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Hawkeye Says, in 7-5-2009 at 11:45:13 from    

Frye looked pretty bad ass in “Public Enemies”

BigStaff Says, in 7-5-2009 at 12:37:25 from    

BOOOOORING…. Love Don Frye, hes the man.

sooooopernate Says, in 7-5-2009 at 17:05:33 from    

man frye got worked

fedor Says, in 7-5-2009 at 19:22:32 from    

don frye was always better than coleman, but he always lost to him too, sad

pockemouth Says, in 7-6-2009 at 01:07:19 from    

Nice mustache.

DeadSheep Says, in 7-6-2009 at 04:15:56 from    

over a 30 pound difference….. shows how bad coleman is and at the same time shows that frye is one tough mofo.

On Tape Says, in 7-6-2009 at 11:19:29 from    

Funny, even back then Coleman had weak cardio.

I remember after this fight Don saying he was sick that night, had the flu or something.

But man did Don take a beating, head buts, knee to the head….

Both guy look like they were doing heavy roids back then.

It’s also interesting to see how much the game has evolved. Like the fighting technique, the rules etc…

biggz28 Says, in 7-6-2009 at 16:52:42 from    

man if coleman knew jui jitsu he wouldve been unstoppable with that beastly wrestling

Train Says, in 7-6-2009 at 21:38:14 from    

List of all the crap in this match that currently gets your ass DQ’d(lol):

– Headbut
– Grabbing the fence
– punching back of the head
– Knee to head of downed opponent

And all in my Hometown of Birmingham. Figures…LOL

thebigfish Says, in 7-7-2009 at 01:56:59 from    

Snap… Magnum Pi just got whooped!

busyallen Says, in 7-7-2009 at 18:25:09 from    

That short drag at the beginning was awesome. Makes me wonder what Coleman could have been like had he stayed competitive in wrestling during his MMA career, like Couture. Good fight. And, it’s not boring. If you don’t constantly fight for position, you get KTFO’d.

Mag Says, in 7-8-2009 at 03:21:38 from    

Love the old stuff… the good old days with PROPER mma rules


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