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Scorpius Says, in 5-7-2012 at 15:56:07 from    

Remembering Cro cop vs Vovchanchyn.

ouch Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:05:57 from    

That was sad to see. After taking a clean shot like that, I doubt Marcus’ chin will be able to stand up to much more in future fights. Reminds me of Pete williams vs Mark Coleman

Matticus Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:10:19 from    

Wow on the button, good kick

Reallynow? Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:11:34 from    

marcus marcus marcus….not looking good my friend

phil Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:14:13 from    

damn… bob sapp returns in the form of Mark Davis :)except he can’t tap….

Dusty Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:14:30 from    

Scorpius is dead on. Looked exactly like Vochanchyn/CroCop.

I really hope Marcus Davis retires. He used to be great, there’s no reason to be taking shots like that.

ArmyOfOne Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:17:06 from    

F***. The plastic Paddy has gone grey.

cigronne Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:18:33 from    

The guy taking the opportunity to take a picture from above when Marcus is lying down KOed, should be kicked in the teeth as well. Vulture

BigPapa Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:18:40 from    

hot damn!!!!!

Lazer212 Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:23:51 from    


Freaklegion Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:26:50 from    

Don’t compare Davis to Sapp please, that’s just being a dick.

FailSonnen Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:51:48 from    

He got knocked out cause he was throwing lunging eight cross at the same time and his left was down so it made the impact worse since he walked into it.

dharmaboy Says, in 5-7-2012 at 16:57:02 from    

you could see that guy loading up that leg the last minute of the fight.

he was waiting for that kick and finally threw it.

Antonius Block Says, in 5-7-2012 at 17:53:31 from    

When exactly was Marcus Davis great? Not fighter bashing at all but this was never reality. A fun fighter who always brought a good energy to his fights but winning a split decision over Lights Out isn’t exactly the highlight of most legends.

dana whites mom Says, in 5-7-2012 at 18:09:21 from    

that old adage about “keeping your hands up” still rings true regardless of how mma has evolved. unless your a diaz brother or anderson silva that is…

Just o Says, in 5-7-2012 at 18:10:10 from    

If I did my math correctly true Irish always beats american Irish ..

PitfighterZ Says, in 5-7-2012 at 18:14:28 from    

I don’t know if it is the transition, if Marcus underestimated Mark, or if it just age catching up, but Davis seemed a bit slow and sloppy. He was telegraphing his attacks and Casserly simply capitalized on it.
If he wants to stay in kickboxing, he will need to put a lot of training in keeping his shots tight and his hands up.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 5-7-2012 at 21:19:37 from    

R.I.P marcus davis

muppetoflove Says, in 5-7-2012 at 21:45:37 from    

So hard to watch him anymore. Just stop now please. Your gunna hurt your legacy

Dude he dead. Says, in 5-7-2012 at 22:15:46 from    

Vovchanchyn was a killer until that head kick, then he lost it and quit. Definitely the best K.O. artist in Pride rivaled only by CroCop.

stranglerman Says, in 5-7-2012 at 22:18:10 from    

what a bad thai level , hehehe !!!!

bob hopeless Says, in 5-8-2012 at 00:28:59 from    

bad stoppage

Powertele Says, in 5-8-2012 at 01:28:44 from    

You guys are crazy. How is getting kicked in the jaw indicate a weak chin? Marcus fought a taller guy in kickboxing and that is what happens in every isolated striking sport, the guy with reach wins. Semmy, Lennox Lewis, Klitchko Bros.

pillowhands Says, in 5-8-2012 at 02:46:35 from    

Wow, this guy use to be a top contender in the ufc. Looks slow and outta shape now. Retire and keep your health dude.

vitto Says, in 5-8-2012 at 03:28:07 from    

borat has killer kick!!

rza808 Says, in 5-8-2012 at 05:06:25 from    

Lol iska rules people. Most mma fighters cant hang in that or k-1. Cmon yall be real

lord faron Says, in 5-8-2012 at 11:08:49 from    

the difference between a classic trained fighter vs. a boxer gone mma. Marcus was developing a pretty good ground game now he’s a punching bag

Fedor=GOD-4 Says, in 5-8-2012 at 12:56:32 from    

man that was kinda hard to watch, F*Cking BRUTAL KO, crumpled like a sack of potatoes, get it? cause hes irish, HAH, in all honesty I like Davis, just couldnt resist that.

wcoastassassin Says, in 5-8-2012 at 14:33:19 from    

C’mon Dana give Davis a job promoting in Ireland or something. Would hate to see him in the ring again after this.

misto Says, in 5-8-2012 at 20:25:37 from    

All this shows is exactly what K1 has showed us many times before. Even “better” strikers in MMA can’t even hang with full-time professional kickboxers. Doesn’t say anything about Marcus as a fighter.

pinkelephantsmarching Says, in 5-10-2012 at 04:41:33 from    

Misto said it best….The same thing would happen if you put a boxer in the cage. This was one sided before the match started. Change the rules to MMA, and Marcus shoots a single and finishes via TKO from GNP. All this looked like was bad strategy.

jessop Says, in 5-10-2012 at 09:25:15 from    

@bobhopeless – hahahahhahahahahahahahah

kaobeto Says, in 5-11-2012 at 00:16:12 from    

The hand grenade exploded.


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