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KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 5-27-2012 at 01:47:49 from    

Was there ever a doubt!? ;)

mmatkofan Says, in 5-27-2012 at 02:01:11 from    

Bruno, you da man!

pikachumanson Says, in 5-27-2012 at 02:22:45 from    

That fight was a gimme for Dos Santos!

jonnyx Says, in 5-27-2012 at 05:38:33 from    

frank turtle mir

mmafan Says, in 5-27-2012 at 06:13:45 from    

Props to JDS for slamming the door shut on Frank Mir. But watch out, here come Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier.

mk Says, in 5-27-2012 at 07:18:47 from    

why, oh why did Frank box? JDS doesn’t even throw knees or kicks so why not just continue to go for the takedown? Can someone please explain what he was thinking?

ruddo293 Says, in 5-27-2012 at 07:31:23 from    

Well Mir earned the shot after overeem was busted with elevated T/E levels so everybody pretty much knew Mir only chance was a submission. If he’s going to stick with his submission game, then he better work on his wrestling as that will be the only way he will have any chance at pulling these types of submissions off. Stefan struve came thru as i expected, and i remember telling friends that his early losses came against guys who i felt he was being overmatched with too early in his career.. He’s getting better, and don’t be surprised if we see him fighting for the title soon.

Speedracer Says, in 5-27-2012 at 07:43:42 from    

Bruno are you the Bruno who grappled against Jeff Monson? My name is Bruno also I was named after my Grandpa and Dad. Thanks for this Video it was Awesome!!!

grecci Says, in 5-27-2012 at 08:34:04 from    

Mir has no business fighting at 260.

blow13 Says, in 5-27-2012 at 09:17:08 from    

mike goldberg needs to shut the f**k up,hes just breaking the silence with his dumb phrases.the fight went exactly the way we all thought,no?

vaughnrich Says, in 5-27-2012 at 09:23:55 from    

did anyone really think mir had a chance….no chance i was guna pay 60 bucks to watch mir get murdered in basically the first round.

ugh Says, in 5-27-2012 at 09:47:49 from    

What was Frank thinking? Only shoots once? Oh well.

truthurts Says, in 5-27-2012 at 10:42:50 from    

Youre the best bruno.

WhoCares Says, in 5-27-2012 at 10:49:15 from    

Just another guy who jumps around, acts special, and then will ultimately get his face kicked in like any other champ. Mir used to smash people too. Just a cycle. I say that because I wish these jokers would not act like they are the most amazing people on earth because they beat a has been. He will be a has been too one day.

Other than BJJ, Brazilians are jerk offs and arrogant. They offer nothing more than that. Annoying watching a guy who is such a “great guy” in Dos santos yelling at the camera like a child.

Rio_Warrior Says, in 5-27-2012 at 11:16:40 from    



Danby Says, in 5-27-2012 at 11:22:55 from    

Mir’s gotta get it out of his head that hes some kind of high level striker. I knew this is exactly how it was going to go.

The only chance he had was to take him down and submit him. Sheesh.

Turboobsessed Says, in 5-27-2012 at 11:32:17 from    

Agree on the Butthurt. WhoCares is one of those people who cheers “USA! USA! USA!” at events when an American fighter is fighting a foreign fighter. This is not a country vs country battle. It’s about picking the better fighter and knowing who has better skills.

Cletus Says, in 5-27-2012 at 11:41:02 from    

Should have tried more shoots. One shoot stuffed and Frank just box’s with Junior? No way to win there.

Dan Blankenship Says, in 5-27-2012 at 11:44:27 from    

Dos Santos is a great champion!

MikeInSugarland Says, in 5-27-2012 at 11:49:16 from    

“Brazilians are jerk offs and arrogant” ??? Screw you WhoCares !!

If you have a problem with a guy who is excited about defending his title, then go back to watching golf !! Get a f**ing life !!

SamoanBrasilianPride Says, in 5-27-2012 at 12:36:52 from    

Parabens pra o Cigano… Uma Vitoria Otima… Fikei super feliz ainda assim its good to show your whole game… but its never worth it when you or him are dangerous fighters … A master sub-missioner against a dominant stand up fighter… Frank Mir is a very dangerous fighter… And if he thought he could just honestly stand up with Dos Santos when C.Velasques couldnt. By his face he wont try that again… But you never know… Look at the ROY NELSON fight lucky overhand.He was obviously looking for a lucky shot on JDS and didnt succeed good fight though

mscash Says, in 5-27-2012 at 14:36:45 from    

@blow13 — Goldie is a tard , between his ignorance and Rogan’s cheerleading for certian fighters bull s***, sometimes i just mute the fight.

I like Mir and was hoping he would give a better showing for himself.I can still hear Mir in the fight build up on UFC Primetime talking about how he was more experienced at selling fights and that it appeared to him Cigano wasn’t that comfortable with that part yet.


Repeat that dumb s*** in the mirror for the next six months Mir.

I’m glad Herb dean was the third man in the cage, again. He gave Mir every chance.

Now, which among you think Cigano will not KO Cain again? It’s gonna be difficult to get hyped for this one.

garv Says, in 5-27-2012 at 14:48:42 from    

We all new Frank didn’t have much of a shot here… looks like he was discouraged by not getting those early takedowns and just chose to kickbox. Would have liked to see him shooting like Brock used to for the takedown. Frank Mir has heart though. Bring on Cain!!

axl782 Says, in 5-27-2012 at 16:15:13 from    

easy money, and that is how a striker doesnt go to the ground with a submission specialist, learn from the champ

gummo-815 Says, in 5-27-2012 at 16:17:57 from    

@ whocares
you are a nobody and dos santos is a somebody, why are you such a hater of brazillians, mir was the cocky prick before this fight happened. a brazillian like anderson has not been destroyed yet. your a f** at best. one should not celebrate after a victory? and the average brazillian would kick the s*** outa the average american. and you are a below average hater. suck it.

oaklandblackouts Says, in 5-27-2012 at 16:33:44 from    

i think jds even called the 2nd round knock out during the weigh-ins right? mir had nothin for him.

Tankless Says, in 5-27-2012 at 17:14:04 from    

Your not going to beat JDS letting him stand back and pick shots. Pull guard or charge , spear his ass and take him to the ground and break something. Any ones beatable , no ones the exception and specially in the HWd.

BamBam Says, in 5-27-2012 at 17:28:01 from    

Lame finish.

John Boss Says, in 5-27-2012 at 17:56:28 from    

One of the easiest fight for JDS.

yo Says, in 5-27-2012 at 19:14:35 from    

Mir showed up just to get paid he didn’t even try to win, the only attempt for a takedown he tried was from a mile away. I am a big frank mir fan but he lost his killer instinct after his motercycle crash, he is still bad ass dont get me wrong but he is just the gate keeper, if you can beat mir you can get a title shot

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 5-27-2012 at 22:26:31 from    

@WHoCares….I bet ur a CHael SOnnen fan….dumb F***

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 5-27-2012 at 22:27:53 from    

LOL at the fight..frank mir said..”This is MMA not boxing…” Well Mir, this is MMA not grappling LMAO…OWNED!

YouKnowNothing Says, in 5-27-2012 at 22:32:56 from    

JDS is in the UFC because he was not good enough for Pro Boxing. Mir is a push over these days. Have 2 more fights Frank and hang them up like Kenny and make real cash.

hond2dciv Says, in 5-27-2012 at 22:53:39 from    

Feeble. Cormier next then Velasquez.

peruviannecktie Says, in 5-27-2012 at 23:24:49 from    

mebbe Mir thought he would stand for awhile and let JDS get tired before going for the takedown since he couldnt take him down right away. You know he was worried about getting caught with 1 of those uppercuts on the way in.

nemisis7108 Says, in 5-28-2012 at 00:14:12 from    

Here’s an idea. How about you move the comments down. So that people can watch the video without a f****** comment ruining it.

Brave_Fencer Says, in 5-28-2012 at 08:18:42 from    


What do you guys think about the fact that JDS have told Dana White that if he could only train boxing for a year, he could easily fight against the Klichtko’s.

Tempted Says, in 5-28-2012 at 10:09:38 from    

As expected, not really much else to say.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-28-2012 at 11:55:31 from    

1 year of boxing is far from enough to fight the best HWs in the world.Maybe if you go back in time and stop junior from doing anything else hen boxing,maybe he would have a chance.I love JDS but people are way too unedcuated in oxing when they talk about his boxing.H eis the best boxer in the HW division and in the UFC but he wouls get tooled in pro boxing.


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