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lijep_sam Says, in 2-8-2009 at 12:01:50 from    

great fight

throdoresci Says, in 2-8-2009 at 12:15:20 from    

this was a borung fight! I almost couldn’t watch it go to a decision, really, 3 rounda of boringness

Maximumpain Says, in 2-8-2009 at 12:18:13 from    

Neer wasn’t getting hit enough apparently so he decided to punch himself in the face. Good tactic. Probably confused Danzig.

Cez617 Says, in 2-8-2009 at 12:23:54 from    

THANK YOU for posting these fights man. You are my heroe ;-)
I love seeing Danzig’s ass getting kicked – stupid vegian!

Tethy Says, in 2-8-2009 at 13:13:48 from    

I love it a 3:02 of r2 neer punches himself in the face.

Kishoba Says, in 2-8-2009 at 13:52:56 from    

Great fight, but a couple of things I didn’t like. First, and foremost, why the hell wasn’t that ref there and in a position to immediately see the tap by Mac Danzig? A fighter shouldn’t have to point out that his opponent is tapping. Secondly, I didn’t see any headbutts. Danzig did a good job with his standup in the first round, and repeatedly landed on the left eye of Neer.

Jasonicus Says, in 2-8-2009 at 13:53:55 from    

Does Neer have a cleft palette or something? Maybe just missing too many teeth, I don’t know.

Can’t believe he beat Danzig. Great fight though, pretty much non stop action.

@throdoresci, are you sure you were watching the right fight? How much more action do you need, noob?

yoububg Says, in 2-8-2009 at 14:31:26 from    

Josh Neer needs to stop pretending he is top shelve s***. He has been a gate keeper his entire career. Put your hands down man, I think Danzig allready knows you want to fight.

eyeless Says, in 2-8-2009 at 14:49:06 from    

throdoresci, I think you are thinking of a different fight. This was an exciting matchup, actually. I thought Mac would have kept Josh more at bay with quicker footwork and hands, all the while stuffing takedowns, but Josh was way too overpowering and much stronger overall. Great fight, great action!

Driez Says, in 2-8-2009 at 14:52:16 from    

lol @ the punch at 08:46

Rick Says, in 2-8-2009 at 19:22:08 from    

Great fight. Glad to see Danzig lose. He was such a house bully on the tv show. Who is the Guy that said it was a boring fight? What an ass clown.

Feedmont Says, in 2-8-2009 at 19:24:17 from    

Danzig needs a new training camp – he gassed badly and mentally quit in that fight.

Smacket Says, in 2-8-2009 at 20:42:22 from    

throdoresci = troll
how can you say that wasnt a good fight lol

Thanks TKO you rock!!!

Drew Says, in 2-8-2009 at 20:55:22 from    

I think Neer’s length bothered Danzig a lot. I thought that could be a factor in this fight. All other things being equal, the guy with the greater reach will win.

smack Says, in 2-8-2009 at 21:34:30 from    

why dont people like neer ? cos hes a bit of a hillbilly ? hes got skills man good stand up and bjj, tough good heart

Danby Says, in 2-8-2009 at 22:13:32 from    

This fight was odd in that there was strange pauses in the action when they were tied up at the cage. They both just stood there. I wanted to yell SUCKING KNEE HIM OR SOMETHIGN!!

Good fight though. Josh was way more aggressive and I think Josh got discouraged.

Nick Says, in 2-8-2009 at 22:24:48 from    

Danzig needs to realize his won’t get a win because this is his job that he does fulltime.

kimboslam76 Says, in 2-9-2009 at 04:45:53 from    

i dont care what anybody says ,neer is the man.skills have much improved.his striking isnt pretty though.

DeltaSigChi4 Says, in 2-9-2009 at 13:03:50 from    

Neer needs to act like he possesses an iota of class in order for civilised people to be able to like him. Act like you’ve been there before. And act like it’s a UFN fight, not fight of the century. Kid seems to have some mental problems.


KSG Says, in 2-9-2009 at 16:37:02 from    

i thought i was seeing things when i saw neer punch himself lol. Lol he was like i am better compitioon than u could ever be.

hahaha123 Says, in 2-9-2009 at 17:25:51 from    

I bet you wouldn’t say that to Neer’s face “yoububg”.

Dave Says, in 2-9-2009 at 21:09:33 from    

I think at a certain point for some reason, Neer got angry, supposedly due to a headbutt I never saw, but his anger, and relentlessness seriously seemed to have scared Danzig. Great fight. I would really like Neer if he weren’t such as asshole.

PitFighterZ Says, in 2-9-2009 at 22:10:11 from    

I agree with Feedmont. Danzig needs to work his cardio and his confidence. He is obviously more technical than Neer and could have won this fight if he wasn’t so afraid to attack and if he didn’t gassed. A total mental fart…

You’re an idiot throdoresci Says, in 2-10-2009 at 03:10:29 from    

wtf are you talking about boring fight, throdoresci?? And 3 rounds of boring? it ended in the second, that makes sense.

Fred Savage’s Big Fat Dong Says, in 2-10-2009 at 17:27:15 from    

Sweet pic of Danzig covered in blood, what did he murder someone? Got the fight vid?

Eat meat Danzig and you will have the strength to win! EAT MEAT! EAT MEAT! EAT MEAT! ahhhhhhh… crazy vegens…

030988 Says, in 2-11-2009 at 05:00:58 from    

Anyone who mentioned danzigs personality on the show is lame lol.
I thought neer was just being an ass but he thought he got headbutted so it makes sense.
And danzig trains with extreme coture, im sure his cardio and mental str are fine.
neer was just the better figher this time around

throdoresci Says, in 2-11-2009 at 18:04:21 from    

im the grumpy ol’ troll who lives under a bridge, im a grumpy old troll who lives under a bridge, if u wanna cum over all ya hav 2 do is this, all ya have 2 do is this, solve my riddle: what gets wetter as it dries?

live4mma Says, in 2-24-2009 at 18:37:58 from    

i dont know why everyone is hating on neer. hez a great fighter and he has a potential of being a champion. also, i think he beat nick diaz.

jockitch Says, in 3-31-2009 at 20:36:44 from    

a towel,throdoresci.danzig sucks.

Charles Says, in 7-4-2009 at 12:39:29 from    

i really dislike danzig’s attitude on The Ultimate Fighter season 6, he thinks he’s the best and being grumpy on people.. and the bowman issue… he’s good but no! no! no!

Yeah! The TUF Season 6 Egomaniac winner just got triangled! lol..


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