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KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 10-6-2012 at 16:13:22 from    

I was thinkin’ Drunken Master at first…ha!♠

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 10-6-2012 at 16:14:14 from    

My bad, Bruno posted it. Drunken Monkey! :) lol

AOPrinciple Says, in 10-6-2012 at 16:15:23 from    

lol I’m kind of glad it turned out he way it did. Kamawura was getting really annoying and I just wanted to see him ktfo.

dharmaboy Says, in 10-6-2012 at 16:16:43 from    

note to the jap fighter..if you are going to do Jon Jones monkey s*** …….do something so that you dont look like a retard after getting Debo’d out.

inanebignate Says, in 10-6-2012 at 16:34:20 from    

why in the heck what you keep your hands down and bounce around like a monkey when your fighting somebody that swings fast and hard like manhoef

metallicafan Says, in 10-6-2012 at 16:53:26 from    

So glad to see that guy finally get Ko’ed, that was annoying to watch his prance around.

dude Says, in 10-6-2012 at 16:56:44 from    

wow lol. one knee down?

jona Says, in 10-6-2012 at 17:01:56 from    

useless freak style

Goomba Says, in 10-6-2012 at 17:20:36 from    


Pope Says, in 10-6-2012 at 17:32:56 from    

Melvin looks extra saucy in this fight

thaifighter1 Says, in 10-6-2012 at 17:33:01 from    

i not sure how good he would do but Manhoef would be a nice addition in the UFC’s 185lb division. him vs Lombard, Leben, Stann or Wanderlei Silva would be good fights

Ozinator Says, in 10-6-2012 at 18:29:21 from    

The style kept Melvin off, frustrated him, got Kawamura a nice left and looked to be setting up a shoot. I thought it was cool to watch on top of that. Melvin lived up to his nickname and I never had a problem with the guy until that dirty hammer. Melvin “No Class” Manhoef

rza808 Says, in 10-6-2012 at 18:56:22 from    

Lol…thats what you get

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 10-6-2012 at 20:17:28 from    

that was classic Manhoef right there.

theman Says, in 10-6-2012 at 20:19:47 from    

people need to give Jae Young Kim credit. thought he beat Melvin in ROAD FC, and everyone was saying melvin was washed up

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 10-6-2012 at 20:36:42 from    

Finally. That guy was pissing me off.
War Manhoef

Yomommamoto Norifumi Says, in 10-6-2012 at 20:46:03 from    

Was thinking the same thaifighter1.

Wonder why he never seems to be in consideration/talked about as such in relation to the UFC?

Both of them in their prime vs. Wanderlei would have been a banger to end all bangers.

Manhoef vs. Evangelista was awesome enough.

jhu Says, in 10-6-2012 at 20:53:30 from    

LOL that was funny when Malvin could of stop but he just want to tag him one more time for been a monkey the whole fight before he let him go lol

BamBam Says, in 10-6-2012 at 23:55:51 from    

booooom!!!!and down goes the dancing asian monkey!!! ;D

Victoria, BC –Canada Says, in 10-7-2012 at 00:43:15 from    

Melvin versus Wanderlei Silva would be a great addition to a UFC card.

kill_666 Says, in 10-7-2012 at 02:10:34 from    

i think Melvin Manhoef just did the right thing with the hammer fist at the end.
when your a fighter one of the most important thing you train for is to finish your opponent, you develop a natural instinct that drive you to go for the finish until somebody stop you. you cant hesitate, just perfect by Melvin Manhoef.

Perulives Says, in 10-7-2012 at 02:14:48 from    

Melvin would not last in the UFC, terrible ground game and everyone would exploit it. Not to mention he couldn’t even stand and bang with Lawler.

PitfighterZ Says, in 10-7-2012 at 09:48:31 from    

That’s a classic case of not making proper real fighting” adaptation to a style. I’ve watched many times Kung Fu fighters getting picked apart by Kyokushin Karate and Muy-Thay fighters because their styles is so full of fluff and no efficiency that it only makes them annoying for a second until you get their rhythm. Then, it’s an easy KO. Bruce Lee had the same complain back in the 60s, that’s why he developed his Jeet Kune Do to cut all the fluff and add more efficiency to his previous fighting styles.
And, of course, walking into Melvin’s fist on one knee with your chin exposed is just plain dumb…

elvislad Says, in 10-7-2012 at 12:38:03 from    

YEEEESSSSS thank f*** for that

oo Says, in 10-7-2012 at 14:47:47 from    

@perulives ur obviously a dumbass. couldn’t stand w/ lawler?? Not to mention lawler is a badass at stand up, manhoef completely murdered him the entire fight until lawler got that lucky one punch ko out of the fukin woodworks! manhoef might not be a ground fighter but if you havn’t noticed, the ufc doesn’t give a fuk, as long as you put on a show and have a decent fan base to make them money they will hire. You think james toney has ground game???? F*** no!!! he did jits for 2 months! and even that may be pushin it. manhoef would put on some badass fights in the ufc. You got doubt look up his highligt reel. the dude is fukn serious


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