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Rjay Says, in 1-17-2009 at 21:26:34 from    

f****** Best site Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! number 1 Site MAN MMATKO.com baby!!!!

apslick Says, in 1-17-2009 at 21:39:21 from    

Disappointing. Nothing else needs to be said.

milan707 Says, in 1-17-2009 at 21:43:47 from    

ref shouldnt have stopped it. only seconds left and they were both fried.

prodigy_1979 Says, in 1-17-2009 at 21:53:21 from    

Is this the same shogun from pride? lol. Is it me or was Shogun really sloppy in this fight? With this conditioning he can kiss his dreams of becoming a world champ good bye.

reddhelium Says, in 1-17-2009 at 21:54:08 from    


shogun? more like shownone

FelipeBjj24 Says, in 1-17-2009 at 21:56:22 from    

Shogun gana, pero no convence….

Jasonicus Says, in 1-17-2009 at 21:59:33 from    

Just sad, shogun has no cardio. He needs a lot of work.

Galic 5-0 Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:01:05 from    

wtf!!!!!!!Shogun looks weak his pride days are long gone, and i never thought i would say this but i think i have a new found respect for coleman what a warrior. Couture and him should fight in a wheelchair death match!

francodevil Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:12:40 from    

what a fight!

J_satan_666 Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:13:48 from    

hamburger face was on his way to sleepy town. he would of been koed!

KJC Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:23:35 from    

Wow..Coleman gassed by the end of the 1st, Shogun gases somewhere in the 2nd…sad day..what a pathetic co-main event that was.

lightsout9999 Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:24:03 from    

told ya, this is ufc already..a whole lot different environment and rules

jaychron Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:26:44 from    

wheelchair fight to the death, amazing.
shoguns next fight should be against his brother to determine who most disappointing Brazilian fighter from Chutebox is.

HaVoK Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:31:03 from    

Coleman…thats what happens when you come off the juice that you been on all your life. You gas and your weak.

Shogun…your overrated and a biatch!

alfredunhill Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:37:59 from    

Bad refereeing. Bad performances..Shogun looked poor against a thinned down, busted, over the hill coleman….I would drop Shogun from his contract, now Forrest Griffin’s win over him seems even less impressive…both fighters showed poor cardio.

Niv Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:38:21 from    

Good news bad news for Shogun. The good, his skills both on the ground and standing look like he’s just about there again. The bad news is his cardio looks like it’s a long way from what it used to be.

Shogun got a legitimate tko, but he should have ended it in the first round when he hurt Coleman. This win is more of a loss for Shogun at this point, having said that I firmly believe he’ll find that cardio and he’ll be UFC Champ in the near future.

PitFighterZ Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:38:45 from    

bucking worst fight ever!!! I must confess I never had any respect for Coleman, but now i have even less for Shogun. Ridiculous! Almost as pathetic as his attempt to speak English when they put a translator there.
If anyone know Shogun personally, please tell him to forget this fighting business right now!
Coleman had many opportunities to win this fight, but was too tired to try. Shogun had many opportunities to finish the fight and was too incompetent to do it! This fight would only make any sense if Shogun was as old as Coleman.

gusman Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:40:26 from    

I would have loved to see what the refs decision was. too bad for sure.

PikachuManson Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:44:54 from    

Kind of an early stoppage… But Shogan would’ve won anyway. Shogan is in trouble in this 205 division. I don’t see him beating anybody big.

Sean Wooldridge Says, in 1-17-2009 at 22:53:40 from    

Terrible stoppage! Who would have won that decision??

dave Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:01:35 from    

shogun who??? evans wud knock his ass out, rampage wud knock his ass out, wanderlei wud knock his ass out, forrest wud knock his ass out, even grandfather chuck wud knock his ass out….fs while we’re at it… get tito back 2 knock his sorry ass out. respect 2 coleman he was a hero who gassed after a minute an showed the world that shogun aint s***. sorry if this offends but im still im shock at what ive seen lol p.s love 2 mmatko.com :-D

nick Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:04:09 from    

HaVoK, you act like Shogun wasnt on juice? most of the guys in pride were on juice too and its obvious shogun was one of them. shogun is garbage…utter garbage.

mmaxpert Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:06:31 from    

Don’t you wanna know if the fighters are using steroids and if so which fights they are. Shogun either lost the will to fight, didn’t train for this, or flat out just didn’t show up. Now I wanna know if steroids is in fact to blame or not.

walket6678 Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:14:40 from    

wow. mark looks like the bald guy from SAW now.

maphead Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:18:36 from    

Man,former Pride fighters suck. Thanx for the quick post!

Big C Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:18:51 from    

hahaha geez give these guys a shot of meth after the first round if they do it a third time. Coleman sounded like he was drunk when he was talking to joe

comweenar Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:21:34 from    

I am a huge shogun fan and I am pissed the F*** off about is performance..Anybody with average striking skills for ufc standards would have finished coleman in the 2nd round.. Shogun was raited one of the top strikers in the world..I dont think he deserves that anymore!! Anderson silva is the only one from chute boxe who can hold his head high right now!! Caralho!!!

rmfa Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:26:46 from    

These fights sucked… Glad I didn’t pay for it. Hopefully BJ and GSP won’t disappoint.

Mag Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:30:01 from    

Shogun looked dissapointing but Coleman was tough. He took a LOT of punishment.

Shogun seems to be fighting too ‘cute’ – giving his back, going for subs you might get mucking around rolling in training, keeping his hands low and not going for the kill. Probably because he was tired.

When he’s not gassed he looks pretty good, but he needs to SERIOUSLY work cardio, maybe a change in camp would do a world of good. Just get the cardio right and he’ll be ok I still think, even though Rogan commentary was really out to lower his stocks.

Cheers Bruno for the quick up.

margarito Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:33:16 from    

man those brazilians love that techno.

JohnnyMMA Says, in 1-17-2009 at 23:44:23 from    

I’m kind of wondering if Shogun got some kind of injury in the first round. It seems like someone in Coleman’s corner after the first round was claiming that Rua had broken ribs or something.

shockzer Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:12:25 from    

I had never seen much of shogun but I expected alot from him because of the hype his fans made for him. Even if you look past the fact that his cardio sucks, his ground and stand up game weren’t very impressive.

Wow Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:13:53 from    

Wow. Shogun?


What kind of win is that

hikari33 Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:16:13 from    

worst cardio ive ever seen in a co-headlined fight

johnny wu Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:19:06 from    

dam shogun needs to go to 185 for sure, he looks fat. He did good tho in teh 1st round good kicks & some solid punches but he wore out quick…. there’s somethin about wanting teh old dog to win & i was really pullin for coleman… COLEMAN vs. COTOURE!!! the comeback kids!!!

Steinmiller Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:19:39 from    

It was an entertaining fight(to me)but I’m still disappointed though with Shogun – Coleman was done in the 1st and he should have finished him there. Plus, Shogun’s cardio is a joke.. for somebody with all that talent he shouldn’t be gassing that bad especially against a deroided Coleman. I think the real loser of the night though was Denis Kang – seriously what is the matter with this guy? so much potential yet he seemed gun shy the whole fight and he could have easily escaped that submission.. losing to Alan Belcher – now thats just pathetic.

lightsout9999 Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:31:48 from    

told ya, this is ufc already..a whole lot different environment and rules..shogun’s aggressive fighting style is best suited in pride, bring the stomps and soccer kicks back and he’s gonna win this fight

smack Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:48:40 from    

good on coleman for putting on a some wat competitive fight. dunno if he should be fighting any top level guys in the future

MexicanHandGrenade Says, in 1-18-2009 at 00:56:31 from    

WOW….SHOGUN???? That’s not him . It can’t be. WOOOOOOWWWW. Retire from MMA already .. Coleman was still good. Dumbass Ref.

sins4given Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:09:29 from    

Everyone jokes about coleman juicing but what about shogun. Win or lose, coleman came out looking better cuz shogun proved nothing. Shogun should take a page from BJ’s playbook and stop relying just on his talent and hit the gym.

fuckimbo Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:25:49 from    

i would watch a rematch for sure

darkmetal Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:36:09 from    

Wow, this would could have been called “The battle of the tiny gas tanks”. Apparently, Rua will next face Chuck Liddell and will surely get knocked out. If Coleman was a bit younger and had dealt with his cut in a better manner, I am thinking he would have won. The problem was that neither fighter had much behind their punches going into round 2.

Joe Rogan Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:37:10 from    

Why does Joe Rogan hate Shogun? He was beating Coleman’s ass for about 10.5 mins straight…I thought it was a solid performance…Mark Coleman is a big, strong dude…

gummo-815 Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:39:38 from    

they shoulda gave these guys there steroids back so it woulda been a good fight.

craaazyhorn Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:45:03 from    

Geezez that was sloppy, i mean props to both for poring their heart into it but it was like they were both spent before the first round was over.
Coleman has age and Rua has injury excuse but the problem is his last couple of outings he’s looked the same…tired..

craaazyhorn Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:53:23 from    

Couture would freakin DESTROY Coleman…that fight doesnt need to happen unless you magically age Couture 10years…no offense Coleman!!

danada Says, in 1-18-2009 at 01:58:43 from    

I don’t know what the hell you guys expect when you’re ragging on Mark Coleman? Honestly, I had no idea this fight was going to be at 205 until I watched this video. What the hell? Coleman is a heavyweight! Who would make a 44 year old man that hasn’t fought in 2 years cut weight to a weight class they’re not familiar with??? This late in his career Coleman should not have to do this s***.

That was a bad stoppage. Shogun looked like s*** in this fight. I understand a 44 year old cutting to an unnatural weight getting gassed, but there’s no excuse for Shogun. Mark Coleman obviously took this fight for the purse, and he’s a warrior. He stuck it out. Crappy stoppage though. Great wrestling from Coleman, and Baroni was giving good advice. If Mark threw a couple right straights it probably would have been enough to knock out Rua. I’d predict a Coleman win if he had trained greco/roman with Randy and learned a bit of dirty boxing.

Man, both of these guys were so much better under Pride rules. I was entertained by the fight nonetheless.

dabrewz Says, in 1-18-2009 at 02:04:12 from    

I hope both of these fighters are banned from UFC’s from now on. Boring and low skill levels. I would rather watch Bisbing than these idiots and hes terrible!!!

gwizzy Says, in 1-18-2009 at 02:26:15 from    

its a bad stoppage but the fight itself was pretty embarrassing for both fighters especially shogun!!

Rico Suave Says, in 1-18-2009 at 02:44:47 from    

Mark Coleman should be the end of Dana White…well, at least I can dream, and Shogun had the cardio of an out of work 67 year old Wal Mart greeter, come on he’s 27, you have to be in better shape than that!

chimchim Says, in 1-18-2009 at 02:55:08 from    

Shogun – OVERRATED!!!!! So Sad – So Sad. This was a gimme fight and he got owned in the last round – until the very end by a fluke stand up – Frank Shamrock would have had a chance on this one.

YodaSanklai Says, in 1-18-2009 at 02:59:51 from    

Boring fight. This is not Shogun that I used to respect like in Pride.

Denova Says, in 1-18-2009 at 03:13:47 from    

Couldn´t end a 44 year man…The days of Shogun are way behind…

David Says, in 1-18-2009 at 03:52:54 from    

wow i cant believe that is the same shogun from PRIDE. his ground game looked awesome and his striking was pretty good but his cardio was awful. he was lucky that he was fighting coleman who i think ran out of gas after 3 minutes lol

mirco888 Says, in 1-18-2009 at 04:21:06 from    

Shogun needs to practice some sprawling and dirty boxing badly…..

Matman Says, in 1-18-2009 at 04:34:31 from    

His hands were sloppy, he couln’t stand in front of the best like that. Apparently he’s gonna fight Chuck in Montreal. I’m so gonna be there!

shhh Says, in 1-18-2009 at 04:44:41 from    

wtf if shogun wouldve fought another fighter he ass woudlve been killed….he has got to regain his cardio

havik951 Says, in 1-18-2009 at 04:56:48 from    

shouldnt have been stopped there. shogun was horrible against a tired 40+ year old

Steamer Bean Says, in 1-18-2009 at 05:56:19 from    

Coleman gave him hell. Shogun has always been kinda sloppy, but he really looked like s*** here. It was a nice finish but it should have come much, much sooner.

BJ Says, in 1-18-2009 at 06:52:17 from    

wow all of you are soooo quick to judge man i guess none of you has had knee surgery on both knees you just cant come back 100% it takes like 1 year or more to fully get back what you used too , besides

age has noting to do with it 90% of you i know has said randy is overrated and cant beat tim.. well lookie what happend


meenee Says, in 1-18-2009 at 06:58:54 from    

First of all, great fight. Very entertaining, but also frustrating.

First of all, yes, shogun’s cardio was nowhere near where it needed to be. that was an embarrasment. the third round was embarrasing for him. Getting schooled by a 44 year-old, who was aobviously gassed halfway through the first round is not impressive. On the other hand, i gotta give it up for coleman. Even if he was completely gassed, he did reasonable well.

BUT: Again, to people complaining that Shogun is nowhere near his pride days – if this fight had been under pride rules, Shogun would have soccerkicked coleman to death late in the first round for a tko win right there. He doesn’t have the opportunity to do that in the ufc, and that might mean a big difference

ness2k Says, in 1-18-2009 at 08:35:04 from    

Shogun just needs to work on his cardio.

eyeless Says, in 1-18-2009 at 08:52:26 from    

Yeah, OK, so it wasn’t the sharpest we’ve seen either fighter, but it was an entertaining fight, moving from standup to ground and back, without too much lay and pray, which I expected more of. Shogun was going for subs and still had accurate shots, although both fighters seemed lethargic. It wasn’t as bad of a performance as everyone is saying (a lot of fighters have “one of those fights”). I’d like to see a Shogun vs. Rich Franklin standup war.

yoububg Says, in 1-18-2009 at 09:47:47 from    

Please no rematch. I could’nt sit through another fight like that. I like how Joe had to interview Coleman against the cage, because you could hardly stand.

The Black Swordsman Says, in 1-18-2009 at 12:41:14 from    

I love hearing people talk about Pride like it was the golden age of MMA … there was a lot of shady s*** going in Pride … fight fixing , steroids , etc. The majority of the guys who’ve crossed over to the UFC ain’t s*** now and Shogun is no exception. He was a world beater in Pride but now he looks like he’s washed up at 27 … the debate is over the UFC > Pride.

gotcrowd.com Says, in 1-18-2009 at 12:44:24 from    

This was a good fight, Rua didnt look as bad as Rogan says???? ZColeman is big!

ucsdtijuanero Says, in 1-18-2009 at 15:22:05 from    

At one point I thought that Shogun really wanted to hurt Coleman and therefore go to distance. However, I was really disappointed in his cardio and his inability to finish the fight when he had him in an alma plata. Now, people are saying that his prime was a long time ago in those Pride years, but for goodness sake, this guy is only 27 years old. Something weird is going on here… either those injuries took a toll on him, or I smell steroids.

jeremyemilio Says, in 1-18-2009 at 16:05:56 from    

I’m not a big fan of either fighter, but you all need to go back and watch this fight again with the sound off. Rua destroyed Coleman for two full rounds. Did he look tired midway through the second? Sure. But his strikes remained very sharp and dangerous throughout the fight, which is the true test of endurance (not the look on the guy’s face). Coleman takes him down in round three and keeps him there for a couple of minutes; not a huge surprise… Coleman’s a great wrestler. But Rua end it before the bell giving him not only the TKO, but all three rounds as well. What more do you want?

theicemancometh Says, in 1-18-2009 at 16:10:32 from    

Did Coleman have a stroke or something? Wow, his interview at the end was less than impressive.

theicemancometh Says, in 1-18-2009 at 16:13:10 from    

Get ready for another KO for Chuck Liddell when he fights Shogun in April. Rua is done, son.

Melissa Purple Says, in 1-18-2009 at 17:12:18 from    

Wow it’s a good thing Coleman didn’t return to the UFC with a fight against Lesnar. His face would have turned into hamburger meat.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 1-18-2009 at 18:44:02 from    

Terrible Stoppage

Great fight for Coleman if Coleman was 20 yrs younger he wouldve ate Shogun alive.

sledhead Says, in 1-18-2009 at 20:19:38 from    

shogun looked crappy. he will get past no one in the light heavyweight division. 27 years old and he fought like he was 57. weak s***

PUBLIC7ENEMY Says, in 1-19-2009 at 00:24:22 from    

MAURICIO RUA AND WANDERLEI SILVA is not d same fighter in PRIDE anymore. No more speed, No more aggressiveness.

Take them out of d rankings. they shud be rank 20 – 30′s

ninja jay Says, in 1-19-2009 at 00:58:25 from    

that ref was a fu*king retard he should be fired bad calls mark was still able to defend and that knee call was bull sh*t too other then that shogun look the worst ive ever seen him but his leg kicks were pretty bad

Nitro Says, in 1-19-2009 at 01:12:51 from    

I thought the stoppage was good. Coleman was out and had they let it keep going he would have just got punched more for no reason because Shogun already won.

How is it that nobody has commented on the banana pic ?

Niv Says, in 1-19-2009 at 02:06:19 from    

I’m with BJ on this one. Rua’s cardio is nowhere near where it needs to be, but I suspected the same thing, two knee surgery’s in over a year take a long time to recover from.

You can’t train cardio when your knees are recovering. Rua is a cardio machine and that was always one of his strongest characteristics; I really think this guy’s going to own the division provided he doesn’t blow another tire.

Castro Says, in 1-19-2009 at 20:21:26 from    

A lot of you guys attack Coleman for using roids, but I bet some of you didn’t know Shogun did as well. Same with Wanderlei, and Crocop. Wanderlei took 9 months off after signing with the UFC to clean out his cycle. Crocop looked fat and out of shape UFC debut, and look at shogun’s cardio compared to when he was in Pride.
Pride actually use to encourage use of steroids, they use to recommend which ones to use.

dEMIURGE Says, in 1-20-2009 at 03:08:24 from    

what an early stoppage. shogun must work his cardio. he looks as old as coleman. the old guy did a good job, but he gassed out. but if you’re 44, it’s bound to happen. ufc should reconsider giving these two more fights. lol. and if they win, we can have coleman vs rua 3. lol

elguy Says, in 1-20-2009 at 11:02:25 from    

You guys are a bunch of idiots.Coleman was out, down and with his hands on the floor , which in my book means stoppage ,you always critisize guys that do “lay and pray” (which was exactly what Coleman did,cause he hardly do anything when he took it to the ground),Shogun had enough cardio to land that beautiful combination that put coleman on the verge of KO ,what are colemans abilities as a fighter ,besides takedowns ?he is unidimensional and OLD and is better for him to retire before he gets serioulsy mauled.

toño Says, in 1-20-2009 at 13:40:35 from    

shogun couldnt finish because his LACK OF CARDIO..in the first round he was as gassedd as coleman……i wanna see a shogun with cardio and takedown defense….could be interest again…

Niv Says, in 1-20-2009 at 13:59:27 from    

Castro I don’t by this tired old story that Pride fighters were all on roids. Wandy took nine months off because he was lights out ko’d twice in less than three months.

Anyone can tell you once you’ve been ko’d you are susceptible to it happening again. Wandy did what he needed to try and heal himself, and if you look at Cro Cop and Shogun in Pride their builds are virtually identical now as they were then. Wandy’s training regimen is renowned in the mma world and is copied by many fighters and teams, so give it a rest guys.

igibbons Says, in 1-20-2009 at 14:10:51 from    

That fight was stopped early and Coleman wouldve made it out of that round, and quite possibly won the fight. What a shame.

N1SHOGUNFAN Says, in 1-20-2009 at 21:13:14 from    

Shogun has a lot of proving to do based on all of those comments left, however with him training with the AXE for his fight with Liddell, his cardio should be up to par with those who doubt…


Danby Says, in 1-20-2009 at 21:34:17 from    

Coleman had nothing to be ashamed of in that fight. As gassed and old as he was, he still did quite well. I think Shogun would actually lose to kimbo slice. Ya i said it. HA HA HA!

KingCreepy Says, in 1-23-2009 at 04:38:55 from    

That stoppage was probably early, shogun would have probably stopped him, but not right there, if you watch the video, before the ref gets rua off of coleman, mark is already moving to grab one of rua’s legs, showing that he should have been givin a few more seconds. dissapointing fight.

thaddiusluster Says, in 1-31-2009 at 16:41:29 from    

if this fight had been in PrideFC; it would of ended in the very 1st rd. and everyone would be singing praises to Shogun. Face people ufc is a very limited, restricted environment to a real MMA/ValeTudo fighter like Shogun!

thaddiusluster Says, in 1-31-2009 at 16:48:10 from    

Steroid allegations are biased and unfounded; just meant to discredit the superior Pride org. Wouldn’t you agree that after the fall of Pride, many fighters future’s were uncertain; many relocated to the US; and many close knit schools and friendships were severed in the process(ChuteBoxe,BTT) along with serious injuries like in the case of Shogun, would definitely have and adverse effect on a fighters performance!

Anonymous Says, in 7-9-2009 at 01:12:09 from    

“shogun who??? evans wud knock his ass out, rampage wud knock his ass out, wanderlei wud knock his ass out, forrest wud knock his ass out, even grandfather chuck wud knock his ass out”

LOL he already knocked out grandpa chuck, and DESTROYED rampage in pride, i agree if this was pride rules shogun would be running a train on the UFC, he’s all about soccer kicks/stomps/knees while the opponent is down, UFC rules are hampering his fighting style

Wacka Says, in 7-15-2009 at 19:13:16 from    

That was the best fight i have seen in awhile!!!

Fortyb4five Says, in 1-6-2010 at 15:48:57 from    

and btw shogun already koed grandfather chuck..


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