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TheViciousone Says, in 1-24-2012 at 12:52:36 from    

What a bunch of s***. Just take it like a man. I can GUARANTEE that no supplement company would be injecting there s*** with, of all things masteron. One of the most ecxpensive and designer steroids on the market. They would lose money by doing this.

Mo you are a cheat. 99% of the school wrestlers are on s*** to begin with. The reason why all these athletes are having problems with there testosterone lvls is because there only natural levels dont know how to find there way home. Very common with the abuse of steroids.

Even if, and thats a big IF, the supplement companies were doing this then everyone would test positive. What an IDIOT. You will always be a king in your own eyes you f*****..

Duck Sick Says, in 1-24-2012 at 13:11:23 from    

he juiced

bruise77 Says, in 1-24-2012 at 16:02:31 from    

this guy sounds more retated than nick diaz

Reallynow? Says, in 1-24-2012 at 16:23:02 from    

Ask a fuckhead if he murdered the victim, having all evidence and he’ll deny deny deny.

Powertele Says, in 1-24-2012 at 17:33:33 from    


SEAN_VANCE Says, in 1-24-2012 at 18:32:33 from    

Why all these dumbasses that get caught always deny it….every single one of them…. they always justify it somehow….Sonnen, Mardquart, She Male Cyborg, now this dumb ass…
@bruise77 Ur more RETARDED than both of them together, cant even spell a simple word

ibunn Says, in 1-24-2012 at 18:41:51 from    

sure Mo, everyone believes your innocent. just a simple case of a guy that has been wrongly accused hahahahhahahhaaa

jeff_figmb Says, in 1-24-2012 at 19:26:30 from    

You never know, those suppliement products don’t go through the FDA in most cases so it’s possible they could have juice in them. Some products like JACK-3D have small traces of Meth in them so it’s definitely possible…

j172 Says, in 1-24-2012 at 19:57:10 from    

If they took that powder off the shelf, why did he keep taking it? He should have found out why it was taken off.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-24-2012 at 20:09:23 from    

Sure Mo we beleive you.I dont think I remember once hearing a fighter say he didnt knew what he took was steroids.It must be haters again Mo.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-24-2012 at 20:15:37 from    

“You know, know m’sayin, I don’t know.”
Mo Lawal- MMA fighter,and part time scientist.

Dave Says, in 1-25-2012 at 06:35:55 from    

I absolutely hate cheaters but if he got that product from the store and didn’t know it was off the market prior to testing he may be innocent in a way. he may have trusted that the product was store bought therefore not issue.

I think we can give him the benefit of doubt, but if its proven he was trying to cheat thats not cool at all.

wcoastassassin Says, in 1-25-2012 at 09:51:55 from    

I took some N.O. from GNC before that made me feel like I could rip the plates at the gym in half. Not saying he’s innocent, but some of these supplements are very expensive and you have to wonder.

gamblore Says, in 1-25-2012 at 12:13:01 from    

up until 2 years ago you could order all sorts of prohormones and crap that was pixy dusted with peds and then the gov raided places like bodybuilding.com and it all go yanked. Mo had to wonder why it go yanked. Most supplements you buy say on them that if you are tested by any governing body you might want to pass on this supplement, sort of thing.

inanebignate Says, in 1-25-2012 at 13:51:37 from    

bas body language suggested he thought that mo was full of crap anybody else pick up on this lol

emrb Says, in 1-28-2012 at 20:05:26 from    

Mo, like Sherk and all the other damn liars has been juicing for a long time, and finally got caught and now he wants to cry.

I knew he was juicing long before he got busted. Same with manimal He-She Borg Santos. Same with Baroni, and on and on and on.

Use if you want to (most do) but stop crying and telling bullshit sob-stories when you eff up and get busted.

I don’t care that they use ‘roids (most do use them), I hate all the lying and bullshit stories when they get caught. That is what makes me lose all respect for them. Man up like Big Tim and Stephan Bonnar and a few others and just admit you did it!


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