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screwballhk Says, in 6-7-2012 at 21:50:06 from    

I’d withdraw too if I had to fight Tim Boetsch. He’s a beast.

mma made easy Says, in 6-7-2012 at 22:02:49 from    

oh man… now Bisbing will never defeat Anderson Silva!

tobes Says, in 6-7-2012 at 22:10:57 from    

@screwball, I’m pretty sure Bisping would beat Tim Boetsch easily. Bisping has a decent chin and he’s very well rounded. He’d take a decision from ‘the barbarian’ without a doubt in my mind. knee injuries suck, i am personally recovering from acl surgery. he won’t be back in time. they’ll just push the fight back to another card

Thxer Says, in 6-7-2012 at 23:06:18 from    

I was looking forward to seeing how Bisping was going to deal with a stronger opponent like Boetsch. ARG.

chiroguy Says, in 6-7-2012 at 23:53:02 from    

screwballhk…i agree! Boetsch is 1 tough hombre…Bisping might be the most annoying interview ever!!! Can’t stand that douchebag.

Come on Says, in 6-7-2012 at 23:59:10 from    

For all fighting is worth there is no need to prove anything to anyone about anything for nothing ya feeels me?

Freaklegion Says, in 6-8-2012 at 01:20:19 from    

I still vividly remember my friends and I watching the Barbarian for the first time, it was also the event we chose all our winners by walk out music.

I think we either won every fight or maybe lost one, all based on walk out music.

kikuchiyo Says, in 6-8-2012 at 05:12:40 from    

man , it smells like someone was popped , run Bisping run … lombard was calling you out and suddendly knee injury , wtf . bisping is a d*ck

jakelo Says, in 6-8-2012 at 06:08:51 from    

You have my respect since the Sonnen fight. War man!

TheViciousone Says, in 6-8-2012 at 10:11:15 from    

Jusssssst – cant bring myself to click on her videos anymore Captain….. Don’t havvvve the powerrrrrrrr..begone wretched woman…

bob Says, in 6-8-2012 at 13:38:32 from    

Don’t like that woman interviewer either … looks like a Clingon from Star Trek.

But if he’s injured, he’s injured.

jdogg Says, in 6-8-2012 at 14:00:58 from    

@ TheViciuosone – I somewhat agree. I don’t think she’s wretched, but I do think she needs to move on. Olivia Munn would be an excellent interviewer!

Stranger Says, in 6-8-2012 at 14:05:03 from    

@mma made easy, made me lol, good job.
He thought about fighting Boetsch and came down with a case of hysterical pregnancy.
dont like Bisping, he aint horrible though


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