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Kill em All Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:44:03 from    

I know that Josh Koscheck wanted this fight for along time….He finally got it

tonysnow Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:46:34 from    

thats nice….hughes is still one of my favorites and i would love to see him break koschecks other orbital bone…..peep how there wasn’t any hesitation in hughes taking the fight….true fighters fighter

sooooopernate Says, in 9-6-2011 at 19:52:29 from    

well, there goes a win for matt

PitFighterZ Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:04:11 from    

This is actually an interesting match-up. If Hughes comes in his best, it should be a crazy wrestling/swinging bout.
Whoever can out wrestle the other or get the big punch in, wins.
If Hughes wins, it would be a great fight to retire on, but the guy likes fighting.

cc98 Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:08:17 from    


RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:15:11 from    

That’s funny, sooooop. I figure Matt might actually have a chance now. Diego would have put Matt to sleep quick, but Kos ain’t as fast as Diego. As long as Matt can keep from getting hit, he’ll out wrestle Kos.

oldassgrappler Says, in 9-6-2011 at 20:19:00 from    

This is truly a mat f*** dream match up. This will be a 3 round hump fest complete with a big hug at end. Koscheck by boring decision.

Joseph Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:08:31 from    

Not to hate on Diego Sanchez but this is a much more exciting fight, actually.

greensnake Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:51:57 from    

This will be an interesting, technical(unexciting) fight. Other than that, I would not mind seeing either of these guys humiliated. Each is a dildo in his own special way. I am pulling for a spectacular double career ending injury finish. Maybe they will rupture each others prostates in a frenetic lay and pray off.

sooooopernate Says, in 9-6-2011 at 21:55:08 from    

Nah Smoke, I think Hughes would’ve laid on Diego for 3 rounds and got the W, but I think at this point in their careers Kos will out wrestle Hughes, and win via decision. The fight will prolly be mostly on the feet, but Kos will score a few choice takedowns for the win.

bobbo Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:04:32 from    

I hope they kick the s*** out of each other. Its like when Iraq and Iran were at war..who do you want to win…nobody…you just hope the kill each other.

thisishowitgoes Says, in 9-6-2011 at 23:34:13 from    

Penn will come in train his new best friend. Hughes will knock Kos out. Done.

Gabe Rudiger Says, in 9-7-2011 at 00:27:02 from    

i hope hughes does what he did renzo gracie, leg kick him make him fall and help him back up, in mid fight

SinkTheHooks Says, in 9-7-2011 at 02:03:46 from    

super lame..kosh to replace Diego.. Diego is a FOTN guy Kosh is a talk sh!t for months and broken orbital for 5 rds guy and not land anything, he wont out wrestle Matt and he stand up might slighty be better but he is not going to roll over Hughes .. this is BS, if I purchased tickets id demand my money back because of this, they need bring some Condit better FSU!!!

HOT STINK Says, in 9-7-2011 at 07:46:59 from    

They both reek of vagasil and french punchface

The Dancing Bear Says, in 9-7-2011 at 12:59:00 from    

Koscheck wrestling > Hughes wrestling

BagHead Says, in 9-7-2011 at 18:28:48 from    

haha G.S.P. punished both of them, multiple times, now they have to fight to see who would’ve been the best, had G.S.P. not been born!!

MMA Richmond Says, in 9-7-2011 at 18:38:32 from    

Matt stinks more of shinface, but yes.

chiroguy Says, in 9-8-2011 at 00:45:37 from    

I am peeing in my pants reading through these posts…You guys crack me up!!!Bobo and Greensnake…classic!


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