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bagboy Says, in 7-16-2013 at 19:07:26 from    

At 1:52, he says, “There’s no thought put into anything these days…especially among the mixed martial arts community, nobody thinks about anything.”

Pretty weird statement!!!

poopiestick Says, in 7-16-2013 at 19:08:36 from    

Sometimes I feel bad for him. Textbook career suicide every time he opens his mouth.

tonysnow Says, in 7-16-2013 at 19:52:33 from    

he is so freaking weird.

RickJames Says, in 7-16-2013 at 19:59:33 from    

Why does the interviewer keep saying “it’s not the sexiest”? Gay lil’ turd.

p*********** Says, in 7-16-2013 at 20:25:11 from    

Lol, Why would fox even interview this guy in the first place?

jhu Says, in 7-16-2013 at 20:29:37 from    

Why is he even getting interview by media?? Did he took his pill today?

petepetro Says, in 7-16-2013 at 20:51:54 from    

feel bad for him…was a fan of his. he was a good fighter5-6 years ago

baller Says, in 7-17-2013 at 00:58:42 from    

No 1 gives a s***

freee Says, in 7-17-2013 at 01:01:21 from    

the truth!

greengiant Says, in 7-17-2013 at 01:55:14 from    

He is just sick of how everything works. Yea he comes off a little strange but he also is not scared to be himself and have some fun unlike 99.9% of people. Its tough when it seems no one is like you.

karson Says, in 7-17-2013 at 02:29:13 from    

It’s a shame this guy couldn’t get insurance.

think about it folks. as much as you power tit sucklers kiss dana whites ass for convincing you he’s the s***, think about how his fighters get screwed over.

Maham not getting insured. how does that even happen. I don’t know. would like to hear dana’s side of it.

maham wasn’t a top ufc contender per say but as a man and a person it seems he should have health care. what is the response..??

karson Says, in 7-17-2013 at 02:32:08 from    

he didn’t say it the best but the ufc DEFINATELY NEEDS A UNION..FIGHTERS NEED PROTECTION…

pangea12 Says, in 7-17-2013 at 07:12:20 from    

Gay turd? Does it scare you when a grown man says ‘sexiest’ around another man? How about this…I’m a man, suck my balls dude.
..and for a video comment…fighter unions will happen in the next 3 years, just watch and see how dramatic it gets.

bleeat! Says, in 7-17-2013 at 07:48:44 from    

^these Ufc nuthuggers meh.Much respect to mayhem for represnting the USA in Japan.a real fighter who goes out to FIght.i’d rather watch a mayhem fight then gsp or A.silva fight another opponent thats not on his level bonner,franklin,griffen,wiedman pretty much everyone who hes fought lawl.give the guy some credit dont just pass him off as some weirdo.

bleeat! Says, in 7-17-2013 at 07:50:26 from    

FYI i think griffen and bonner being in the Hall of fame is a f****** joke. who the F*** is bonner. and griffen are you serious? tugg guy yes but wtf has he done.

CaptainObvious Says, in 7-17-2013 at 11:38:57 from    

Ur all gay. Arguing over s*** you cant relate with. Hahah! Living vicariously through other has always been one of man’s weakest hobbies. Congratulations losers.

Adonis Says, in 7-17-2013 at 13:22:47 from    

Hater much? Too bad Mayhem gets these knee jerk reactions being himself because he’s pretty bright and nice guy. It’s clear he’s actually just joking around and having fun most of the time.

Genghis Khan Says, in 7-17-2013 at 14:07:52 from    

Deranged fool… however not dangerous enough to be thrown in the nuthouse yet. If he doesn’t get help soon though that’s where he’ll end up

remotecontrol Says, in 7-17-2013 at 17:07:50 from    

Bunch of Mayhem Haters. Quick hop on the bandwagon. Glad to see him on tv again. Hope he comes back.

CaptainSuperObvious Says, in 7-17-2013 at 19:30:31 from    

@CaptainObvious and pretending not to care about something but taking the time to write about it has always been your weakest hobby, Congratulations loser.


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