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marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-27-2011 at 15:05:17 from    

what an asshole

M Bisbing Says, in 9-27-2011 at 15:12:35 from    

Ha what a bellend

mirkocrocop Says, in 9-27-2011 at 15:42:09 from    

he is trying too hard to be a dick yet funny like rampage but failed hard.

gamblore Says, in 9-27-2011 at 15:44:02 from    

i hope miller smashes this douche cake.

Freedomfit Says, in 9-27-2011 at 16:05:53 from    

Dickhead bully. I officially request mayhem kick him in the nuts.

Pope Says, in 9-27-2011 at 16:18:37 from    

Bisping will go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time and probably will be the most respected fighter ever to grace the octagon. He has the heart of a lion, and an unrivaled charismatic charm that makes Gandhi look like a child pornographer. God bless the humble Saint Bisping.

metallica fan Says, in 9-27-2011 at 16:27:05 from    

He seems drunk as hell

ElMaestro Says, in 9-27-2011 at 17:00:14 from    

Wow. What an absolute piece of s###! I can’t believe he treated that guy like that. I truly, TRULY now hope that Mayhem, as he would say, “SMASHES” him.

Iron Lung Says, in 9-27-2011 at 17:04:40 from    

Bisping’s voice could very well be the most annoying thing in the world. Shut the f**k up, you f**king George Formby soundalike c**t.

Newfie Jiujitsu Says, in 9-27-2011 at 17:33:06 from    

Bisping couldn’t do anything to help his own image or career if he had a seven nation army behind him! This guy is an ass and has no respect for anyone but himself! Can’t wait to see Miller sub him!! Second round sub! callin it now!

spyder Says, in 9-27-2011 at 17:33:52 from    


casyboy Says, in 9-27-2011 at 17:35:47 from    

id say his problem is not drinking enough!

Jake Says, in 9-27-2011 at 17:46:31 from    

Ok the pushing MAYBE coulda let it slide, he was trying to be funny it wasn’t that hard, but you don’t ever slap a full grown man in the face… Thats messed up. Thats being a bully, and I hope miller beats him down

sammy Says, in 9-27-2011 at 18:16:39 from    

man wolfslairs got a lot of douchebags

Juniordoslightsout Says, in 9-27-2011 at 18:53:03 from    

this guy has absolutely no respect. “I’m not a thug” said bitchping. Except for that illegal knee and spitting at people. If this piece of rat turds not a thug I don’t know who is.

MMAologist Says, in 9-27-2011 at 18:57:43 from    

1) Bisping is an incredible douche bag.. I can not stand him or his humor.

2) MMA interviewers are absolutely atrocious! With the exception of like Ariel Helwani (MMAfighting.com); Karyn Bryant (MMAheat.com); and a few select others.. interviews tend to lack direction and make a mockery of the sport.

Nadie Says, in 9-27-2011 at 19:08:21 from    

It wasnt funny at all

xformat Says, in 9-27-2011 at 19:12:46 from    

Sorry. Nothing positive to say. I can’t stand the guy and hope that JMM puts the hurt on him.

notorious Says, in 9-27-2011 at 19:18:32 from    

I used to get pissed off by all the Bisping haters on the forums but after seeing this couldn’t agree more with all there comments.
I’m not a fighter but if he tried that s*** with me I’d clock the arsehole one.
What a prick!

Dave Says, in 9-27-2011 at 19:28:00 from    

why the F*** is he bullying that little guy? there is a line between being funny and joke a round and being outright an ass and disrespectful! he just crossed it way out!
I really hope miller smashes his face!

jhu Says, in 9-27-2011 at 19:34:40 from    

man what a f**…. I mean this guys are so rude say these stupid remark to people and think its okay but when other do the same to him he think people are crossing the line.. what a douche bag

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-27-2011 at 20:00:45 from    

Wow he’s a real douche to that small guy.Nice Mike make fun of a guy who was orn small.At least he wasn’t born an asshole like Bisping.He’s officailly the worst guy and the most 2 faced guy ever.I prefer a guy like Mayweather who is an asshole but he will tell you he is one.Bisping tries to be Mr.Nice guy but he’s just a douchy asshole.This will be Miller’s 2nd fight in Bully beatdown :P

BagHead Says, in 9-27-2011 at 20:01:07 from    

Really???? with that shirt and hair cut, how does he figure he’s in a good place to Make fun of someone??????? when Bisping was on TUF I was a fan but this guy has taken douche-bag to a whole nuva level!!!!

ibunn Says, in 9-27-2011 at 20:07:45 from    

ol’ unfunny bisping got you all down? watch the clip of when hendo KO him. …very satisfying

wow Says, in 9-27-2011 at 20:42:37 from    

I thought the interview was funny. You guys whining are total poons.

PitfighterZ Says, in 9-27-2011 at 20:48:51 from    

@Pope: second that motion! Pure class!

Jbone4888 Says, in 9-27-2011 at 22:01:32 from    

I thought this was hilarious…Rampage can do it and get love but he can’t? Relax

ml Says, in 9-28-2011 at 00:10:57 from    

when rampage “slaps” an interviewer, it isn’t a real slap, i.e. not hard at all. bisping slapped this guy. F*** that the swedish hobbit should have got in his face and pushed him and let bisping know that s*** isn’t cool. and so what if he got in a fight and lost, he’d at least have some f****** respect. and yes i’m probably no taller than the swed and i would have got in

Genghis Khan Says, in 9-28-2011 at 00:45:33 from    

He’s a rowdy drunk.

alex Says, in 9-28-2011 at 01:08:56 from    

reporter: have you always been like that? (meaning arrogant cock sucker)

bisping: yeah, I’ve laways been cool! I’m the coolest guy in Uk 2008


Samuraitato Says, in 9-28-2011 at 01:38:34 from    

Absolute idiot

purebadass Says, in 9-28-2011 at 02:24:13 from    

this interviewer sucks balls

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 9-28-2011 at 04:00:17 from    

He tried to be funny but it was really corny….he wasnt trying to be mean, it just came out horribly wrong…he doesnt have a funny personality whatsoever….hes trying really hard to fix his persona with the fans…

theinterveningscot Says, in 9-28-2011 at 05:00:29 from    


Hey bud, Bellend is British slang for the head of a penis.

chrisg123 Says, in 9-28-2011 at 09:16:29 from    

It wasn’t that bad. I thought he was pretty funny.

spyder Says, in 9-28-2011 at 11:58:34 from    

Bwhahhaha @ Bellend…hahahahaah..

yes, this makes me want to watch the Hendo KO again. He is just not funny and trying too hard.

Bellend. I have to use that today somehow.

Ibunn Says, in 9-28-2011 at 17:16:02 from    

I guess some guys on this site don’t mind getting smacked in the face

Bob Sapp Says, in 9-28-2011 at 21:12:27 from    

I will fight bisping at a superheavyweight battle he can bring the royal family and will get dominated, i am bob sapp

BigRon Says, in 9-28-2011 at 22:00:13 from    

It was all in fun guys….wow. Never been a big fan but what he did is no where near as bad as what Rampage does to females.

paddedummy Says, in 9-29-2011 at 03:25:15 from    

Picking on the interviewer is so WWF circa 1984.

Dr. Says, in 9-29-2011 at 05:38:49 from    

Michael “The C***” Bitchsping strikes again. What a complete TWAT.

Mayhem is trying to take what you’ve accomplished??? MMMMM-K. That you can’t beat anyone worthwhile? And you’re hated by 90% of the fans? That your “legacy” will always be your stupid mug getting CLOCKED by Hendo?

Hahahahahahah. Of Shitsping, you so funny.

Dr. Says, in 9-29-2011 at 05:39:37 from    

C’mon bruno. We can’t say C U N T? Has the world become too soft?

cms Says, in 9-30-2011 at 01:06:54 from    

Well I think he’s funny… O.O
Why does everyone think he was being some comedic try-hard for the fans?


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