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PitfighterZ Says, in 3-1-2012 at 21:23:59 from    

Vicious! And beautiful K.O.

Tate didn’t have a clue about striking back then.

PitfighterZ Says, in 3-1-2012 at 21:24:53 from    

Also, nice small ring. Brings back good bloody memories… :)

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 3-1-2012 at 21:33:35 from    

Lol she was kicking her all over the place.

steamer Says, in 3-1-2012 at 21:53:54 from    

that dude in the Camo shorts has some nasty stand up

bob Says, in 3-1-2012 at 22:17:25 from    

Please don’t post vids of ladies fighting … that’s not what drew people to this sport … and the truth is that the dudes that watch this stuff do it for the same reasons they watch p0rn.

HERE’S THE TEST: If you think ladies fighting has a real audience – make a separate website for that and test how successful it really is … right now ladies fighting is like a flea on the back of the dog … it can’t survive without the dog. That is, the flea can’t live without mens’ fighting videos.

kidfrosty Says, in 3-1-2012 at 22:43:11 from    

So where is Kaitlin nowadays? She seemed like she had some skills even five years ago.
And I don’t know much of Meisha other than she is hot, but someone please tell me that she has improved. All I see is Rousey whuppin’ up on that azz…

kidfrosty Says, in 3-1-2012 at 22:47:02 from    

And that pic of Young at the top…MY GOD she was RIPPED like Faber’s lil sis!

zmayo Says, in 3-1-2012 at 22:58:04 from    

Seriously bob, ^^ yea i bet you came on here, didnt watch a sick head kick KO and just wrote that crying about women in the sport. I watch p*** for the hot naked women, I watch MMA for the violence, man or woman. Keep them coming Bruno!!

PitfighterZ Says, in 3-2-2012 at 00:05:06 from    

@bob: If you only watch what’s popular, go watch Glee and leave the fighting fans appreciate great athletes and warriors demonstrate their skills and techniques. No need to sell your prejudice. Nobody who actually clicks on this this thread will buy it.
If vale-tudo fans thought like you, we would never have evolved into MMA.
Now, run along and go buy something fashionable and be just like all the other bandwagon-jumpers with no original thoughts in their empty heads.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-2-2012 at 00:10:29 from    

And don’t ask yourself why your still a virgin with that kind of thinking about womens.I bet you all my money that
1)Both of these girls would kick your ass in seconds.
2)You never trained,therefore never saw a good women fighter.
3)I bet you do watch this only for p0rn because your mother has the websecurity and anyways your type of women is the kind with beards.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-2-2012 at 00:14:18 from    

Tate rally improved drasticly from that time.She ate 2 kicks on the face and didnt even put her hands up.It’s almost shocking to see her strike now.

Buster Hymen Says, in 3-2-2012 at 00:20:50 from    

Hey Bob… F*** off… K?

Amazing fight… Tate got rag dolled.

She better watch out come this weekend or her arm gets snapped in less than 2 minutes.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 3-2-2012 at 00:38:06 from    

Holy s***, i remember this fight! i had no idea that was Tate getting KO’d…man what happened to Young…Hope she makes a come back, not a lot of powerful female striker int he sport.

@Bob – Hey man, speak for yourself. Lots of people like to see the ladies fight. I won’t deny that its popularity hinges on it being televised, and it wouldn’t be televised if the sport wasn’t already popularized by the men. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting or entertaining, it also doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fans. Bruno isn’t going to stop showing fights that people want to see. If you don’t like it, then don’t click the videos about women fighting. Free country and all that.

McClinchey Says, in 3-2-2012 at 00:45:51 from    

bobs an idiot. and his analogy was just incorrect.

cgbloke Says, in 3-2-2012 at 01:01:25 from    

Yeah but I bet Bob watched the video….just sayin

perulives Says, in 3-2-2012 at 02:05:17 from    

This is an mma website bobby boy, and this is an mma fight. You sound like you are from the 1800’s saying what women can and can’t do

Dawzon Says, in 3-2-2012 at 02:07:34 from    

I`ve been on this site for a long time and never have commented..but I feel compelled; Bob you’re a f****** douche bag. If you can’t appreciate women fighting, thier skill don’t watch…Tate is an olympic judo champion. douche.
actually reponding to you was a waste of my five minutes. I want them back.

Dave Says, in 3-2-2012 at 02:25:31 from    

I find it funny that you made a huge comment about how much you dislike it, whats ironic and goes against what you say is that you viewed the page and made a giant comment about it. if you don’t want it and interested just Dont watch it!!

usually when I see a tittle I don’t like or not interested in I simply pass to the next but you couldn’t help yourself but to view it and leave a nonsense comment.

Pupsup Says, in 3-2-2012 at 02:31:45 from    

Bob, you’re an idiot.

John Says, in 3-2-2012 at 03:30:52 from    

Bob, notice in the title of this video it is a Women’s Tournament, not just a one-off match. I’m pretty sure I saw an audience in the background watching this WOMEN’S event.

rampageallday Says, in 3-2-2012 at 03:31:10 from    

shut up bob

drunkentigah Says, in 3-2-2012 at 05:58:57 from    

bob, then why did u watch it lol

Licks72 Says, in 3-2-2012 at 08:20:29 from    

People trying to speak for everyone and telling Bruno what to post is insulting a childish. Too many people in the world want to run other lives when they can’t even run their own.

capz1020 Says, in 3-2-2012 at 10:10:34 from    

Haha, I think that will be Bob’s last post

jdogg Says, in 3-2-2012 at 10:51:32 from    

Was gonna retort against Bob.

No need to now.

thaifighter Says, in 3-2-2012 at 11:12:30 from    

Bob ur a f***** idiot.
oh and Dawzon Tate is a wrestler not a judo practishiner her tommarow night is against judo olympian Ronda Rowsey

Dawzon Says, in 3-2-2012 at 16:35:56 from    

My bad Thaifighter..haven;t really been following super closely, but knew they are both no joke and wanted to point that out to bobby boy.

Tomd Says, in 3-2-2012 at 20:32:14 from    

I think bob is going to change his username if he posts again. Funny how an uneducated comment can put idiots like him back in their box. Well played guys and gals.

jj Says, in 3-3-2012 at 16:20:48 from    

Just gotta say…..Bob, you’re a dumb f**k….that’s all.


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