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Schtuppin’ Hawking The F*ing Genius Says, in 12-20-2013 at 00:26:11 from    

I like these guyz. They sure talk funny…hey wait a minute…are dez dudes Canadianzans?

“What’s this all a boot?”
“GSP is oot of the welter weight division.”
“Finding a new champ will be a pro-cess.”

Canadiazoids are just so adorable!

paddedummy Says, in 12-20-2013 at 09:27:17 from    

STFU about canadian pronunciation you stupid f-ing jew. “Shtuppin”, you are one to talk. Those savage brazilian animals are on steroids and promote f@gs beating butches and you focus on canadians? I use the term “men” very loosely because brazil is the gender reassignement/ tranny mecca that invented a style which consists of dry humping another man while wearing a speedo. They could at least put a HW woman vs a 135 pound man to make it slightly less disturbing. You are just a nobody on the internet though, Robin Black is an even bigger idiot and they put his dumb ass on TV! Cheating doesn’t take anything away from an athletes performance or victory!? Ok then, I will compete in mma and bring a gun into the cage with me, I will win evey fight in the first 5 seconds of the first round but it will still count “ay”. As if being retarded wasn’t bad enough, Robin has a girl’s name, he dresses and styles his hair like a woman, admits he is such a little b1tch that he would lose a fight to a female and somehow has a job with the fight network! WTF!

jdogg Says, in 12-20-2013 at 10:34:01 from    

@ Paddeddummy and Schtuppin – RAWRR Dudebro fight on the internets!!

Perulives Says, in 12-20-2013 at 11:58:10 from    

Canadians get so offended, relaxxxx. All he said was the pronunciation was funny and you go on to call him a “f-ing jew”. Just a tad bit more offensive don’t ya think?

Anyway, I think these guys cover good material, but I personally hate them as MMA commentators. Dudes seem like they have never been in a fight in their lives.

Tankless Says, in 12-20-2013 at 12:02:00 from    

Schtuppin… WISH you had 3 inches , Miss Baby C*ck.

darby Says, in 12-20-2013 at 15:05:41 from    

perulives – do some research and you will see that robin black has done mma before

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-20-2013 at 16:41:33 from    

So the racist c²nt gets offended when the racism is towards him?? You are f****** pathetic. BTW it’s true. The canadian accent is really silly. Most people don’t talk like that but the people who do are f****** annoying. My guess is you’re one of these idiots since you got so offended.

DaBigFish Says, in 12-21-2013 at 20:54:47 from    

Ha! Thats what I was thinking!

I’m not a Canadian, and I know some Canadians get butt hurt about how people perceive their accent. I don’t find it annoying, just gives context to who they are. It’s kinda like the Wisconsin accent – kinda silly but, not offensive. You just wanna mimic it – “don’t cha know” Met a fine @ss Canadian girl last week, didn’t mind the accent at all, just wanted to know more about what she’s aboot.

We’ve wasted too much time in internets troll land of ridiculousness and comments.

Back to the MMA stuff, and things. Tangents be damned!

I don’t like what the presenters of this show did trying to justify cheating, or whatever his agenda is. If you cheat in professional sports, you are stealing from the other competitors. I don’t know if anyone ever heard of that cyclist who lost a nut to cancer then won the Tour de Something. That said they were all cheating, the UCI was complicit. Anyhow, the Silva vs Hunt fight was pretty good. I expected them to collapse under their own weight and exhaustion – they put on a good show. If it’s true his doctor messed up I feel bad for Silvia, but its on him – and he popped for PEDs in the past. I could understand the reason he was allowed to use TRT- Marfan’s syndrome/Acromegaly. As far as the male vs female fights, we have that via Fallon Fox – JK if your offended. I’m not against exhibition fights, If I fought Ronda Rousey she would smoke me and most of the dudes who come to this site. My only chance would be keeping her at a distance and hope that the carnie who was hired to set up the overhead lights forgot to set up the lights well and a can drops on her.


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