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DynamiteK Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:14:54 from    


Niv Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:29:46 from    

Well I was one of those that thought Silva was going to cut down the angles and chop down the Machida tree, obviously I was wrong.

Machida looked great and it appeared almost as if Silva was letting up knowing the end of the round was here, and boom lights out! Machida got the buzzer beater and that was that.

I think Machida showed great skill and excellent power, he had Silva hurt at least two times in that round, I think Machida is an intriguing challenger for the title.

hond2dciv Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:30:30 from    

should stop the haters from saying the dragon cant finish! He destroyed Silva. Wow.

herb Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:41:59 from    

Mr. Head, meet Mr. Fist.

t biggins Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:45:05 from    


GF Killa Says, in 2-1-2009 at 03:52:53 from    

Dont F*** with the dragon

raghead Says, in 2-1-2009 at 04:34:27 from    

threw him around like a rag doll

awar1er Says, in 2-1-2009 at 05:04:10 from    

ive always known machida was a beast love that guy

Irootoko Says, in 2-1-2009 at 05:40:46 from    

I was hoping that Silva would be smarter than all the other guys that chased machida around the ring, but what can you do. Machida looked good. I hope he gets a title shot. Evans probably won’t be dumb enough to do exactly what Machida wants him to do.

learn2swim Says, in 2-1-2009 at 06:55:58 from    

But can he really challenge Evans… really? I’ve been critical of Evans and I would only want to see that fight on the betting odds of who would throw a punch first and the miles traveled in the ring through dance.

Really, I’m not putting either guy down but when you get 2 elusive counter punchers what kind of fight do you get.

mmafanpt Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:25:32 from    

Lyoto vs Rashad, what a great fight it would be. I just hope Dana doesn’t find another way to avoid this fight.

PuNcH Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:44:16 from    

now that is domination! dude never gets touched in his fight. he shows alot of class when he fights – such great technique! evans is gonna get wooped =D

freee Says, in 2-1-2009 at 07:45:02 from    

IMO– it seems everyone that jumps in the ring with the dragon knows how he fights, but it seems everyone does same thing like all the other fighters thinking that they’ll be the one to out play him at his own game… and he proves them all wrong!

boooyah! great fight, great finish! seems he just gets better! thanks Burno for posting up so quick! you’re the man!

AOR Says, in 2-1-2009 at 08:17:59 from    

I knew u would KO/TKO him Lyoto, I bet on it. Keep it up Buddy!!!!!!!!

Tired Says, in 2-1-2009 at 08:58:50 from    

That was the fight Machida needed to fight in the UFC to let everyone know he isn’t just a decision winner. I know it wont be his next fight, but I would love to see Griffin vs. Machida within the year.

dj_klyde Says, in 2-1-2009 at 09:04:09 from    

Machida vs. Evans will be a boring fight

Evans wont be chasing Machida around the ring like that.

Impala_ss Says, in 2-1-2009 at 09:27:06 from    

Machida is a stud. Machida takes the least amount of damage and looked awsome. When he fought Tito he almost finished him in the first round.

lightsout9999 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:20:57 from    

LOL at 10:57 Joe said “Thiago you are now undefeated in the UFC …..”

i honestly don’t know what kind of fight Machida and Evans will bring..both are counter strikers..

donnie1st Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:23:03 from    

Machida vs Rashad would be boring for the average MMA fan because it will be too technical. But on the other hand, many cant wait to see technical fighters at it.

gunnyhighway99 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:33:11 from    

I was never really impressed with the Dragon, but he has changed my mind.

JLC1976 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:40:22 from    

I always liked Machida and the style of karate. It just goes to show you that it does work in MMA. People critasize Machida for not bringing the fight and Joe Rogan uses the word alusive and well the whole object is not to get hit and try to finish the other guy. Machida shows us that every time he fights and it’s not his fault there’s only 3, 5 minute rounds haha.

deuce Says, in 2-1-2009 at 10:59:03 from    

Hi Haters! Machida Vs Evans. Machida by UD!

darkmetal Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:04:57 from    

To beat the man, you have to HIT the man. And you can’t…can you?

Enter the Dragon, leave on a stretcher.

mmafanpt Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:22:25 from    

Well, I have just seen Dana’s declaration that Lyoto won’t face Rashad right now, maybe at the end of the year. Typical…

mmafaninnyc Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:28:31 from    

I was hoping that Silva would be smarter than all the other guys that chased machida around the ring, but what can you do. Machida looked good. I hope he gets a title shot. Evans probably won’t be dumb enough to do exactly what Machida wants him to do.

ummm, Machida pressed the action for the majority of the fight so i’m not sure what you’re talking about

DMAN09238523 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:45:23 from    

Wow, i’ve loved Machida for awhile now and it’s great to see a performance like this from him. He needs to get that title shot. Machida vs. Evans will be really interesting. Great match up.

goregasm Says, in 2-1-2009 at 11:54:09 from    

Joe Rogan looking like a novice calling Lyoto Thiago in the ring at the end of the fight.

Skope Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:01:00 from    

Rashad does not stand a chance. Machida is the best light heavyweight straight up!

Csari0 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:22:18 from    

Ha ha.. I got my account blocked at MMAJunkie for calling them PIMP ASSISTANTS fo the way they helped the UFC PIMP this event. They wrote tens of articles about this even compares to day of reckoning.

MMAJUNKIE swallows… they can’t stand the truth

8 out of 10 fights went the distance.. sad…Day of reckoning was way better…

PitFighterZ Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:44:40 from    

Well, to say the least, Machida is definitelly something different in the UFC. It’s great to see a true karate fighter beating the crap out of everybody. That shows that MMA is not just Wrestling, Muy Thay and BJJ.

MMA Says, in 2-1-2009 at 12:52:13 from    

Nice finish

shockzer Says, in 2-1-2009 at 13:03:49 from    

Well, thiago didn’t go at machida like he said he was gonna. I mean he was moving forward, but in his interviews he made it seem like he was planning on bullrushing him the whole fight. Which I think would have worked better for him than slowly, cautiously, edging forward giving lyoto enough time to pick his shots.

St Pierre Says, in 2-1-2009 at 13:07:49 from    

Didnt see that one koming last night… Over a year ago i wrote on a Komment saying that not only Lyoto will bekome the Light Heavyweight Campiom but a dominate champion… a guy who will rule this division for a looooong time… im still keeping those words…

Sonic Says, in 2-1-2009 at 13:25:08 from    

Holy hell.

LC Says, in 2-1-2009 at 13:53:11 from    

LOL!! now everyone loves Machida? Where are all the haters lol.

Irootoko Says, in 2-1-2009 at 13:59:47 from    

mmafaninnyc Says,in 2-1-2009 at 11:28:31 from
I was hoping that Silva would be smarter than all the other guys that chased machida around the ring, but what can you do. Machida looked good. I hope he gets a title shot. Evans probably won’t be dumb enough to do exactly what Machida wants him to do.
ummm, Machida pressed the action for the majority of the fight so i’m not sure what you’re talking about

What I am referring to is the fact that when Machida isn’t throwing a strike is is hopping backwards or to the side. I think Machida is an incredible fighter, I just get sick of seeing aggressive fighters thinking that they are the one that will be able to chase him down and make him pay. Instead they keep running into his fist. Its predictable and disappointing. But Machida is the man.

Kutsen Says, in 2-1-2009 at 14:22:53 from    

Rogan kept saying that the (apparent) key for success against Machida Silva was to not go after him; he said Silva was making a mistake by “chasing” Machida, but what are you supposed to do when a guy stands a foot-and-a-half further away than most fighters? Throw a shoe at him?

This common wisdom, that Machida wins by taking advantage of other fighters when they’re off-balance coming forward, was put to the lie the couple of times when Silva wasn’t moving forward, and Machida sprang forward and landed hard strikes — knees, punches. Every time Machida came forward he landed hard blows.

I have to give Machida his due. The guy is a tremendous fighter. Maybe he doesn’t use his face to batter the other guys’ fists and knees and feet, like, say, Forrest Griffin, but that doesn’t mean he’s not entertaining to watch. In fact, I’d rather watch Machida than Griffin any day.

I’d love to see Anderson Silva move up to 205 for a bout with Machida. That would be a really interesting fight.

Popa Says, in 2-1-2009 at 14:45:42 from    

I see there are still Machida haters here… go figure.. lol at the haters

bobinho Says, in 2-1-2009 at 15:14:35 from    

yeah baby!!
had my money on a machida win via ko
and my betting streak continues

and what a finish by machida, cant wait for him to defeat evans, and for k-flo to become the lightweight champ to. its gonna be sick

adambomber Says, in 2-1-2009 at 15:26:57 from    

Machida impressed me, and right before the fight after watching some of their fight i realized that Thiago had gotten picked apart on his feet by far lesser opponents.

Machida just took advantage of a lesser opponent in this fight Thiago’s weakness showed, Tito Ortiz is way better than Thiago.

Machida dances away and stuff but he will also use this to his aadvantage and become aggressive when he sees an opening.

In the beginning of the fight i realized that MAchida was far better than Thiago and would ktfo Thiago, but i didnt realize this until i saw how they were moving and fighting.

i am a MAchida fan now,and he needed a victory like this.
I still think Thiago was undefeated but he had never fought a top contender.
MAchida may get the title shot now but he cannot do what he did to Thiago to Evans.

I want to see Rampage fight the winner of Evans/Machida. What if JArdine wins a decison over Rampage, will JArdie get a shot at the belt? that would be a joke.

PikachuManson Says, in 2-1-2009 at 15:38:37 from    

I can hear hear Fei Long’s song running through my mind while watching Machida fight. I don’t see anyone who can mess with Machida’s style right about now.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 2-1-2009 at 16:23:35 from    

I was not a hater of Machida persay but I did not respect his style of fighting and thought he ran away a lot.

After seeing him dismantle Silva at the buzzer my thought process as an honest MMA fan has changed. I still dont think Machida is the best thing since sliced bread like some of you guys. But he is an awesome fighter and I look forward to seeing him again.

Machida gained a lot of respect after this one.

Good win

fred Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:38:35 from    

Very good fight. Machida and Evans will be a very good fight. I don’t know why people are amazed that Silva chased Machida, saying that he wasn’t smart for doing that. Silva is a ground and pounder and there is only 1 way to do that. You have to get close, clinch and take Machida down. He knew he was going to take punches trying to clinch. Machida is just the better fighter and a beast. People hate Machida for getting chased, but that is the same thing Liddel does in his fights.

wtf Says, in 2-1-2009 at 17:39:29 from    

if he doesnt get a title shot, he should go to affliction…his buddy AS got the title shot in 2 fights, I know the 205 is stacked, and theres alot of fighters getting second chances, i m guessing he fights forrest next..

mike Says, in 2-1-2009 at 18:59:10 from    

Machida is one of the best fighters if not the best fighter in ufc light heavyweight division . very good fight
by Machida.TITLE SHOT…

fighter27 Says, in 2-1-2009 at 21:59:49 from    

machida is the best fighter in the ligt heavyweight devision…he just can lose with a lucky punch (rashad has this posibility)….and against a realy good bjj – fighter. his style is different….
the future will show us if he´s just a good fighter or the next light heavyweight legend!

Derick Says, in 2-2-2009 at 00:17:11 from    

Kerate Kid 2009 have rise!!!

compcast Says, in 2-2-2009 at 00:38:33 from    

ok,page took the jardine fight so it only makes sense that evan-vs-machida happen then page machida or evans-vs-page what I really wanted to see happens.

ksg Says, in 2-2-2009 at 01:37:10 from    

all the respect to lyoto top 3 in the world at lhw but i have to say thiago looked quite out of shape in this fight. But i have 2 say i was going for lyoto for this fight. Lyoto vs Rashad or winner of Shogun/iceman vs lyoto.

eyeless Says, in 2-2-2009 at 02:14:26 from    

Machida makes MMA look easy. Slick beyond belief.

Feedmont Says, in 2-2-2009 at 17:03:49 from    

Evans(when he fights Lyoto)will make the same mistake Chuck made against him: he’ll get frustrated, come forward and get caught with a shot he won’t see coming.


FlintStonebone Says, in 2-2-2009 at 19:29:43 from    

i always said Machida was a bad ass lhw contender and he proves himself yet again, makes all his opponents look like jokers, line him up with Rashad, thats got epic fight all over it, after he beats rashad lets see him fight his boy…the spider silva

PTH713 Says, in 2-2-2009 at 23:09:07 from    

Thiago went by what he said. He said he was gonna go straight for him. Another victim to Lyoto’s flee and attack method.

Drummo Says, in 2-3-2009 at 01:05:06 from    

I think I am going to sign up for karate instruction hehehe

mc_crossfire Says, in 2-3-2009 at 03:20:10 from    

Hope Rampage beats Jardine and gets the title shot, but I wouldnt mind watching Machida vs Evans would be a great fight and both undefeated. But i bet rampage will win the fight with Jardine and gets the title shot first, but if he wins it he has to fight Machida :D

brian kenny Says, in 2-3-2009 at 08:26:19 from    

machida will be the next lhw champion!!!!!!!!

deuce Says, in 2-3-2009 at 13:34:10 from    

its called proper mai in martial arts. Mai is striking distance, the reason why Lyoto’s Guard is so low yet effective is because he stays out of striking distance (a foot and a half out of arms length) you place yourself in proper striking distance by leaps, counter attacks and 45 degree step in. YOU NEVER step straight in, always at an angle or off a counter. and in stepping in you look to take down, land a hard strike THEN get out of range. This is the build up to proper hand/foot striking/throwing in Martial Arts

verbana Says, in 2-4-2009 at 04:31:03 from    

I agree with eyeless, Machida makes mma look way too easy. After watching this fight Machida makes me think I could knock out Thiago.

DMAN09238523 Says, in 2-4-2009 at 18:26:09 from    

He is the Bruce Lee of MMA. Machida will be champ no matter who stands in his way, Dana White included. Also, to respond to another post, Affliction’s cards are lack something. I saw this recent one, and other than the Fedor fight it lacked excitement. By the way, the ring sucks compared to the cage. lastly, BJpenn shouldn’t have talked so much s***….

tripp481 Says, in 3-14-2009 at 21:35:52 from    

rashad will defeat machida and then get knock da f uk out by rampage .

kid A Says, in 3-18-2009 at 22:08:55 from    

joe rogan: “he’s got a great package, but
it’s an unusual one.”

thats what she said.

Personal Trainer Says, in 5-13-2009 at 04:42:43 from    

If a first time MMA viewer won that fight they would thing Lyoto Machida is Bruce Lee and Thiago Silva was an amateur.

abc Says, in 5-23-2009 at 02:16:38 from    

unleash the dragon

hubert Says, in 7-3-2009 at 14:12:07 from    

i just love lyoto!!!


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