Comments on: Lorenzo Fertitta Breaks Down UFC Future – Explains Choosing The Name Zuffa For Company MMA Videos and News Sun, 17 Aug 2014 20:04:42 +0000 hourly 1 By: mmafan11isdumb Fri, 18 Oct 2013 08:35:15 +0000 Without those billionaires.. the ufc would still be how it was pre-zuffa “human cock fighting”. NOT on PPV, not on fox. There wouldnt be dozens of UFC fighters who we can point to as new millionaires. You should be thanking them for saving the sport and giving the fighters a place to make money. Plz stfu.

By: mmafan11 Mon, 14 Oct 2013 17:12:19 +0000 Time for a FAIR Revenue split like the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB for the Fighters.

These Billionaires all make Ca$h of the Blood, Sweat & Tears of the working Men & Women.

They are the top 1% Parasites on the Human Race.

MMA Fighters get No Pension, No Medical Care outside of their Career when not under contract (injuries over a lifetime of Combat Sports do NOT Go Away), and Chump Change in terms of Career earnings vs the Promoter.

Promoters make 99% of the Ca$h while Fighters get Chump Change.

I do not buy PPV & I watch fights at these sites or Live at a Bar.

You too can be a responsible educated Consumer if you want to not only on this but on everything you Consume & do.

By: Facefrack Sun, 13 Oct 2013 04:50:08 +0000 Maybe we can say that he’s the brains, but Dana is still excellent at his job. We’ve seen so many awesome fights n we’ve watched the UFC explode in terms of the magnitude of its international audience. Dana catches a lot… A LOT… of flack from people saying this n that about him, but that would be the case for absolutely anyone who was doing his job, regardless of what kinds of decisions were being made. Based on observation of fight forums n the negative responses Dana’s received over the years, I feel safe saying that there are many people who are paranoid enough to simply call any decision made by a promoter in the fight business a self-interested decision made by a money-grubbing scoundrel. Not totally untrue, but maybe a requisite necessity for someone to succeed in this line of work. He has skin that is about as thick as anyone’s n it lets him hold it together when negotiating with fighters or talking to the media. He’ll tell you how he sees it, won’t give in to the exhaustingly asinine questions of media scrubs who continually barrage him with retarded questions about who fighters are going to fight next n genuinely loves the fights. He couldn’t do Lorenzo’s job, but Lorenzo definitely needs someone who can do Dana’s.

By: High Stakes Sat, 12 Oct 2013 21:21:14 +0000 @def

yea and the money

By: def Sat, 12 Oct 2013 13:36:12 +0000 Dana is for sure the face of the company, but this guy is without a doubt the brains.