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60ndown Says, in 12-7-2011 at 20:25:27 from    

i bet jones is terrified…….. naaaaawt !!

Crazytown Says, in 12-7-2011 at 20:26:10 from    

Pretty cool. Not gonna help him though!!

DavidJones Says, in 12-7-2011 at 20:54:51 from    

thats not that impressive i do it and see it at my gym all the time, maybe if he would break some wood or something with that kick if he wants to impress anyone…he need a miracle against jones.

wow Says, in 12-7-2011 at 21:01:10 from    

Remember when Karate was cool back in the 90’s? Man those were the days.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 12-7-2011 at 21:03:28 from    

With the crane, he can beat everyone…I mean how can u stop that seriously….even with a broken foot he can do the crane! Broken had = crane, broken other hand = crane…why even watch the fight

AP Says, in 12-7-2011 at 21:19:04 from    

thats no crane kick thats a flying crane!

Enscribe Says, in 12-7-2011 at 21:21:27 from    

Machida’s gonna shock the newbs on Saturday night!

WTFson Says, in 12-7-2011 at 22:13:25 from    

There can only be one victor and he is the karate kid machida as he will KO jon jones who caught my ye early in his career but even with the long range i still believe machida wins by a kick.

cms Says, in 12-7-2011 at 22:25:27 from    

lol… is that high enough?

JoeDog Says, in 12-7-2011 at 22:34:42 from    

…Jones grabs the leg, down goes Machida and is promptly pounded into oblivion. Who’s next?

Bas Ruten Says, in 12-7-2011 at 22:56:34 from    

Bruno, who is your pick for Machida vs Jones? My prediction of Bruno’s prediction: pulling for Machida but Jones wins. But the thing to consider the is the potential for Rashad Evans to jump in the ring with a steel chair, hit Jones, thereby stunning him, and then pile drive him while Machida distracts Herb Dean.

Bruno: You called it.

MMA = Boxing Says, in 12-7-2011 at 23:22:57 from    

Lyoto the dragon Machida is my all time best UFC fighter. He takes his job very seriously. I personally think that after loosing to Shogun Rua he became a better fighter , then after loosing by decision to rampage he learn to not be so technical and try to score more but instead leave it all in the cage and win the fight before time is up. Then my second favorite would probably be Jon Jones because he is a great man and fighter, and because he’s one of the few who can actually beat the spider silva. Gl to both, I’d hate to see them loose, it will be sad when it’s over.

jasonfn22 Says, in 12-8-2011 at 01:12:46 from    

Dude has some freakin lethal god damn feet man that s*** was fast and accurate everytime he threw them damn feet.

cigronne Says, in 12-8-2011 at 05:20:08 from    

Someone is gonna get beat up this Saturday.. and Dana talking Bisping vs Miller was a one-sided fight… hilarious

mysryluvscmpany Says, in 12-8-2011 at 05:31:14 from    

im not big on either of these guys but im not swinging off jones’s nuts till I see how he does in a fight that doesnt go perfect for him. I hope lyoto can pull it out or at least test him so we all can see how he reacts.

Rio_Warrior Says, in 12-8-2011 at 06:59:44 from    

Lyoto is the toughest oponnent JJ can get on the LHW… if Lyoto fight smart and aggressive he may connect good hits and we will see how JJ behaves when he gets striked.

Besides that i think JJ belongs in the HW division, actually JJ should move HW and AS should move to LHW if he is looking for better challengers.

fightdontbefake Says, in 12-8-2011 at 07:35:43 from    

I think it’s great many people are riding off lyoto, might make some rich SOB on Sat. Night. Who destroyed Rashad Evens? Who use to train with Jon Jones?…Rashad Evens…who wasn’t taken down and smashed by anyone (Tito, Silva, Evens, Randy)?…Machida. His only 2 losses were from standup, so if you are going to say that he will get smashed by Jones at least say it will on the feet.

Bernardo Says, in 12-8-2011 at 07:40:59 from    

The only front kick I’m worried about is JBJ’s. You know he has TKD skills and with his long legs and height combined with his speed, power, and precision he can front kick the hell out of anyone. I believe the winner will be the one who gets his opponent to make a mistake in the standup game.
I see Jones height, reach, speed, and unorthodox style making him difficult to touch and his wrestling and BJJ impossible to take down or submit. On the other hand I see Jones picking Machida apart before he finally goes in for the TKO or submission.

greengiant Says, in 12-8-2011 at 11:34:24 from    

machida can do it.it will be good.

Anon Says, in 12-8-2011 at 14:14:00 from    

The crane kick is great but he better learn the paint the fence and wax the car to keep bones from knocking him out!

morbidcro Says, in 12-8-2011 at 18:19:05 from    

I want Machida to win but I don’t see it happening. I’m predicting Jones to win rounds 1-3 (maybe 4) and Lyota winning the last 1 or 2. Hopefully he learned something against Rampage and will act faster.

jdogg Says, in 12-8-2011 at 19:52:21 from    

3rd degree TKD black belt here and I didn’t see a crane kick…

Yoda123 Says, in 12-9-2011 at 00:17:17 from    

Jones head is at least 6-5 high and 10 feet back.

Machida can Crane Kick AIR if he tries his gonna get KTFO

rtorres7794 Says, in 12-9-2011 at 11:51:30 from    

nuthuggers, nothing is a solid until after the fight is done.

Yoda, Jon Jones doesn’t stand up straight at attention in a fight.

FailSonnen Says, in 12-9-2011 at 18:26:57 from    

Machida better watch out for those JJ front kicks to the knees


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