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Niv Says, in 9-29-2007 at 01:33:31 from    

One thing is for sure after seeing this fight, there’s no way you can believe this is the same guy that fought Griffin.

I really hope UFC isn’t fixing these matches, but I’m starting to get concerned.

PapaPedro Says, in 9-29-2007 at 09:59:31 from    

What a fantastic fight!
You know Ive never really watched too much if this stuff before but boy do they go for it. Very impressive. I know this fight was a bit one sided but still great to watch. A great spectacle. That Shogun fella is beast but you wouldnt want to meet either of them in a dark alley!!
Keep it up, I wanna see more like that!

John Kim Says, in 9-29-2007 at 13:52:40 from    

this is pride not ufc. And this was also before the ufc bought out pride because rampage is still at pride during that fight..

niv Says, in 9-29-2007 at 17:02:40 from    

John Kim, I’m well aware of where this fight took place and when. My statement is in line with another thread here on the Griffin Rua fight in the UFC.

Many believe the UFC is fixed now as they own both organizations and are the acting promoters and managers for these fighters.

I’m simply stating I hope they aren’t interfering with these matches, as Shogun didn’t look like the same guy in his UFC debut, I was completely shocked watching that fight.

Tapper Says, in 9-29-2007 at 19:59:18 from    

Blood and broken bones doesn’t convince you this is real? Besides, I doubt they would’ve paid Chuck a half million to lose intentionally.

Jenkins Says, in 10-1-2007 at 01:30:31 from    

Rua gassed in the Griffin fight and this was when Rampage wasn’t as good as he is now.

I really doubt any fights are fixed. Why would they do that? To make UFC seem superior? Then why would Rampage beat Lidell?

And they had to crack down on juicing in the case of Sherk and Franca.

I seriously doubt any of these fights are rigged.

Fighters gas sometimes. Sometimes you think they should win and they lose. That’s the way it goes.

niv Says, in 10-1-2007 at 15:06:42 from    

Yeah I haven’t said that the fight was fixed, but I think the possibility definitely exists. Shogun is a non English speaking fighter, he may not be as marketable as Griffin is.

Anytime you have one organization acting as manager and promoter you’ll always have that possibility. I don’t think they’d be stupid enough to fix every fight, but it still is a possibility.

If you want a better idea of where I’m coming from on this one go to the other link on rua vs griffin and read the comments, you may find somethings written there interesting.

Damien Says, in 10-3-2007 at 01:44:32 from    

Seriously if you watched Shogun’s last 6 fights they were nothing like the Griffin fight. Griffin isn’t nearly the fighter rampage was even at that time and griffin dismantled him. I seriously think some fights are fixed.

David Says, in 10-6-2007 at 07:26:26 from    

good fight but come on, leave the music out. lame music.

David Says, in 10-6-2007 at 07:38:39 from    

fights are not fixed… how can you fix taken serious blows to your body and head? Griffen took damage too and come on why would shogun take money to fix a fight? He has money enough and he is a big star. You guys should stop saying fights are fixed because they aren’t. The sport is way to hard for that. One single blow can knock someone out, so even IF they were fixed there would still be a huge chance that the other guy wins by an “accidental” knockout.
UFC is not fixed, sometimes people have an off-day or they have an injury. Not only that, almost everytime a fighter enters a fight he has at least one little injury. Or the fighter had to make weight in a short period (wich cots alot of energy).

I can go on and on about this, just stop saying fights are fixed because they are not. It would be impossible to realize . It’s not WWF people…

AJ Says, in 10-21-2007 at 12:15:33 from    

Wasn’t Hua coming off an ACL reconstruction for the UFC fight? Hardly fixed..

John Says, in 10-25-2007 at 23:09:51 from    

I heard that Rua had an ACL problem before the fight, which is why his training was lagged. You could tell just by physique that he was out of shape. Because of the fight he had to have surgery on his ACL. Griffin cleary won the fight but had Rua been in top shape i think it might have ended differently.

Hugo Says, in 10-26-2007 at 12:10:25 from    

i doubt the shogun griffin or the liddell fights were fixed. shogun is one of the best and one of my favorite fighters; but everyone has a bad night and all fighters eventually lose (unless you’re Fedor of course). i give forest his props, he did good. and chuck was just plain horrible that night. he’s become too predictable. always looking for that one punch knock out, and not useing his kicks as much anymore.

Stevezilla Says, in 11-3-2007 at 16:46:59 from    

I agree. This certainly isn’t the same Shogun that fought Forest. Although if it were, Forest would have been out in less time than Rampage and would’ve walked out of there with more than just one broken rib. This isn’t the end… He is already recovering from surgery and will bounce back like never before.

bob Says, in 11-7-2007 at 14:02:30 from    

shogun will come back stronger and more determined than ever
lets not forget he is still pretty young.

Andrew Says, in 12-9-2007 at 09:14:27 from    

Shogun was out of shape. I think he was too cocky going in, thinking he was going to destroy Forest. UFC is a whole new style of fighting and Shogun took it for granted. Look at Crocop…he isn’t half the fighter that he once was.

Brett Says, in 1-3-2008 at 14:16:44 from    

Shogun Destroys people when they dont come at him, in this fight you can clearly see rampage was put on defense mode and when you do that shogun turns on like that and DESTROYS YOU
and as you can see in the Griffin fight he has a little trouble when the fighter is more aggressive then he is, AN INJURY or octagon shock could have also added to the lose or some people suggest he took steroids over in pride ( doubtful ) But still HE GOT BEAT Because of any or all of these reasons Griffin is not a joke The UFC DOES NOT FIX FIGHTS, If They didn’t care about anything but the money, WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY MAKE MATT SERRA BEAT GSP? GSP FINALY GOT HIS BELT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE NEXT TO HOLD IT FOR A LONG TIME! would have been amazing, But no he got tko’d And WHY WOULD THEY SUSPEND SHERK? because they enforce their rules whether it means loss or not. THE UFC IS NOT FIXED COMMON PEOPLE LISTEN TO DAVID! And the cro cop fight? common How can you fix that, it was complete lucky shot and he got a title shot im sure they would have liked to see Cro cop in a title shot, Thats BIG BUCKS. NOT FIXED! get ( but im not sayin its impossible just highly doubtful)

James Says, in 1-9-2008 at 03:15:50 from    

Remember, Shogun on steroids is not the same as Shogun off of steroids. He looked like crap straight from the getgo agianst griffin, out of shape and everything. He is also way too small for the UFC, and that’s why rampage is the only Pride fighter to have any success in the UFC. Shogun needs to drop to 185 and be steroid free for a while in order for him to shine.

chris from iowa Says, in 1-19-2008 at 16:50:33 from    

the shogun looked great against rampage.rampage had no anwser for the clinch. rampage looked bad its hard to believe thats the same rampage i see today.in the other hand shogun showed some great sklills great utilization of the knees.that didnt look like the shogun agaist griffin he looked out of shape, nervous and not so explosive like i liked him to be .thats why griffin won ther fight.rematch why not but i smell trouble for forrest for shoguns second comming

jared loves subway Says, in 2-10-2008 at 05:38:55 from    

for anyone who says ufc fights aren’t fixed is out of their mind….

The way they fix the fights is by not giving a fighter enough time to prepare for a fight.

I’ll bet you a million bucks that Forrest Griffin was preparing for the fight with Shogun for much longer than Shogun was preparing – dana white probably gave shogun short notice which reduced his training time.

I’ve never seen shogun so fat/out of shape in a fight when he fought griffin. so yes that was a fixed fight because looking at this – shogun would’ve destroyed griffin given the right chance. But Dana favors American Fighters. That’s why Tim Silvia is always the 1st to challange for the heavyweight belt…

deutschluz Says, in 3-4-2008 at 02:45:52 from    

this is a hilite type of vid so i cant tell how intense the pace was…to compare with the griffin fight. but certainly rua looks dominant and jackson looks confused. post the whole uncut
unedited thing plz!!!

Iceman881 Says, in 5-1-2008 at 00:25:09 from    

I would definitely say that there was a ton of steroid usage in pride. I firmly believe that Wandy, Shogun, Coleman, Randlemen, Crocop, Fedor as well as many others were juicen like crazy. You can literaly see the difference in strength and speed. In the UFC the Nevada state athletic commisson tests fighers randomly. I still feel that Sean (The juice monkey) Sherk and Franca are just the first of many to be found out. After watching GSP’s last fight against Matt Serra and just looking at his speed and definition I wouldn’t be suprised if he was taking some as well. I think there are going to be a lot of changes in the UFC with respects to testing and I would definitely say that the Shogun we saw in this fight against Rampage is not the same Shogun that stepped into the ring with Forrest. If you cannot accept that then you are blind. He literaly manhandled Rampage like he was a paper weight. I don’t see what more evidence anyone needs to be able to understand why these pride fighters just don’t look the same. The answer is clear to me.

draz Says, in 5-1-2008 at 19:17:39 from    

your retarded if anything pride fights are fixed u dipshit. look at mark colemans fight and the fact the yakuza had alot to do with pride betting.

the fixed it cos his a non english speaking fighter are u retarded? look at anderson silva he has destroyed a ufc poster boy twice. so shut the hell up.

btw thanks to the bloke who posts these vids.

oldfightfan Says, in 5-11-2008 at 11:48:30 from    

to understand how probable fight fixing is in the ufc and pride just look back at the history of boxing and the corruption that is inherant in the fight sports.did anyone see mike tyson v.s bruce seldon.there are also many ways when you control every thing to lean a fight in the favor of one fighter.the fact is the ufc is illegal.why do you think don king cant own the wbc ,own the wbc fighters contracts,promote the event and manage the fighters on top of it.for him to do this is against federal law ,so how can zuffa do exactly this??????????????????????

cycras Says, in 11-23-2008 at 13:51:21 from    

there probably not fixed, the main difference is the octagon to the ring, some pride fighters just don’t adapt there training to the cage, also if it was rigged it would probably still have chuck liddel as light heavey wieght champ, and also gsp doesn’t always speak english either, also the lieght heavey wieght devision has so much over flow of top fighters any way, theres lyk 5 really top guys who could all be champ, such as kieth jardien, chuck liddel (his kinda low now though but its not cos he’s slipping its cos the compitition is getting better), rampage, forrest griffen, wanderle (or how ever u spell his crazy name) silver, rashard evens, there all top guys with pretty simular skill levels, and i don’t think the belt is gunna stay in one place for too long as long, since its not lyk its one guy dominating them all like in almost every other wight class, but i will say i dont hear to much about too many people watching the ufc for cheating either,

Rodolfo Brasil Says, in 3-2-2009 at 14:09:12 from    

O Maurício Shogum vai lutar contra o Rampage novamente e vai destruir ele denovo…

danny101 Says, in 7-1-2009 at 17:32:46 from    

The fight bewteen shogun and griffin wasnt fixed, and for the people who are wondering why shogun looked liek a very diffrent fighter is becuse before that he went through 2 knee surgeries and it took him atleast 1 year and a half to train, so shogun didnt have alot of tiem to prepare his cardio for that fight.

starquest Says, in 5-11-2010 at 12:37:49 from    

Showgun and rampage should have a rematch,,, I know it wont be the same like the last fight,, rampage seems to have problems with clinches,,, if jackson comes out to fight it will be a good fight.
I think rampage can beat him when and if they ever meet again

dougmaps Says, in 5-13-2010 at 11:56:40 from    

no way in hell does rampage win a rematch

youhavenoideadoyou Says, in 5-29-2010 at 01:55:22 from    

“Niv Says,in 9-29-2007 at 01:33:31 from
One thing is for sure after seeing this fight, there’s no way you can believe this is the same guy that fought Griffin.
I really hope UFC isn’t fixing these matches, but I’m starting to get concerned.”

That is ridiculous. You are even more ridiculous to suggest such total nonsense. The fact is Shogun had TWO goddamn knee surgeries, not one but TWO man. The second one he ripped while training early on after the first operation. Let’s face it, he certainly wasn’t on top of his game and not recovered yet from the procedures and obviously thought he was good enough to still beat a guy like Forrest and you know what? He was WRONG. He won’t makes these mistakes anymore, he is in fine form and his skills have never looked better. So long as Shogun stays healthy, he will continue to be a real pita to defeat.


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