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Rockstarzee Says, in 4-20-2013 at 22:03:18 from    

Matt brown is nasty

INANEBIGNATE Says, in 4-20-2013 at 23:00:17 from    

Agreed! I have been a big fan of Matt ever since he was on the ultimate fighter. things are getting interesting for him now he is on like a 5 fight(or maybe 4 idk)win streak. I think he deserves a top 10 guy now. I unfortunately think he is probably have to win 3 more in a row for a title shot bc 170 is STACKED with talent.

steveds Says, in 4-20-2013 at 23:56:53 from    

Mental note: NEVER owe money to Matt Brown.

tesla Says, in 4-21-2013 at 02:26:13 from    

Well deserved fight of the night! Sick accuracy by Matt Brown. That’s what I call destroying someone’s hype and bringing him back down to the rest of the pack. Dan Miller must have had a really off night when he lost to Jordan before.

Drago Says, in 4-21-2013 at 03:51:34 from    

Great fight,Brown always delivers.That liver shot was f’d.Earlier stoppage maybe?
Thanks for the vid Bruno,I fell asleep waiting for the fights.

cigronne Says, in 4-21-2013 at 04:30:09 from    

Brown has grown so much in the last year, to his natural heart and nastiness he has added up tempo and technique, love to see him fight right now. This is how MMA used to be, go in for the kill until the end!!!

tallandsincere Says, in 4-21-2013 at 06:48:13 from    

That was very impressive both adopted the ” dont leave it to the judges ” you can see is Meins eyes half way through the first, his spirit dropped.

Props to Brown what a streak

gear_up Says, in 4-21-2013 at 07:14:26 from    

I didn’t kidney shots were legal in the UFC. Maybe more people should use them.

Adonis Says, in 4-21-2013 at 09:57:42 from    

@tesla Jordan is actually super good and Dan Miller was fighting a seasoned 23 year old fighter.. Brown is just coming into his own as a puncher and he demolished Mein. Brown is tough as sht.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-21-2013 at 10:36:34 from    

You are what’s wrong with MMA and MMA fans.Fighter A beat up fighter B.And Fighter C beat up Fighter A so Fighter A and Fighter B must suck…This is MMA.Mein was a very bad matchup for Dan,and Browne was a bad matchup for Mein…

@gear up
They are,so does elbowing somebody’s spine.But MMA refs are the worst refs in professional sports.They decide wich rule they will follow and wich one they won’t.And it seems that hitting the back of the head and the spine is not important to these retards who call theirsleves refs…

Maximumpain Says, in 4-21-2013 at 11:07:17 from    

WHAT A BRAWL! Thanks Bruno.

danada Says, in 4-21-2013 at 11:37:49 from    

shots to the base of the spine are illegal. I don’t think kidney shots are, which is clearly what Brown was throwing. One to Mein’s right side and 2 to his left kidney.

Basher16 Says, in 4-21-2013 at 11:40:58 from    

Forrest Griffin compared Matt Brown to Chuck Norris during the TUF show. There is no evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

Kiko Says, in 4-21-2013 at 15:44:38 from    

Jordan as a great future ahead of him,keep your head up bud!

TriangleChoke Says, in 4-21-2013 at 15:57:14 from    

Matt Brown has grown alot, that body shot by Mein was beautiful though, this is where my coach would say following someone to the ground doesn’t help…if he Mein made Brown get back up, might have turned the tide in his favour big time

The elbows were close but to the sides which is totally fine.

Again, Matt Brown guts out a win, I wonder if he’s ready for someone like Kampman…or maybe Thiago Alves if he’s coming back


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