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perrylee Says, in 4-5-2013 at 16:32:23 from    

Thats some BULLLSHIT. Brock Larson runs for two rounds and gets the win? reallly? The wrestlers and the judges are killing mma slowly

Tear Says, in 4-5-2013 at 17:06:51 from    

Anyone who runs like Larson did should lose by disqualification.

da_wakka Says, in 4-5-2013 at 17:13:18 from    

So what does the yellow card do?

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 4-5-2013 at 17:28:16 from    

I’d be scared to fight No Mercy, too. hahaha
A bit of a slow start, but an entertaining for a stanza or two♠

Roe Jogan Says, in 4-5-2013 at 17:43:24 from    

Brock Larson… please open a wrestling gym and go away. The judges should quit the sport too. He literally turned his back and RAN from Melvin. The next time he “fights” they should make Brock wear YELLOW trunks.

Ointment Says, in 4-5-2013 at 19:25:42 from    

Ran for two rounds? Save for one embarrassing moment in the 1st there was almost no action in the opening rounds to run from. The second and only other time Manhoef decided to fight he ended up being saved by the bell and lost the round because of it. Can’t entirely blame Larson, Manhoef fought too patiently and did nothing in the third to get back on his feet.

samsly Says, in 4-5-2013 at 22:23:17 from    

Dana white says it best, you live it in the hands of the judges, you lose yourself… These judges and Refs make me not want to watch these fights anymore… Shame!!!

samsly Says, in 4-5-2013 at 22:23:39 from    

*leave LOL

Axe Murderer Says, in 4-5-2013 at 23:52:34 from    

@da_wakka the yellow deducts money from there purse for stalling the fight

Dave Says, in 4-6-2013 at 00:27:59 from    

god I can’t stand running bitches! that larson guy sucks A$$ so bad. running from the fight like a little bitch.

Schtupin’ Hawking The Fing Genius Says, in 4-6-2013 at 02:10:23 from    

This just in…wrestling is completely legal in MMA.

JGloom Says, in 4-6-2013 at 04:31:29 from    

Respect to MM for not giving up but i agree he was too passive on his feet, obviously over cautious of getting taken down and subbed. MM would be fighting in the ufc right if he had better takedown D and a better guard off his back.

ZW Says, in 4-6-2013 at 08:09:39 from    

I don’t understand why fellow mma fans hate on one particular fighting style because it’s not exciting enough for them? As much as i think that Larson is a bum he was able to negate MM’s powerful punches and kicks and exposed his cardio. MM had his window to ko Larson but couldn’t do it. Larson’s game plan won.

d.b.s.homie515 Says, in 4-6-2013 at 10:25:14 from    

Larson using the condit running move

inverteddickkick Says, in 4-6-2013 at 15:10:57 from    

terrible fight. put melvin against someone who actually fights. brock larson is the biggest joke ive seen in some time no wonder ufc turfed that bum

inverteddickkick Says, in 4-6-2013 at 15:13:37 from    

look at the judges, there is one who looks about 60 or 70 years old… what the fudge would he know about MMA?! he was probably 50 when UFC 1 happened, get some people that know something about the sport for gods sake


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