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KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-29-2013 at 16:56:44 from    

Uriah “The White Knight” Hall. There’s nothing worst then white knights. Like if there’s nothing a women could do to deserve being yelled at…

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 10-29-2013 at 17:16:20 from    

Last time I hit the strip club and last Laker game I went to I sat next to total strangers, who were black. Both times when we shook hands and greeted I said “sup n****”. Everything was fine. I have no guilt and no fear.

Notice it’s always non-blacks who cry wolf when the N word is used? Some will even say scary black man will beat you up. They believe any black who hears the N word will automatically go into a blind rage. Censoring themselves out of fear and guilt. Somehow this word has a moral dilemma attached to it.

Who taught them to behave/think this way?

Todd Spengo Says, in 10-29-2013 at 18:27:14 from    

KungFu: I think it’s because he has physically assaulted the same woman several times.

I take it you have been smacked by a white knight or two in your life.

jasonfn22 Says, in 10-29-2013 at 19:09:51 from    

He is not a N***** or n**** he is a coon and i am just mad at black people/coons calling me a “cracker” because cracker is not near as funny as honky. I mean has anybody seen ” The Jeffersons” when george calls the white man married to the black woman a honky lol man that s*** is great. f****** blacks use racism to get free s*** and protest etc. I don’t give a F*** what anybody calls me as a matter of fact i demand a new label other than cracker and it must be funnier or as funny as honky or you have to start over you motherfuc_kin coon.

The Mens Rea Says, in 10-29-2013 at 19:31:35 from    

This Kevin Casey dude is chump. Kevin Casey thinks it is alright to use the word n*gg*r depending on the circumstances. This guy is a fool and he sometimes works with inner city youth. Hopefully he’s not telling them calling people ni**a is alright depending on how you use it. The word is racist and ignorant no matter who uses it or how. Either the word is ok to use or it is not. In 2013 Sir Casey, any racist terms such as cracker, wetback, honkie, N*****, chink, or whatever is inappropriate. Casey should do a public apology for his remark or voluntarily quit being a public figure because he’s no role model.

High Stakes Says, in 10-29-2013 at 19:36:43 from    

@marvelous mad madam mim

man you f***ing crazy lol i don’t know where you are from but there are still a lot of black people who will go into blind rage. Even though in today’s society it really doesn’t hold the same racist meaning it did long ago it is still not accepted in many parts of the world. Because at the end of the day even if rap music and musicians have made it an acceptable word it is still a world that holds a lot of meaning and should not be used. Miller is a complete idiot

Chicago Says, in 10-29-2013 at 21:36:05 from    

Im black and i dont let ANYONE call me any variation of the the N* word. Not black, white, Latino or anyone. Just because a % of blacks do, doesn’t mean we all do. Why cant you judge a person as an individuals? Its the same kind of thinking that leads people both white and black to call me “white”, because i talk proper, went to college, and don’t wear my pants at my knees. Is it possible to grow the F*** up and for just a second not be a complete couch potato, keyboard warrior who sits back and acts like a big shot behind a monitor. I grew up in an all white neighborhood from 9-18 and have a million stories about how white people disrespected me, threatened me and were just flat out racist. Did i grow up to be the black version of MARVELOUS hell no. Because i work every single day to give every human being a chance. Some of you people need a hug. Seriously!

Tsagoii Says, in 10-29-2013 at 22:01:52 from    

The “N” word is a case by case situation, gentlemen.

It all depends on who says it, how, with which intent, etc..

Mostly a perception thing, an insult or a friendly joke, or half way in the middle.

Nowadays, the word is just what it is, a simple word, that can be used just like “Fucko” or any other word. If someone wants to fight or made the choice to do so, any word would do just fine as an excuse to fight.

Heck! A innocent look or gesture can do as well.

But when it comes to the “N” word, once again it is truly a matter of to whom you said it.

The era, the place, the time, all comes into the facts.

Back in the days, as a colored person who wished to stand for himself, given the society oppression of the word and its association. Anytime the word was used, if you could, you made a stand.

Today, to see a difference of colours between humans, proves that someone lack of knowledges or common sense. We are in 2013.

As a child and as you grow up, you whoop those asses. You make that statement, that there is no differenc between you and them, aside a serious beatdown.

As you grow wiser and older, you realised, that it is just a word, and just in case, if you did your job right earlier, normally, no one would dare say the “N” word in your face, anyway.

but that was then, this is now, bling bling, bang bang, you fart and it is good enough for a shootout, no more fights. To lazy on PSP.

Wow, that felt good LOL

FailSonnen Says, in 10-29-2013 at 22:11:11 from    

Let’s chime in on some facts here:

Mayhem Miller was drunk that night.
That was his ex he was verbally abusing
He’s assaulted her before
Mayhem has been arrested 3 times in the last 90 days
Mayhem was kicked out of Munoz gym in Sept for unknown reasons; citing Munoz on Twitter as a “bitch” despite them being close friends for years.
Let’s not forget Mayhem getting arrested last year for breaking into a church naked and vandalizing it.
Uriah Hall also trained/trains at Munoz Gym, so arguably, the two must have trained together at some point.

T’Challa Says, in 10-29-2013 at 23:08:00 from    

Every time there’s some racial topic the same guys post the same s***. “Oh if Blacks can say N word why can’t I?” or “Brown Pride is racist if I can’t say “White Pride”. Just use your damn senses.. if you really want to say some possibly racist/controversial s***, know your audience. If you’re in private or with friends that are cool with what you say then fine. If you’re in public or around strangers.. be careful. It’s simply a matter of respect.

A matter of respect for morons? No thanks Says, in 10-30-2013 at 00:46:56 from    

Omfg kids, Honky comes from Honky Tonk, and if you don’t know what that means, then you do not deserve to have a voice. N***** comes from negro in Portuguese who sold slaves to Colonials whose accents turned Negro into N*****, and if you don’t know what negro means, then you do not deserve to have a voice. And F*** Hall and his shitty temper, way to wiff when swinging at Mayhem you bum.

Corey Says, in 10-30-2013 at 03:34:26 from    

@Chicago – congratulations. You have risen above the multiple stereotypes that erroneously define your nationality that have unfortunately been reinforced by nearly every mainstream cultural icon of your ethnicity for the last 20 + years. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why Bill Cosby is so angry. Or ask him. Back on subject, miller is insane, any man with balls would interrupt a man screaming and acting aggressively towards a woman in a public setting, and the only thing that sucks is that Hall whiffed the punch and didn’t knock miller out. Something is seriously wrong with that dude.

ETK Says, in 10-30-2013 at 04:27:49 from    

Asking a black person for permission to use the word N*****?

Lord Faron Says, in 10-30-2013 at 08:42:13 from    

if you think someone is racist look in the mirror 1st… Now on to Captain Save a Ho UH, man unless some dude hits a chick you should just STFU!

all this racial sh@t is stupid period we live in a post racial world unless you are a racist enjoy that :}

Not really Says, in 10-30-2013 at 12:37:39 from    

^^ No such thing as a “post racial world” Racism is alive and kicking. The only people who deny this are, ironically the one group of people who have never experienced racism. If Uriah Hall was a White guy, would Miller have chosen those words to insult him?? Didn’t think so..

colonel Says, in 10-31-2013 at 05:45:23 from    

could’t wait for Kevin’s take on that story

paddedummy Says, in 11-2-2013 at 20:59:41 from    

@marvelous mad madam mim
I call darkies that aswell except I use the traditional “ger” instead of the “ga’ ending and 99% don’t say or do anything except for get all uncomfortable and piss off not long afterwards which is what I want. I’m not worried about the other 1% because they don’t know that they have to hold a pistol with the sights up instead of to the side! I don’t waste money at strip clubs that let them in or go to n1gger ball games though, watching a 7 foot tall ape dunk a ball is as impressive as watching me touch the top of a door frame.


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