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greengiant Says, in 3-7-2013 at 11:15:29 from    

Seems like a good guy

Joe Dog Says, in 3-7-2013 at 11:21:51 from    

You have to like this guy, sans the bible thumping.

BamBam Says, in 3-7-2013 at 12:43:21 from    

Lombard can’t hang with the big boys,keep in touch with Bjorn buddy,just saying! Leben vs Lombard in a slugfest,make it happen Dana!

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 3-7-2013 at 15:50:45 from    

Oh Goodness, Mark mentioned a bible verse… what a horrible guy :( (sarcasm)

jdogg Says, in 3-7-2013 at 16:22:37 from    

Karyn Bryant. Didn’t watch.

lifechangingelbow Says, in 3-7-2013 at 16:27:59 from    

Weidman put that “Dr. Phil” elbow on him, making him completely re-evaluate his whole life. Not sure what he can teach Anderson other than not to get hit in the face 17 times after being dropped by an elbow. Seems like a good dude, wish him well.

failsonnen Says, in 3-7-2013 at 16:29:04 from    

UFC Bible thumpers:

Mark Munoz
Vitor Belfort
Benson Henderson
Jon Bones Jones

We need more UFC Satanic worshippers to even it out

ultimate fighter Says, in 3-7-2013 at 16:58:28 from    

is KB and Mike straka had a kid it would be the antichrist and bring the end of the world!!!

money Says, in 3-7-2013 at 17:54:28 from    

Man I swear this chick had to done hard drugs big time or does them still partying look at her checks and jaw just like a custy on the street even her squeeky voice like the custys i use to serve when i was young I hope she beats it not impressed with her interviews…
Sorry complaining mode today hahaha Bruno best site ever Always rep you to my boys at gym

SHOGUNRUA Says, in 3-7-2013 at 19:36:11 from    

Good interview. Hope he gets past Tim

Roger444 Says, in 3-7-2013 at 21:48:34 from    

I seen Munoz train everyday , I used to go to his gym. He has the heart of a lion & is a very quick learner …Soft spoken but a Serious Beast when it comes to fighting(pinoy blood)

Roger444 Says, in 3-7-2013 at 21:50:27 from    

He was taught to go full force %100 He can give anyone a run for there money with his powerful Punching & Dominant wrestling skills.

ThrowDownthenHoDown Says, in 3-7-2013 at 22:28:00 from    

A satanic worship isnt the equal equivalent of a bible thumper as youd still have to believe in made up bullshit to worship satan which is just as dumb.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 3-7-2013 at 23:20:04 from    

You guys are haters.Getting KOed by a magnificent elbow like Weidman threw doesn’t mean you suck.He did look a bit off in his fight but he can easily help Silva with his wrestling especially since he’s a fighting a good wrestler like Weidman…

justin Says, in 3-7-2013 at 23:29:57 from    

Karyn Bryant. Didn’t watch.

Tear Says, in 3-7-2013 at 23:57:02 from    

Let me guess,
Karyn Bryant kissed up to Munoz, agreed and nodded to everything he said and talked about herself?

facefrack Says, in 3-8-2013 at 02:07:04 from    

I can’t help thinking all of this Karyn Bryant hate is really misdirected frustration with disempowering jobs n lame home lives. Whatever. Didn’t realize Munoz’s foot was broken during the Weidman fight, but still, Weidman is a beast. Can’t wait to see what happens between him n Silva. On another note, Lombard vs. Leben would be an AWESOME fight for the fans. Make it happen Dana! For real!

sosilly Says, in 3-8-2013 at 03:27:02 from    

google or wiki santanic whorship before posting snything so stupid.

Mark is a good cat, wish him the best of luck in anything he does.

Fila Fil Says, in 3-8-2013 at 18:21:00 from    

Thank you Bruno for posting this. I had the priviledge to share the stage with him in OC last year while he ministered at a church. He is a great guy and very humble. One of my fav fighters

ericsson Says, in 3-8-2013 at 21:07:45 from    

Okami was way to strong for that cuban midget

chino8303 Says, in 3-9-2013 at 19:06:39 from    

I love that Men of God are coming to MMA =)


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