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milos Says, in 1-8-2012 at 08:19:08 from    

bad dislplay of skills from both guys for jardine its expected,he is bad,but rockhold after his fight with jacare i thought he had some nice striking dont know why he deteriorated?…and its painfull to think that jardine managed to somehaw take a draw against mousasi that ref was saving him the entire fight and this time herb let him get ripped karma is a bitch…

Stranger Says, in 1-8-2012 at 08:38:33 from    

Jardine’s technique of hands down chin up wont work for him anymore, not with a suspect chin.
Rockhold didn’t look great, little sloppy, little slow. congrats to him though

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 1-8-2012 at 09:59:06 from    

Rockhold wasn’t sure what to expect from Jardine, so of course his technique hindered.
A fighter that fights the same way everytime is destined to lose, i.e. Chump Liddell.
Congrats to Luke, I was entertained. :)

AznPersuazn Says, in 1-8-2012 at 10:19:42 from    

lol, I dont get how you say he looked sloppy and his striking wasnt that good, when he just won by knockout in the 1st round (granted it was jardine).

Mauro Lost to Women! Says, in 1-8-2012 at 11:28:10 from    

Mauro sucks.

greasegun Says, in 1-8-2012 at 11:38:05 from    

Damn Herb. If ever there was a fight to stop early it was this one. The Dean of mean only has a few paychecks left, this one could have been ended a bit earlier.
Rockhold did’t show me much except some big holes in his standup. Way too wide open for the upper echelons of MMA.
Entertaining fight. Thanks Bruno

WTFson Says, in 1-8-2012 at 14:10:22 from    

Lol has it ever worked and he won’t have a head without a real strategy, the zombie fighter does it again, in other words, got ktfo!

Pope Says, in 1-8-2012 at 15:51:22 from    

@ milos Rockhold probably took Jardine a little lightly, and Jardine’s sloppy style makes almost all of his opponents look bad.

Sticky Says, in 1-8-2012 at 16:42:55 from    

The surprise for me was how long it took. Night of lopsided matches.

BIGRON Says, in 1-8-2012 at 20:26:01 from    

Keith needs to stop….hang it up. Too many KO’s

MajorTom Says, in 1-8-2012 at 20:47:28 from    

I really like Pat Miletich. Does anyone agree? He’s a good commentator.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 1-9-2012 at 01:23:38 from    

I cant stand the god awful commentating in strikeforce. Jardine is done. Everytime you see him fight you either expect him to get his ass kicked or KOd

cigronne Says, in 1-9-2012 at 04:13:38 from    

@ MajorTom I agree, Pat is just a great commentator as technical as fun. And I like Jardine, both person and persona, but I can’t believe one day he belonged to the elite of MMA fighters. This sport has evolved so fast in so little time.

steamachine Says, in 1-11-2012 at 00:57:40 from    

good back and forth there for a minute. fun to watch.


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