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oshawabinalex Says, in 10-31-2012 at 09:39:10 from    

Wont load, I wanna hear him praise Sonnen.

Bruno: Still works for me in Firefox, IE9 and Opera.

Silverblunt Says, in 10-31-2012 at 10:35:42 from    

lol …”you can’t even see his”.

jkdchris Says, in 10-31-2012 at 11:38:24 from    

Very funny stuff, these guys are actually great together !!! Cant wait to see the TUF episodes !!

ericsson Says, in 10-31-2012 at 11:44:50 from    

nobody wants to see jones vs Chael

Gotogo Says, in 10-31-2012 at 12:05:11 from    

lol sure we do, its gona be great tv & atleast Chael goes all out when he fights not like Rashad who just gives up when he feels he cant beat Jones.

Anwar Says, in 10-31-2012 at 12:08:35 from    

FINALLY. Dana saying Fedor is one of the greatest HW ever

Lol@Dana Says, in 10-31-2012 at 14:31:11 from    

Fedor could stil beat JDS. he is not “one” of he is THE greatest

go 30-0 when MMA just started being undersized and come talk to me

while Anderson was losing in Pride.

The JDS that fought Mir running in circles around the cage would get Subbed or KTFO by Fedor.

Mark my words. Im never wrong

ThatDude Says, in 10-31-2012 at 16:42:12 from    

Whats up with the lighting, Man the knee was SUPER Close !

FrankReynolds Says, in 10-31-2012 at 18:09:51 from    


Fedor got his @ss handed to him by Bigfoot Silva. JDS would put him to sleep just like Hendo did. Fedor couldn’t even hang in Strikeforce yet he’d beat the best fighter in the world according to you. LMAO!

Best… Fighter… Ever… Says, in 10-31-2012 at 18:39:56 from    

“How is the Chicken Jones pizza? you know it’s not bad, it’s extra cheese and a WHOLE bunch of chicken…”

Fedor is a ‘in a little bit better shape’ Roy Nelson, great fighter, but never will be the best… both get owned by straight boxing btw… but only one has padded his record with a bunch of local asians… just sayin’…

thaifighter1 Says, in 10-31-2012 at 19:23:20 from    

@ Lol@Dana

Fedor isnt the greatest heavyweight hes up there but not the greatest. Randy Couture was far undersized to and fought/ beat the same caliber of talent in 2 divisions and fought more quality talent then Fedor. everybody losses fights including Fedor and Anderson. JDS running circles huh say somthing when Fedor’s face wasnt jacked against 90+ % of guys he fought. JDS would land and since he probly has more power than Hendo he would ko Fedor. finaly ur last statement alone was wrong

casus belli Says, in 10-31-2012 at 19:55:34 from    

if sonnen loses to jones, will he move up and fight dos santos for the heavy weight title?

championyouk Says, in 10-31-2012 at 19:57:20 from    

Lol I live in one of those players he couldnt pronounce. You proably havent heard of it because its MONCton and St John. Not moctin and st jean lol. We still love him tho

championyouk Says, in 10-31-2012 at 19:58:51 from    

* places and pronounce. Im hammered, so be it.

anderson cheats Says, in 10-31-2012 at 20:41:39 from    

Cool, Jon Jones is going to Smash anderson silva,cant wait!!! by the way Dana,alot of people think anderson should be fighting at 205, so him and Jon Jones is a perfect match up.

Tkdko Says, in 10-31-2012 at 20:59:03 from    

fedor would get his ass thrashed! the bitch elwas scared to come to the ufc

Lazer212 Says, in 10-31-2012 at 21:22:34 from    

I still can’t believe this fight is happening, what a joke.

Cool Says, in 11-1-2012 at 00:01:58 from    


Jasonfn22 Says, in 11-1-2012 at 01:50:06 from    

Why in the F*** do they refuse to give Mike Bisping a title shot ?

Ronshit Says, in 11-1-2012 at 02:53:55 from    

Everyone talking crap about Fedor will never be him. He’s a great guy with a great personality and great talent. There’s nothing to hate on this. It has been clear to Dana and to all the fans that it was Fedor’s management’s decision to keep Fedor out of the UFC due to some disagreements. It seems that everyone who puts the burden on Fedor are just merely hating on him. Move on.

Fanfromdacasino Says, in 11-1-2012 at 03:11:59 from    

no fedor is smart and made money and doesnt need to compete in a stupid mma organization that sets up fights like this one here. makes these 125lbs fights but cant make weight classes in between 207-266 so men like fedor can fight with guys his size and not like a 125lbs fighting a 170lbs. Do something smart for once and save the sport please. i love martial arts and combat sports make it fair and intresting please its 2012 almost 2013.

WWEChokeSlammer Says, in 11-1-2012 at 16:12:03 from    

These guys who do krate in a cage are not reel athleets, look at the WWE thaats real fighturs and athleets, if Undertaker got in the cage with anyof them he’d taker slam them thru the damn mat!! The only guy who could go 2 minutes with cm punk or undertaker would be spiderilva the black boy who can spin kick. WWE 4 life

Lodovik Says, in 11-1-2012 at 16:50:34 from    

@Fanfromdacasino WTF are you talking about? Did you watch the video? Chael walks around at 230 and fights at middleweight, so why the hell would there be a division between 207-266?

Fanfromdacasino Says, in 11-2-2012 at 00:06:17 from    

because theres a million weight classes for small and medium sized pll but not many for bigger ppl. check this out @Lodovik
flyweights:126 and under
and then the HW:207-266 dont you see something wrong there with all the other divisions having 9-19lbs difference then the heavyweights HUUGGGEEE 59lbs difference!!! WTF is up with that @Lodovik ???

xformat Says, in 11-2-2012 at 11:36:38 from    

“Mind your business….” LOL

The Funky FRO Says, in 11-5-2012 at 11:55:55 from    

That might have been one of the coolest clips I’ve seen. I appreciate fighters and Dana doing this kinda stuff, brings the respect level back.

anderson cheats Says, in 11-5-2012 at 17:06:14 from    

Fedor in his prime was the Best Heavy weight ever!


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