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ckid Says, in 8-18-2013 at 00:04:41 from    

omg! did that acually happen, now were never gona here chel shutup about this.shogun didnt even get a punch off Pride never dies

JasonCorb Says, in 8-18-2013 at 00:10:20 from    

Did you actually think Shogun was going to stop the takedowns and the smothing?
he has brutal takedown defense.
looki who sonnen has lost to in the last few years

hond2dciv Says, in 8-18-2013 at 00:44:19 from    

Yes!!!!! So stoked and surprised by this outcome. I expected Shogun to be much stronger, but Chael looks like a brute at 205. Chael just set himself up for 4-5 more huge money making fights.

lefthooklarry Says, in 8-18-2013 at 00:52:45 from    

No surprise – Sonnen fights the best – taunts and jests – brings the excitement. COMPLETE DOMINANCE! Half the bums in the LW division would fall to him – I like to see him take out MACHIDA next after the Axe Murderer.

Wow Wow Wow

greengiant Says, in 8-18-2013 at 01:19:36 from    

I lesson to this is even though a fighter is not known for something does not mean he can’t do it. every one gets better all the time.

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 8-18-2013 at 01:22:59 from    

Just how i would have wanted it. Go Chael!!

seanftw Says, in 8-18-2013 at 02:25:43 from    

uhhh…..pride died….. sorry! i wish it wasn’t true.
i think tonight is the nail in the coffin. looks like 60% of pride fights where fixed….. but wear & tear (fighting top tear fighters for most of a career) is too much for a shogun or wand or rampage, alister, etc.etc. chale grew up on lesser shows & only has moments in the sun with the ufc.
the ufc is big $, with all the roids….. thats a tough show to keep up with!

mrl3 Says, in 8-18-2013 at 02:27:39 from    

Every post I read said that Gunshow was going to win easily…..Hahahaha! What do got to say now?????????????????

jasonfn22 Says, in 8-18-2013 at 03:12:08 from    

I like Sonnen he told fuc_k up Joe Rogan that if he thinks he won’t add a middle aged comedian to the list of ass whoop he better think again lol. He beat shogun with ease but Shogun did not look right he was pale looking and he just looked like he did not want to be there starting with his walk out.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 8-18-2013 at 04:34:15 from    

Gee that was smart of Shogun, forget all about your stand up and try to out wrestle a TOP wrestler (who’s juiced up on TRT to boot)…Anybody can beat Shogun if he doesn’t bother to show up (Just ask Forrest TRT Griffin).

shocktime Says, in 8-18-2013 at 10:14:55 from    

People gotta remember Chael’s last couple of fights were Silva and Jones, and we all know those are almost like auto losses for anyone who faces those two. Not surprised one bit by the outcome. Shogun has some of the worst TDD in MMA history Vs a guy with some of the best takedowns in MMA history. Basically Shogun didn’t stand a chance because Sonnen is smart enough not to stand with Shogun.

gravidoff Says, in 8-18-2013 at 11:09:25 from    

I knew Rua was beat the second they released videos of him working on his boxing. He can’t be so naïve as to not expect to be taken down almost immediately. Good execution of the submission from Chael.

Joe Dog Says, in 8-18-2013 at 12:43:27 from    

Good win.

paul Says, in 8-18-2013 at 13:48:23 from    

Man, shogun should retire now. After this, losing to Sonnen. That tells alot. It is time to leave the MMA seen.

ericsson Says, in 8-18-2013 at 14:05:33 from    

F*** the brazilian

charnc1122 Says, in 8-18-2013 at 14:22:46 from    

I hope Wanderlei crushes him. Go AX MURDERER!!!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 8-18-2013 at 14:39:22 from    

Was Sonnen the republican really holding on to a grown man between his legs?? LOL

JOJO123 Says, in 8-18-2013 at 14:43:18 from    


BiteMyBird Says, in 8-18-2013 at 18:16:42 from    

Sonnen will most likely beat wand.
How is Wand going to stop Sonnens double leg?

Xformat Says, in 8-18-2013 at 19:32:16 from    


Why does losing to Sonnen “tell a lot” about Rua’s position as a fighter? I’ll bet you said that Anderson Silva should retire after Sonnen kicked his ass for 23 minutes, didn’t you?


a2k Says, in 8-18-2013 at 19:48:53 from    

3 fights the UFC has to make in the MW division.

1) Bisping vs. Rockhold

If Bisping beats Munoz and Rockhold beats Boetsch or if both lose. Would match up well. Both large MW both predominately known for striking.

2) Vitor vs. Sonnen
Too much talk to not have this fight happen and this would be far more competitive then a Sonnen vs. Wand fight.

3) Jacare vs. Moussasi
Both guys have improved drastically since there last fight.

tysdad Says, in 8-18-2013 at 20:02:27 from    

this was “huge” career saving fight for both fighters and only one of them came to play .. seeing a lot of comments about pride being a joke , sad but might be true .. overeem has been overated for how long now no legitimacy left ….

Daz Says, in 8-18-2013 at 20:26:09 from    

Jon Anik should seriously get Chael’s nuts out of your mouth,be less of a c********* please!!!

CycloneX Says, in 8-18-2013 at 21:10:25 from    

Wooo hoooooo !! whodaman ??
Chael da man !!! Wooohooooo

Mag Says, in 8-18-2013 at 21:14:26 from    

seanftw – 60% of pride fights were fixed?! Don’t be a f****** idiot

That being said, awesome effort by Chael, and Shogun unfortunately is done, just way past his prime.

BJJPracticioner Says, in 8-19-2013 at 01:53:10 from    

Hey Bruno, do you think Chael will fight Lyoto, Wandy or Vitor? Did you see this vid where Lyoto talks about fighting Vitor or Nick Diaz. That seems unlikely, right?

Bruno: Here you go. I would like Vitor to fight Lyoto. http://www.mmatko.com/lyoto-machida-talks-about-fighting-nick-diaz-or-vitor-belfort/

ericsson focker Says, in 8-19-2013 at 02:47:22 from    

@ kok sucker ericsson

How can u say that to the pioneers of the sport you bastard. You don’t know shiet! If u have nothing good to say, just shut your pie hole!

NOTE: F*** YOU!!!

@spacedread Says, in 8-19-2013 at 02:52:14 from    

Sonnen needs to get back down to middleweight fast, if wiedman stays as champ after the silva rematch, it’s his best chance at getting a belt. Rastafari x

Movetocanadaamericangangsterisontheloose Says, in 8-19-2013 at 07:31:50 from    

Yeah I love how all the sonnen haters are making excuses why shogun lost. Jones machida and hendo didn’t beat him that fast. The American gangster strikes again. The man with the biggest arms the most charm and causes the most harm.


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