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BlackSpoon Says, in 12-30-2007 at 05:07:40 from    

Looks like Soko is weak from his back, and unfortunitly Team Quest isn’t an ideal place to train from your back. Seemed like he was looking for big punches and unabled to cut off Machida.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 12-30-2007 at 05:45:09 from    

good fight… unfortunately Soko suffers from the “judo syndrome”>> no stamina. As for Machida… I was doubting him for a while, but after seeing the way he handled soko, I have to say he is the real deal. Unfortunately he’s not american, if he was the UFC would be riding his jock like they do many other lesser talents. Now I’d like to see Machida get a title match.

Steamer Bean Says, in 12-30-2007 at 07:30:41 from    

There are only a handful of people who can say they have beaten B.J. Penn, Machida is one of them. But, like Dirty, i had my doubts, (he outweighed B.J. by quite a bit, which seems to be about the only way to beat him), but Machida definately won this fight with skill. However, i’d like to see him tested a little more in the UFC before he gets a title shot.

YHVH Says, in 12-30-2007 at 09:03:02 from    

Rogan is so damn biased in his commentaries. Talkin bullshit about Pride all the time. Machida should get a title shot.

Jon Says, in 12-30-2007 at 10:11:10 from    

Hah, I don’t know what the UFC was thinking giving Machida for Soko’s first fight, you would think that they would spoon feed him like they have in the past but it seems they have turned a new leaf. Great fight for Machida, nobody really has the ability to really put it to him. Although I want to watch him fight a top contender right now, he is undefeated and has how much of a win streak? like 4 wins? Yeah about time he gets some good quality guys…

I know MMA Says, in 12-30-2007 at 11:00:57 from    

Machida looked amazing against a highly touted fighter. Whether he deserves a title shot or not is an interesting question. I really see big things in Machida’s UFC career. He is very strong mentally and his technique is quite dangerous. I don’t put too much emphasis on his BJ Penn victory, given the weight discrepancy. IMO Soko will be back and just needs a couple more fights to become comfortable with his octagon style.

ariel Says, in 12-30-2007 at 12:53:05 from    

lyoto is my friend and teacher here in belem/brazil..he will be the next champion of ufc

Samurai Says, in 12-30-2007 at 13:33:21 from    

It is Karatê Shotokan and BJJ!! Oss

GERALDO Says, in 12-30-2007 at 14:35:04 from    

It’s been very good for me, brasilian, watching brasilian fighters beating other fighters in another countries.
There are excellent fighters in Brazil, and we have one that will defeat Fedor, Randy Couture and Lidell…you will see…soon…

dirty 7-30 Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:12:34 from    

Oh the EGO… so Geraldo…what do you do when a Brasilian get his ass kicked?… do you cry.. Scream out loud… have a nervous breakdown?… So what did you do when Rua lost to Griffin… I bet you haven’t recovered from that one. LOL It doesn’t matter where fighters are from, it seems the only people that care about that are the people outside the ring. By the way Fedor beat your daddy (NOG) twice. I guess Nog went in with the same mentality you have…”well I’m from Brasil so I will win, because we are the best”… and win he did indeed, he won an ass whopping.

kappi Says, in 12-30-2007 at 16:31:51 from    

Machida is a real deal. I want him t fight for Title…UFC is ignoring him…

you’relosers Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:37:53 from    

goku would kick both of their f****** asses. wouldn’t even need to go super saiyan either. you’re all losers. get lives.

FightMutt Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:56:06 from    

machida impresses. great technique, timing and he is in the game mentally. he looked awesome here, and dominated a bigger, stronger guy. of course like someone already said, too bad he is not american and the ufc will push lesser fighters. let’s hope that ufc does the right thing and gives machida his due.

Dogpitt Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:57:56 from    

There’s really not a great deal of top-tier competition in the LHW division at present I feel. Henderson is moving down to MW, Shogan was unimpressive in his last fight and Silva/Liddell need a few more fights before they are worthy of title-shot.
After this performance, Machida clearly demonstrates that he deserves a shot a damn sight more than Jardine or that loser Griffin. He’s 12-0 and has beaten the likes of BJ Penn, Franklin and now Sokodjou for goodness’ sake!
Dana: pull your finger out mate!

plpaulo Says, in 12-30-2007 at 23:56:15 from    

judo syndromem – no stamina? A Judoka’s prime weapon is his stamina. As a judo player myself who’s fought in matches that have lasted more than 15 some minutes, working on your conditioning is very important for success. I think stamina is strictly work ethic and has nothing to do with what you say “judo syndrome”

wasabi7200 Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:19:23 from    

lol rogan said soko was getting “owned” i thought ryoto was gonna win and he did but im sad soko looked so bad

dirty 7-30 Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:26:27 from    

Look at all the judokas that lack stamina.. a 15 minute judo match is totally different than a 15 minute MMA match. Arlovski, Soko, Parisyan all judokas that didn’t have stamina, have you seen judo competitions…thats right you have been in judo competitions, so how often are ther 15 minute matches?… Don’t lie to yourself just because you practice judo. It is a syndrom… like it or not.

ironlion zayan Says, in 12-31-2007 at 10:46:30 from    

Guys, guys…Please! First it isn’t the style or the country of origin that makes a great fighter(OF COARSE SOME STYLES ARE DOMINANT IN MMA)it is the person itself and how he orchestrates all the right tools.

You could train in Brazil, Japan, USA or f***** Zimbabwe… if you have no heart, no spirit and no talent…FORGET IT! Just keep watching and shut the hell up! Too many people call themselves mma fighters today… it bothers me, but hey, if you think about it, why not if it helps promote the sport.

About judo… It isn’t Judo the problem, judo is a great art, but it’s just not mma! If a judoka turns to mma he must adapt to it. Same as a boxer or muay thay fighter. If you go from rock to opera even though it is about music, it is just not the same structure! So you must take a step back and study the whole new game.

There is no style that will ever dominate mma again! It is the new MMA ERA, and a fighter will mix-match the styles and adapt it to his physical attributes to make them work for him. The best example is my friend GEORGE ST-PIERRE.

MY SHOUT-OUT… i know there are fighters all over the world with great talent waiting for their turn for fame… keep training hard, your time will come! If not, may the sport of mma give you the honour and the wisdom to know the difference between the organized fighting sport and the act of violence it could lead to… May you train & fight with peace, respect and sportsmanship or may you get your ass kicked to learn about humility and compassion!!!


kyokushinkai passionate
muay thai competitor
BJJ afficionado and
MMA coach.
Montreal CANADA

MMA fan Says, in 12-31-2007 at 12:42:53 from    

Thanks for posting it!!!!!

LES Says, in 12-31-2007 at 19:51:52 from    

machida was impressive!

Aff1234 Says, in 1-1-2008 at 06:44:19 from    

I dont think Joe means to be biased, but someone needs to show him how he talks about pride fighters.

Bill Says, in 1-1-2008 at 17:35:05 from    

Rogan has always spoke highly of fighters from Pride from what I can remember and always was very excited when their fighters came over…as we all should be. There are a lot of great fighters out there who want to fight the best and MMA fighters from Pride and the UFC are the best…well then theres Fedor who is a great fighter yet decides to pad his record by fighting people he knows he can beat like Hong Man and Matt Lindland (a middleweight) there are many others he wants an easy win not a battle.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-1-2008 at 20:14:12 from    

I didn’t say anything wrong about Judo, I have tonnes of respect for JUDO, what I was saying is that Judokas lack stamina, and that a judo tournament is totally different than an MMA tournament, nothing agains Judo. If you see Judo tournaments, the fighters aren’t all ways on top of each other, their physical contacts is brief compared to MMA. It is not JUDO’s fault, it’s just the way that tournament rules have been set. The rules put more emphasis on throws rather than other aspects of the art. I’m pretty sure many judoka’s enter MMA tournament believing they have stamina… only to be proven wrong.

markus Says, in 1-2-2008 at 02:49:51 from    

Machida is a good fighter at 205, but he gives up a lot of weight. i think it’d be better for him if he dropped to 185. rich franklin looks bigger than him. that or he should put on some muscle.

anthony Says, in 1-2-2008 at 08:16:08 from    

I don’t think Rogan is that bad. I think alot of what he does is try to balance out the ignorance comming from his commentating partner. That said, I’d like to see Frank Trigg commentating for the UFC.

Drew Says, in 1-2-2008 at 23:27:09 from    

Dirty 7-30, I agree with your assessment about judo fighters but it doesn’t apply here at all. Sokoudjou is an MMA fighter now and trains out of one of the more gruelling camps. I don’t think stamina had anything to do with this fight. I think a combination of being frustrated with Machida’s style, getting dropped and rained down with strikes just broke his spirit a bit. Couple that with the fact that Machida is clearly the superior ground fighter and that’s the kind of outcome you get.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-3-2008 at 01:13:29 from    

yes, that seems to be what really happened here!^^^^^^

Eumesmo Says, in 1-3-2008 at 23:08:49 from    

That was not the first fight of Machida in UFC! He defeated Nakamura in other UFC!

ACosta Says, in 1-7-2008 at 01:08:36 from    

Why people keep buuuuing every time a fight doesn’t turn it a slug fest????

Bunch of ignorant people.

Brendan Says, in 1-10-2008 at 00:07:13 from    

Judo is too much of a regulated sport like boxing and not a true fighting style.Don’t get me wrong you can learn a lot from judo but if you are to do well in MMA you need a lot more than just judo skills with a few punches thrown in.

Karo Says, in 1-19-2008 at 00:52:58 from    

I do not understand why Soko did not train the ground game better. If you train judo and have such good takedowns you should have a good ground game. Soko didn’t have lack of stamina, he was lost. He had great takedown, but he did nothing on his back. He should have trained to have a good clinch and ground game. If he does that, he could be great.

boner89 Says, in 8-7-2009 at 09:48:48 from    

but he doesnt


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