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OchoFett Says, in 12-8-2011 at 22:55:31 from    

I used to do crane kicks…till I took and arrow in the knee…

Yoda123 Says, in 12-8-2011 at 23:03:14 from    

Chugging Piss is just wrong :)

It’s MMA not MM Piss.

Piss u drink Piss u are.

xformat01 Says, in 12-9-2011 at 07:29:52 from    

Steven Seagal? Why is this topic even coming up in an interview? Steven Seagal’s opinion is as good as his acting….awful.

mk Says, in 12-9-2011 at 08:19:11 from    

Do these guys from Brazil even try to learn english?

gunnyhighway99(Panama) Says, in 12-9-2011 at 08:33:36 from    

I’m supporting Lyoto in this fight, but I see three problems:

1) Training with King Mo
2) Any mention of Steven Seagal
3) Drinking your own urine.

JoeDog Says, in 12-9-2011 at 09:42:37 from    

@ mk With comments like that about Brazilians and English, I’m assuming you are an American? If so, you must be fluent in Spanish, know conversational Chinese and plan to learn Portuguese???
With respect to urophagia (medical term for drinking piss) there are no sound reasons to justify this practice unless done for survival.

mk Says, in 12-9-2011 at 10:15:01 from    

@joeDog – English is the universal language. Most fights take place in North America. North America is where someone like Machida makes most of his money and he could make more if he knew english. And no I am not American…not that it matters.

kbf Says, in 12-9-2011 at 11:31:53 from    

If my employers spoke Chinese, Portuguese or Arabic I would learn it. mk is most likely american as is the UFC. Whatever language improves you living conditions people learn.

FireballGomi Says, in 12-9-2011 at 12:01:11 from    

did u guys know? boxer Juan Manuel Marquez also drinks piss. If lyoto wins, I plan to eat my own turd

keyboardcowboy Says, in 12-9-2011 at 12:08:04 from    

@JoeDog Why? English is the #1 second language in the world. if we’re ever going to be a unified type one civilization, then everyone is going to have to make the switch sometime. in short, stfu

shocktime Says, in 12-9-2011 at 14:04:23 from    

Lyoto’s english isn’t bad he actually understands a lot, just harder to speak it. I’ve heard him speak english before though and it’s not bad. He should practice it more though because that’s the only way you will get better. Wanderlei Silva is a good example of a guy who always tries to speak english. He doesn’t care his accent sucks. At least he tries to get better at it.

Tempted Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:00:41 from    

Uh Lyoto is getting demolished in this fight. I don’t even know how he got the fight. Hendo should have had first dibs.

tobes Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:16:40 from    

@MK – hope you step on a needle with Hep C

tobes Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:20:42 from    

@MK- he has Ed translating so he can speak fluently. Lyoto does speak some English. Seriously, would you rather he spent more time practicing his English and less time practicing his fighting?

And how many languages do you speak???

You know that small hole between your upper things? You are one of those.

Swordsmansmith Says, in 12-9-2011 at 16:07:20 from    

Jones will elbow Machida so hard that he’ll be speaking all kinds of languages and gibberish.

mk Says, in 12-9-2011 at 17:07:58 from    

@tobes – Any person that tells another to step on a needle with Hep C because they disagree with them is mentally unstable…so i’m sorry about your condition, best of luck.

mk Says, in 12-9-2011 at 17:27:28 from    

I see Machida making it a tough fight for Jones. I think Jones wins by decision.

Shredded Coconut Says, in 12-10-2011 at 08:22:09 from    

Contribute some actual dialogue regarding MMA please. Go troll on Sherdog


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