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brucelee23 Says, in 4-4-2013 at 12:02:26 from    

Kick his ass Sea Bass !!!

tallandsincere Says, in 4-4-2013 at 12:12:55 from    

Bisping has got this all day long…

Joe Dog Says, in 4-4-2013 at 12:27:09 from    

For the last couple years, it seems Bisping has been on the final stretch to the summit. Luck has not been on his side starting with the decision loss to Sonnen. If he looses to Belcher, he’ll tumble back to base camp and he’ll never see the view from the top. It’s kind of sad….not really, he’s an ass.

gcbies Says, in 4-4-2013 at 13:37:34 from    

I wish they had interviewed the blonde in the backround….then it would have been watchable;) or just leave it focused on what she was doin….

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 4-4-2013 at 15:16:28 from    

I dont understand the MW division. It is soooo overhyped. Unless Belcher catches Bisping with a big punch, Bisping takes this fight all day.

TheGMan Says, in 4-4-2013 at 15:32:58 from    

My favorite part of this video was the lisp.

boss Says, in 4-4-2013 at 15:59:59 from    

Bisbing had a couple questionable losses… Rashad evans, and Vanderlei silva to name a couple.. Then a questionable win against Matt Hammill which everyone till this day is trying to figure out how bisbing got the decision. Bisbing is on the final stretch of his career. Hopefully he does get a title shot though… he’s done well for himself over the last couple years.

rickross Says, in 4-4-2013 at 23:53:37 from    

Is it just me or does he seem really awkward doing all the jumps, just not an athletic guy, you watch GSP do that or guys from other sports and they’re very fluid…maybe he was tired or has awful technique but that was painful to watch

Licks72 Says, in 4-5-2013 at 07:30:58 from    

Belcher by however he wants. Bisping doesn’t have great punching power. If he gets lucky and catches Belcher, he’ll just take Bisping down and submit him.

ericsson Says, in 4-5-2013 at 11:29:47 from    

i wish him all the best

tgrovemma Says, in 4-7-2013 at 05:16:58 from    

Bisping wins this fight. Basic 1 2s and he will utilize alot of pressure and wrestling I am guessing.

kaobeto Says, in 4-9-2013 at 03:21:06 from    

A gym specialized for models, nice…hey, where is Hendo when we need him?


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