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whipitgood Says, in 9-12-2011 at 10:11:41 from    

cheater lol

Krio Says, in 9-12-2011 at 10:15:30 from    

I like King Mo, he looks like a welterweight but can knockout heavyweights

Moedawg Says, in 9-12-2011 at 10:43:29 from    


CraigEvilEbel Says, in 9-12-2011 at 10:52:26 from    

so what do you do every time a brazzilian loses is someone going to make an exscuse. Death to all gracies learn some stand up, how can a freestyle wrasler that swings wildly beat these karate, jew jits, aikdo what ever anyways horrible bong it this morning this is how i vent. Im just glad that all those braaaaazilians monkeys got smoked in strikeforce ahahahahah bigfoot is a plug hoger is a plug obviously wraslin street scrappin works peace out nuckas

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-12-2011 at 10:54:19 from    

you cannot blame the shorter fighter for a head butt. the taller guy has to bend over and lean in in order for a head butt to occur. this looks like king mo hate to me

Kevlomaster Says, in 9-12-2011 at 11:00:13 from    

legit win.

slimbrzln Says, in 9-12-2011 at 11:04:08 from    

wtf is wrong with you?
u need to relax there u raciest POS
your over here callin pple monkeys when you cant even write a sentence thats readable? you obv. have no idea what your talkin about and you need to gtfo here…wack ass pple that are just tuning into mma say the dumbest crap >_<

Lando Says, in 9-12-2011 at 11:07:36 from    

It wasn’t the head butt or the shot to the back of the head. He was clearly still coherent and starting to block when he got caught with the right to the temple.

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-12-2011 at 11:20:00 from    

Wow. I hadn’t even noticed the headbutt. Ah, no big deal, it looked unintentional.
I guess it was just an all around bad night to be the left side of Roger Gracie’s head.

mauro=KO Says, in 9-12-2011 at 11:29:05 from    

hey craigevilebel whats with all that racisat s%/T fool are you an ignorant or what?? not because your a idiot and dont understand anything about bjj or judo or anything dosent mean s*** bjj and the gracies made this sport what it is you fool they changed the way of fighting forever plus all the racial comments?? monkeys from brazil?? wtf is that are you retarded or what?? anor chael sonnen wannabe??? keyboard warriorslol i shouldnt even get mad your probably a 12 year old nerd generation tuf ignorant fool

kuelniss Says, in 9-12-2011 at 11:41:31 from    

Bruno, why are you posting an irrelevant headbutt to further rile up the haters? It was not significant in any way as you can tell by Gracie reaction to it, only moving backward slightly. It was also not a hard headbutt and accidental. The overhand right immediately after did all the work as he was floored, and then finished up nicely.

Bruno: Gracie said in an interview that the headbutt made him see all stars and stunned him for an instant. If you are stunned and seeing all stars I would call that relevant. Especially if you can’t see that next punch coming.

kuelniss Says, in 9-12-2011 at 11:42:52 from    

Ahhh, sorry I should have read that people asked you for this first. My bad.

Reallynow? Says, in 9-12-2011 at 12:16:28 from    

Wow Craig, so this is what happened to all of the white trash that didn’t get to attend school? You come off as someone who doesn’t really like mma. Shut up and try to enjoy the competition. If you don’t fight, don’t trash talk someone’s ability. You probably wouldn’t last with any of the fighters you have trash talked, kiddo. Go smoke yourself even more stupid, please. Retard.

CraigEvilEbel Says, in 9-12-2011 at 12:32:25 from    

Srry for the comment above guys. Sometimes I can be a real f**, but least you know I don’t know s*** about fighting! haha

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-12-2011 at 12:57:13 from    

LOL @Craig
Now he,s trying to justify his racism…Loser you have your bold beleifs that in your opinion brazilians are monkey.Thats just what you think.Its an ignorant and retarded way of thinking but thats still the way you think of other people’s so dont try to apologize loser racist.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:00:54 from    

@everyone who thinks headbutts are irrelevant.
A head weight i dont know how much more then a fist(a head weight 20 pounds a hand is 500g plus),so it doesnt need to be a fast powerful headbutt for it to be damaging.Your head can have 20 times less velocity and speed and it will still hurt and stun more then a punch.

Op_of_Faith Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:08:56 from    

…Whatever Gracie said, that CLEARLY is not an intentional head butt. Mo’s right hand was rising right as they clashed. No one throws a head butt like that. I don’t know why all the hate towards Mo, but this was a legit win.

Op_of_Faith Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:11:54 from    

…For all the haters (and non-combatants)-the issue with a head butt is that you can easily hurt yourself doing it-It really only works as a surprise attack AND you lead with the head…and NO ONE throws them sideways because of this thing called your temple, which is an easy part of your skull to damage. Sorry, Mo won that fight, fair and square…

wcoastassassin Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:20:02 from    

I really wish people would learn how to spell and write complete sentences when they post. If you want to rant, take enough time with your post so we can at least read it and have some idea of what you are trying to say. Unless you are saying racist crap and in that case, lay off the bong dude. With that said didn’t look like much of a head butt to me. Is it just me or did they all the sudden have the crappiest camera angle right before Roger got hit?

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:20:14 from    

The second comment attributed to me is not my own, it is someone else. The monkey one. For the record, racism ain’t my hustle.

Bruno: Fixed.

Shinka MMA Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:21:00 from    

great math/point

Joseph of Deacon manor Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:38:35 from    

Momo is a cheating cnut, but Gracie will bounce back.

shocktime Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:50:11 from    

Looking at the gif Mo coulda hurt or knocked himself out or hurt more than Roger, so yeah this is pretty irrelevant and unintentional to the max. Like saying the Dan Henderson vs. Fedor stoppage was early. Oh crap I better not open up that box again, all Fedor lovers gonna rip me a new hole.

ozthepowerful Says, in 9-12-2011 at 13:58:13 from    

Most people don’t try to headbutt with their eyebrow/cheekbone area. lol It’s called a clash of heads. Had King Mo put the ridge of his head into that(as a REAL headbutt) Roger would have been totaled, not dazed.

greysaku Says, in 9-12-2011 at 16:03:10 from    

looked more like a facebutt to me…anywayz gracie should know you never should turn your head when trying to close distance on an opponent..all sorts of things can happen..Not a king Mo fan, but the win was clean, and legit..Great post Bruno as always, but gracie seems to be throwing a few excuses around..I think somebody needs a boxing trainer..This isnt Abu Dahbi…

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-12-2011 at 16:09:44 from    

It was definetly unintentional and it happens alot in boxing.But it still stunned Roger.Mo did hit him with his eyebrow but it still hit Roger behind the ear wich is way more damaging then the eye.But it doesnt change the fact that Roger looked to strike with him and that’s never the best gameplan when you fight Mo.I hate how some fighters act(the gay tiara) but when they are good they are good.Mo is good.Some people just look ridiculous when they say Mo sucks.Roy Jones is a cocky guy but he is effing great fighter.

jakelo Says, in 9-12-2011 at 16:50:00 from    

that wasnt a headbutt… it was an earbutt from roger…

murell Says, in 9-12-2011 at 17:42:15 from    

That lucky headbutt won the fight for queen mo,he wont be so lucky next time!!!

murell Says, in 9-12-2011 at 17:43:28 from    

Anyone who doesnt think the head butt made a difference,doesnt know sh** about the fight game.

ETK Says, in 9-12-2011 at 17:43:44 from    

Two shots behind the ear.
1.(headbutt) momentarily discombobulates and weakens brains defenses leaving vulnerable to any additional impact.
2.(punch) takes advantage of the moment.

ETK Says, in 9-12-2011 at 17:46:18 from    

I watched this fighter and wondered why a punch to the shoulder blade appeared to discombobulate Roger.
I watched it a few times, but I never noticed the headbutt.
Very valid point.

CraigEvilEbel Says, in 9-12-2011 at 18:02:48 from    

Just checking in on the Gracie fail post i regret calling them monkies uncalled for. AHAHAHAHAH just kidding you nerds need to chill take a chirp with a grain of salt the next thing your going to try and tell me is that Christ is real apologies for the race-ism many of the comedians i follow are hespanic and mexican also russel peters what ever he is as he puts it.Of course Chappelle show “Clayton Bigspi blind black white power”. Anyways I like this site so i will respect its viewers from here on out.

Newfie Jiujitsu Says, in 9-12-2011 at 18:07:38 from    

CraigEvilEbel maybe you should take less bong hits so we could understand you next time!

Newfie Jiujitsu Says, in 9-12-2011 at 18:11:26 from    

And another thing!! kuelniss why don’t you bring your rage somewhere else? who are you talking to Bruno like that!! never noticed it in the fight untill now. thanks for the vid. someone people just have no respect for what other people do! keep it up Bruno!

CraigEvilEbel Says, in 9-12-2011 at 18:16:35 from    

post your real names if your not scurred talking about fighting behind fake names

SubmissionImpossible Says, in 9-12-2011 at 18:48:29 from    

That headbutt caused Roger to lose balance and step back right into the KO punch… f****** hoMo.

morbidcro Says, in 9-12-2011 at 19:25:54 from    

So many illogical people on here. It was unintentional, heads collide at times. And yes, it probably did stun Gracie. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. It looks like the ref wasn’t in position to even see it happen.

IKnives Says, in 9-12-2011 at 19:29:29 from    

99.9999%(as much as you’ll ever get) sure the headbutt was accidental. Roger was moving forward on a much shorter opponent. Watch the feet in the Gif. CASE CLOSED. I though it was interesting to see the attitude of Roger after the fight, who is almost unaccustomed to losing. I’m sure he will learn a lot from this experience.

IKnives Says, in 9-12-2011 at 19:34:11 from    

CraigEvilEbel Says, post your real names if your not scurred talking about fighting behind fake names

hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.Are you going to look me up and m********* to my pictures? ?????? Matt Karuba.

IKnives Says, in 9-12-2011 at 19:35:26 from    

Is that my real name? You earn 1 million Internet points for your dog and pony show to nowhere.

THE saxophone player from lost boys Says, in 9-12-2011 at 19:51:46 from    

Nice attempt to diminish King Mo’s win with this gif.I’m sick of fighters making excuses for losing…Its not quite as bad as fans,blogger and certain people in the media looking for excuses for why a fighter,won or lost a fight!

Its pretty funny that a guy condemning someone else for being a raciest,would himself bring race into his comment.Or is it only racist if its a white person saying it?

If you are going to call someone out for using the word,monkey and Brazil in the same sentence,try not to use white Trash,N*****,wetback,sand N***** etc,it takes away from the point you are trying to make!
They are all racist terms A-HOLE!
Its better to ignore the idiots,and stick to the subject of MMA,instead of going to their level.

Can someone please explain to me, why wasn’t the crowd chanting “your going to die” Saturday night?
Thank you.

THE saxophone player from lost boys Says, in 9-12-2011 at 19:55:48 from    

Some fans cant stop themselves from talking bad about a fighter, when he beats the guy they wanted to win…That’s all this is!

steamer Says, in 9-12-2011 at 20:11:37 from    

Ha! Headbutt combo, funny stuff. Mo is a tool and will get buttfukd by pretty much any of the top 10 guys.

b Says, in 9-12-2011 at 20:46:46 from    

The gif speaks for itself and so does Mo. He is unlikeable because he is a arrogant dbag..the funny thing about it is that it really bothers him that people dont like him and it shows..for example he isnt at the level of, say, Koscheck who doesnt even care what people think..instead he is always crying and perpetuating the whole thing. Talking about twitter like a girl. Him and Page should go hump eachother. To think this gif is perpetuating the hate is laughable..Mo does a great job of that on his own!

leoneazevedo Says, in 9-12-2011 at 20:54:29 from    

I believe some people just got f***** up by some brazilian once in their lives… thats why they hate so much brazil, brazilians, Bjj…

Calling people monkeys… go read a book and get some education you F*** retard.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 9-12-2011 at 22:00:52 from    

Ouch, sucks to have that sort of thing taint an otherwise solid win for King Mo. Didn’t look intentional though, doesn’t look like King Mo even had his eyes open when he was throwing that.

maynard Says, in 9-12-2011 at 23:41:56 from    

ya, thats what happens when youre staring at the ground instead of your opponent,

not anonymous Says, in 9-13-2011 at 00:39:15 from    

First, I agree with wcoastassassin. Most of the posters here are illiterate to the point that I’m ashamed,please read a book and relax about an accidental headbutt. Second, these racist and sexually intolerant rants probably have Bruno convinced to never bring the forums back.We’re all fans of MMA and have strong opinions about our fighters, but insulting and threatening someone just because they disagree is what 3rd grade bullies do. I’m just here to have fun and be entertained by the ton of FREE content thanks to B,let’s try to behave a little and show him some appreciation.

SubmissionImpossible Says, in 9-13-2011 at 01:20:59 from    

I regret posting what I did earlier, and I will refrain from badmouthing fighters from now on. Mo seriously pisses me off though and the headbutt obviously jacked up Roger’s equilibrium and set him up for the KO punch. I guess I just have to accept it as an unintentional mishap… it’s just extremely unfortunate for the fans that the fight ended on those terms.

Joseph Says, in 9-13-2011 at 02:44:09 from    

I’m not a King Mo hater (actually the opposite, a fan) but thanks for posting this Bruno as I didn’t even realize that was what happened. This calls for a rematch as far as I’m concerned.

Dave Says, in 9-13-2011 at 02:48:32 from    


was a legit win!

gracie was stupid to stand and bang if his specialty is BJJ he should have tried his best taking Mohammed down as soon as he could.

jaydog Says, in 9-13-2011 at 02:56:30 from    

there’s more drama in these posts than the entire fight card. Need more popcorn.

cupOhTeaAtWork Says, in 9-13-2011 at 08:42:04 from    

unintentional I think, still he always looked like he was going to get knocked out from the moment the fight started.

JoeyM16 Says, in 9-13-2011 at 09:02:26 from    

I agree this video is BS Bruno!!!

Bruno: Not sure what video you are talking about. As the text in the post states, many people asked for my to post a gif of the headbutt so I did.
I made over $600 betting on King Mo that night so don’t think it is because I am upset with the results of the fight.

madona Says, in 9-13-2011 at 09:27:46 from    

No contest.

Jasonicus Says, in 9-13-2011 at 09:46:42 from    

Too bad for Gracie, but that stuff happens. I don’t think it would have mattered anyway. He was way over-matched.

casyboy Says, in 9-13-2011 at 15:13:30 from    

nice un-intentional set up for the right hand! blackuraba baby!

Newfie Jiujitsu Says, in 9-13-2011 at 16:52:31 from    

Bottom line is. Bruno puts videos and gif’s up for us to see and comment on. not to rip into one another and especially not to read about people RAGING on his work. I think people need to show a little more respect for the man(Bruno). This is the only site i log onto first thing after work daily. respect homie!!
and i guess i should make a comment about the fight. Roger was in over his head to stand with Mo. headbutt was an obvious accident that aided in Mo’s victory. but the key word there is ACCIDENT. Give him a rematch and see if Gracie can get it to the ground. may be a different fight.

Yoplait Says, in 9-14-2011 at 19:15:22 from    

@ Newfie…I have a mancrush on Bruno too, don’t feel bad about it.

paddedummy Says, in 9-15-2011 at 20:49:11 from    

LOL and kungfu telling someone off for a racist comment when he makes a “homophobic” one right after by using the word gay in a derogatory manner to describe Mo’s crown. Double LOL @ a guy getting jumped on for making teh “raciEst” comment about the lighter skinned guy being a monkey and then apologizing. Brazil is full of monkeys, they just don’t look like Gracie, they look like Moe!


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