to pieces. He has no punching power compared to the top guys and has a glass chin. He wouldn’t even contend in 185 lb division

Hew Says, in 9-11-2007 at 18:40:30 from    

I am a bisping fan, and will never be again. No respect for mma or much less his country. If bisping was a REAL UFC fighter, he would renounce that win and give it to Hamill… way to take credit for a fight you didn’t win buddy! Oh, and the judges… oh the judges… I hope you all got paid really well for your decisions! you should be BANNED from UFC!!!

Cody Says, in 9-11-2007 at 20:09:59 from    

Matt, as one of your biggest fans, you were robbed and deserve the win. Props to your coming fights in the future and hope to see more of them.

Michael , next time at least try to pretend like you didnt know what was going on lol , What a Tard.

plemzo Says, in 9-11-2007 at 20:27:09 from    

I scored it 29-28 all three rounds for Hamill. Was shocked with the outcome to be quite honest. But, this is a big problem with hometown favorites, not the first time it has happened, and wont be the last.

Danny Says, in 9-11-2007 at 20:34:11 from    

Anybody who thinks Bisping won that fight obviously knows very little about MMA. I agree the fight was very boring not alot of action but the aggressor and more dominate fighter was Hamill. Hamill was walking Bisping down the entire time. Bisping basically was running away. Hamill had 6-7 solid take downs though he didn’t do a whole lot on the GnP. The most significant punch of the whole match was in the first round when Hamill rocked Bisping with a heavy right hand. Even if this was a regular street fight Hamill still won. All you KOOKS who think Bisping won need some lessons in combat sports. Your in some fantasy land. You were probably the type of kids that got beat up at the bus stop and then bragged to everybody that you won. Grow some balls and be FOR REAL

lostinsanity Says, in 9-11-2007 at 20:49:07 from    

hey, what happened to my last post?

and danny, I think it is you and all the rest who don’t know anything about mixed martial arts.

Bisping did enough to win, that’s all there is to it

angelo Says, in 9-11-2007 at 21:03:26 from    

Bisbing is a mug I know that now after seeing that fight, what a joke. I thought the UFC would be honest not like other combat sports. Bisbing got well and truely spanked in that fight and hamill was robbed, “F” the UFC we want real results, the same game we watched, not this crap.
Hamill, you the MAN!
Bisbing, I hope you get your ass spanked in your next fight, muppet.
And Im from the UK LOL.

Mark Day Says, in 9-11-2007 at 21:04:40 from    

Oh dear. All you americans like to whinge and moan when you lose. Bisping won as he was the better man on the day, its as simple as that. A lot of you think hamill should have won as he scored more takedowns. Sure, he took bisping down several times, hamills obviously got a LOT of strength. However, strength needs to be combined with skill and stamina to get anywhere. Just simply pulling bisping to the ground and cuddling him isn’t going to win a fight. Also, bisping escaped every time, which shows a lot of skill to escape from a seasoned grappler so easily. And as for bisping saying ‘get back to wrestling’, so f****** what? Let me get this, its ok for both of them to trash talk loads before the fight, but bisping makes a light hearted comment afterwards, and everyone gets upset. Seriously, who cares. More trash talk means more hype for the rematch.

Adam Says, in 9-11-2007 at 21:08:12 from    

What happened to the good old days like UFC 1 when a fight was a fight. Dude gets soccer kicked in the mouth and his teeth go flying into the crowd. Now we have all these bullshit rules and incompetent judges. Bring it back to NO HOLDS BARRED, TANK ABBOTT BABY.

Mark Day Says, in 9-11-2007 at 21:11:56 from    

Oh and to Danny, thanks for the information. Silly me, i stand corrected. After spending years learning karate, learning kung fu for a while, a bit of aikido, some boxing in my teens and in more recent years brazilian ju jitsu, thai boxing and mma, i can indeed see that i need some lessons in ‘combat sports’. I shall go back to the bus stop and get beat up.

To be honest, i hate point decisions. The fight should be allowed to continue for a while longer, and it is frustrating to leave a decision for judges. However, if hamill had been that much better than bisping, surely he could have secured a submission, or maybe even a knockout?

Adam Says, in 9-11-2007 at 22:57:56 from    

Angelo you rock you da man. From the UK and man enough to admit who the real winner is unlike lostinsanity and that Wanker Mark Day. Much respect p.s. mosey on over and slap those guys around for me.

guy Says, in 9-11-2007 at 23:31:29 from    

matt hamill beat the s*** out of that dick

Michael Bisping Says, in 9-11-2007 at 23:34:53 from    

ya matt hamill won that fight the judges obviously wernt watching the fight

K R Lewis Says, in 9-12-2007 at 00:02:13 from    

I have been watching UFC since its beginning ,,, I was outraged at the outcome of this fight and for the first time, since Dana White took over the organization, I believe the decision was financially based. Dana White is trying to expand the sport to the world and could not let the first fight overseas go to an American …. think about it. Dana White used Matt H as a guinea pig and I feel that he took advantage of him. I think Dana expected Bisping to dominate this fight and then when he didn’t he forced to make a financial decision that in the end has hurt his reputation. I will not support the validity of UFC anymore unless Dana White makes a public apology to Matt H and admits that the judges (or he) made a mistake. Also don’t be fooled about what Matt H doesn’t hear.. I have a beautiful daughter who is hearing impaired and she knows what everyone is saying. Deaf people have very accute senses and can read lips from very far away. Matt H has class and just accepted the decision, even though he knew it was wrong. Dana White should think Bisping is a disgrace to the UFC after his ridiculous comments following the fight. Bisping only proved that he is The Ultimate Loser.

MICK Says, in 9-12-2007 at 00:57:08 from    

I’m like the the other 99%…blind and stupid!!!

I feel it’s worth pointing out that it maybe possible that Bisping landed more shots but if he did they were shite! It’s kinda like saying, in a war, if you bomb a city with a firecracker does it count for something. NO! Or if you fly over their turf firing a BB gun then piss off as quick as possible, that’s dominating the battle.

As far as I’m concerned, if you have the enemy on the run while they’re being inflicted with damage, then you’re dominating the battle. Sounds rather like Hamill chasing Bisping around the ring and dumping his ass on the floor!

I mean, it’s meant to be ultimate fighting which is really about no holes barred messing the other guy up till he can’t take anymore – not dancing around him while giving him love taps!!!

Sure Bisping looks more like he’s doing something out there with his technique but who gives a rat’s! Hamill on the other hand isn’t the most orthodox looking fighter but he is imposing, asserts his dominance at will and when he hits you know about it. Bisping’s face speaks volumes!

Finally, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass who’s a judge or knows how to score a fight, 99% of the posts say Hamill won – are you honestly suggesting we are all wrong? C’mon!!!

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably…you know the rest!

Recent Fan Says, in 9-12-2007 at 02:42:49 from    

I have always enjoyed UFC. I just graduated college in May and since then have become a huge fan of MMA while being unemployed and looking for a job. This Bisping win made no since to me at all. Bisping was backing up and avoiding Hamill the entire fight. The first round obviously went to Hamill. In the second round Hamill was less dominant, but I still say he was the aggressor. I could maybe see the second round being a draw, but there’s no way Bisping won it. The third round I’d say went to Bisping. Also at the end of the fight I thought Hamill looked like he was way more tired and exhausted than Bisping. I don’t really know how scoring works in the UFC. Perhaps at the end of the fight the judges said since Bisping won round 3 and looked less exhausted at the end of the fight they gave him round 2 also since it was so close. Does that kind of stuff happen? I don’t know. I don’t think Bisping won. I think they should have at least had a fourth round. Bottom line is Bisping ran away from Hamill for two rounds and had a good round three after Hamill was exhausted from chasing him.

Big Andy Says, in 9-12-2007 at 04:10:21 from    

I agree with everyone that was Matts Fight. He got robbed no damn question about it.I jus lost a lil bit of respect for the UFC

Si Says, in 9-12-2007 at 05:50:26 from    

i thought it was a close fight but the decision was probably correct… could have gone either way but with with UFC scoring Bisping took the 2nd and 3rd round although Hamill clearly took the first round and should receive plaudits for being the aggressor

lostinsanity Says, in 9-12-2007 at 06:47:39 from    

Bisping was backing up, sure, but he wasn’t “running away” he was “evading”.

Why would he go towards someone who is a good grappler? Why run into someone who would just grab you and smack you to the ground with ease?

He was keeping his distance, if you wish to see that as running away then that is up to you, but I see it as Bisping making Hamill chase him to make it harder for him to get a takedown.

It is clear to see who the knowledgable people are here, they are the ones who say “it was a close fight, but Bisping did enough” and the ones who clearly haven’t a clue, act like Hamill dominated.

If Hamill dominated so much, how come he missed more shots than he landed, and how come he couldn’t keep Bisping down?

And tell me, why is no one getting annoyed about the Marcus Davis fight? Oh that’s right, he is an American!

angry dude Says, in 9-12-2007 at 10:49:39 from    

Before I comment, let me tell you who I am, so you can judge for yourself if I might be biased.

I’m from Canada. I like britain more than the US. I usually cheer against the Americans.

Before this fight I was a huge Bisping fan. I liked him all the way through TUF 3. I picked him to win the show. I think he’s a much better, more well rounded fighter than Hamill. Before the match I figured Bisping would absolutely dominate the fight. I would have bet $100 against $20 that Bisping would win. And I really wanted Bisping to win.

So if I’m biased in favour of anyone, it would be Bisping.

And I still think that Bisping totally got his butt wooped.

And yes, I’ve been watching MMA for years, and have been a practicing marital artist for over 18 years.

Over 15 minutes of the fight, Bisping didn’t throw a single punch, kick, score a take down, or a near submission, which would leave me to believe he had the capacity to beat Hamil. “Dancing around” your oponent and inefectually japing his arms and shoulders is not effective striking. Wiggling free and getting back to your feet is not effective grapling. Bisping didn’t do anything useful offensively, and was never even close to causing Hamil any harm. All he managed to do was avoid getting hurt too badly himself, and he didn’t even do a very good job of that.

Sarah Says, in 9-12-2007 at 13:06:49 from    

I think all judges had their head up their asses that night! hamill won this fight hands down and bisping should be utterly embarassed to have accepted the results!! what a pity that such a dominating, strong and manly sport has such p****’s in the background!!

ALLY FROM KIRKBY Says, in 9-12-2007 at 13:47:58 from    


NACONIDAS Says, in 9-12-2007 at 15:19:24 from    

It’s an absolute joke to think that Bisping got this decision. He only started to put up a fight halfway thruogh the 2nd round, and didn’t really do any damage until the 3rd. Hamill absolutely got robbed and the UFC should be ashamed of this decision.

An injustice to say the least.

sYndrome-TAG- Says, in 9-12-2007 at 19:21:52 from    

Bisping got his azz hkicked through most of the fight, I would have scored the last round even, Hamill won the first two rounds easily, he should have finished the fight with a knockout!

cns Says, in 9-12-2007 at 21:51:39 from    

hamill clearly won the first 2 rnds of this fight even playing bispings game he dominated him at will and blocked alot of the punches if this fight was hosted in north america then maybe it would have been scored fairly, its complete BS!

Danny Says, in 9-12-2007 at 23:41:53 from    

I want to lick Bisbing’s Jockstrap.

MICK Says, in 9-13-2007 at 01:15:05 from    

For those Poms who keep suggesting it’s only Yanks on here crying fowl, I’m an Aussie! Hamill won!

To put things into perspective, I was a big fan of Bisping in UFC3 but after this fight things changed. I realise he didn’t have control over the result so that I could live with. What does bother me though, is his shite comments after the fight. What a total wanker!

ally from kirkby Says, in 9-13-2007 at 01:49:43 from    

bisping, bisping, bisping, bisping, bisping, bisping

Kristopher Says, in 9-13-2007 at 03:01:12 from    

I remember the fight that the ref warned boths fighters that he would take a point away from the first person that retreated. Arlovski fight if i remember correctly lol. Nothing can ever explain what happened on saturday. sad day

jb Says, in 9-13-2007 at 05:48:24 from    

angrydude – thank you for your posting. i like what you have to say and how you said it.

the way i saw the fight the first time, and the additional times since, i see it as round 1 &2 – hamill and round 3 – bisping

with that being said, i think bisping should have looked in the mirror before telling matt to, “go back to wrestling!” it was hamill that messed up his face and messed it up good at that.

i’m waiting for a rematch.

Hoss Says, in 9-13-2007 at 10:01:34 from    

Bisping better keep fighting in England…all that home-cooking by the judges is the only way he’s going to keep winning.

Go back to wrestling, please. Bisping should have embarrassed to even accept his hand being raised.

Gary Says, in 9-13-2007 at 10:35:22 from    

I’ve known mike personally a few years now, and even though I wouldn’t consider him my best friend or anything. I do know that he gave that fight 100% and whether he won or lost no one can take away that he is a talented fighter.

However I’m sad to say that he really struggled in that fight and after watching it twice, Even I think he lost….

Only a re-match will silence us all…….

J Dizzle Says, in 9-13-2007 at 11:39:18 from    

This is why I have so much respect for Quinton Jackson. After the fight he should’ve lost to Shoguns brother he made it known that he should’ve lost the decision. He didn’t go around saying he was the better man knowing he got beat in the ring.

Bisping got beat by Hamil. Just because he was flailing his arms for the 2nd a 3rd rounds doesn’t mean he’s doing anything.

HAMIL FOR PRESIDENT!!! I respect his humility even though he knew he one. He didn’t complain or rip the judges. He showed he’s the better fighter during the fight and a better man after the fight.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-13-2007 at 15:04:03 from    

Bisping didn’t say he was a better man, he merely said what he should have said.

Why is no one saying anything about Hamill talking s*** about Bisping constantly since the show?

Why should Bisping be punished for making 1 little remark after hearing his name, when Hamill has been tarnishing Bispings ultimate fighter win since the show ended.

You Americans are making this too personal…

ally from kirkby Says, in 9-13-2007 at 16:03:39 from    

well said lostinsanity

Kristopher Says, in 9-13-2007 at 17:51:36 from    

A rematch is insulting……Bisping doesnt deserve one in my opinion. R.I.P UFC

Angry American Says, in 9-13-2007 at 19:05:25 from    

If Bisping won a round it was the second.

A lot people are saying Bisping won the third round. I don’t think so. I’ve only been taking Jiu-Jitsu lessons for a few months and Bispings technique was lacking. Hamill past his guard at will during the third round and that should count for something. Like some posters have said, Bisping didn’t land many good blows and he danced like it was a true boxing match. There was no “mix” to his “mixed martial arts.” If someone should go back to a sport it’s Bisping.

Rogan was talking about Bisping’s Kimura and his arm bar, but I didn’t see it. From guard he did nothing more than stay afloat long enough for Hamill to let him up.

Rob Says, in 9-13-2007 at 20:10:31 from    

Im from Liverpool England near were bispings from im a huge fan of his but i think hammill took this one. i give the first to hammill the 2nd to hammill and the 3rd to bisping.

worst split ever Says, in 9-13-2007 at 20:43:20 from    

that was the worst split decision ive ever seen – takedowns dont count for anything in the u.k. or what? Hamill dominated Bisping – Bispings skill lacks what Hamill has has gained since the the tv show

Hometown hero Bisping was so shocked he almost jumped out the ring

Hamill will throw down in the rematch

hope we get better judges then the dumb ass u.k. idiots

emelianenkos fan Says, in 9-13-2007 at 20:54:11 from    

this was the worst decision i have ever seen in the ufc. i watched the fight with over 20 diff people and not one scored the fight for bisping.it reminded me of some of the japanese fights were the home town japanese fighter gets the home town decision. And this is not coming from a matt hamil fan.

Stove6 Says, in 9-13-2007 at 22:17:16 from    

If Bisping went to the 185 pound division, A. Silva and Rich Franklin would OWN him. This was fight was ALL HAMILL; he out-muscled Bisping effortlessly and had The Count on the run. When Bis was in a headlock, notice how Hammer would throw uppercuts and score. Are the judges blind?
Can you say “Fixed Fight?”

Tim Says, in 9-13-2007 at 23:01:39 from    

This bout was scored on a ten point must system, the system most commonly used to score MMA competions. The rules of scoring are below with my comments added.

Effective Aggressiveness.
This is determined as the fighter showing most effort to win. It is of no use to simply be aggressive. The fighter’s effort must be effective effort.

Hamill had bisping backing up or on his back the entire fight. Everytime Bisbing threw a knee or a kick he got taken down. Though the guard of Bisping was “active” he never had Hamill in real trouble with a submission. Hamill rocked bisping. Bisping never rocked Hamill

Effective Technique.
This area includes Striking, Clinch Work, Takedowns, Submission attempts, Transitioning, and Positioning.

Multiple take downs, fairly even in striking, bisping NEVER maintained dominant position. Yes, he got up, but more often then not he was LET up. Hamill rocked bisping. Bisping never rocked Hamill

Cage/ Ring Control. This is assessed by determining which fighter has used the fighting area to his / her advantage the most.

Did anybody see bisbing step forward in this fight? The center of the ring was CONSTANTLY controlled by Hamill.

Defence / Escapes.

Bisping may have won this. He did a lot of escaping (ran like a scared rabbit) Beef, that’s what we in America call Sarcasm. Your ignorance is painful to read. Unfortunately this type of escaping doesn’t count in scoring and it’s why they put a door on the cage. Otherwise bisping may have ended up in his locker room hiding in his locker.

Anybody with any questions about who won this fight should print this out and watch it with the score card in mind. I don’t care one way or the other for either fighter, but it’s a disgrace to the sport when this is allowed to happen. I don’t hold bisping accountable, and I only “slam” him in this post to prove a point. He did not judge the fight, he only won a very unfair decision.

Kristopher Says, in 9-14-2007 at 00:09:19 from    

I couldn’t agree more. This will be interesting. Spike is replaying the event Friday night. So anyone who didn’t see it, will get the chance. Unless they pull it for programming. The fact that the blogs are still fairly well lit up with new entries expressing rage 5 days after the event speaks volumes. Bisping wasn’t the only thing exposed that night. I wish Dana never got his hands on the UFC. Not to say I didn’t want MMA to grow. I’m still not sure what it was i actually saw on Saturday, but i wasn’t MMA.

J Ross Says, in 9-14-2007 at 00:11:37 from    

Bisping isn’t even in the same league as Hamill. Both of Bisping’s eyes were bleeding and he was on his back more times than a French whore. Maybe the Brit’s are still pissed off that we kicked their ass in 1776.

Greg G. Says, in 9-14-2007 at 01:25:25 from    

This is to Bisping. You should quit training start drinking a lot of beer because you have proven yourself to be a flunky and worse. You can spin that fight anyway you want. Too many people saw you get your ass handed to you. Had it not been for the disgracefull decision you would still be one of my MMA artists that I respect. Anyone with any knowledge of the fight game knows that this fight was “fixed”. Even the people at your arena were booing the decision. The UFC “Unfair Fight Club” has lost a lot of viewers and so have you. I started in MMA in 1970 and have seen the majority of the big fights since and you need to know that this has been a black eye on the sport. “Most” Martial arts teach that honor is as important as victory. That is something you must not have learned. By the way “Do not attempt a rematch with Hamill” Everyone knows who won the fight. Kiss Dana White on the cheek when you get your check. You both are in the same class. P.S. The fight may have been “rigged” to cause a rematch. They just didnt expect Hamill to win so easily.

white_fox Says, in 9-14-2007 at 01:28:13 from    

absolutely absurd!
UFC is rising over boxing and has just brought everything down to their level.

Greg G. Says, in 9-14-2007 at 01:34:52 from    

To all MMA fans. Rewatch the entire fight. Notice how Joe Rogan trys to make Bisping seem like he is doing more than he is. I noticed this during the 1st viewing of the fight. Joe seems to know how the fight decision will go. Shame on you Joe I thought you were a stand up type of guy. —- The entire fight was to “push” Bisping up in the standings. Dana White is a good business man. He wants a re-match so we will watch the pay-per-view. Dont do it. It was a set up from the start. THE ONLY WAY TO SETTLE THIS IS TO GET NEW JUDGES TO VIEW THE FIGHT AND RE-SCORE. DO NOT FALL FOR THE RE-MATCH MONEY MAKING SCHEME.

ally from kirkby Says, in 9-14-2007 at 02:13:07 from    

let it go, bisping beat hamill, its as simple as that, you can go on about conspiracy theories all you like, accept defeat and be men instead of the crying moaning bastards you have been, accept that michael bisping is here to stay at whatever weight, bisping, bisping, bisping,bisping.

former ufc fan Says, in 9-14-2007 at 02:28:29 from    

i won’t pay for another ppv ufc event. that was an absurd and fixed decision. if i wanted to watch fixed fights, i’d have tuned in for a boxing match. too bad the ufc sold out. what a joke. by the way, bisping…you are an ass-hole. oh, sorry, i meant to say…YOU ARE AN ASS-HOLE!!!!

Kristopher Says, in 9-14-2007 at 03:00:38 from    

I personally feel that the fight should be declared a no contest and both fighters records should be returned to pre fight status. I believe the judges should be suspeneded, and an investigation should take place.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-14-2007 at 07:48:27 from    

To the few of you saying it was the “uk judges being biased” I think you will find that only 1 of the 3 judges was British… and guess which one that was?

That’s right, the one who scored it 30-27 for Hamill

dtbristol Says, in 9-14-2007 at 08:46:28 from    

Lostinsanity you are funny. Backing up is evading! So points scored for aggression and ring control obviously went to Bisping! Why? Hamill was chasing him around the ring so Bisping was controlling Hamill’s aggression and the ring at the same time! You don’t have to be lost and insane to agree with this but it helps!

Daniel_UFC_Fan Says, in 9-14-2007 at 13:33:52 from    

Michael Bisping Beat Matt Hamill In The Second And Third Round, You Have Got To Realize That In Round Two And Three, Bisping Defended Takedowns Very Well, Also Connected With More Punches, Hamill Seem To Fatigue Very Quickly. No Disrespect To Hamill What An Incredible Fighter He Dominated In Round One But His Aggressiveness Was Cancelled Out In Rounds 2 And 3 By Bispings Movement And Counter Punches. Would Love To See A Re-Match To Settle This All.

Shannon Says, in 9-14-2007 at 14:11:09 from    

MATT IS THE MAN!!! Before the fight even happened I could not pick I winner, because I had the same amount of respect for both fighters. I can’t believe that Bisping won he fought terribly, and you could tell he was scared of Matts amazing take downs!! This sport is one that I like because I thought that people said what was on there mind and what was right (Joe Rogan). However after the outcome of this fight I lost a lot of respect for Michael Bisping, Joe Rogan, and Dana White. I really think that Bisbing deserves to get his butt kicked in another fight agaist Matt. And most of all I think Matt deserves it. He’s a great athlete and just an amazing guy that deserves another chance, and this time all be routing for him all the way.

TroyL Says, in 9-14-2007 at 14:58:00 from    

I was not able to enjoy the title fight because of the Hamill vs. Bisping decision. Even the way Dana responded to this issue makes be want to stop watching UFC. Judging and Dana’s lack of influence to correct this issue, make UFC start to look like WWF.

naomi Says, in 9-14-2007 at 15:59:34 from    

I must say I like both fighters, and I honestly am disappointed with the decision. Matt Hamill dominated that ring. I was shocked when I saw Matt Hamill kick his a**. Either way Bisping was not the best fighter that night. Matt Hamil was the champ in my eyes. Matt got robbed, it had to be a home court advantage. Matts come such a long way and his hard work shows. Those judges should looked into. So in favor of the English. Matt was so nice about it too,he said “oh the best man won”, but you could see in his face that he was so disappointed and hurt with the decision. And Bisping making negative comments towards him, so wrong of him. Sorry Matt. You got robbed.

JZ Says, in 9-14-2007 at 19:14:27 from    

I laughed at the post that said Hamill lost to Bisping after watching it a few times. Comeon dumbass, do you even know how an MMA fight is scored? Go back and play with your GI Joes and Army men.

JZ Says, in 9-14-2007 at 19:16:44 from    

and if you watch the end, it seemed like Bisping jumped up before he even heard his name called as winner.

Stove6 Says, in 9-14-2007 at 20:49:07 from    

Great fight… Bisping ought to be ashamed of himself for accepting that as a win. Hamill had him on the run and The Count’ess’ looked like a scared little girl. Notice how Hamill ate that knee from Bis and Hamill just grabbed him and threw him against the cage? Beautiful!

Personally I do not like Bis’ cocky attitude; like he is God’s gift to MMA. Hamill stalked him like a machine around the Oct. and just imposed his will..
The judges ought to have their head examined.

small fry Says, in 9-14-2007 at 23:16:17 from    

I only caught 3 minutes of the 3rd round last Friday and thought after hearing the way bisping talked after the fight that he must have done something great the other two rounds? After seeing it all the way tonight I couldn’t believe that the decision went to bisping. I was pissed off. At the same time Matt shouldn’t have kept letting bisping back up, he needs to know when keep someone down and finish. Hamill made bisping look small… I agree that bisping should move down to 185. I doubt you’ll see either one of these fighters come close to holding a title. Bisping is not all that (don’t think he even hurt hamill once… and it’s not like hamill has great defense.. hamill’s not a counter striker either), Hamill has a ton of work to do before he reach that level, but atleast he’s got the strength. I would love to see a reach match and hopefully it won’t come down to the judges again!

rabbit Says, in 9-15-2007 at 00:08:01 from    

Bisbing won?You can’t be serious.At least it was free on Spike TV for me,I’d been pissed had i paid to see that horrid decision.Can’t say much I’m still in shock there are really people who think Bisbing won that fight.

born2kill Says, in 9-15-2007 at 00:16:40 from    

Thats a really tough fight to call. Obviously Matt dominated round 1. And rounds 2 and 3 were even, and i could imagine a judge flipping a coin and picking bisping for a round, but its highly improbable that all 3 judges scored all 6 of those very even rounds for bisping; and whomever scored round 1 for bisping, has no business judging anything ever.

Also, its weird that Hamill wouldnt have won the close rounds, because eventhough Bisping did more striking, none of it hurt or slowed Matt down one bit, but the takedowns (which UFC judges usually weigh heavier) slowed bisping down a little bit. Odd indeed

Peter Says, in 9-15-2007 at 02:28:35 from    

I won’t reiterate everything that’s already been said other than I also feel HAMIL WON hands down at least 2 of 3 rounds.

Ramon Says, in 9-15-2007 at 04:04:56 from    

when it comes to effective striking, who has a bleeding face? when it comes to effective grappling, who is being taken down?
when it comes to aggression, who is always backing up?
when it comes to octagon control, who is consistently running away? the reason we watch UFC is b/c either one of the fighters can win. Couture is a great fighter but his win against Gonzaga was a lucky win. he broke his nose on a takedown. Kongo is a great fighter but he beat Cro Cop by kneeing him in the balls twice. thats what we want to see, a real fight where anything can happen. Not, a fight where the decision is made before-hand. to Dana White, DO THIS RIGHT!

Corey Says, in 9-15-2007 at 05:24:56 from    

I don’t want to be rude, but anyone who thinks that Michael Bisping won any round in this fight has a bad case of lying eyes and dormant brain waves. This was a simple robbery on the part of the judges. Anyone who knows MMA is lying if they say otherwise. Matt Hamill wasn’t the only one cheated out of the victory he deserved. The fans were cheated as well. It was so one sided in favor of Matt, it seems silly to even be discussing ‘who thought who won’. I’ve totally lost all respect for Bisping, who knows all too well he got his butt spanked, and I’ve lost quite a bit of respect for the UFC. I expect this unconscionable decision to haunt both for quite a while. The only solace I have is the thought of Bisping feeling the aftermath of the whipping he received.

Corey Says, in 9-15-2007 at 05:43:30 from    

I’d also like to respond to this ‘Bias’ person who really shouldn’t be allowed to make comments on this blog. He seems to be well below the minimal IQ requirements for participating in an adult conversation. Hey, Bias! what country are YOU from?! Idiot!! For your information, Americans appreciate true sport. Not crap masquerading as sport, and as sports fans, we know when we’ve been served up some home cooking. Besides, as a man, I wouldn’t want to be given something I didn’t deserve, and if you feel comfortable with that, perhaps you’re not a man. Wait a minute… are you a woman?! Ooops!

Dick Stroker Says, in 9-15-2007 at 08:58:55 from    

I have no interest in the UFC after this fight. I withdraw my support, why bother watching on TV and supporting their sponsors, or buying tickets to a match, when the results are meaningless.

I’ve seen some matches that were too close to call… this is not one of them.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-15-2007 at 11:38:18 from    

Read the statement by Jeff Mullen on Bispings site I gave up there.

You will see why it was scored for Bisping.

It was only the inexperienced judge that scored it for Hamill, because contrary to what you know-nothings think, Bisping dominated the fight, he may have been going backwards, but that is effective defense and octagon control, he was controlling his opponents decisions and not allowing him to get close enough to do anything, and even when he did, especially in the 2nd and 3rd round, Hamill failed to do anything with it.

Hamill did NOT dominate this fight, it was a close fight, but Bisping was the more dominant in the way the fight was controlled.

For the record, Jeff Mullen is not British, I can’t say for sure, but I think he is a Nevada native.

I know it being Bispings site isn’t much of a reference for an unbiased opinion, but I hope that if you read it, you will see why it was scored for Bisping.

In the end, Hamill is not on Bispings level, Hamill is being allowed to say whatever he wants, just because he is hard of hearing?

Seems unfair that as soon as Bisping retaliates after the fight, he is suddenly the bad guy

ally from kirkby Says, in 9-15-2007 at 12:37:16 from    

id like to respond to this ‘corey’ person, its obvious that you are a bit of a puff and wear pvc knickers, you americans are just bad at losing, its alright you cant win all the time and just because hamill fights like ‘kip’ from the film napolian dynamite theres no need to keep moaning like excited little girls playing with their barbie dolls, so get f*****.

Robert Richards Says, in 9-15-2007 at 13:04:26 from    

I watched it again last night,Hamil easily had the first, the second was closer but still Hamil and the third was Bisping’s best but Hamil still had two takedowns and took his back twice ????.And since when does a fighter score points for being allowed to stand back up ,it’s not like he escaped a takedown and got up, Hamil let him up.Very shitty outcome to a fine fight by Hamil, showed how overrrated Bisping is though.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-15-2007 at 15:20:36 from    

“And since when does a fighter score points for being allowed to stand back up ,it’s not like he escaped a takedown and got up”

It isn’t the fact that he scored points, it is more that Hamill lost points.

Bisping didn’t do a lot wrong, he made his opponent miss more than he hit, and he deserved the win.

People say he was running away, but I never saw him turn his back to his opponent, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t run backwards very fast, so clearly he was just evading.

Bisping won, I can’t believe people are still debating it, because it is clear why they picked Bisping, and if there is a rematch, I feel it would be unfair on the ultimate fighter champion.

He shouldn’t have to fight him again, he shouldn’t have fought him in the first place, he was just sick of hearing Hamill bad mouthing him.

I would have done, and said the same in his situation, and I challenge any man to say they wouldn’t.

Kristopher Says, in 9-15-2007 at 17:18:37 from    

It’s that I have to repeat this but…..IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COUNTRY YOU COME FROM!!!!!! It’s about bloody integrity, to me anyways. “Bisping dominated the fight, he may have been going backwards, but that is effective defense and octagon control” Are you kidding me? Most people(a very small minority) that have tried to defend the decision have seemed to argue that he “outboxed” Hamill. Your explanation seems to lack even more credibility. I’ve been watching since UFC 1 and to be honest, this was the most obvious manipulation of scoring i have ever seen. To many things to question….and no answers to be found.
1. Why wasn’t the fight sanctioned?
2. Who benifits MOST from a Bisping win in London?
3. Why did the judges feel the need to explain themselves?
4. Was the explanation credible?
5. Why did 90% of MMA fans/writers feel Hammil should have won?
6. Did Matt Hamill score points while on the ground?
7. Did Matt Hamill already have a mouse on his face prior to the fight?
8. Did Michael Bisping scramble or did Hamill allow him to stand?
9. Who brought in the Judges?
10. Who did the drug testing?
11. How much money stood to change hands prior to the fight(vegas odds).
12. Can the fans do anything about it legally ie. demand an investigation?
13. Would their have been an investigation if the fight had been held in Nevada?
14. What was Dana’s response to people who ask these kinds of questions?
15. Do the fans have the right to ask these kind of questions?
16. What has been the UFC’s number 1 priority since the controversy took place?

If you honestly answer those questions (and many more that are out there) and still want to reduce it to a “bad call” it’s upto you.

ally from kirkby Says, in 9-15-2007 at 17:40:10 from    

michael bisping will in time be a champion, the man is a warrior, nobody can take that away from him, all you are doing is fuelling his veins with venom and no-one best be in his way when he blows, i hope he has read some of the s*** said about this fight and about him and uses it as his focus besides his family to power him to victory in the rematch,matt hamill will have to be at his sharpest because the ‘count’ is going to knock F*** out of him, bisping will be the next president of the usa, bisping, bisping, bisping, bisping.

Corey Says, in 9-15-2007 at 19:40:40 from    

Hi, Ally from Kirkby. Possess a little hostility towards Americans do we? The point I was trying to make is that we would rather have seen Matt Hamill get a beat down rather than lose like that. Prior to his actions in this fight, I liked Bisping. I thought it was in poor taste to brag after the fight, but then again he may have been delusional. Had Bisping won the fight and the decision went to Hamill, I would be defending Bisping.

And you wouldn’t have survived were I grew up. There’s no need to be vulgar, unless you just can’t control your emotions. Weakness.

counting the punches. Says, in 9-16-2007 at 00:03:47 from    

i watched this over and over. hamil kills bisping in the first. in the second he lands over 2times the amount of hits, drops bisping 2times, hits him effectively a few times under the greco-roman clinch. so the 2nd is clearly hamil again, last round drops bisping 3times, for a total of almost half the round hamil is on top, they land about the same amount of punches but hamil seems to get the harder of the two. again there is no contest, hamil in the 3rd again.

there is no way bisping won that fight.

dtbristol Says, in 9-16-2007 at 01:34:32 from    

Insane said “Bisping dominated the fight, he may have been going backwards, but that is effective defense and octagon control, he was controlling his opponents decisions..”

Bisping dominated the fight by going backwards? Having your opponent chase you around the ring is establishing octagon control? That isn’t the UFC that is Alice in Wonderland. Alice was willing to believe 6 impossible things before breakfast. You have four left. LOL

Shawn Riley Says, in 9-16-2007 at 04:48:11 from    

Matt Shouldve gotten the Decision bisping got f***** up. the only reason why bisping won is because ufc felt bad if bisping loses in his own town. lol

Paul-John Brinkman Says, in 9-16-2007 at 13:11:36 from    

Bisbing you suck

Keep it simple, Bisbing had the crap smacked out of him, was taken down at will and he was beaten by a stronger man, Josh Craicheck won his previos fight by simply getting the takedowmns.Bisbing shot his mouth off about Hamill being one dimentional, Hamill beat him at his own game

The main concern should be that Dana White had invested to much money in promoting Bisbing for him to loose, bisping talks better so he can promote himself more to a large ’20 thousand o2 tickets sales aswell as pay per view’ uk audience.
Eventually ufc became a slave to the numbers with Dana white being the biggest bitch of all, you know he called the shots on that decision, siting at the side of the ring, president of the ufc world.

Power corrupts, ultimate fighter power absolutely corrupts. we thought ufc was pure, we may have just witnessed the turning point. You could see it on the faces of the presenters and Bisbing couldnt hide his face far enough in his bassball cap. Before you know it the fights will be fabricated, if they arent allready, just like wwf, who knows maybe hulk hogan can make a comeback?

All i know is that hurt, i was starting to get into it, their are some great athleates with great heart, who now have to dance to that arsehole Dana Whites puppet strings.

ally from kirkby Says, in 9-16-2007 at 14:53:59 from    

hey brinkman, get off your soapbox

Zedd Says, in 9-16-2007 at 20:20:59 from    

I like bisping, but I dont see how you could give either of the first two rounds to him… the third maybe… result sucked- I couldnt believe what I was seeing.

Daniel_UFC_Fan Says, in 9-17-2007 at 03:52:25 from    

What I Dont Understand Is Why Everyone Hates Bisping, The Guy Is Fighting To Feed His Family. All Bisping Done Was Fight. The Judges Gave Him The Fight Its Not His Fault. Even Though He Won The Fight Legally I Might Add. All you People Are Hypocrites Until Youve Fought MMA You Have No Right To Judge Someone Else. Get A Life Move On. Havent You Got Nothing Better To Do Than Bad Mouth Some One Who Is Just TRying To Get Paid.

lostinsanity Says, in 9-17-2007 at 06:18:51 from    

Say what you like about Bisping going backwards, but like I said before, I never once saw him turn his back to his opponent.

Why do you have to be going forward to win a fight? He was making Hamill chase him.

Seriously, if any of you were fighters, you would know that Bisping going backwards was a good tactic, he was keeping as much distance from an established wrestler as he felt was necessary.

It’s like boxing, if you are fighting someone who likes to fight up close, you stay far away, and it is the same with MMA. Fight someone who is experienced in grappling, stay far enough away to make it hard for them to grab you.

But to say that Hamill dominated is ridiculous, if he had dominated, he would have won the fight, it’s simple.

To accuse the fight of being fixed is also ridiculous, the fact is, Hamill missed more shots than he hit, therefore he lost the effective striking points, he let Bisping get up, which lost him the ground control/grappling points, and he was being forced to follow Bisping, rather than make Bisping go where he wanted him to, losing the octagon control points.

I am actually really looking forward to a rematch, although Bisping shouldn’t really have to take it, in the end, he won, that is what matters, and he is now 15-0 opposed to Hamills 5-1.

But all you people are seeing is Hamill landing more punches than Bisping, and getting a couple of takedowns (which he did nothing with) you aren’t taking into account that he actually hit more air than anything, and there wasn’t a single time in the second round at least for me, that I felt he was controlling the pace of the fight.

COREY Says, in 9-17-2007 at 13:39:17 from    

Let’s clarify something here. This isn’t about Americans, Canadians, or British. It’s about Matt Hamill winning a fight that he didn’t get the decision for. The judges that gave Bisping the fight were ‘in fact’ the American judges. The judge that DID NOT have his head up his A** was the British judge. All in all, MMA fans want to see what’s right. Period. Let’s quit with the ‘you Americans’ stuff, please.

Griffter Says, in 9-17-2007 at 15:35:57 from    

To be honest all the opinions ive heard dont seem to be backed up very well. Yes Matt hamill did have the first round he outboxed Bisping and scored the takedown. However the following 2 rounds went to Bisping, he out performed him on the feet by using the octagon to his advantage in keeping Hamill’s heavy right hand at bay, and also he out performed him on the floor every takedown Hamill performed was nullified by a close good guard leading to Bisping getting back to his feet. Hamill was very agressive and was constantly coming at Bisping and did land one or two good hits but other than that he had nothing for the judges to award him points for. 2-1 to Bisping

Administrator Says, in 9-17-2007 at 20:37:13 from    

Comments Are Now Closed For This Post!

steve Says, in 11-16-2007 at 23:04:02 from    

Guys i am English so i resent many of your Americans racist comments as usual so get a life. FYI i see it at worst a draw but Hamill won so I am not biased. BUT you guys have very short memories about bad decisions by your own judges when theres an american figher involved !! God knows how many fights your judges have cheated on over the years. Cop it on the chin its a leaf out of your own book! Sad result I agree but you set the precedent on cheating so wear it!

Rob Says, in 11-25-2007 at 12:34:20 from    

This is rigged.

Normally they would show you Eddie Bravo’s score card before the judges decision. But this time the commentators didn’t say a word to comment the fight before the official announcement. As if they were tipped off from UFC senior officials about the fixings.

“I felt it was a close fight and I scored it the same way as the judges. I had it 2 rounds to 1 for Bisping. Watch it for yourself again and chime in.”

Clearly the comment by this site is very biased. Probably being paided by Dana White.

kelly Says, in 1-17-2008 at 01:19:48 from    

I will never pay to see another ufc fight. That was total BS. Dana and rogan. Shameon you both…it was fixed and they know it. They had the brit judge go all 3 for matt to make it look like it showed no favortism. I hope the ufc falls on it’s face. I missed ordering 75 and just watched it tonight…what a shame. white, you are dirt.

medi Says, in 1-17-2008 at 03:24:49 from    

like many of you here, I have loved the UFC for so long. For me it started back in 94 with Joyce and shamrock etc.. but never before i have enjoyed this sport like have this last few years… in an unclean world i saw Honesty, integrity, purity in every fight… and despite what may seem brutal to many people, i saw something beautiful and symbolic. I am so glad to see all of these posts here tonight.. BUT i hope it will make an impact. Like most of you posting here, I was not only outraged by the decision of this fight.. i feel sickened… mainly because i see something pure and great, become a victim of nothing other than $$$ – I lived in the UK for 13 years.. The brits haven;t won anything in years.. football,rugby, cricket.. they are losing at everything, so of course dana white sees an incredible opportunity to take advantage of a HUGE market, who are in need to be victorious..

I wish bisping would have got kocked the F out. Then we’d see what dana would do.

my message to the men in suits…

The UFC has been doing well because of the Honesty/Purity/integrity of it all..

what you’ve done has only Hurt Bisping more.. and hurt the UFC…

sort it out!

I aint paying for the PPV again.. and i’m gonna tell all my friends how much this stinks.


MeMe Says, in 1-22-2008 at 01:09:16 from    

When I saw the Hammil/Bisping fight the first time, I could NOT believe any judge could give any of the 3 rounds to Bisping. Hammil dominated each round. Hammil controlled the octagon each round, taking Bisping down at will. Bisping NEVER landed a single punch or kick that wobbled Hammil, and NEVER took Hammil down, and, NEVER had control of the octagon. All Bisping did was run and get hit! The UFC should apologize to Matt Hammil. He outperformed Bisping in EVERY round. Hammil was robbed of a victory. Bisping received a victory he DID NOT deserve or earn. Hammil made Bisping look like a British wimp. If Bisping is any man or MMA competitor at all, he should immediately seek a rematch with Hammil. But, Bisping wont do that. He knows Hammil whipped his tail and he doesn’t want to have it happen again. The UFC cheated Hammil.

Conner Says, in 3-10-2008 at 17:07:10 from    

Wow… Yes. Hammil won. Thats agreed upon. But most of you are pretty stupid in your position. Saying the fight was rigged… totally preposterous. The scoring sucked, thats about it. The judges were from England. Eddie Bravo did not score the fight, hence why his card was not shown. Geeze, imagine how much money Vegas woulda lost if Hamil did actually win? :O

kerr Says, in 4-15-2008 at 13:45:47 from    


wot the F*** do u mean the brits ant won any thing in year you dumb f**k u said cricket we won the ashes you said rugby we won the world cup you said football (soccer) we have won the champions league 2 out of the last three years so for some 1 who has lived in the uk u know jack sh*t, why dont u leave your room and try and get laid stupid f**k!!

but yes hamil was robbed not as badly as some of you think but he had that fight won.

Derek in Alaska Says, in 4-20-2008 at 18:00:29 from    

Yea wtf are you smoking? Matt Hammil for the first 2 rounds, maybe bisping on the 3rd but highly doubted. This is just favorism, and I think there is more to it then meets the eye, ie money,family, ties.

Derek Says, in 4-20-2008 at 18:02:08 from    

and also, michael did not win.

Ambitious Says, in 5-23-2008 at 05:45:03 from    

The scoring is based on effective striking, grappling, aggression, and cage control. Please tell me how Bisping scored higher on the first 2 rounds.

From my mind Says, in 9-26-2008 at 23:24:05 from    

I run a site in Canada. Over 200,000 strong. My poll blows Bisping away. (95 percent for Hammil ) What a farce. Unfortunately, the UFC is turning commercial and feels the need to have the British/English favour. Sucks to be them. (The UFC)
They lost a lot of respect (and viewers) with that miscarriage of un-righteousness.
UFC…Shame on you!
No worries Matt. YOU WON!

andrea Says, in 9-27-2008 at 00:07:10 from    

I know it’s waaay after the fact, but I am sick after watching this fight! so wrong…
I don’t claim to know much. I just have my humble opinion based only on many, many fights that I’ve seen on TV because of my husband….
But if you need to be an “expert judge” to “explain away”, what seems to ones far more knowledgeable than me, an unfair/wrong decision… Should you not reconsider? After all, if the only ones that can derive satisfaction from watching these fights must be “professional fighters/judges and or announcers” then I guess the UFC should expect to see their fan base greatly diminished…

As for me, my husband will have to watch it out of the bedroom from now on, I’d rather watch anything else on TV. Nothing worse than sitting through a “sports event” and watch someone get cheated…

Mr. Bisping should also learn some manners… When your face looks like you just run into a truck, a little acknowledgeament of your opponents abilities should be offered. It’s called sportsmanship. As I recalled from the Ultimate Fighter, Mr. Bisping continually complained that Mr. Hamill was not showing “sportsmanship” by being too “aggressive” while training. Funny, I thought that was part of being a “fighter”… aggressiveness/fighting? huh, anyone? I truly think Mr. Hamill was poorly and, actually, at times treated with cruelty by his peers in that house. Making fun or talking badly about someone who can not hear you, it’s beyond rude. If they truly had issues, and were man and sportsman enough,they, and particularly Mr. Bisping, would/should have called for a meeting, ensuring that a translator was present, so Mr. Hamill could respond and make changes. Instead he opted for the “girlie” approach, and just whined and made fun of him. Now, I would not call that the actions of someone deserving of the title “Ultimate Fighter” ha!
Ok, I’ll stop now. By the way, I am chilean, so no nationality issue here… good night.

rob p Says, in 1-1-2009 at 02:18:02 from    

everyones saying hamill dominated for 2 rounds when in reality he took bisping down and was just trying to lay and pray his way 2 a decision for 2 rounds. he showed no agression whatsoever. come on how can u say he dominated the second? his face was nearly as messed up as bispings. and bisping deffinatly won the 3rd. hamill barely landed 1 shot that round. why dont u yanks just pull your heads out of your arses for 1 minute and just accept that THE BEST MAN WON.

sticky41 Says, in 4-20-2009 at 23:01:44 from    

omg i just rewatched that fight….that was so bs…bisping barely won the third round (thats if he did) matt kicked his ass the first two rounds and kept going after bisping into the third and over half of the third round matt had control on the ground…..they were in britian so maybe thats where the judges came from and had to give it to the brit…….that fights pisses me off so much!!!

georgy Says, in 4-20-2009 at 23:06:37 from    

No doubt the fix was in. The UFC has lost its way and can’t be trusted after this. I will no longer pay my money or respect to UFC after that travesty

bobinho Says, in 6-26-2009 at 21:56:15 from    

just watched this fight or the first time and i’m a big bisping fan but i can’t see how he won that fight. 1st round, hamill domination on feet plus takedowns (hamill round). 2nd round, even on the feet but hamill had more takedowns than bising defended (hamill round). 3rd round, bisping dominates stand up and deends more takedowns than hamill is successul with, plus hamill does almost no damage on the ground (bisping round).
gotta feel sorry for hamill

Bear Says, in 9-15-2009 at 01:21:50 from    

I would say its a travisty to Matt Hamill, I am sick with Discust after watching that fight and hearing Joe Rogan Cheering for Bisping The hole fight, Matt Hamill Was Punching Mike Bisping Face in Standing, I don’t know what fight anyone who thinks Bisping won that fight was watching,You Don’t know fighting at all. The UFC Should Be ashamed at yourselves for Taking a fight that Matt Hamill Clearly won, and by the way rogan was Cheering for Bisping and I said to my friend sitting here before the fight even ended that its a setup. Everyone In England Even Knew it, What A Bummer I thought Boxing was Crooked But this takes the Cake, I Quit Watching Boxing and I am sure going to watch more of these UFC fights and Determine If I will Quit watching it too. Sure am glad Dan the Man gave bisping A good Ass whipping, LOL good job Dan, Now Dana White And Joe Rogan Need some Straiting out, Hope someone takes something away from them like they did to Poor Matt Hamill. Wow I mean Geeze Would you Blame him if he didn’t come back to fight at all after that CRAP. P.S. I don’t mean nothing bad happens to them, I just wish they knew what they done to a Human, A Person, Someone Who Has had a very tough Life… Sorry for the mis spelled words Iam not good in grammar,

bw Says, in 11-14-2009 at 00:08:56 from    

Matt Hamill kick Bisping’s a**. Period, the competition was rigged. I will never watch it again personally. After the decision I switched the channel. It was a disgrace to the sport.

in shock Says, in 11-14-2009 at 16:12:57 from    

I just saw this replay last night, and I am sickened by the bogus judging. Hamill may be deaf, but only a blind person would have thought Bisping won this fight. I guess Bisping winning and keeping his fans in the UK ordering pay per view was more important than impartial judging. This sure looked rigged to me. I will never watch UFC again.

in shock Says, in 11-14-2009 at 16:17:28 from    

Shame on you Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. This trouncing by Hammill even had the anouncers saying that maybe Bisping should drop down a weight class. How could Rogan then congratulate Bisping after the figh as though he did not have Hammill dominating the entire fight.

David60 Says, in 4-18-2010 at 09:13:18 from    

How about a rematch Dana??? This time lets use some judges that know what they are seeing. Matt destroyed the jerk


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