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mmaxpert Says, in 4-26-2009 at 20:46:35 from    

lol what a freakshow. yo kyle fight in pride. i wanna see some soccer kicks.

loren8482 Says, in 4-26-2009 at 20:48:49 from    

i feel bad for this guy but on the other hand what the f&^% is he doing in a ring….

Donster Says, in 4-26-2009 at 20:53:17 from    

OH my god I hope he has a day job that was so lopsided I cant see him beating anyone. Valiant try though

nate Says, in 4-26-2009 at 20:55:35 from    

That was the worse mma fight in history! Kyle you did it, now never do it again.

igibbons Says, in 4-26-2009 at 20:56:32 from    

Fry is going to be scarred by that for a long time. Thats one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen and it honestly reminds me of what it feels like to keep my friends dog from humping my leg.

mr. x Says, in 4-26-2009 at 20:57:34 from    

Just kick him in the face and get it over with.

Why? Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:00:56 from    

lol at 1:20 “that midget is quick”.
Should have just guillotined him.

PikachuManson Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:03:57 from    

Wow that little guy has balls of steel!

surreal420 Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:06:08 from    

i know for a fact i could even take that non crippled dude.

amd one word: wow.

whack Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:07:53 from    

What is Kyle’s game plan? Grab Fry’s leg, bring him to the ground and choke him? What else can he do?

jkwon Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:26:52 from    

that other guy was terrible.

sharkcharmer Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:29:49 from    

guys, let the dude live out his dream. Its not going to be a career!

thebigfish Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:33:45 from    

Head kick! Head kick! I guess he’s lucky – in that respect, you can’t kick or knee a grounded opponent, and he’s always grounded. But seriously, what damage could Maynard do with those stumps, although it would be hard to submit someone who has no arms or legs.

Big C Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:34:20 from    

What a Fing joke. you know the non handicapp guy had to feel like a freakin idiot. The crip has balls though.

short people got…. Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:39:13 from    

Wow – this is really sad, sick, and wrong. WTF!!!

yoyo Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:39:45 from    

.. hahahahahahahahaha hhahahahahaha…………………that was funny o wait….. hahahahahahah wtf this isnt right man

yoyo Says, in 4-26-2009 at 21:47:17 from    

bruno one of my buddies fought on this card his name is sandy. would you be able to post it if you can find it please?
Bruno: If I find it I will.

Anthony Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:04:27 from    

I don’t think that his able bodied oppnent was really trying to fight for a K.O.

That was messed up.

capt.backslap Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:06:05 from    

why could fry not take this little man out. I mean just hold his ass down and ground n pound

YodaSangklai Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:09:33 from    

What a joke. This is not mma. Just a retarded punk having fun with his dog in the park. Menard should just stick to wrestling and stop making fun of himself.

M1 Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:25:04 from    

necause he feels bad duh, he coul stand in front of him and the other guy hasd o reach…

eLnEO Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:30:53 from    

at least the guy have the courage to enter the cage, even if the guy cant beat anyone
good job kyle

wow Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:42:38 from    

He’s got the heart of a Champion!

JOSHk Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:42:54 from    

wow that was like watching some crazy sci-fi fight scene or something lol…i hope he realizes its just not physically possible for him to actually fight some one and never tries to have another mma fight again,..hes only embarrassing him self.

Drew Says, in 4-26-2009 at 22:47:51 from    

What was he, 0/50 with his takedown attempts?

“Hey, maybe I’ll surprise him THIS time with a shot.”

Courage. Balls. Dreams. Whatever you wanna call it, there comes a point when you have to know your limitations in something. You can’t be good at everything. It doesn’t make you less of a man to admit that.

coutura Says, in 4-26-2009 at 23:03:10 from    

its like fighting a seal all he needs is a tail

yomama Says, in 4-26-2009 at 23:35:17 from    

I believe in the boy. Good on ya. But this isnt for you….really. Shouldnt have been allowed. period.

Crazywhitie Says, in 4-26-2009 at 23:36:16 from    

Head kicks all day

Ian Says, in 4-26-2009 at 23:47:28 from    

Good for you Kyle.Not many people have the balls to step into the cage, and to do it with no arms, and no legs takes massive balls man. But I dont see you having much luck in MMA. Congrats for given your dream a shot.

ColChaotic Says, in 4-27-2009 at 00:13:38 from    

The future belongs to those who believe in the their dreams. Kyle believes in himself and is willing to do what is necessary and not many people can say they believe in themselves.

Im happy for him, he does what most people say they are going to do but are too lazy. Here’s a guy with no limbs, yet he is in better shape then probably 95% of everyone on this forum me included. I have the upmost respect for this guy, he is a warrior

MIKE Says, in 4-27-2009 at 01:00:52 from    

Kyle Maynard accomplished more in his life than most of us have.. with all our limbs! Give the poor guy a break, he just wanted to see how he would fair in an MMA match.

Hoosker Doo Says, in 4-27-2009 at 01:06:51 from    

It’s good to know your limits.

common sense Says, in 4-27-2009 at 01:47:38 from    

“kyle is a hero” “kyle followed his dream” “what an inspiration”
this is ridiculous. When did being politically correct take precedent over common sense

paddedummy Says, in 4-27-2009 at 03:44:29 from    

Thales Leites used this same strategy except both Gimpy and his opponent were way more aggressive than Silva and Leites were. Gimpy and Leites must have trained together in preparation for their fights.

silvaisabeast Says, in 4-27-2009 at 04:28:27 from    

dude i would of been scared to fight the guy, just throw him in the ring with a midget that will be a fight

gummo-815 Says, in 4-27-2009 at 06:17:09 from    

kyle should get robotic arms and legs then come back to the cage and destroy people.

rocco55 Says, in 4-27-2009 at 06:40:05 from    

That’s insane. He is fighting at such a severe reach and mobility disadvantage. Kid’s got heart. But it’s just not a fair fight.

whitey Says, in 4-27-2009 at 08:45:14 from    

2:07 says it all, when Kyle throws a feint (R-hook). This is just pointless to watch. I’m sure it has a point for Kyle (who loves to be challenged), but he is lucky the guy he was fighting seemed to be merciful (as merciful as an mma fighter can be).

bobinho Says, in 4-27-2009 at 11:26:58 from    

“mmaexpert” has it spot on, that would be awesome

bobinho Says, in 4-27-2009 at 11:31:32 from    

that was frickin hilarious when he was running round on the floor. he looked like a human shaped bug, the other dude should have just stamped on him and squished him into to the mat! hahhahahaahahahhaahhaah

Jasonicus Says, in 4-27-2009 at 11:34:08 from    

How Kyle came out of this alive is beyond me. WTF was that? Disturbing and absurd.

Kungfu_k9 Says, in 4-27-2009 at 11:44:19 from    

nate Says,…”Kyle you did it, now never do it again.”


will Says, in 4-27-2009 at 12:53:39 from    

this is a lose lose fight if you win u beat a guy with no arms or legs wow! if u lose u lose to a guy with no arms and legs its like fighting a girl, worse

killa bee Says, in 4-27-2009 at 13:32:05 from    

Man you guys are triping why not give him props for doing something positive with his life.
I bet you that 95% of the people that talk trash has a 9 to 5 job and gave up their dreams and go to bars to get waisted.
Stop hating Kyle is amazing and he is conquering umbeliveble things.
Dont get cot up on whos is better and whos not get cot up trying to understand the human being and what he went trhu to get where hes at.

Oli Says, in 4-27-2009 at 13:48:26 from    

this is riduculous

Steve Jennum Says, in 4-27-2009 at 14:54:58 from    

Human shaped bug??? So fukd yet I can’t stop laughing….

Relik86 Says, in 4-27-2009 at 16:06:35 from    

They just need to find a way to get some form of “glove” or padding on his arms, so that he’ll be able to throw at least some form of a strike.
I have to give him credit for doing this. If nothing else, he tried, and that’s more than most people can say.

elbetoflaco Says, in 4-27-2009 at 16:35:36 from    

OMG.. This is unbelievable. It looked like Fry was trying to put the leash back on his dog but it kept dogdging him!!

coutura Says, in 4-27-2009 at 17:16:58 from    

only in america

DarkMetal Says, in 4-27-2009 at 17:29:33 from    

Some of the comments on here are disgraceful toward MMA. You talk about this guy making the sport look bad, and then you all make jokes about him being a “dog” and “crip” ect.

You just defined MMA fans as a bunch of idiot pukes.

Be ashamed, very ashamed.

RickB Says, in 4-27-2009 at 17:33:22 from    

This is bad for the sport because its a circus act in a freak show.
How would all the people that say he is living a dream feel if a real fighter knocked him the F out? It wouldnt be hard to do.
Go do midget pro wrestling if you want to be famous.

unoe c. yetecinko Says, in 4-27-2009 at 18:28:54 from    

my hero… they should make him a hidden character in the UFC undisputed game.

slavekarmaat12 Says, in 4-27-2009 at 20:05:52 from    

WTF… i agree with you UNOE

Mufaka Says, in 4-27-2009 at 20:56:36 from    

Unbelievable. Jokes are too easy here. Bob, Matt, Wren vs Stumpy, “look ma, no hands”.

The kid was actually surprisingly agile and has a ton of skill considering. It’s a shame they couldn’t get the gloves attached so he could strike.

It’s one thing to have the balls to jump in the ring in his condition. But it’s a completely different thing to overcome it every day and train to a point where it’s even possible.

Kudos to him.

bigsexy Says, in 4-27-2009 at 22:27:11 from    

i dont think he really wants to be a mma fighter, he just wants to make alot of money making motovational speeches for corpations. If he puts mma fighter on his resume he could make alot of cash doing that. Its not like he can go flip burgers

damn Says, in 4-28-2009 at 02:27:22 from    

what an asshole that guy is for even fighting him…

Abuani Says, in 4-28-2009 at 02:28:12 from    

I’m sorry guys I like cheering for the underdog, but this is just ridiculous. He should have not been in that ring.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 4-28-2009 at 16:28:07 from    

Disgusting, totally disgusting….who the F*** allowed this poor guy to fight, he can get seriously hurt. Talk about bad for mma!

The Llama Says, in 4-28-2009 at 18:27:14 from    

I admire the dude for following his dream but the matchmaker should be r**** by a gorilla and left for dead for letting it happen.WTF…


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